The Legend of Futian Chapter 1820

Power of the Moon overwhelms this world, and everyone feels a cold breath.

The cold world, there is a cold moonlight reflected in this side world, under that moonlight, the ten evil voids walked, and many powerhouses walked with him and went straight to the princess of the East Phoenix. Go away.

A ray of space divine light blooms from the body of the ten evils, the space that has passed is torn and smashed, and the battlefield is gradually becoming chaotic.

At this time, a high emperor walked step by step, moved towards the ten evils, his sword intent swept, turned into a terrifying sword energy storm, the blazing Sun God light fell down, expelling the air of the cold road , Hot as the sun, Between Heaven and Earth seems to appear a round of the sun, this Sun God sword straight out of the behead, cut one after another Flame Avenue marks above the sky, directly traversing the void, cut to ten evil.

Ten evil eyes glanced at each other, and a sword appeared in front of him, Metal-colored space Divine Sword.

I saw a flash of Qi of Evil Monster in his pupil, raised his finger, and the sword came out.


A boundless and gorgeous space divine light directly penetrates the sky dome, where the Flame sword marks dissipate directly in the invisible, that the expression of the upper emperor changes slightly, the avenue The God Wheel erupted into superpower, and the Sun God sword blossomed out of the divine light, burning everything in front of him and blocking it in front of him.

Divine Sword, the space of the ten evils, emerged from the void, directly circling around his body, in an instant penetrating the void countless times, at this moment, the upper emperor who shot had only felt that his attacks had been attacked The space is distorted, and the space of the avenue where he is located is messy.

The other party ’s Divine Sword was killed, and he waved his sword to block, but saw his Sun God sword and the other party ’s Divine Sword meet face to face, but did not collide together, as if in a different dimensional space.

Sun God light burst into the distance, blooming the gorgeous Supreme Yang Divine Fire, but the powerful existence of the 7th grade of the God Wheel reveals the expression of fear, next moment, Divine Sword in space flashes, Penetrating through his head, the blood light bloomed, and with the space divine splendor blooming, the other head’s head disappeared directly, the soul flew away and scattered.

“really strong.” Divine State is stepping out of the Human Sovereign powerhouse of all parties, and it is a little shocking to see the strong inner heart of the ten evils.

Moreover, it seems that the ten evil spirits have not done their best. He raised his hand and pointed a finger down, and suddenly Divine Sword penetrated the void at the same time, moved towards the slaughter in front of him Strong space avenue, and played to the extreme, as if you can arbitrarily spread the space avenue technique.

“Be careful …” There was a yell, and puffy voices kept coming. I saw that many Human Sovereigns of Divine State were directly annihilated and fell under the sword of the other party, and they were killed on the spot, watching That silhouette in the sky, even the princess Donghuang was a little surprised.

Ten evils, Divine Physique in space, worthy of being Lord of Divine World ’s blue disciple of evil emperor, powerful terrifying, at this moment, he is surrounded by space divine light, enveloped in boundless Heaven and Earth, as if in Where he has divine sense, his space avenue can handle everything.

Divine State has multiple Human Sovereign moved towards the ten evils at the same time, the cultivation base is all powerful, the two armies began to approach the collision, and even appeared in close combat.

The opponent ’s goal, but to capture Princess Donghuang.

Ye Futian is also in the battlefield. The forces participating in the war today are all standing on the top of the world. They are as powerful as Human Sovereign. They are so humble at the moment, which makes Ye Futian feel a little emotional. .

Anyone in this battlefield going out, if placed on the World side, is a great character who can oversee a area.

But in this battlefield, it is unremarkable.

Ye Futian ’s sword intent flows and moves forward. A Divine Sword appears in his hand, which is a powerful Magical Artifact. In this battlefield, there are no rules, and naturally no spare effort .

His body still engulfs the Power of the Moon, making this Power of the Moon flow around his body, pouring into his within the body, being directly absorbed by the body, the same deed burst, body Turning into a avenue furnace, refining the Great Dao of World makes Power of the Moon refining into the body faster.

There is a silhouette moved towards him, he is a cultivation person of the middle emperor realm, feels the breath of Ye Futian, the other party ’s eyes flashed a strange color, Ye Futian gave him It feels a little strange, realm is not high, only the second order of Shenlun, in this battlefield, there is definitely the existence of the bottom, but the breath flowing in him gives people an extraordinary sense.

Therefore, the median emperor felt a little strange, but just thinking about it for a moment, he shot directly. I saw that he was very fast, traversing the void directly, the Avenue of Space came, imprisoned Ye Futian ’s body, At this moment, the space where Ye Futian is located seems to be solidifying, and the speed of the main road slows down, but the opponent’s body appears directly in front of Ye Futian.

A metal-colored roulette cuts the space directly, chopping towards Ye Futian ’s body, and when rotating, produces a terrifying sonic boom, tearing everything away and chopping towards Ye Futian ’s body.

Ye Futian glanced at the opponent, stepped out, and the suddenly solidified space avenue seemed to collapse directly, sky-flooding sword intent swept out, as if the power of the god wheel broke out, divine light swayed, directly oppressing the void, making the opponent For a moment, he felt like he was suppressed by a subordinate emperor.

The sword in Ye Futian ’s hand was assassinated forward, and the fast-spinning cracked air roulette burst and shattered directly, Divine Sword flew out directly, crossed the void, and the other hand slapped out, casting a space wall barrier, A terrifying space vortex appeared in front of me, trying to devour Divine Sword.

Divine Sword penetrates directly into it, the next moment flew out of the vortex and penetrated through the other party ’s body.

The middle emperor stared at Ye Futian, his eyes were a little confused. Is this the original cultivation person?

The second order of the Shenlun, kill him in seconds, a sword.

“Boom …” His silhouette burst and shattered directly, dissipating between Between Heaven and Earth.

Ye Futian continued to move forward, but he saw several silhouette moved towards him, surrounded him faintly, staring at Divine Sword in Ye Futian ’s hands.

This sword seems not simple.

Daowei blooms on them, and they are all good at space power of Grand Dao, which makes Ye Futian feel a little strange. Could it be that this incoming army is better at the ability on the Avenue of Space?

These people are from the empty God World.

Divine Sword is empty, Between Heaven and Earth appears Avenue strings, which seems to be transformed into an ancient zither, Ye Futian fingers move the strings across the air, suddenly the sword intent is xiaoxiao.

“Perfect God Wheel.” The other party glanced at Ye Futian, although it came from the empty God World powerhouse, but still can make the perfect God Wheel is still a small part, in the median emperor realm can still maintain theism There are even fewer perfect ones. The words of the upper emperor are rare. Any one will become a Peak character.


Divine Sword is empty, the avenue resonates, and infinite sword intent flows, as if it were all inside the Divine Sword, and there is an infinite sword shadow on the sky. The strings of that avenue flowed.


Ye Futian’s voice fell, Divine Sword flew out, and he pointed to one of the powerhouses. A space gate appeared behind the powerhouse, and he stepped directly into it.

Ye Futian ’s eyes flashed with coldness, Xiao Shi ’s word intent broke out, and the divine sense enveloped the avenue space formed a terrifying turbulence. Slightly wrinkle, actually failed to cross the void.

“chi chi …”

An extreme sharp breath came, his face changed, and I saw that Divine Sword had gone through everything. For nothing.

Footsteps continue to retreat, and I want to leave the shuttle space, but Divine Sword comes first, and directly penetrates the void, the road is smashed, the light of Divine Sword penetrates everything, the other party has not left , Then fell under the sword on the spot.

Ye Futian ’s fingers continued to wave, Divine Sword turned back, and killed two other Human Sovereign powerhouses, both of whom were the median emperor. The highest cultivation base is also the fifth level of theism, probably thinking that Ye Futian is easy to deal with. After all, the second-order realm of Shenlun is too weak.

However, their bodies were directly penetrated by Divine Sword, and they fell on the spot, the soul flew away and scattered.

At this time, another powerhouse stood over Ye Futian ’s body, and he released a round of Metal color aura, which was bright and overbearing, and even more terrifying, this person ’s god wheel Perfect, the median imperial wheel is perfect, the sixth order realm.

“Dangerous.” Ye Futian secretly said in one ’s heart. Human Sovereign has the sixth order, and it is still perfect for the Daoist wheel. This is really four realm higher than him.

“Clang …”

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