The Legend of Futian Chapter 1826


Supreme Profound Dao Venerable and Nan Huang and the others immediately came to Ye Futian. He seemed to be in a state of absolute stillness, no breathing, no heartbeat, or even the flow of Bloodline, as if it had really fallen completely.


At this time, Supreme Profound Dao Venerable noticed that there seemed to be too Yin Qi flowing around into Ye Futian ’s body, which seemed to be a very natural thing. The Southern Emperor obviously also noticed, opened the mouth and said : “Take him back.”

They are all aware of what might happen here. In this geocentric space, no one but Ye Futian is alive. The overcast storm has also disappeared. Something must have happened.

Although everything has stopped flowing in Ye Futian, it does n’t necessarily fall, and there is a possibility of being alive, at least, this is too Yin Qi flow ……

“Yes.” Supreme Profound Dao Venerable nodded, directly flew away with Ye Futian’s figure.

A lot of powerhouse moved towards them in the distance. Ye Futian did n’t have a lifeform. They naturally felt it. Can you take a dead body?

Or is it possible that Ye Futian is still alive?

Is the change happening here related to Ye Futian?

However, although Ye Futian is hailed as the most evil character of this generation innate talent in the realm, this probability should be polar, almost impossible and related to him.

They all know very well that this is a place where top characters ca n’t set foot. How could Ye Futian affect everything here?

As for the fact that he can still leave a whole body, it may be just luck.

Supreme Profound Dao Venerable is very fast, they pass by the side of the East Phoenix Princess, the East Phoenix Princess looked at them, Supreme Profound Dao Venerable opened the mouth and said: “Her Highness the Princess, I will take him back to see if There can also be a glimmer of survival. “

Donghuang Princess looked towards the quiet Ye Futian, gently nodded, and said: “Go ahead, you do n’t need to stay here.”

“Princess many thanks.” Supreme Profound Dao Venerable said, then walked directly in the sky, continued to hurry up, and took Ye Futian out of this place as soon as possible. From a rational point of view, he also believed that everything that happened here and Ye Futian doesn’t matter.

However, only he is still there, even if there is no lifeform sign, but too Yin Qi Liu will get into him within the body, is this a coincidence?

Perhaps, maybe it really has something to do with him?

Therefore, he naturally has to take Ye Futian away first to see if there is a turnaround.

People on the side of Tianyu Academy began to evacuate here. There is Princess Donghuang, even Divine Race and Huang Metal Divine Kingdom powerhouse who have grievances with Ye Futian are impossible. How can they intercept Supreme Profound Dao Venerable? They leave.

Not to mention, they think that Ye Futian is dead. In the core area of ​​this lunar world, impossible and someone else can live.

Dark Divine Court suffered a heavy loss, and many high-level characters died in the overcast storm. Ye Futian, he overestimate one ’s capabilities, came to this core area, not courting death.

The powerhouses of Xie Emperor Realm and other evil powerhouses also came here. For the time being, they did not deal with Divine State powerhouse, but looked at the storm that was dissipating in front.

He was also curious about what happened here.

Is it related to that person?

All this seems to be caused by the person’s departure.

He is known as the heir of Heaven Realm, and he is extremely talented, but is it really so terrifying?

“Her Highness the Princess, it seems that this Taiyin Realm is going to be renamed.” Ten evil eyes looked to the East Phoenix Princess, opened the mouth and said: “Tayin Realm is one of the original realms of Nine Realms, and is now being People pillage, won’t the princess chase people? “

He obviously does not think this matter will be related to Ye Futian. He does not know Ye Futian at all. If the dissipation of the overcast storm is artificial, then only that person might be the one.

Princess Donghuang didn’t respond, she seemed to be thinking about what she was thinking, no one knew.

However, today’s lunar world will indeed be different from before.

Power of the Moon will eventually dissipate completely, the Taiyin Realm will become a common realm, and all beings of this realm will no longer be affected by Power of the Moon, which is naturally bad for cultivation .

“The land of the original realm is ruled by Divine State. I do n’t want to see disputes in the original realm. If the evil emperor realm wants to touch the original realm, then see it on the battlefield.” Icy opened the mouth and said.

“See you on the battlefield?” Shixie’s handsome eyes glowed with evil mans, staring at Princess Donghuang. This is known as the next generation’s most honorable woman, shocking and stunning, and her face is world-famous. I do n’t know how many people will be captured.

“At this moment, isn’t it already the battlefield.” Ten evil steps forward, the space distortion of Princess Donghuang’s body around, one after another silhouette flashes, appears next to Princess Donghuang, and the dark Divine Court forces are overshadowed. The blow of the storm has now reduced the pressure of the Divine State army, but it can draw its hands to deal with the power of the evil emperor world.

In this dispute, the dark Divine Court is undoubtedly the biggest loser. They captured the Taiyin world and got nothing. The Taiyin storm dissipated. Now, the death and injury are heavy, and many powerhouses have been destroyed by the Taiyin storm. If the Pluto knows this side Everything, I don’t know how it feels.

Divine State forces are coming together one after another, the dark Divine Court powerhouse is also gathered together, the three parties seem to be in full swing, and the dark Divine Court side is the weakest.

“Take her and let Divine State withdraw from the realm, how?” Ten evil looked towards the dark Divine Court powerhouse and said, wanting to join forces with the dark Divine Court, Divine State is the controller of this world, they want to enter The main realm, then, must first deal with Divine State.

Dark Divine Court powerhouse was hesitant, his eyes fell on one person, Nether King was taken away by the gun emperor, now there is no leading character in the dark Divine Court, although Underworld God is a descendant of Nether King, but its weight is ten Evil and Princess Donghuang are still slightly inferior.

But at this time he also stood up, looked towards Two Great Factions, opened the mouth and said: “Withdraw.”

Dark Divine Court powerhouse nodded. They suffered heavy losses and should not fight anymore.

And, who is the evil emperor? His disciples are ten evils, and their traits are very similar to those of the evil emperor. Together with him, they are undoubtedly trying to hide their skins with the tiger. Under the circumstances that their strength is at a disadvantage, they are slightly inadvertently afraid that they will be swallowed without even slag.

It’s better to be cautious at this time.

Dark Divine Court powerhouse has been withdrawn one after another, seeing this scene of the ten evil eye pupils swept a bit of evil awn, sneered and said: “You have captured the Taiyin Realm, so now withdraw?”

Dark Divine Court did n’t pay attention to it, Taiyin Realm had lost its previous value, and now their strength is not enough to guard here. For the sake of stability, first return to the Dizang Realm, and wait for the Dark King to see if the Divine Court can come. Send someone to support the frontier.

After the dark Divine Court withdrew, the evil emperor realm was completely out of advantage. The two armies confronted each other, and the ten evils seemed to be weighing. Laughed, he opened the mouth and said: “There is a chance to ask the princess for advice.”

Finally, he turned and left.

If you are going to fight here, you will not be able to win each other, and both sides have suffered heavy losses. After all, the original territory is the territory of Divine State, and there are those monks who still have some strength.

They not at all leave this geocentric space, but to find out if there are any secrets in it, however, they get nothing.

Divine State powerhouse has also searched, but it also has no gains. Taiyin Storm has the ability to destroy everything. There is no treasure to exist here. Although the land of Taiyin Realm will still have Power of the Moon, it will not Same as before.

In the end, Divine State powerhouse also left.

A storm disappeared into invisibility, and the dark Divine Court failed to refine Taiyin Realm after all.

It even led directly to the changes in the Taiyin world today.

In the endless land of the Taiyin Realm, the cold wave dissipated, the heaven and earth frozen scenes no longer exist, and the terrifying Yin Fire is also without the former formidable power. Everything is back to the previous time, and there are many Mysterious Land began to dry up and wither, losing its original color.

Taiyin realm, changing all the time, some powerful Human Sovereign of cultivation base can feel it, and I feel a little emotion in my heart.


Tianyujie, Tianyu Academy, Ye Futian is still asleep, there are many people outside his palace, but they are the core people of Tianyu Academy.

“It’s all gone, let’s go to each cultivation.” At this time, Supreme Profound Dao Venerable said to the people, but they still didn’t want to go, Dou, Xiao Muyu and the others all wanted to stay here.

“I will inform you immediately if there is news, now we need to discuss something.” Supreme Profound Dao Venerable continued, Zhuge Mingyue heart is like a clear mirror, she opened the mouth and said: “Let ’s go first.”

The others were nodded and suddenly left here. There were only a few Peak people, and Hua Jieyu did not leave here.

Xia Qingyan stood not far away and looked at Ye Futian, but when she saw Hua Jieyu beside her, she turned around and left.

Here became very quiet, God fell snow looked towards Supreme Profound Dao Venerable, opened the mouth and said: “There is no lifeform sign, but within the body is full of Power of the Moon, integrated into his meridian blood, everywhere To freeze life. “

“Yes.” Supreme Profound Dao Venerable nodded: “This force destroyed many Peak characters, he was not destroyed, there must be some reason, and, within the body Power of the Moon is still flowing, I believe this It is also a sign of life. “

At this time, Ye Futian within the body, Life Palace World, World ancient tree swaying madly, in this side of the world, in the round of the moon in the sky, the terrifying divine spinedor was released, the full moon Divine Stone, the glory of the moon turned into Yin Qi flow, everywhere.

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