The Legend of Futian Chapter 1833


Xiao’s powerhouse saw that the other party had launched attacks one after another. Xiao Muyu appeared behind him with a picture of life and death, from which a one after another terrifying slaughter divine light broke out, moving towards the silhouette of the rushed silhouette.

In the face of the light of the terrifying slaughter, the opponent did not slow down at all, one after another fist shadow flowed around the body, the dazzling body directly blasted with the divine light, and the fist straightly broke it from the middle and tore, dive Next, Tearing Space.

Xiao Muyu ’s powerhouses were striking forward to block the other party ’s path. I saw an overbearing extreme dharma body appearing on the diving silhouette, and the fist shadow was buried in the void.

The silhouette once again threw a punch into a light that shattered the void, slamming into the life and death picture on Xiao Muyu.

Everything in the front powerhouse was repelled. The dive light transformed by the fist shadow directly hit the life-and-death map, making the life-and-death map violently shaken, and Xiao Muyu’s body retreated, but the destructive divine light still did not. Stop at the slightest, even faster.

Xiao Muyu’s complexion slightly changed. After all, her Realm is still a bit low. The other party is also the owner of the perfect wheel, and the cultivation base is in the three realms. The Xiao powerhouse near her has many people in this realm, but no perfect How the Shenlun owner can block the opponent’s boxing intention is like Ye Futian entire group dealing with Divine Race’s fellow people before, basically it is crushing.

The shadow of fist penetrating the void is like a sky-breaking beam, and the surrounding powerhouses are all flew out. It seems that the other party also knows that Xiao Muyu is the core figure in this entire group, the perfect god wheel owner, so he deliberately wants to kill Xiao Muyu , Without the slightest have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

But at this moment, there was another silhouette in front of Xiao Muyu. A terrifying storm blows on the silhouette above the silhouette, making his long hair raging and raging, white robe hunting , Divine Sword was in the air, assassinated directly forward, smashing the void.

“Clang …”

A violent collision sound came out, and there was no stopping of the punches and Divine Sword, and a clear sound was made. Ye Futian stepped back, and the silhouette of the other party was shocked back, then slowly Floating above the void.

Metal color divine light is wrapped around his fist, it seems that there is also Magical Artifact covering the arm, which is filled with the domineering atmosphere. At this level, many people will have Magical Artifact in their body, and, his Boxing is extremely domineering, close to Invincible, so unbridled attack, with Magical Artifact can avoid some unexpected situations, such as this moment, hit Divine Sword.

He looked down towards the silhouette of the white hair that appeared below, stepped out, a stream of light fell down, and each stream of light turned into a fist shadow, overbearing, and moved towards Ye Futian. .

Ye Futian’s body is surrounded by a sword intent, and the sound of Jianxiao is sharp and piercing, and Tearing Space can’t get close.

“Teacher.” Xiao Muyu yelled in a low voice, Ye Futian opened the mouth and said: “Give me, you go elsewhere.”

“En.” Xiao Muyu was nodded and took Xiao’s powerhouse moved towards other battlefields.

In this battlefield of god-level forces, the owner of the perfect wheel can only be regarded as an elite, but it ca n’t be called an invincible existence, not to mention that she has a low realm and encounters a Human Sovereign who is also a perfect wheel , Without any advantage.

After Xiao Muyu left, Ye Futian looked at each other, Divine Sword in front of him clashed, and the infinite kendo air flowed above the sky, making this area a piece of Sword Dao World, and around the other person ’s body. Endless boxing fights.

Last time, the Powerhouse of Shenlun Six Realms made him very embarrassed. Moreover, several powerhouses fell into the opponent ’s hands, including a Peng bird from Heavenly Monster God ’s court in the Eight Realms of Shenlun. Break through.

Now, no matter what, you have to charge some interest first.


The other person glanced at Ye Futian. The handsome young man in front of him is also the owner of the perfect Shenlun, and the second-order realm of Shenlun, which is no better than the woman, is also a master?

In this case, then complete the opponent and send him the master first.

His arms tremble, and suddenly a mighty divine might explode. A beam of light penetrating the void directly centers on his body and falls down. There are billions of punches around him. Each punch contains a terrifying attack power.

He looked down and looked down at Ye Futian, with an overbearing look.

Empty God World Kongshen Mountain, which gathers many God ’s demon level existence of Kong God World, anyone who can enter Kongshen Mountain cultivation is a genius amongst geniuses, and he is naturally no exception.

Empty Mountain, but where Imperial Capital sometimes appears, the cultivation Dao Field of God World top powerhouse. Although he is not high in the sky, the realm is not high, but in this same level battlefield, he thinks he can beat him There are not many people, let alone, a figure in the second realm of Shenlun.

“Bang!” the gorgeous divine light came down, and a towering War God-like silhouette appeared, his body directly traversing the void, fuse with that light, and the Great Dao Divine Light above the sky turned into a boxing shadow, so Everything in the past must be shattered into nothingness.

Ye Futian stood there quietly, surrounded by the sword intent, as long as it was the sword intent around the light, they were all torn directly and could not be blocked.

However, at this moment, his eyes seemed to have changed, and there was a full moon in his eyes. They were a pair of bizarre and direct eyes. When he looked at each other, the powerhouse only felt divine sense. Everything in the world has changed, as if he was in a cold world, and the light of the moon sprinkled down, bringing this world to absolute zero, everything had to be still, the space was condensing, and even his Divine Soul felt it A bitter chill.

“This is, pupil technique?”

He suddenly realized that something was wrong. If it was just Sword Art, he thought that he could restrain the opponent with a strong attack. However, at the moment, the opponent is also good at the pupil technique, and, among the pupil technique, he can clearly understand Feeling that this is an ability created by a variety of ideologies, the person in front of him may be very dangerous.

In perception, his speed seems to be slow, the space seems to be frozen, everything must be still.

He is still, but Ye Futian has not stopped, Divine Sword is empty, infinite sword intent turns into hundreds of thousands of kendo airflows, just like the Kendo sky flows upstream, many sword intents resonate, Divine Sword kills, that bright sword divine light shines like the sun.

The cultivation who killed him can clearly feel that Ye Futian is attacking him, but his movements have become a bit dull, and there is a roar, and his wild fist is trying to break the space Daowei that bound him. , He is also good at space power, punching the sky and continuing to dive down, forcibly killing a way.

But at this moment, Divine Sword has arrived, stabbing directly on that beam, the endless kendo divine splendor goes upstream, and hundreds of thousands of sword flows pass him, and he explodes terrifying Metal color space divine all over his body light, want to block the air flow of Kendo, but soon penetrated by the sword intent.

The infinite sword intent penetrates through the metal of the other party, and the powerhouse screams, and then the body gradually dissipates and becomes more and more blurred.

“weng!” Divine Sword penetrated, and in a flash, the powerhouse the soul flew away and scattered disappeared directly between Between Heaven and Earth, leaving a Magical Artifact, Ye Futian directly rolled into the sleeve.

Divine Sword is back in place, still floating in front of Ye Futian, and his divine sense envelopes the surrounding battlefield.

If you look at it from a distance, you will find that the center of Ye Futian ’s body is radiated, and Tianyu Academy and the alliance powerhouse will fight in this area, so that they can always support at any time to minimize casualties.

Ye Futian looked around, seemingly aware of something. He looked towards a direction, where there was a terrifying light curtain with six powerhouses. No one could live wherever he went.

Moreover, at this moment, the six people moved towards him, glanced at him, and seemed to be staring at him.

Ye Futian frowned, and the six powerhouses were all good at similar abilities to those he had slapped before. Moreover, they were distributed in six directions, and formed a terrifying Human Sovereign battle array. The formidable power was terrifying. .

next moment, you can see that the six powerhouses are blasting at the same time, and hundreds of millions of fist shadows directly penetrated the sealed space. The trapped Human Sovereign furiously resisted and was still directly bombed. None of them were alive.

God-level forces are attacking, is the strength unusual? There are still many characters at this level on the battlefield. This scene also made Ye Futian realize that his decision was right. Although this battlefield can try Refining people, but the danger is too great. If the owners of imperfect Shenlun also stepped into the battlefield, it is basically cannon fodder, and the key is that he cannot protect so many people.

At this time, the six powerhouses moved towards the direction of Ye Futian, they turned into six different positions, their bodies were like one after another light, traversing the void, looked towards Ye Futian’s eyes with overbearing Extreme killing thought!

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