The Legend of Futian Chapter 1838


It did n’t take long for Ye Futian to leave several corpses around, and some people were the soul flew away and scattered into dust.

No one is alive.

The battlefield is so cruel. The powerhouse headed by the woman is also a descendant of the Peak force, and they are all monstrous talent level characters. Participating in this war is also a life and death trial of blood and water.

The ending is indeed death in this battlefield, forever.

“Go.” Ye Futian said, and continued to kill the rest of the battlefield. The team formed by the powerhouse of their Confederate Academy alliance centered on Ye Futian and started a hunt. With one exception, they are all left, and there are some powerful people with monstrous talent level.

The strength of their battle circle has also attracted the attention of the outside world. More and more people have noticed them, especially inside and outside the Emperor’s Palace. Many line of sights are focused on Ye Futian.

It ’s too strong. The entire group led by Ye Futian is like an invincible existence. If you kill them all the way, the people killed in their hands should be the most.

Moreover, as the battle broke out, the pros and cons of the battle situation became more and more clear. The other battlefields, the dark Divine Court and the side of the evil emperor world alliance began to have an absolute upper hand, suppressing Divine State forces everywhere.

Moreover, this kind of battle will form a chain reaction. For example, the advantage of one of the battles, after solving the opponent, you can support other places, the advantage will become larger and larger, and the Divine State side has not many advantageous battles, Ye Futian their entire group is definitely the most conspicuous, but it cannot change the whole trend.

But because of this, Ye Futian is more prominent on their side, being highlighted.

Cao Jun ’s eyes looked towards Ye Futian, which also showed a bit of appreciation.

If there are more people at this level of Ye Futian, they will be able to reverse their advantages and take the initiative in this war, but apparently impossible, they are the strongest person other than Ye Futian, they are also targeted By the way, there are people at the same level who are fighting or are being suppressed.

Ye Futian has also been rounded up. The powerful battle group formed by the previous six powerhouses was to kill Ye Futian, but Ye Futian counter-killed it.

Outside the Emperor Emperor ’s Palace, countless powerhouses in the Central Emperor Realm looked at the mirror screen in the sky and were also amazed by the strength of Ye Futian. I knew that Ye Futian was very strong before. The above is the most wicked character in the Three Thousand Great Dao world, and there is not even one. No one in this generation can compete with it.

But they did not expect that, looking at Divine State, the battlefield of the three god-level forces, he was still so outstanding and unfathomable.

This actually gave them a sense of pride and glory.

At the same time, however, they were a bit worried when they saw the whole war situation. In this situation, the situation is very detrimental to Divine State. If you continue this way, Divine State may lose. In this way, I am afraid that there will be Many powerhouses target Ye Futian.

Moreover, if this war is defeated, the original world will be cut off. At that time, I do n’t know what will happen. At least, the people of the original world ’s cultivation will be miserable in a short period of time. People are bound to be harder.

“this bastard …”

At this time, some people in the Emperor’s Palace made angry scolding. Many people suddenly looked towards the speaker. It was a powerhouse of Divine Race. The expression was not good-looking, not only him, but also the gods. Peak figures such as Divine Race patriarch and Shen Ji all looked slightly cold, staring at the battlefield.

“He thought that he would not be saved.” Another voice came out. They saw that the Divine Race powerhouse was being hunted down in the battlefield. This time, the Divine Race lineup is actually very arrogant. In addition, the Divine Race forces in the upper realm also sent ginseng battles, and several powerful figures.

But they also encountered a very strong opponent strangulation, which fell into the downwind and was chased and withdrawn.

What makes them angry is that Ye Futian passed by directly from the battlefield where they were, but as if they did n’t see it, they just ignored it and dealt with the cultivation people in the other direction. This is naked to Divine Race. Revenge directly ignores the life and death of Divine Race powerhouse.

With the strength of Ye Futian and their current prosperous team, once they join the battle, they can instantly disintegrate each other, and even fight against their opponents together with Divine Race powerhouse.

Ye Futian was simply too lazy to take a glance, and just walked past him. Because of his ignorance, the people of Divine Race continued to be pursued, several powerhouses were killed, and everyone else was in the disadvantage. In retreat, precarious.

At this time, on the battlefield, a voice rang through the sky.

There is only one word in this voice, withdraw.

It was the voice of the leader of the Black Phoenix Legion. The Divine State powerhouse, which was already at a disadvantage, heard the evacuation and instantly moved towards different positions in various places. Tighter, how could you let go of this opportunity, it is a good moment to kill the killer.

Ye Futian They are still in a strong state, killing a lot of opponents, but the general trend seems irreversible.

His god bird swept away and looked at the battlefield, opened the mouth and said: “Temporarily retreat.”

So, from different directions, one after another silhouette hangs down and intercepts Ye Futian!

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