The Legend of Futian Chapter 1842


Human Sovereign has never fallen like this moment since the outbreak of this war.

At this time, Ye Futian, who bathed Dihui, could not block his way.

Looking at the broken silhouette of one after another, the other Human Sovereign in the army had a very strong sense of fear, and some people had already sprung up and wanted to withdraw from the battlefield.

In this battlefield, in front of Ye Futian, the owner of the imperfect God Wheel dares to step forward to die and be killed directly. In this case, who is willing to die?

Another round of divine splendor spilled down, and the silhouettes near Ye Futian were all pierced, and Yuehui sprinkled on him to die.

Ye Futian ’s strength has made the violent battlefield in the left and right directions ignored.

A battlefield like this gives an illusion that the next human Sovereign is like a ant.

At the same level, the gap in strength will be so great.

one after another silhouette began to retreat, avoiding a frontal collision with Ye Futian, the land above, some monstrous talent level perfect god wheel owner brows tightly knit, facing the battlefield at this moment, they were somewhat at a loss.

They cannot attack Ye Futian because they attack with Taoism.

“I’m here to trap him, you attack.” A voice came out, there was a dark silhouette in the void, extremely domineering, there was a wild air in him, and a stream of ruinous dark air flowing, Raging between Between Heaven and Earth, in his hand, he held a dark treasure, with a clear sound, a dark chain.


His arm was trembling, and the chain moved towards the sky, and suddenly, the sound of oh la la came out, and countless dark chains descended from the sky, covering the sky and the sun, each chain made a terrifying sound Explosion.

Hundreds of millions of chains shrouded the boundless void, blocking Ye Futian from all sides, the dark rays of light erupted into a dark prison, and many chains were directly moved towards Ye Futian to kill the past.

This is an indestructible Magical Artifact. The attack power is weak, but it can trap people. Ye Futian at this moment is too dangerous and must restrict his movements.

Ye Futian raised his head and glanced, Taiyin divine splendor blossomed out, making the chain close to him gradually covered with frost, his pupils were extremely terrifying, and directly passed through the gap of the dark prison cell transformed by the chain, looking in The silhouette of the sky.

After the outbreak of this divine object, it turned into a huge immense prisoner and wanted to imprison him.

Moonlight releases a stronger divine splendor, directly covering the dark prison, the endless chains are frozen, and the Power of the Moon invades, making the dark prison solidified into a static prison.

Ye Futian body flashed, moved towards a direction, and Divine Sword flashed away, rushing directly out of the gap between the chains, and the body moved straight towards that silhouette above the sky.

The powerhouse complexion slightly changed, the arm trembling violently, and the chain suddenly wanted to retract and roll towards Ye Futian, but the treasure frozen by the Power of the Moon seemed not to be under his control, and at the same time, his eyes looked To the full moon, next moment, countless Yin Qi fell on him.

“bang!” The overbearing Dark Aura broke out in his body and wanted to destroy the Power of the Moon. It seemed to be covered with a layer of dark armor. Lunar Divine Thunder slashed on the body and failed to kill in an instant. he.

It seems that the dark armor is also treasure.

“weng!” Divine splendor moved towards the powerhouse around him, Ye Futian thought, Divine Sword cut through the sky and killed them, causing those silhouettes to retreat one after another. Thunder slaughtered.

Ye Futian The deity stepped out in one step, before reaching the overbearing Human Sovereign, the long stick was thrown out directly, the loud noise of hong long long came out, the space seemed to burst, the surrounding powerhouse scared witless, see you later Go to that club and slash down.

“pu!” spit a mouthful of blood, although the powerhouse has the Magical Artifact body, but the eyes are still open, the mouth spit blood, Divine Soul collapsed, forcibly separated by Magical Artifact by the indomitable power Bombing, the body moved towards the sky and fell away.

Dark Divine Court There are many people who know who the person is, and feel a bit cold inside, which can’t be stopped.

Who will block who dies.

Ye Futian glanced forward, and continued to move forward. Moon Wheel hung high in the sky, spilling divine splendor, a ray of air was like lightning, that was Lunar Divine Thunder.

On his left is the Buddhism powerhouse, and on the right is Yu Sheng and the others, marching forward.

At this moment, I saw that the powerhouse in front of Ye Futian took the initiative to retreat, and no one stopped him.

Dare not stop.

Before, many people have paid the price of their lives for this. In addition to the power of the Dark Divine Court itself, the army of Dark Divine Court also has some Great Influence powerhouses from Dark World. They came to the original world to fight for their interests. They can gain a foothold in the original realm in the future, but of course they are unwilling to ask these people to put their lives to death and compete for the victory of the original contenders.

Even if it is the dark Divine Court powerhouse itself, it is not willing to die, because the previous evacuation of Divine State powerhouse is also because of this.

Divine Sword hovered above Ye Futian, holding a stick in the palm, moonlight poured down, and within a certain range in front of him, there were no more people.

He looked far away, the leader of the dark Divine Court was over there, and among them, the Underworld God was seven nights.

Qi Ye ’s gaze is also on Ye Futian, is he coming to him?

Ye Futian said, to catch brigands, first catch their king?

What arrogance came directly to him.

If it seems a bit arrogant before saying this, then at this moment, no one suspects that Ye Futian is practicing his words. He has been killed all the way, and now no one dares to block it. The goal is to go towards the Underworld God son.

Who is he? Underworld God’s heir, Underworld God, the leader of the battlefield, if the overall situation is defeated, it is only a stopgap measure to retreat, but now, not the overall situation is defeated, but the opponent is alone, defeating the army, killing the hinterland Come straight to him.

How to return?

The retreat means that their dark army can’t deal with Ye Futian alone, so what opportunities will there be in the future? The army fought head-on and was killed by Ye Futian. What reversal did they take after retreating?

As long as Ye Futian is on the battlefield, they can directly concede defeat.

Therefore, seven nights withdrawal means defeat.

Moreover, his identity does not allow him to withdraw.

The outside world, the dark Divine Court, the empty God World, and the Divine State powerhouse are all watching this battle. Everything that happens inside is seen by the outside powerhouse, fleeing without a fight, and Ye Futian alone is scared The daring Underworld God?

I’m afraid that when I returned to the dark Divine Court, his ending would be miserable.

The Sons of God are all killed in brutal competition, and Divine Court does not need incompetent and weak people.

Ye Futian came not far from Underworld God ’s body. One after another silhouette standing around was the elite powerhouse of the dark Divine Court, apart from this, another prescription position, the powerhouse of the evil emperor world also moved towards this Coming from the side, the space divine light is surging and extremely terrifying.

However, the Black Phoenix Legion was also killed. After Ye Futian’s strength broke out, the Divine State powerhouse also launched a counterattack.

Ye Futian here seems to have formed a standing pattern, but both parties are aimed at Ye Futian.

When the moonlight was falling, a black robe floated in front of the dark Divine Court powerhouse. The terrifying dark storm converged into a terrifying black hole vortex, which actually swallowed the scattered moonlight into it.

Another prescription, the powerhouse led by Evil Emperor Realm released Divine Sword, the Divine Sword used by that emperor released the incomparable space divine splendor, tearing everything out, even the Taiyin divine splendor was also smashed by it. Both forces are extremely powerful.

Next to “Who do you deal with first?”, the handsome monk asked Ye Futian and asked Ye Futian to choose his opponent. He could help drag the other party first.

Although Ye Futian is extremely powerful, at the same time facing the Peak characters of Two Great Factions, I am afraid that there will be some pressure.

Buddhism and Yu Sheng and the others can share some pressure and deal with the other party first.

“They.” Ye Futian looked towards the dark Divine Court powerhouse said.

The reason for choosing Dark Divine Court is also very simple. There are still some grudges between him and Dark Divine Court that have not been resolved.

In the beginning, the dark Divine Court re-earthed Earth with the power of hell, killing many people in Nine Realms, including the powerhouse of Tianyu Academy. They went to the underground world and were used to open the Gate of Hell. Not counted.

In addition, there is also the poor girl Ye Qingyao, who was taken away by the dark Divine Court army soldiers at the Tianyuan Academy, although Ye Qingyao volunteered, but was also forced by the dark Divine Court, and did not want to go to anymore.

Now, this account should be calculated first.

“Okay.” The handsome monk looked towards Yu Sheng and said: “Let ’s deal with the empty God World first.”

Yu Sheng is silently nodded. He also has a terrifying divine object breath, which pressures the space, making an extremely terrifying aura around his body.

Ye Futian walked along, he walked alone to the most elite powerhouse in the dark Divine Court, and others dealt with the powerhouse of the evil emperor world.

“True arrogance.” People inside and outside the battlefield saw this scene secretly said in one’s heart, a person who dealt with the darkest Divine Court’s strongest force, but Ye Futian’s previous performance was indeed too strong, if so Underworld God Ziqiye alone, I am afraid it is not enough to watch.

Thinking of the last battle in the Emperor’s Palace, Qi Ye only felt like she was mocked, and Ye Futian, who was easily crushed by him last time, now wants to kill him directly.

A person from the original cultivation who wants to kill him, Underworld God.

Hands stretched out, terrifying dark storms converged, more and more terrifying, and above Ye Futian ’s head, terrifying black holes appeared!

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