The Legend of Futian Chapter 1846


Ye Futian glanced at the other party when he heard Jian Ao’s words.

Jian Ao saw that he was not saved, but he still saved the Heavenly God Academy in the battlefield. Although he did not expect the other party to be grateful, he thought that at least Miao Ao would be neutral, but did n’t expect , But said such a meaningful word.

Despite the merits, but whoever deceived the princess and Divine State, this is not to agree with his sin, his sin should be punished!

Typical requite kindness with enmity.

He’s a little bit puzzled, what is the reason why Jianao wants to start against him?

There is no conflict of interest between them, and people at this level do not have their own logic in doing things impossible, so, is it to simplify Azure Bamboo?

Did you block Jane Azure Bamboo?

After all, before his appearance, Jane Azure Bamboo was one of the most outstanding figures of the same generation. From the perspective of the strength of Shenhao, Diwu and the others, they were all inferior to Jane Azure Bamboo. With the emergence of the entire group, Jane Azure Bamboo may indeed become the existence of the same generation of Nine Realms Invincible, and Ao has always hoped to send Jane Azure Bamboo to Divine State, to the princess cultivation.

So, he aimed at himself, could it be for this reason, paving the way for Jane Azure Bamboo.

Even Jane Azure Bamboo looked surprised towards Ao, he was a little puzzled. Heavenly God Academy preached cultivation in the Central Emperor Realm, and the elders of the Jane family have always given him high hopes and always hoped that he would become Three Thousand The representative of the Great Dao world will join Divine State cultivation in the future.

Moreover, he has been working hard for this.

Ye Futian turned out, peerless grace and elegance. Although he overshadowed his rays of light, he would still go his own way. Nowadays, the elders want to deal with Ye Futian, which makes him very uncomprehensible. With their temperament, why did this happen?

Pave the way for him?

If so, he does n’t need it.

Not to mention, no matter what purpose Ye Futian is hiding power in, but his contribution in this battle is obvious to all, and indeed, he and many people in Heavenly God Academy have indeed been saved, although he did not shoot earlier , But this is Ye Futian’s choice, they are not qualified to force.

“I don’t agree with the words of father.” At this time, I only listened to Jane Azure Bamboo and walked forward. He bowed slightly to the East Phoenix Princess on the ladder and saluted: “Your Highness must have witnessed the battlefield, I Also at the time, Ye Futian took the safety of the people of the Tianyu Academy as such is human nature. If I were, I would also put the safety of the people of Heavenly God Academy cultivation as the first. I believe all of you are doing Similarly, who can say that he is willing to deny himself? “

“Ye Futian has been fighting as hard as possible on the premise of ensuring the safety of Heavenly God Academy. In all major battles, he has always performed the most outstandingly, killing many of the other human Sovereign opponents. The weak influence caused the defeat to appear, and then Ye Futian broke out stronger before pulling strongly against a crazy tide. If it were n’t Ye Futian, all influencers who are present today will have more people stay on the battlefield. The rescued person is qualified to blame and convict the person who reversed the situation. “

Jane Azure Bamboo’s words made many people’s eyes look towards him, even Princess Donghuang also took a serious look at him.

Say these words at this time, but it takes some courage. After all, there are many forces against Ye Futian. In addition to the many Peak forces of Nine Realms, there are the forces of Divine State. They now form an alliance against Ye Futian. Of the league.

Jane Azure Bamboo speaks for Ye Futian in this situation, naturally it takes courage.

Moreover, he implied that all influencers are not eligible to say that Ye Futian is guilty.

“Retreat, there is no part for you to speak here.” Jian Ao yelled at Jane Azure Bamboo, Jane Azure Bamboo looked towards his eyes, only to see Mao Ao’s eyes with dignity, it seemed to him Some dissatisfaction, but Jane Azure Bamboo did not avoid each other’s eyes.

Cultivation people have been shocked and open-hearted. This book was taught to him by Ao. Why are they acting against their original intentions now?

If it is for him, he thinks it is not necessary.

Ye Futian was also somewhat surprised. Didn’t expect Jane Azure Bamboo stood up and even disagreed with his family’s position. This made him appreciate it. He became more and more confused about Heavenly God Academy.

Jianao, what kind of thoughts are there?

The eyes of Princess Donghuang fell on Ye Futian again and asked, “Power of the Moon, do n’t you explain it?”

Hearing her words one after another gazes at Ye Futian, Power of the Moon, which is also a doubt in their hearts, but no one took the initiative to mention it, everyone knows.

“Go back to the princess.” Ye Futian opened the mouth and said: “That day in Taiyin Realm, I was chased by the powerhouse of the evil emperor realm, so I had to go all the way to the heart of the Taiyin Realm, avoid the powerhouse of the other side, and walk all the way. When I arrived in the Taiyin storm area, where I was unable to support Realm, I urged the will of the emperor inherited in the ruins of God, to protect the body, and try to refine the Power of the Moon by my one’s own cultivation method. Ask for self-protection. “

“It ’s just that Power of the Moon is too domineering, invading the body, Divine Soul, it ’s simply unstoppable. Because of this, I was invaded, passed out, like a halt, but the instinct to survive made me I was still refining Power of the Moon before fainting, and the princess should also know what happened afterwards. After I woke up, I found out that a lot of Power of the Moon was refined and could be used for me to use, so it was integrated into the attack Among them, how strong this force is, this is my first shot. “

Ye Futian means that he does n’t know his strength at all, so he did n’t do his best before, and he can explain it. He does n’t know how strong he can be.

He naturally dare not say that he got the divine object, which is too involved, all influence is invited to eliminate him originally because of fear, if you add divine object, only more people want to kill.

Moreover, how dangerous is the earth center of Taiyin Realm? I believe no one would think that realm can get the divine object with his strength. At most, he will only guess whether this is the power of imperial will, saving his life and letting him Built into Power of the Moon.

But even so, Ye Futian is still extremely dangerous today.

“Now, you can do whatever you want to quibble.” God Palace godly spoke coldly, then looked at the East Phoenix Princess, said: “Her Highness the Princess, this battle, I Divine Race fell to Human Sovereign more than ten, All of them are the core of Divine Race. Innate talent is outstanding. If they are indeed inferior to their opponents, then they will recognize it. However, I have struggled with Divine Race, but some people have hidden forces, causing many unnecessary casualties. My Divine Race did not What qualifications are required, only, whether the princess is a reward or a penalty, but after today, my Divine Race will officially declare war on the Tianyu Academy. “

With such a good opportunity today, all the powerhouses of all parties came forward to end the dispute in the frontier.

So, their affairs should be taken care of.

Last time the princess set the rules for the battle in the realm. If you want to fight, you need to fight in the Emperor’s Palace, not hurting the innocent.

So at this time, it’s just a chance to fight.

They made such a fuss, even though the princess did not convict Ye Futian, but it is not good to interfere with the grievances between them?

They call Ye Futian guilty of punishment, but they also understand that it is almost impossible to convict and punish Ye Futian.

Preemptive action is just a better control of the situation. At least, the princess cannot be biased towards Ye Futian. At that time, everything will be too late and nothing can be done.

“I am Yellow Metal Divine Kingdom, please also fight.” Gai Cang also said.

After that, the forces of each and everyone began to fight, and the expressions of Tianyu Academy and Ye Futian were not very good-looking.

After seeing the strength of Ye Futian, I do n’t want to give Ye Futian a chance to turn over.

The depressed atmosphere is more subtle. These forces are all Divine State and Peak forces in the original world. The weight cannot be underestimated. Even if it is the Princess of the Eastern Phoenix, you ca n’t ignore their existence. These Peak forces are also Divine. State needs strength to rely on.

Cao Jun stood behind the princess of the East Phoenix, his eyes glanced at the people below, his majestic eye pupil was a bit cold, sharp.

Today, although these people wanted to convict Ye Futian, they were actually putting pressure on the princess.

He naturally can see that these people are afraid of the potential of Ye Futian, and do n’t want such a person to get the opportunity to fly into the sky, so he preemptively, and count the crimes of Ye Futian before the princess has not decided, in this way, to prevent The princess rewarded Ye Futian with great respect.

After all, once the princess Ruru rewards Ye Futian and wants to train him, then everything has become a foregone conclusion, and they ca n’t change anything at that time.

All are old fox, rigorous schemes and deep foresight.

Ye Futian is not the only calculation, but also the princess.

At this moment, a strong breath filled in the distance, many people looked up over there, and saw Metal color space divine light surging, a row of powerhouse dropping from the sky, and darkness descended, shrouded Virtual Emperor Palace.

Evil Emperor Realm and the dark Divine Court powerhouse are here.

Everyone looked up towards the people on both sides, headed by the ten evils of the evil emperor world, and the dark Divine Court leader of the Hades. He stared coldly at Ye Futian among the crowd with killing thoughts.

“The empty God World and the dark Divine Court have been defeated. Do you want to go to war against the agreement?” Cao Jun’s eyes swept coldly at the powerhouse of the other party. The reason why this war broke out is the three parties Consensus.

Although they want to compete for the realm, the three parties do not want to lose too much, so there is such a battle. The next emperor will play to minimize the loss. There are concerns. Otherwise, the three parties will not be able to fight. Imagine what the situation will be.

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