The Legend of Futian Chapter 1854



There is a powerful Human Sovereign who can see the battlefield. They secretly said in one’s heart. Although the people around Ye Futian are extremely strong, and all the people are Peak powerful people, but his lineup is too terrifying, one Under attack, one defense, they were already passive and could not stop the other party ’s attack.

The lance of Huang Metal Divine Kingdom, Divine Race ’s Divine Cutting Technique, Sun God Sword of Sun God Palace, Heavenly Venerate Palace ’s great hand seal, Purple Tenuity Palace ’s Super Killing Formation … When many powerhouses erupted at the same time At that time, the space where Ye Futian was located was almost submerged by the divine light that was destroyed, and the amount of defensive power was constantly being cut.

Heavenspan Cult Lord walked step by step and saw a sky tower appearing above the sky. His palm moved towards Ye Futian. The 81-weight sky sky Divine Pagoda released an incomparable divine splendor and moved towards the sky. Rolling away, wherever passed, the avenue space turned into powder dust.

The majestic ancient mountain arranged by the main palace of God Palace was crushed a little bit, the sound of hong long long kept on, and the cracks on the avenue were more and more. The 81 heavy Transcending-Spirit Treasure tower was pressed down all the way. Smooth out the space below.

Incomparable fighting intent broke out in the patriarch of the Dou clan. The fighting god ’s will was opened one by one, even eightfold, but only that horrible fighting intent could kill Human Sovereign, one after another divine light swept out, turned into As a stormy sea, blast on the treasure tower that came in the sky.

His body is incarnation fighting War God, he is huge and majestic, he looks like a god, the sky is above his head, and his feet are standing. The loud noise of the clang is like two magic weapons colliding together, one after another aura of destruction swept out, sweeping the surrounding space.

Every powerhouse fights around Ye Futian and guards Ye Futian in the center.

As for Ye Futian himself, at this moment he is floating in the sky quietly, a body of Power of the Moon flowing in his body, and a brilliant emperor divine splendor blooming from him, if such dazzling light is placed on Usually it must be the focal point of ten thousands.

However, at this moment, no one appreciates it. No one notices that the battlefield around him is too terrifying, and it is all a battle of Peak Level.

Divine Race Three Great Powerhouses cut the void with Tenjin ’s cutting technique, and the endless Space Crack appeared, and then a terrifying space storm appeared in the stripped space, centered on their body, the most gorgeous space. It seems to wrap this space, and it seems to be competing with the azure divine light, wanting to drown it.

The three Peak characters of Divine Race. Under their joint efforts, the azure light field released by the Southern Emperor was gradually invaded, and the raging space storm enveloped his field inside, cutting off a piece of avenue space alone.

“I took the South Emperor away, and I will leave it to everyone here.” Shen Gao said, he and Divine Race patriarch moved forward at the same time, Shen Ji took a step back, Shen Gao was the Divine Race cream of the crop. The character, he went out to Divine State to seek the return of cultivation, how strong is his strength, and Divine Race patriarch, is also a giant in the Three Thousand Great Dao world, a real giant.

The two of them joined together, enough to deal with the Southern Emperor. The two of them took the Southern Emperor away together for the sake of safety, so that a character of this level would not grow here.

As for Shen Ji, you can stay here to continue fighting and kill Ye Futian.

“Nanhuang, you can’t stop it.” Divine Race patriarch said to the Nanhuang, his voice fell, an invisible space storm surrounded them and the area where the Nanhuang is located, and countless spaces divine light bloomed incomparable space avenue divine splendor.

next moment, like Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the three Peak powerhouses disappeared at the same time.

Nangao and Divine Race patriarch, with the incomprehensible space Grand Dao Rule, realized that the forcibly extinct Nanhuang was stripped away from the battlefield. The two of them dealt with Nanhuang and the others continued to kill Ye Futian.

Without the patronage of the Southern Emperor, the attacks of many other powerhouses immediately arrived more directly, and were no longer affected by the azure divine light realm.

“Why do you have to do unnecessary struggling.” Heavenly God Academy Dean Jian Ao sighed, he took a step, looked towards the battlefield under the sky, with his palms facing forward, and immediately, the Avenue Storm centered on his body Scraped.

I saw that in the storm, the divine light was shining, but a picture of a god appeared, and the palm of his hand waved like a spring rain, and the moist things were silent.

The god figure nourishes everything, nourishes Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, and continues to expand, getting bigger and bigger, and then directly moved towards the sky and scrolled past, those power of Grand Dao attacking the god figure are directly involved in it, As if swallowed.

Many people shrink shrink, expression solemn, Three Thousand Great Dao world first academy, the dean of Heavenly God Academy shot.

God Palace glanced at the magnificent divine figure. His palm waved, and the sky roared suddenly, giving birth to infinite swordsmanship, indestructible. When he raised his finger, he saw the infinite Divine Sword, pointing directly at the divine figure.

But I saw that the divine figure was constantly expanding and turned into a sky-covering figure, hiding all the things involved in it, in case it was needed from time to time.

“Boom …”

Only one loud noise came out, heaven falls and earth rends, the figure of God seemed to be transformed by Nine Heavenly Divine Thunder, and in an instant, it became a world thunderbolt, and hundreds of millions of thunderbolt divine splendor fell directly Going down and breaking everything, the ancient mountain arranged by the God Palace is directly shattered into nothingness.

It seems that this picture of God is just an attack.

Jian Ao continued to raise his hand, and another god figure flew out, like a map of the gods, and like a page of paper, but in the eyes of people of this level of cultivation, even a page of paper is unusual .

This page of paper flew out, directly exploding hundreds of millions of kendo air currents, moved towards the sky and dropped down, and the powerhouses resisted.

But what’s more terrifying is that the palm of the hand waved in a row, and actually waved more than ten times in one breath. Every piece of paper flew out, which was a devastating attack.

Soon, this world has no place of calm, only ruinous turbulence.

“It’s too strong.” Many people tremble.

At high altitude, the Eastern Phoenix Princess saw a slight wave of sight in this scene. Jian Ao, the Patriarch of the Jane family, was already a powerful level existence for many years ago and was sent Here comes the original within the realm.

But as the man at the helm of the Divine State Peak clan, the might of his strength is conceivable. The Three Thousand Great Dao world stands in one of Peak ’s existences. Although he has n’t done much, no one will doubt his strength.

If you go on like this, the defense will soon be torn apart. East Phoenix Princess is also a bit surprised. Didn’t expect these people to be so efficient. It seems that they don’t want to give Ye Futian a chance.

Below, there are also a lot of Human Sovereign watching the battle. They saw their fists held slightly, secretly sighed in their hearts.

For the sake of Ye Futian, this battle is impossible to escape, there is no way to avoid it, only death.


Another loud noise came out, everyone saw that the gap was finally opened, the defense was torn apart, and the powerhouses of all parties gathered, pressing towards Ye Futian.

At this time, above the sky dome, the Sun God sword draws Sun God’s brilliance and carries the sun’s flames to Ye Futian.

However, it is blocked by Supreme Profound Dao Venerable. The road is a string. These power of Grand Dao can be directly converted into attacks.

Ye Futian is standing there, watching the devastating storms surrounding him, but his eyes are still as usual. In this battle, he has already been mentally prepared. This is a battle that will be defeated without any suspense.

Although the powerhouses are willing to fight for him, before the war, he once told all those who participated in the war that their own safety is above everything else.

He does n’t want someone to encounter anything because of him.

The devastating airflow and terrifying storm have already rolled to his side, radiating to every corner, who can be alone?

The Peak characters started melee, they even gave up the long-range spell attack directly, but directly broke into the area of ​​Ye Futian, and the attacks in the distance were blocked, then, they killed Ye at close range. Futian.

Ye Futian ’s powerhouse each and everyone stepped out, moved towards eight directions, and faced up.

The violent avenue storm is getting closer and closer, raging beside Ye Futian, in the direction around him, the powerful characters of the oracle world are still there, still guarding him, some aftershocks coming in will be They were destroyed.

At the same time, around their bodies, there are more and more cracks in the space that are torn and terrifying.

“Get ready to kill the past.” Ao Jian, the dean of Heavenly God Academy, said aloud. His voice fell, and another page of paper flew out of his body, floating in between Heaven and Earth.

next moment, those floating papers are swirling in the sky, turning into a picture, each picture is a kind of avenue attack.

Moreover, there are a few powerhouses that have already been inside. There are also Peak people in the sky. They looked towards Ye Futian as if they looked towards a dead person.

“Your death is here.” Gai Cang of Huang Metal Divine Kingdom said. Today, they will avenge Gaixi!

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