The Legend of Futian Chapter 2076


Donghua area, a place, entire group walking in the sky, the leader is Donglai Fairy, they are on the way, moved towards the direction of the east immortal island.

“I’m afraid the East immortal island can’t stay for long.” Beside Donglai Fairy, Pill Sovereign said, Donglai Fairy gently nodded: “After we go back, we will prepare to evacuate the East immortal island, and find another place to settle down. “

Pill Sovereign didn’t say anything. He turned his head and glanced in the distance. Not long ago, Li Changsheng separated from them and decided to look back at the divine tower. He was a little worried that once Li Changsheng went on this trip, he might not be able to return. Up.

However, Li Changsheng insists on this, and they can’t do anything about it. Perhaps, this is his belief.

Xia Qingyu took out the mandarin duck mirror and was communicating with Ye Futian. After knowing where Ye Futian had settled, she was relieved. Now in the entire Donghua region, people who can really protect Ye Futian are probably also Only Emperor Xi had this ability.

It happened to be Emperor Xi who helped, so that even if he was discovered, Emperor Xi would still be capable of confronting the Palace Lord of Donghua.

However, at this moment, Ye Futian sat quietly on an ancient peak on the immortal island. After learning that Li Changsheng was looking back at the divine tower alone, he was a little sad. Li Senior Brother normally laughed and talked casually, but really But he is a person of great affection.

Otherwise, why would you look back at the divine tower at this time?

Today’s Wang divine tower is the most dangerous place. Li Changsheng will not understand this point. Ning Yuan personally ordered to remove Wang divine tower, which means that Wang divine tower no longer exists.

At this time, how can I look up to the divine tower?


Dongxiao Continent, look at the divine tower.

At this time, there are many cultivation people on the Wang divine tower. They come from all parts of the East Heaven Continent, especially the main city of the East Heaven Continent. After the various forces Human Sovereign got the news, they looted the Wang divine tower, even for A great war broke out, causing many ancient palaces in the Wang divine tower to shatter and collapse, as if it was an Ancient Vestige, not a Holy Land.

At this moment, below the divine tower, a silhouette stepped up the stairs. This person was an old man with a corpse, which instantly attracted the attention of many people.

Above, someone bowed his head and looked towards the person coming, and his pupils could not help but shrink slightly.

It is Li Changsheng, and the corpse is the corpse of Zong Chan.

Li Changsheng even dared to look back at the divine tower. Do you want to die?

They heard that in the battle of Donghua Banquet, Emperor Ji was hit hard and fled from Donghua Heaven. Later, Emperor Yan led a large army to search for the footprints of Emperor Ji. The news shocked the entire continent of Dongxiao. Moreover, it was heard that more than half of the people who watched Divine Tower were killed and injured, Zong Chan was killed, and Wang Divine Tower was removed from the Palace Lord and ceased to exist.

This is where the person of all influence hit a person when he’s down, looking up to the divine tower to search and plunder.

But now, Li Changsheng has actually returned. In the eyes of everyone, this is simply bring about one’s own destruction.

However, those who saw Li Changsheng still flickered and left, they were still very jealous. After all, they were taking advantage of the fire and Li Changsheng was the first disciple of the divine tower.


With a loud noise, the boulder under Li Changsheng’s feet cracked. He raised his head and looked towards the sky above. At this moment, those turbid eyes were full of icy meaning. The once glorious and prosperous Holy Land of East Heaven is now It turned out to be so, ruins everywhere, becoming dilapidated.


A Human Sovereign flickered and saw Li Changsheng’s broken stone steps. He faintly felt a suppressed anger. At this moment, Li Changsheng was full of majesty and indifference, even with killing intent. Release, which made him feel a strong anxiety, especially when Li Changsheng came back with a corpse on his back.

However, as soon as he stepped into midair, he saw the endless vine branches and leaves rolled directly to his body and bound him. Heavenly Dao fire burst out on him, trying to burn the vines, but the vine branches and leaves flowed above. With the terrifying brilliance, the fire will not invade.

“chi chi…” The vine was directly embedded in his body, causing the Human Sovereign to make a painful scream. He was buried inside, gradually suffocating, and the silhouette was no longer visible.

Soon, the vine was stained red with blood, an oh la la sound came out, the vine was shattered, and a rain of blood spattered, the Human Sovereign had fallen and ceased to exist.

This makes the Human Sovereign complexion on the divine tower greatly changed. Many Human Sovereigns are preparing to leave, but they see Li Changsheng stepping on their feet and flying away in the sky, shooting straight above the divine tower. At the same time, his divine sense covers the endless distances and turns into terrifying avenues. Ancient trees and vines cover the sky, cover a sky, and cover this vast and endless space inside.

Many people’s faces changed. They looked up towards the sky above the divine tower. At this time, Li Changsheng stood high above the sky, and the sky full of vines rolled out of him. Everyone could feel the sky. Share monstrous killing thoughts.

At this moment, Li Changsheng seems to have completely changed, becoming different from before, no longer the Li Changsheng known to many cultivation people in Dongxiao Continent.


The vastness of Heaven and Earth, the infinite branches and leaves make a sound, and the moved towards the Human Sovereign falls, and the branches and leaves are suddenly filled with an incomparably sharp aura, like a sword intent.

“pu, pu, pu…”

next moment, one after another sound came out, accompanied by many screams, I saw that the sky full of branches and leaves directly penetrated through many Human Sovereign bodies, and blood fell from the void, looking at the sky above the divine tower, Turning into a bloody world, in a single thought, I don’t know how many Human Sovereigns were killed.

“Senior, I just came to look up at the divine tower, don’t have any other intentions.” Someone said in a panic.

“Senior Li, we are members of the Pill God Palace, just come here to see.” One after another voices came out, all begging for mercy, but Li Changsheng seemed to have not heard it, endless divine splendor enveloped In this world, the strands of branches and leaves seem to be turned into indestructible blades, killing people invisibly.

At this time, Li Changsheng turned into a god of murder.

At the Donghua banquet, Wang Divine Tower was in a catastrophe and was hunted down by Three Great Influences. More than half of his casualties were killed. Zong Chan died in battle, and Emperor Ji was seriously injured. People are raging on the divine tower. One can imagine Li Changsheng’s mood.

As for those excuses, he couldn’t listen more. Come and pay their respects? Come here to see?

Will not be far away, outside? If John Divine Tower has not experienced this catastrophe, who dares to impudent one step on the Divine Tower?

Standing on the Wang divine tower, they already thought that the Wang divine tower was destroyed and no longer recognized the existence of the Wang divine tower. Therefore, Li Changsheng launched a slaughter.

“Bang…” At this moment, there was a violent sound outside, and in one direction, the road fire burned the branches and leaves, and a silhouette of divine poise and sagelike features rushed into it, with a cold and impressive expression It is the palace lord of the Pill God Palace. He stared at Li Changsheng, coldly opened the mouth and said: “Li Changsheng, you are impudent.”

Li Changsheng glanced at the other party and saw other directions. The powerhouse of Yanhanxing and Dayangu Imperial Family appeared, as well as some Peak forces in the East Xiao continent. It seems that they have all discussed how to divide the East. Xiao continent is now.

“The palace lord has ordered the divine tower to be removed from the Donghua region. Li Changsheng, the palace lord benevolence, let you live, but you are here to kill the people of the Dongxiao mainland cultivation wildly. I have to send you off.” Yan Hanxing said coldly. He has been waiting here. The moment Li Changsheng came back, it was destined to be a dead end.

He shouldn’t come back.

Li Changsheng glanced at the other person. He didn’t say anything. He came down to the top area of ​​the divine tower and walked to a collapsed place where the divine tower stood. The divine tower was taken away by the Emperor Ji. , Leaving a deep hole.

Born in the divine tower, if you die, you should also be in the divine tower.

Li Changsheng, can’t live forever after all!

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