The Legend of Futian Chapter 2077


Li Changsheng, the first disciple of the Emperor Ji, the world only knows that he is the Chief Disciple of the Emperor Ji. As for his experience, he doesn’t know much about him. He only vaguely knows that Li Changsheng has been with the Emperor Ji many years ago.

In fact, Li Changsheng had already followed Ji Huang before Ji Huang founded Wang Divine Tower. It was too far away. It can be said that he watched Wang Divine Tower gradually being worshipped by the people of Dongxiao Continent. Become the faith of the mainland, the absolute Holy Land.

In this process, he also paid a lot, watching every discipline of the divine tower get started.

He experienced every time the Divine Tower recruited the discipline, and never missed it. When Ye Futian entered the Divine Tower, he was also there and witnessed the dispute between Ye Futian and Dayangu Imperial Family powerhouse.

Li Changsheng, he is looking forward to the growth of the divine tower.

Now, Wang Divine Tower has been removed from his name and trampled by the Human Sovereign of the East Heaven Continent. Therefore, he has committed a murder.

At this time, Li Changsheng has the ambition to die. He sits on the top of the divine tower. The ancient god wheel is rooted in this land, and the endless vine branches and leaves bloom and grow in the whole divine tower.

However, high above the sky, a horrible silhouette stands there, burning the a side World like a scorching sun. Flame is all burning in the area where he is, and endless fires have emerged, appearing at the divine tower. Every corner is burning with ancient branches and leaves.

The palace lord of Pill God has been in retreat for many years, and his cultivation base has already entered the world. He has reached the level of Human Sovereign Peak many years ago, and has been pursuing Supreme. This time, he was looking for something wrong with the divine tower. He came here to take a look. I wondered if I could find the great opportunity on the divine tower, but didn’t expect Li Changsheng to kill him. The people in his Pill God palace were also killed, which aroused his anger.

Wang Divine Tower has been delisted, and Li Changsheng, who is about to die, dare to be so impudent.

both of his hands, with his body as the center, the whole world is burning, and the dying fire of black turns everything to ashes. Those ancient branches and leaves full of vitality burn when they meet fire , Turned into ashes.

I saw that his pupils were also filled with terrifying Dao Huo, glanced at Li Changsheng, and suddenly countless extinguishing Dao Huo fell from the void, like countless black meteorites falling down.

Li Changsheng is already not in anymore. He is still sitting there quietly, the ancient tree is growing, countless branches and leaves are swaying, like a sharp blade, reaping the lives of the cultivation in the divine tower, his eyes closed. Sitting there quietly, as if all this has nothing to do with him.

When Dao Huo invaded, a sacred light curtain was traveled around Li Changsheng’s body, but it was also eroded by Dao Hu a little bit.

At the same time, the powerhouse of Dayangu Imperial Family also launched an attack. The two powerful existences of the nine realms summoned an extremely sacred giant dragon, covering the sky and the sun. Their sharp claws are as hard as steel and filled with The meaning of rimless sharpness, directly moved towards the light curtain to pierce it, tearing it apart, causing cracks to appear.

But even so, they still have not been able to kill Li Changsheng for a long time.

In the sky above, Yan Hanxing saw this scene full of killing thoughts, and a loud dragon roar came out, looking at the vast space of the divine tower trembling violently, the rest of the powerful Human of the Great Yangu Imperial Family Sovereign sent out dragon roar at the same time, Yan dragon roar resonated, shattered the void, and the avenue of terror swept wildly.

Around Yan Hanxing’s body, an incomparable sacred giant dragon appeared, covering the sky and the sun.

This sacred giant dragon swallows Dao of Heaven and Earth, with a huge body flying above the sky, making the void tremble. His sharp claw is glowing with a terrifying Metal color divine splendor, as if indestructible and terrifying.

“Li Changsheng, if you want to die with all your heart, I will fulfill you.”

Yan Hanxing’s voice fell, the Heavenspan giant dragon swooped down, and the extremely sharp sharp claw Tearing Space directly broke through the defense.

“pu 呲……”

There was a sound, and the horror sharp claw penetrated directly through Li Changsheng’s body and directly through his whole person. In front of the giant claws, Li Changsheng’s body looked extremely small, as if being nailed to death. Extremely cruel.


Everyone’s heart trembled fiercely as they watched this scene, Li Changsheng, dying to look at the divine tower.

Those Human Sovereigns who were not killed by Li Changsheng were a bit grateful. Since Li Changsheng stepped on the Divine Tower, it was a short moment, and many Human Sovereigns on the Divine Tower died and were directly killed. Let other Human Sovereign scared witless, Now, Li Changsheng was finally killed.

A drop of blood fell on the Earth floor looking at the divine tower, and Li Changsheng seemed to have no pain.

However, even if you die, you must stay on this land, hoping that the divine tower will always exist in the world.


The countless divine light swaying makes many people feel a little dazzling. They see that on the pierced body, there are countless green rays of light flying out, blending into this world, blending into the ancient tree The tree, and the endless branches and leaves.

Like Li Changsheng, his Divine Soul is also integrated into this land, rooted in this land, and coexist with the divine tower.

“Dead, the soul flew away and scattered.” When everyone saw this scene, it was restraining Aura, Yan Han Xing and Pill God Palace Lord and the others, the emperor indifferently swept towards the pierced body , Zongchan died in the previous battle, now Jihuang Head Disciple Li Changsheng also died here, leaving only Ye Futian and Jihuang.

Jihuang is not their task, only Palace Lord and the others can handle it. Now, as long as you find Ye Futian and kill it, you can completely wipe out the divine tower.

As for the others, they don’t care much.

“Let’s go.” Yan Hanxing said: “There is no need to stay here. I will look at the divine tower raze to the ground.”

The lord of the palace has ordered the divine tower to be removed from the Donghua domain, and there is no hope for the divine tower in the world.

He turned around and was about to leave.

However, at this moment, a light suddenly lit up on a piece of emerald green branches on the ground. It seemed that there was a strange movement. No one noticed this scene, but then, one after another light lit up, this world. All of the branches and leaves were bright, the branches and leaves swayed, turning into emerald green color, and there was vigorous vitality. The old tree that was about to wither suddenly rose from the ground and grew wildly.

There are countless light spots appearing between Heaven and Earth, full of vitality, as if everywhere, the whole world, in this brief moment is lit up.

“What’s the matter?”

The crowd felt that something was wrong. The palace lord of the Pill God Palace immediately released a terrifying sacred fire to destroy everything. However, the sacred fire of the avenue fell on the branches and leaves and spots of light, but failed to destroy them, and the branches and leaves were still swaying. , More and more lights are lit up, and every ray of light that lights up has turned into ancient branches and leaves, and the tree is growing crazily, getting higher and higher, as if to pierce the sky.

“No…” Yan Hanxing seemed to realize that something was wrong, he released his divine sense, and his finger was a little between his eyebrows, and a terrifying divine glow shot out from his eyes, looking at this space like a sharp sword. At this moment, he seemed to What I see is no longer infinite light spots, but countless illusory silhouettes.

Every silhouette is like Li Changsheng, everywhere.

“How come!”

Yan Hanxing’s face changed in shock, and his heart throbbed. He killed Li Changsheng with his own hands and witnessed Li Changsheng’s destruction, the soul flew away and scattered. What was the scene that he saw before his eyes? ?

This is impossible.

At this moment, many things rang in Yan Hanxing’s mind, and suddenly a ray of thought came into being, is this the Tao of Transformation?

As Dayangu Imperial Family Crown Prince, he knows more about the unknown realm than others.

Because I know, I am afraid.

Did he force the existence of a Peak Level?


Yan Hanxing is a very clever person. After he gave birth to this ray of thought, he made a decisive decision, and his figure disappeared directly in the same place, and he fled into the distance in an instant, and shouted loudly: “Withdraw.”

Everyone saw Yan Hanxing disappeared directly, and didn’t even realize what was happening, they heard him order to withdraw.

They looked towards the location of Yan Han Xing. People have disappeared, and he can’t even see his silhouette in the distance. They moved directly away from the divine tower and left quickly.

Did he realize what happened?


Although the others did not understand what had happened, since Yan Hanxing said to withdraw, they did not hesitate to evacuate.

At this moment, the infinite divine light lit between Heaven and Earth directly fell on the growing old tree. In an instant, the towering old tree pierced the sky and the endless branches and leaves covered the mountains and rivers.

At this moment, one of the branches and leaves moved towards one direction. There was Human Sovereign in that direction. As soon as Human Sovereign wanted to leave, his body stopped, still keeping the trend of moving forward, but next moment, he His body was directly divided into two and died tragically on the spot.

At this moment, the Human Sovereign only felt cold and bitterly cold. They didn’t even realize what was happening, and Human Sovereign was killed.


Above the Divine Tree, the branches and leaves swayed all over the sky, and the branches and leaves moved towards the Human Sovereign on the divine tower, directly across the void. Those people did not even react, and watched the branches and leaves pass by. Then, a rain of blood fell in the void.


Everyone’s complexion changed in shock, and they fled frantically. However, the ancient tree Heavenspan, covering the sky and the sun, covered this vast space, and the sound of crash-bang came out, and countless branches and leaves fell on the sky. Down, the sound of puci continued.

At this moment, Wang Divine tower turned into a bloody world, and a powerful Human Sovereign powerhouse, like a trivial ant, was slaughtered.

In addition to looking at the divine tower, there are also some people of cultivation, and even some people of Sovereign level. They will never forget the scene they saw at this moment, Divine Tree Heavenspan, the branches and leaves are cut down, and Human Sovereign is like an ant!

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