The Legend of Futian Chapter 2078


The battle for Divine Tower once again shocked the East China Region. First, the people of the Peak forces in the main continent learned the news, and then the various continents moved towards the East China Region spread and became a legendary story.

The palace lord ordered the divine tower to be removed. On that day, the human sovereigns on the divine tower were plundered. At this time, Li Changsheng, the first apprentice of the divine tower, climbed onto the top of the divine tower, and wanted to coexist and die with the divine tower. Life Spirit blended into every inch of Earth in the divine tower, and he was blood-stained divine tower surrounded by powerhouses.

However, he miraculously resurrected from the dead. Divine Soul merged into Li Changsheng who looked at the divine tower to rebirth. One leaf cuts out the Human Sovereign, and all the Human Sovereigns are blood-stained looking at the divine tower. Li Changsheng returns and breaks the shackles. Road Supreme.

Only Yan Hanxing felt that he had escaped in advance, and then Wang divine tower was blocked, and everyone was beheaded, including the lord of the Pill God Palace.

Wang the divine tower was destroyed and Zong Chan was killed, but he did not expect to force another strong man out.

Li Changsheng left the watch divine tower after breaking the shackles. Some people speculated that he went to look for the Emperor Ji. Before Li Changsheng saw no hope of revenge, so he begged to die, but now it’s different. He broke the shackles. Revenge is already possible. With his teaming up with Jihuang, it is enough to contend with Dayangu Imperial Family and Lingxiao Palace. Under such circumstances, Li Changsheng will naturally not ask for death again, and must be in order to Zong Chan and the hope of death. divine tower disciple revenge.

Ji Huang is not dead, and now there is Li Changsheng. I am afraid that from now on, no one dares to set foot on the divine tower easily, even if it is already dilapidated, but anyone who steps on the cultivation of the divine tower must think of the consequences.

Everything seems to be different.

This turmoil seems to be far from over. Now no one is arguing about right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how the turmoil will evolve in the future, but now no one knows the ending.

It was a few days after Ye Futian learned the news. He was cultivating and he got the news from Xia Qingyu’s subpoena. He was finally able to relax, who had been worried about Li Changsheng.

Yang Wuqi also found Ye Futian. Seeing that Ye Futian stopped cultivation, his face was a little relaxed, so he said with a smile: “It seems that you have understood.”

“En.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Didn’t expect Jihuang Senior Head Disciple will have this opportunity. After this break, it will not be so easy for the Domain Lord Mansion and Dayan to deal with him again.” Yang Wuqi opened the mouth and said, After breaking the border, he reached another level, and he could travel around Heaven and Earth.

Even if Li Changsheng, who has just broken through, is still not an opponent of the other giants, but how big is the Divine State, where can Li Changsheng go now? It’s okay to leave Donghua domain, to find and take him easier said than done.

Ye Futian nodded, he is also happy for Li Changsheng, but when he thinks of Zongchan, his expression becomes a little bit darker, and he whispers: “If Zongchan Senior Brother is still there, I hope that the divine tower may be born in the future. Three Great Giants.”

“If Zongchan is there, Li Changsheng may not have this great opportunity.” Yang Wu strangely said: “Perhaps this is the prosperity must decline, the decline must prosper, don’t think too much, everything will eventually move forward. Look, when you reach the nine realms in the future, explaining that it will not be a problem to recast the divine tower together.”

Ye Futian didn’t say much, and said: “Some of my friends may come here in a few days, and I hope Senior will take care of it.”

“I will help you watch it.” Yang Wuqi nodded.

“many thanks.” Ye Futian bowed slightly, and Donglai Fairy and Xia Qingyu were already on their way.


Donglai Fairy After they returned to the east immortal island, they scattered the resources of the east immortal island to the people who cultivated the east immortal island, dismissed the powerhouses, and let them leave.

Although forces like the Domain Lord’s Mansion don’t care about trifling the East immortal island at all, and don’t bother to attack the East immortal island, but they still have to guard against the Imperial Family of Dayangu. Will they do some actions, in order to avoid the night long dream from injuring others , Donglai Fairy decided to dissolve Dong immortal island. Although she was very reluctant, she had to do so in order to avoid risks.

Of course, the East Immortal Island is still there, and there are some volunteers left behind on Penglai Immortal Island to guard it, Donglai Fairy still looks forward to returning one day in the future.

After disbanding the East immortal island, Donglai Fairy and a few people began to head towards the Xianhai Continent.

On this day, they crossed the sea of ​​immortality and saw the great Great Island like a Divine Tortoise ahead.

“Here.” Pill Sovereign said. He was also with Donglai Fairy. Emperor Ji and Donglai Shangxian were his benefactors. Now they are all experiencing changes, and they already know that Palace Lord Ning Yuan did it. So I decided to join Donglai Fairy in the future.

There is a powerful divine sense moved towards here, sweeping towards everyone, Pill Sovereign and Donglai Fairy they looked towards there, they saw a silhouette stepping in the air, directly across the space and came in front of them, This person looks ordinary and doesn’t have any breath out of his body, but Pill Sovereign and Donglai Fairy and the others know that this person is extraordinary.

Yang Wuqi slightly bowed his hands to everyone and said: “Yang Wuqi.”

After hearing the name of the other party, Fairy and the others also bowed their hands. Xia Qingyu opened the mouth and said: “Thanks Senior for helping me at the same time.”

Yang Wuqi looked at Xia Qingyu and smiled nodded, and said: “No effort at all, please.”

The entire group turned and moved towards the immortal island, and soon came to a mountain peak. On the top of the mountain there is a huge manor. In one of the mountainside places, a silhouette stood quietly. Looking up at the sky, seeing Donglai Fairy, Xia Qingyu and the others, I was filled with emotion.

Small Diao came to Ye Futian’s side, Ye Futian patted his head, and then looked towards Donglai Fairy and smiled and said: “Seeing that the Senior Sister is all right, I feel relieved.”

“What are your plans in the future?” Donglai Fairy asked, the domain owner ordered them to be arrested. The entire domain name of Donghua is in the domain owner’s jurisdiction. They are already wanted people, unless they leave the Donghua domain. .

“I plan to retreat for a period of time.” Ye Futian opened the mouth and said: “If you raise the cultivation base again, you will continue to immortal island cultivation without breaking the border.”

During this trip to the Donghua Banquet, he felt a great pressure. Now in addition to the Donghua region, the Peak forces who had offended in the original world may also know the news of his life. He must be more cautious. .

Human Sovereign has four realms and perfect avenues. Even if it can deal with the powerhouse of the ordinary eight realms, it is still not enough. Look, facing the characters of this level in Ninghua, they have no power to fight back and can only be crushed.

Cultivation is like this, never ending. In his eyes, Human Sovereign aloof and remote was the Heavenspan cultivation base, but when it came to this level, the realm of the enemies facing him was higher.

So, he can only force himself to keep moving forward, maybe one day he enters the Human Sovereign Peak Realm, and he can really run across the Divine State land.

Fairy nodded in Donglai, immortal island where the Emperor Xi sits is indeed a very safe place.

“In this case, the Emperor Xi will be disturbed.” Donglai Fairy said strangely to Yang Wu.

“It’s okay, Master has already said that you can live here as long as you want.” Yang Wuqi smiled indifferently: “I’ll say goodbye first, let’s get together.”

Furthermore, what happened at the Donghua Banquet before was handled very badly. Many forces were wary of the Domain Lord’s Mansion, but there was no other way. If Ye Futian was caught If Yangu Imperial Family and their people are killed in Secret Realm, the ending will be completely different. In that case, he can even not participate, and let the Imperial Family, Lingxiao Palace and Jihuang go to war. The death of Donghua Shangxian, no one doubted him.

The existence of Ye Futian has created some variables.

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