The Legend of Futian Chapter 2080


Dayan ancient Imperial Family, Emperor Yan had seven heirs, Yan Dongyang was beheaded by Ye Futian, and there were four other princes.

The second son of Emperor Yan who is going to marry this time, Yan Zhu.

The cultivation base Human Sovereign seven realms are very tyrannical, but when he was in the realm of the middle emperor, his avenue was not perfect. The innate talent is not as good as Yan Dongyang, so his status in the Imperial Family of Dayan Gu is not as good. His younger brother Yan Dongyang’s.

But now, the Imperial Family Crown Prince Yanhan has a cultivation Dao Companion, and Yan Dongyang is killed. Yan Zhu is quite a suitable candidate for marriage. Therefore, the Imperial Family chose him this time. , Will marry a Princess from the Lingxiao Palace.

Actually, it is an alliance between the two Peak forces. In this way, Two Great Influences can be more deterrent in the East China region.

Of course, there are also some giant forces secretly speculating whether there is a domain master mansion in it?

After all, they could see at the Donghua Banquet that they were both in Donghuatian’s Lingxiao Palace, and only the head of the domain lord’s mansion was looking forward to it, and the lord of the Lingxiao Palace had an extraordinary attitude towards the palace lord Ning Yuan. In the same continent, everyone can understand.

Now, the alliance between Lingxiao Palace and Dayangu Imperial Family will form an extremely powerful force to deter all directions. Coupled with the silhouette of the Domain Lord’s Mansion behind it, it can give other giants greater power Stressed out.

The marriage of giants shakes the East China Region, and the news spread to the main continent of the East China Region, and even moved towards the continent plates of all parties.

Furthermore, it is said that the Great Yangu Imperial Family will travel across half of the East China Region to marry the Princess of the Lingxiao Palace. It will directly cross continents without the use of Transmission Formation, making it known to the world and attracting worldwide attention.

After the news came out, many people were a little excited and wanted to witness the feast.

Dayangu Imperial Family did this obviously to make this marriage infinitely beautiful and enjoy the eyes of the world. At the same time, it is also a voice to the outside world, and it is also an emphasis on this marriage.

According to some estimates, if the Great Yangu Imperial Family departs from the southern border of the East China Region and heads to the East China Region in the Central Region, it may span thousands of large and small continents. You can imagine how grand it will be.

Dayangu Imperial Family also calculates the time. They will depart one month in advance, go to Donghuatian according to the itinerary, arrive at Donghuatian 1 month later, and marry the Princess of the Lingxiao Palace.

On this day, in a small mainland city in the Southern Region, the city is also quite prosperous. In a large restaurant, the crowds are staggered and lively, talking about what happened on all sides.

“Daiyangu Imperial Family and Lingxiao Palace are about to marry you, do you know?” At this time, at a wine table, someone spoke.

“I heard some news that these Peak giants, the ancient Imperial Family of aloof and remote, are too far away from us. Normally they don’t pay much attention to it, but this time there is too much movement, and it’s hard to know.” One person smiled and said that the continent they were on was just like the one that Ye Futian arrived when he first entered Divine State, without a continent name.

For them, the top powers are indeed somewhat illusory, too far away. Those are legendary powers and figures, and they can only hear some anecdotes from other people.

“The two peak forces are married, and the Imperial Family of Dayangu is a show of sincerity, making it vigorous, and it is also considered to be an emphasis on this marriage. I don’t know if they will pass by the continent where we are, I do want Let’s see how strong Dayangu Imperial Family’s welcoming battle this time is.”

“Our unnamed continent, I am afraid that the Imperial Family of Dayangu will not look down on it. If you want to watch the ceremony, there is a continent Dayangu Imperial Family who will pass by.” One person said.

Many people next to them are smiling and nodded, seeming to understand which continent they are referring to.

“Tianchi Continent.” Someone opened the mouth and said.

“Yes, the Tianchi Continent is the main continent of our continent group, radiating many continents. Since the Imperial Family of Dayangu wants to make a big noise, from the map, from the Imperial Family of Dayangu If you set off to Donghuatian, the straight line will pass through the Tianchi Continent, so the impossible will go around.” The person said with a smile before, and everyone around was nodded, and understood that the other party’s analysis was not unreasonable.

Since Dayangu Imperial Family wants to visit grandiose to welcome their relatives, Tianchi Continent should pass by.

“How strong is the Dayangu Imperial Family welcoming lineup, and the speed is bound to be extremely fast. Even if you see it, it is just a matter of blinking. Why bother to join in the fun.” Someone said with a smile, many people. Nodded, they are also curious and want to join in the fun, but they don’t spend too much energy to join in the fun.

For people of overwhelming majority cultivation, crossing the mainland is not a simple matter. The powerhouse in the Human Sovereign environment is relatively convenient.

However, while they were talking, on a wine table in a corner, the entire group quietly lowered their heads to drink, listened to them, and remembered what the other party and the others had said in their hearts.

The temperament of this entire group is quite out of the ordinary. Among them is a silhouette wearing a hat, and the hair hanging down from the hat is white. Some people speculate that this person may be an Old Monster who has been cultivating for many years, but it seems Still very young, perhaps because of the high realm.

They didn’t know that the entire group sitting there were the people of the cultivation wanted by the Donghua domain today, Ye Futian.

Ye Futian tapped his finger on the tabletop, stood up after hearing the other party’s words, moved towards outside, and immediately everyone else followed, the body flashed, the entire group flashed across the void like lightning, in a flash disappear.

This made the people in the restaurant who noticed this scene tremble violently. Who are these people? The speed is so terrifying.

In the void, the entire group travels by clouds, extremely fast, shuttles through the clouds, and the silhouette of the hat wearing a hat is indeed Ye Futian.

“What are you going to do?” someone behind him asked. It was a woman with a very outstanding face and an extraordinary temperament. She was the East immortal island Island Lord Donglai Fairy.

“Go to Tianchi Continent.” Ye Futian said.

Many years have passed since then. In the past few years, the Donghua Region has gradually forgotten about them. They are now very safe to leave the Donghua Region. Even if they do not leave, they will be closed- Door cultivation or continue on immortal island, no one will notice.

But once the Imperial Family is intercepted and killed, it will be exposed again, fearing that it will be another extremely uneasy escape!

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