The Legend of Futian Chapter 2081


The Tianchi Continent is extremely prosperous, similar to the Penglai Continent, with many powerful existences of the Human Sovereign Nine Realms, belonging to the main continent of the surrounding continent group.

These days, the Tianchi Continent is extremely lively. Many people in the mainland speculate that the team of the Great Yangu Imperial Family going to Donghua Tian to welcome their relatives will pass by the Tianchi Continent. For the overwhelming majority, they have not yet I have seen the cultivation of the rumored giants, even more how, the team welcoming the relatives this time must have a huge battle, so many people are looking forward to it.

If Dayangu Imperial Family were to pass through the Tianchi Continent, everyone guessed that the route should cross the Tianchi Continent and pass through the Chicheng, the center of the Tianchi Continent, so I don’t know how many powerhouses rushed to Chicheng during this period, wanting to see the giants The cultivation of forces.

Of course, there are many people who are not interested in joining the fun, some snort disdainfully.

However, many Peak forces in Akagi are standing by, preparing to meet each other when they are passing by. If they can get in touch with each other, it will benefit them but not harm them.

On this day, the sound of dragon’s roar suddenly came out of the sky red continent, causing countless people to tremble. The extremely sacred giant dragon soars above the sky. There are nine giant dragons in the front, all of which are high-ranking demon kings. They are pulling a luxurious chariot. Above the dragon, there is a powerhouse standing, all of which are Human Sovereign realm cultivation. Base, they wore dragon armor, extremely majestic, giving people a sense of solemnity.

On the left and right and behind, there is also a demon dragon walking forward, the lineup is terrifying, whistled past above the sky, wherever it goes, Dragon’s roar resounds through the sky, seeming to remind the world that they are passing by.

Many Demonic Beasts in the sky are crawling on the ground, and people of cultivation are also trembling with fear. Many people even want to lower their heads. Where have they seen such terrifying battles? Normally a realm character in the upper emperor, In the eyes of ordinary people, it is Peak’s powerhouse.

However, at the moment above the sky, nine purple Metal dragons are pulling the car forward. The welcoming team of the Great Yangu Imperial Family drove directly from the sky, and in a flash, they disappeared from everyone’s sight. The speed is extremely fast, but the shocking scene just now stays in the minds of the world for a long time.

Especially some young cultivators can’t forget this spectacular scene.

Is this the Giant level force?

A welcoming team is terrifying like this.

Dayangu Imperial Family, arrived, and sailed into the sky red continent.

Sometimes later, people in Akagi received news one after another. Some people spread the news to Akagi. Then the news spread rapidly and swept through Akagi. In the Central Region of Akagi, many people were waiting for it. In a restaurant, many people looked up. looked towards over there, discuss spiritedly.

That is the person of the Peak family power in Akagi. This is already ready to wait here to welcome the arrival of the powerhouse of the Imperial Family of Dayan ancient. It is really pious.

Not only this family power, there are also Peak powers waiting in other locations in the distance, hoping to get in touch with the Imperial Family of Dayangu. It doesn’t matter if you can’t meet up.

Everyone was waiting quietly. It didn’t take long. Above the sky, there was a brilliant divine light moving towards here, and the sound of dragon’s roar was faintly heard, making everyone understand, Dayan The powerhouse of the ancient Imperial Family is here.

But there should be some distance. Listen to Dragon’s roar, the direction you are going is this way, the central area of ​​Akagi.

Sure enough, after a while, they saw Kowloon driving a car, it was very spectacular.

The nine divine dragons are ten thousand zhang in length, so terrifying, they directly obscure the sky. Where many people have seen such a shocking scene, and only those giant level forces that can control these powerful demon dragons to drive the car , When they transform, they are also the existence of the Peak Demon King, no matter where they are a side powerhouse.

“The people of the Chiang family from Chicheng welcome Dayan ancient Imperial Family into Chicheng.” A voice came out, grandiose, the nine dragons roared, and their huge eyes glanced in front of them. It was Akagi’s Peak forces, and they all felt a supreme coercion. This welcoming team was enough to sweep all the Akagi Peak forces.

The demon king in the middle is the super-level existence of the nine realms.

Apart from this, an overbearing old man standing in front of the demon dragon, who is also the powerhouse of the Nine Realms, predicts that there may be three or more Nine Realms in this team, which is absolutely for them It is an unstoppable force.

even more how, in addition to the nine realms, there are many high-ranking emperors in the eight realms. Among the nine dragons at the head, there is a nine-stage demon emperor, three eight realms, and five seven realms. What a terrifying.

Apart from this, there are many high-ranking realm powerhouses behind, this lineup is enough to sweep a continent.

The headed old man glanced at the other person, slightly nodded, and said: “You don’t need to be polite, this trip is just passing by, you all do your own thing.”

Although they slowed down some speed, they were still moving forward without stopping.

At the same time, several other Peak forces from the Tianchi Continent came here and bowed their hands slightly. Then someone opened the mouth and said: “You can rest in Chicheng for a while before going on the road?”

“No need.” The old man replied. The other party didn’t say anything. They all stepped aside, stood on both sides, and sent the other party away.

At this time, the old man’s brows slightly frowned, he felt that someone divine sense was sweeping across them, and he swept towards everyone and Demonic Beast without any concealment, which seemed extremely impudent.

“Who?” The old man’s eyes moved towards Xiakong, extremely indifferent. Following the direction of the divine sense, he saw a restaurant where the entire group was sitting quietly drinking.

Just as he scolded, those people put down their wine glasses and looked up towards them. At this moment, the old man felt something was wrong. In this entire group, there were several Nine-level Human Sovereign.

So many powerhouses gathered in the sky red continent, what is the purpose?

I saw one of them take off the hat on his head, revealing a long silver hair. His face is extremely handsome, he is a rare handsome man, and he also has a bit of spooky beauty, and he can feel it at a glance Extraordinary person.

“Ye Liunian!” The old man complexion slightly changed. He didn’t show up at the Donghua Banquet, but it didn’t prevent him from getting to know Ye Futian, the core figure of the Imperial Family of Dayangu. He had seen images of Ye Futian.

In other words, he should no longer be called Ye Liunian, but Ye Futian, a person of cultivation from the original world.

“Be careful.” The old man promptly opened the mouth and said: “Everyone is on guard.”

Since Ye Futian dared to appear here, he was obviously prepared. It has been many years, and they have almost forgotten this person, and they have not continued to search where he is. They didn’t expect it. When almost forgotten, Ye Futian appeared.

“Who is Ye Liunian?” There are many people around who haven’t heard of it. After all, they are not the people of core continent cultivation.

“Seven years ago, the peerless Invincible character at the Donghua Banquet was wanted by the domain lord’s mansion and disappeared for seven years. Didn’t expect has appeared now.” Many people have heard of it, and there is a slight wave of heart. Ye Futian, who had disappeared for more than seven years, appeared, which means that they have been paying attention to the activities of Dayangu Imperial Family.

Coming on this trip, what do you intend to do?

“weng!” One after another silhouette broke through the sky, and in an instant I saw Ye Futian and the others rushing into the sky, appearing above the sky, directly blocking the other side’s path, their bodies scattered, Ye Futian is a very strong presence.

Donglai Fairy, Pill Sovereign, Leng Family Patriarch, Heavenly Blade Leng Kuangsheng, as well as leaving East immortal island with Donglai Fairy, and several powerhouses who have followed Donglai’s immortal, plus Ye Futian Except for Ye Futian, Chen Yi, and Zifeng, the digital powerhouses of Chen Yi and Wangshenque are all realm of the upper emperor. These lineups are already very powerful.

Those people from Akagi Peak’s cultivation were also very shocked, struggling in their hearts, Ye Futian unexpectedly appeared here to intercept and kill the imperial family of Dayangu Imperial Family, do they want to help Dayangu Imperial Family?

Donglai Fairy and Pill Sovereign appeared in front of Ye Futian and directly moved towards the other party and that Demon Dragon killed them.

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