The Legend of Futian Chapter 2082

Yin-Yang Diagram The Great Dao Divine Light that falls down falls on the huge body of the monster dragon, piercing the dragon scales, causing blood to flow from the monster dragon body, but not at all can kill him immediately The defensive power of the eight realms is far more powerful than the human cultivator, and its dragon scales are like Magical Artifact armor, extremely strong.

Yin-Yang Diagram It is amazing that the falling light of killing can cut through its defenses, but it can’t kill the Demon Dragon King of the eight realms in an instant.

Ye Futian saw the huge monster standing close but still standing there, his eyes were full of confidence, a long spear appeared on his outstretched arm, and the monstrous fighting intent came out from the long spear. As a result, his whole body is also wrapped in the will to fight with terror.


a streak of divine light rushed straight into the sky and submerged his body. Behind Ye Futian, a peacock illusory shadow appeared, which was extremely sacred. At this moment, Ye Futian, spirit will power climbed to an extremely terrifying level, that demon The different handsome temperament became more obvious.

The peacock illusory shadow spreads its wings, one after another, the divine light blooms from the wings, sweeping out, extremely gorgeous.

The Demon Dragon Emperor felt an aura that made his heart palpitations, he issued a violent sound of dragon’s roar, and there was a faint fear in his voice, as if he felt a breath of Monster God.


The crowd saw Ye Futian’s body move, one after another divine light fell down, and Ye Futian was in the divine light, walking with the divine light, the monster dragon emperor opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, basically Ye Futian swallowed Ye Futian directly into the body before he could react.

However, at the next moment, everyone saw an extremely gorgeous scene, and saw that extremely large monster dragon body within the body. There was a terrifying light as if to break through the fleshy body. His body became extremely gorgeous. The crowd can see that one after another light directly penetrates through his body within the body, only for a moment.


The huge body of the monster dragon emperor trembled violently, making a roar, and with a bang, a gorgeous silhouette appeared on the body of the monster dragon emperor, penetrating from his huge body, next moment, that eight The realm demon Dragon Sovereign trembling violently roared, his body burst frantically, seemingly painful.

The rain of blood splashed, and the huge body of the Demon Dragon Emperor shattered and burst, moving towards the sky and fell into the sky, extremely miserable.

The white-haired Human Sovereign is surrounded by divine light, and it is not stained with dust. It is still like dust. Although it penetrates the body of the demon dragon emperor, it does not seem to be stained with any filth, and everything is cut off by the divine light.

“really strong!”

Those who watched the cultivation trembled fiercely in their hearts. The eighth-level Demon Dragon Emperor, one shot to obliterate, that shot seemed simple, but it was amazing. It directly penetrates the body of the eighth-level Demon Dragon Emperor, how terrifying.

Furthermore, they heard that Ye Futian has the will of the emperor. If he urges the will of the emperor, the battle strength will be stronger.

However, at this moment, he hasn’t mobilized that power, enough to kill the Demon Dragon King with a single shot. One can imagine Ye Futian’s terrifying.

The other demon emperors roared at Ye Futian with an angry roar, and Ye Futian glanced at them. The long spear tilted and stood alone in the sky. The peacock illusory shadow opened its wings and immediately moved from the wings. Above, divine light shoots out directly from the’jewels’ on the divine wings, like one after another terrifying lightning, a natural phenomenon appears in the sky, and the divine light that kills is like a peacock, blasting towards the bodies of those demon kings .


The powerful seven-level demon dragon directly torn skin and gaping flesh, blood splashed out, and the divine light penetrated directly, causing their bodies to shatter continuously and roar in pain, seemingly unwilling.

Ye Futian walks in the air, like a god of judgment, wherever he goes, the demon dragon screams!

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