The Legend of Futian Chapter 2083


During the chariot, Big Yangu Imperial Family prince Yanzhu sat inside. At this moment, he got up and walked out of the chariot, standing in front of the chariot, looking at the silhouette ahead.

Is this Ye Futian who killed his younger brother Yan Dongyang? Now, on his way to meet his relatives, he is intercepted and killed.

“His Royal Highness, please go back, this child is dangerous.” A black clothed person next to Yan Zhu walked to Yan Zhu and said, persuading Yan Zhu to evacuate back. Ye Futian is stronger than before. The East China Banquet battle, Ye Futian cultivation base Human Sovereign fourth-order, now it has reached the fifth realm, and the road is stable, it has obviously broken through the realm for some time, and it has broken the boundary in the middle of seven years.

In addition to the realm, he seems to have fortuitous encounters. From him, he can faintly feel a monstrous monster qi, which is most likely from the Divine Demon Temple in the secret realm of the domain master mansion. Chance.

I only saw Ye Futian in the distance moved towards here, and the eyes were full of strange beauty, deep and indifferent, Yan Zhu gave birth to a feeling, Ye Futian looked towards their eyes were cold And ruthless, like looking at a dead person.

He is the prince of the Imperial Family of Dayangu, and the powerhouse here is the welcoming team of the Imperial Family of Dayangu. How powerful is the battle, but Ye Futian, with such a small number of people, dare to come directly and kill them. It sounds ridiculous to see the powerhouses of their Dayan ancient Imperial Family as nothing, but they really feel the threat.

Ye Futian is moving towards them. Wherever they go, a rain of blood falls from the air, the demon dragon screams, Human Sovereign transforms the dust, no one can stop, and the eight world demon dragon kings are killed Death, and it’s almost an instant kill. Under the nine realms, who can stop him?

Beyond the battlefield in the distance, the peak forces of the Tianchi Continent who came to meet the Imperial Family of Dayangu are struggling in their hearts. Do you want to intervene in the battle?

They also looked towards Ye Futian’s direction, naturally knowing who this person is. The legendary young figure is really terrifying, like ants in the eight realms, killing all the way, heading towards the car, if so Let him kill like this, Yan Zhu really might be dangerous.

If they make a move at this time, it will undoubtedly provide timely help, and they will definitely be able to get the friendship of the Imperial Family from Dayangu, but is it worth the move?

How big is the risk?

It’s difficult to measure, so they are all hesitant, seem to be waiting for other forces to act, but no one is going to start this.

Opening the bow without turning back the arrow, once done, it may be a bet on the fate of the family.

Furthermore, they are also a little worried. If Ye Futian and the others succeed in intercepting Yan Zhu and punish all the Great Yangu Imperial Family powerhouse here, will the Great Yangu Imperial Family anger them for this? Didn’t help?

Although this book has nothing to do with them, after all, they are all present and deliberately greeted them. However, when the time of Great War broke out, they stood idly by, causing the ancient emperor clansman to be killed and killed. If they are vicious and merciless, they may directly anger them and clean them up. At that time, they have no place to reason. In the cultivation world, if the powerhouse doesn’t speak principles with you, you have nothing to do.

This makes many of them regret coming here. Why should we join in the excitement? It just happened to be such a big battle, and it was not a good shot. It seemed that it was not good to stand on the sidelines, a dilemma.

On the other side, Yan Zhu did not retreat. As the prince of the Imperial Family of Dayan Gu, what is his qualification to retreat when faced with the interception of Ye Futian and the others?

And, what’s the use even if you return? If Dayan is defeated, the ending will not be different.

“You will meet him.” Yan Zhu said, black clothed person nodded. He is an old man of Da Yan, who has been guarding Yan Zhu’s growth. He has been a Human Sovereign Nine Realm for many years. Existing, it can be said to be Yan Zhu’s Guardian, and can be regarded as a personal guard.

This trip went to Donghua Tian to propose marriage, he still followed Yan Zhu, where he was assassinated.

He stepped forward, straddling the void, moved towards Ye Futian, Ye Futian seemed to feel something, looked up towards this side, and saw the black clothed person coming, only to see the other An extremely dangerous breath, surrounded by wisps of dark air currents, and a terrifying Black Dragon appeared. In the old man’s hands, he also held a black long spear, swallowing out a terrifying air of destruction.

Feeling this aura, Ye Futian has terrifying divine splendor shining on his body. It’s unbelievable. This black clothed old man is very dangerous. Even if Ye Futian dare not underestimate it, the existence of the nine realms is already at the level of Human Sovereign Peak. And that black air current carries a strong force of destruction and corrosion.

“All retreat.” The black clothed old man loudly shouted, and suddenly Ye Futian’s powerhouse retreated from the battlefield. The black qi of destruction covered the sky and covered the sun, surrounding the space where Ye Futian was, turning into a black demon. Dragon, directly moved towards him and swallowed away.


Ye Futian’s body bloomed with the brilliance of Monster God, within the body’s heart beating, one after another glowing from the body, a sacred peacock silhouette appeared, the body ten thousand zhang, shocking people.

“This is…”

The hearts of all powerhouses are beating violently, and I see that ten thousand zhang peacock silhouette. The wings are spread out, on the gorgeous divine feathers one after another. Shattered into nothingness, the terrifying destructive airflow could not get close to Ye Futian’s body, and was directly destroyed by the divine light.

Countless people looked towards this battlefield. The peacock’s divine light illuminates the space, causing countless people’s hearts to beat, and all those demon dragon emperors make a roar, and a demon dragon emperor utters a human voice, opened the mouth and said: “The breath of Monster God, he got the things of Monster God.”

The hearts of the powerhouses are beating violently, Ye Futian got the Monster God item?

Sure enough, he was in the secret realm of the Domain Lord’s Mansion, and he was surrounded by the brilliance of Monster God, and he was invincible.

Ye Futian holds a long spear in his hand, surrounded by holy light, and the long spear is facing forward, pointing straight to the powerhouse of the nine realms, and I saw one after another light flowing on the long spear, and one after another light shooting towards The other party, for a while, one after another Shenguang shot towards the other party.


Ye Futian’s body moved, and a shot was taken, Heaven and Earth was shocked. At this moment, the crowd saw many Ye Futian silhouettes appearing at the same time. Under the light of the peacock, there seemed to be more than one Ye Futian, more than one shot.

“Is this an ability granted by Monster God?”

Everyone’s hearts trembled, and the black clothed person’s face also changed. He felt that every shot was a real existence. Ye Futian had not yet arrived. He seemed to see an incomparable peacock Monster God culled. Then, the peacock’s divine light shone on him, giving him an unmatched illusion.

A violent long scream came out, like heaven falls and earth rends, the terrifying Black Dragon silhouette appeared, roaring to the sky, the black clothed person has no way out, and his black long spear is facing forward, and his gun shadow In front, there appeared an extremely terrifying dark demon dragon, colliding with that huge peacock silhouette.

At the moment when the two divine lights met and collided, the terrifying light pierced people’s eyes, and many people couldn’t open their eyes. A terrifying wave of destruction swept through the two of them, moved towards beyond a thousand li radiation Away.

At this moment, the buildings of Akagi several thousands li were razed to the ground, and countless cultivation populations vomited blood. Those who watched the cultivation from close range were even more miserable. They did not expect a battle in the sky to destroy the aftermath. Such terrifying, sweep the space of several thousands li.

Only the Human Sovereign can faintly persist, the powerhouse of the realm above the middle emperor can see what happened. They saw the peacock Monster God illusory shadow directly tore the Black Giant Dragon, one after another long transformed by the peacock light The spear penetrated directly, Ye Futian and the black clothed old man changed positions, and both of them stood quietly in the sky, as if time had stopped.

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