The Legend of Futian Chapter 2084


In the cultivation world, a powerful person is not at all clearly defined. People who are not the same realm have a different definition of a powerful person, but in Divine State, it is generally believed that people with realm above the seven realms can be called a powerful existence .

The eight realms and the nine realms naturally belong to this stage, and now Ye Futian, a Human Sovereign from the Five Realms, has shot and killed the powerhouse of the Human Sovereign nine realms, then, can he call it a mighty power?

A powerful person in the five realms, this is simply unimaginable for many people.

At this time, Ye Futian silhouette stood there, and the peacock Monster God illusory shadow stood behind him, with a magical light covering the body, like a descendant of Monster God.

He looked forward, penetrating the space, and falling on the silhouette above the chariot in the distance, Dayangu Imperial Family prince, Yan Zhu.

Dayangu Imperial Family and Lingxiao Palace want to marry and form an alliance, and they have to make a sensation in the Donghua region. In that case, Ye Futian has to “complete” them. This marriage will indeed be “famous” Donghua Domain, but in another way.

Yan Zhu naturally noticed Ye Futian’s gaze. He kept looking there and witnessed the battle. After following him for many years, the black clothed old man who had taken care of him from his birth was shot and killed by Ye Futian. Isn’t it different in his heart?

Hate? of course.

However, the relationship between Dayan and Ye Futian is bound to have no room for relaxation. Hatred has no meaning. Even if he is not familiar with Ye Futian, he does not have any grudges and feasts, but because of what Dayan has done, he still To recognize, who made him the prince of Dayangu Imperial Family, and to represent the marriage between Dayan and Lingxiao Palace.

Who can be blamed?

I can only say that Dayangu’s Imperial Family is not doing well. Since he offended him, but failed to cut weeds and eliminate the roots, he gave him this opportunity.

Now, who else can stop Ye Futian? The nine powerhouses were all shot and killed.

After a few years, today’s Ye Futian is far more terrifying than the famous Ye Futian at the Donghua banquet. Today, it will be his tribulation, the tribulation of Dayangu Imperial Family.

In the other direction, the people of the Peak forces in the Sky Crimson Continent have a sluggish expression, and a stormy sea is set off in their hearts. They are still hesitating to take action. Now it seems that they are thinking too much. Even if they take action, they can stop it. Can you get Ye Futian?

Perhaps, it will fall on the spot.

The big Yangu Imperial Family powerhouse, who was still fighting in various directions, finally felt a strong sense of crisis and fear. They absolutely did not expect that the entire group would actually directly threaten their life and death. The welcoming team encountered an interception halfway through.

I saw Ye Futian walking forward with a gun, towards Yan Zhu, a monster dragon roared, and several Human Sovereign moved towards Ye Futian launched a avenue attack, but the boundless and gorgeous peacock Monster God released its wings The incomparable splendid divine splendor is scattered ashes and dispersed smoke wherever it shines.

Ye Futian’s figure is facing forward, the long spear is like a dragon, and he stabbed a shot in the air. Just like before, under this spear, there are many gun shadows, and they are moved towards in the sky at the same time.

“Boom, boom, Bang…” one after another silhouette directly shattered and exploded, and the space was shaking violently, no one could live where the long spear passed, whether it was Human Sovereign or the Demon King, everything was dead Under the gun.

The powerhouse of the nine realms was all killed with a single shot, not to mention the others, it is impossible to withstand a shot.

No one stood in front of him, Ye Futian stepped across the void and came to the sky above the chariot, looking down towards the Second Imperial Prince Yanzhu of the Imperial Family of Dayangu.

Yan Zhu also looked up towards Ye Futian, feeling a little sad. As the prince of the Imperial Family of Da Yan Gu, he did not have the strength to fight back at this moment. It seemed that there was only one way in front of him, a dead end.

He watched Ye Futian raise the long spear in his hand, and then assassinated it, Yan Zhu released the terrifying Grand Dao Pressure, Dragon’s roar resounded through Heaven and Earth, before he died, he exploded with the strongest blow. However, it didn’t make any sense at all. His attack was like a piece of paper in front of the long spear. The long spear penetrated through, directly from the top of his head. Ye Futian didn’t have a word of nonsense, directly. Kill him with a shot.

Yan Zhu felt some pain, his face gradually distorted, next moment, his body burst and shattered, turning into nothingness and falling away.

Behind is the welcoming Legion of the Imperial Family of Dayangu. They witnessed Ye Futian’s shot from above Yanzhu’s head and watched Yanzhu be directly nailed to death in the sky. They came from the Giant of Divine State. The level forces went to the High Heaven Palace to welcome their relatives, but they were defeated badly when faced with an interception halfway through.

The prince Yanzhu was killed on the spot, and the protagonist of the marriage of Two Great Influences died.

At this moment, Ye Futian lifts the head looked towards them. At a glance, I saw countless divine lights shooting out from the peacock wings, the sound of puffs continued, a powerful human Sovereign realm Existence has no ability to resist the attack of the divine light, and is directly obliterated. There is no chance to resist, and it is directly killed.

“Let’s go.” Someone shouted loudly, and all the powerhouses were evacuated, and they couldn’t take care of a lot. They would die if they stayed here.

However, the divine light swept past, almost no one could escape, one after another silhouette disappeared directly in the sky, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Ye Futian turned around, moved towards the battlefield of other battles, and directly joined the battle. Above the sky, shocking collisions continued to erupt.

This battle didn’t last too long, and it ended soon.

5 minutes later, there was no one in the battlefield, Ye Futian and the others had left, none of them had fallen, only a few were injured.

On the other hand, the Imperial Family of Dayangu ……Countless line of sight looked towards that battlefield, no one, the welcoming team of the Imperial Family of Dayangu’s Imperial Family was wiped out and all killed.

A true Peak character, one person slaughtered a city.

Today, Ye Futian of the Five Realms of Human Sovereign let them know how one person wiped out an army of Human Sovereign.

The Imperial Family of Dayangu traveled across countless continents to welcome relatives in the East China with a very high attitude, shaking the East China region. However, it ended in this way. I am afraid that the Imperial Family of Dayangu will not dream of it.

I don’t know what the people of Dayangu Imperial Family Cultivation will be like after they get the news.

“Yes, he is the Human Sovereign Five Realms. Before, I thought that the rumors might be exaggerated. Now I have witnessed that the rumors are not exaggerated, but they are not enough to truly reflect the power of Ye Futian. This is definitely another Ninghua, he If you don’t die, it’s hard to say who will be the Donghua Domain Number One Person in the future.”

One person whispered, the younger generations will surpass us in time.

If Ye Futian cultivation to Human Sovereign Peak Realm, what battle strength would it be? They can’t imagine!

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