The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1051

Fai wants to take hostages and force Black Star to seal the Holy Scepter?

If not, the faces of the five people in Zagreman have changed, looking forward to a bright vision, with hostility and vigilance.

They have no doubt about Kesuye’s judgment, not only because he was an old boss on this trip, but that there are indeed a few reasons to guess.

Ethereal Religion’s people would have seen Radiance Federation, and if it weren’t the lighthouse starry war service, the light jumped out of a wave of two five-boy, how could the devil lose Nika and Van San Scepter. Now Kesuye says that the light wants to catch the hostage, Zagman and the others recall the glorious style of action, and it feels that this is what the light can do.

In the case of Holy Scepter, the fibre and gloomy were too long to endure, knowing that Holy Scepter was sealed, and that the light could not be used or studied, so that they could tolerate Holy Scepter being temporarily occupied by light.

But if Holy Scepter is sealed, the spirit will never sit.

– More important than Helas’s life and death, obviously Holy Scepter.

Of course, this message was not Kesuye’s guess, and Tool Nation told him.

Although the light is the old home of Tool Nation, from Manison’s plan, he naturally does not want Holy Scepter to be used by any civilization against Transcendent A Grade, whose seal is the best place to return.

“If so, speak with boxing.”

Serajon face turned cold, an outbreak in the atmosphere, and the hero martial dao qi flame/arrogance sprays out, sound like a thunderbolt:

“You guys, go ahead and deal with Hela, Kesuye. He’s just a clone, and when I blow him up, I’ll support you.”

Let’s just say he boxing and spreading a boxing body Separation Fluctuation, heating and shining eyes, as brilliant as the big day.

His martial dao style, like the nickname of a bunch of spoilers, is known in the face.

Along with Peak Transcendent A Grade Martial Daoist, Gorotan’s style is brutal and with a brutal beast. And Sierra’s style, which is an insurmountable pressure, is more than Gorotan’s rightful strength than that of dignified, is not that terrible, but rather a sense of irreversibility, as the stars have turned and the earth has overturned.

Kesuye not to be outdone, likewise sending strong thought power on the positive side.

hōng lóng!

They fight like Heaven Falls and Earth Rends!

The glaring light of the eye suddenly shines, and the world seems to have become a blank.

png png png png png png ng!

Seoul struggled with Kesuye, followed by two delusions, martial dao qi flame/arrogance and void thought power, blowing up the remaining waves of a path from collisions, beating up for days and opening another battlefield in outer space.

At the same time, the Lightning Five did not care for Sierra Leone, but declined rapidly, in contrast to the five Zagreman people, and Han Xiao dominion clone stood by Hela.

The forces in the field have turned into tripartite situations of confrontation.

As soon as the atmosphere starts, it becomes a trilateral struggle.

“Is this the five?”

Han Xiao has a glorious position, dark nodded.

These people are at a level of battle, and they are in his heart, bearing in mind not only the performance of their predecessors, but also the detailed information gathered by the various gods.

The light five groups before them are basically mid-level battles, the strongest of which should be crystal souls, a Cosmic Treasure called “Star crown”, with a position similar to the phantom Zagman, even at the middle and high levels, the most food being Heitis, not long ago, but Tolain.

More noteworthy is Mornisa, Han Xiao, who remembers as a student of Tool Nation who followed learning mechanical knowledge near Tool Nation, then stepped into Transcendent A Grade, and did not know if she was an actress at that time.

On the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, five people in Zagreman were caught in a rectification, not knowing whether Hela should be hit first or five.

Let’s interrupt Hela first, and the light five will intervene next to us.

But if you play gloomy first, even though it’s better to say priorities, a few people always feel like throwing half of Hela and turning around and hitting someone else.

The phantom man goes back to the valley for a while.

At this point, the glorious Heitis suddenly opens in a wide area channel:

“The five of Ethereal Religion, who, despite the difference in target, can’t come back in vain, and you hit us in turn, and we’ll all be a joke in cosmos, and we’d better get rid of Black Stars dominion clone before Hela loses resistance and controls the ground, and we’ll discuss how to deal with her.”

In Heitis’s view, Sierra Leone will certainly be able to handle Kesuye’s clone, so long as Black Star dominion clone is beaten out, and then they will have Sierra Leone, and there is no strongest link there, and there is no balance in the battle, then they will be able to control the situation and take Hela.

hearthis, Zagman has a bit of a crunch, looks up and looks at the short remark, and sees Kesuye in the light of the passion, and looks at Black Star clone and Hela next to the show, bite teeth nodded.

“All right, take Hela and say it.”

At this point, he made a decision not to listen to Kesuye’s instructions.

As Heitis said, he was just playing Hela, and now turned around and helped her, and he thought it was a little bit real and easy to be a joke in cosmos.

On the one hand, Samman, unlike Kesuye, was reluctant to come in white, so he would like to bet that if Hela could be killed by a machine while working with the glorious, it would be a sabotage to the bright calculation – to kill the hostages, it would never be feared that the enemy would be caught, perfect.

On the other hand, the smell in time-space Amber is bad, and he has so far remembered new and deeply ashamed, thinking of giving Black Star a bitter chance to kill Hela in front of his eyes.

Hela just showed a curious resilience, so that they would not fit for a protracted war, and if 10 Transcendent A Grade joined forces, the explosive force would somewhat restrain Helas’s resilience and would be prepared to find an opportunity to kill Hela in a joint process between the two sides.

He knows that each of the two sides will be involved in each other’s foetus, even in the dark, but he has the bottom breath to create a chance to kill under the glorious eye, which is a few unserviceable powerful spells against scroll!

Between the three languages, the two sides barely reached a consensus, and the next second, the gloomy and the fibre of 10 Transcendent A Grade Zeshuäshuāshuā, the wrong eyes were brought to Hela.

terrifying’s sense of oppression is like the volcano falls down the sea and strikes!

Hela’s face is not spontaneous, but the face is still indifferent.

And at this point, the lengthy Mechanic shadow was blocked in front of her, isolating all eyes with hostility and isolating all pressures.

“Don’t worry, there’s me next to you.”

The ear rings Han Xiaos.

Hela’s a little out of God.

It was also a familiar scene, as if every time the shadow that had been taken in front of her had overlapped at this moment, and her heart had risen.

“Black Star.”


“When’s your true body coming?”

Han Xiao turned around and looked at her.

“No rush, let me fly for a while.”

Ancestral Beast’s position is great hall, where Gorotan drinks on the side of the drink, and there’s no conversation with Sorokin’s body on the one hand, waiting for good news.

Wait a minute, Sorokin, put down the cup and ask:

“Ancestral Beast Your Distinguished Self, don’t know where the troop you sent out?”

“What’s the rush, are you not worried about my subordinate office capacity?” Gorotan is not patient.

He tasted Sorokin’s three-inch tongue and was said to have moved, and as long as he was not personally at risk, Gorotan would be happy to fall down the Hela well.

Shortly ago, he had issued an order to allow some cadres to take the fleet to destroy the nearby Stargate station, try to cut off the convoys of imperial aid, prevent them from arriving in a timely manner and ensure that Hela was not supported.

“It would be better to ask, if the empire were to arrive, the nature of the matter would be aggravated and the next Transcendent A Grade of the British Star Legion flag, without an allied empire, would be less problematic if the war were to be swiftly resolved, and if it were to be on the right side of the Empire, the myth and glory would not have been necessary.” Sorokin advised.

“Yo, that’s how much you spend.”

Gorotan expression is impatient, put down the glass, pick up the communication or contact dry, in a low, muffled voice and say, “Where are you?” Have you arrived at Stargate Station? ”

Father, father…” some of the drys on the screen were shaking, “We were intercepted.”

“en?” Gorotan complexion change, anger: “Who dares to intercept me?”

“It’s Mechanical Legion of Tool Nation, led by his messenger, and we can’t beat it all.”

hua la!

Gorotan stood up, touched the glass, spilled a place, and he was surprised.

“What did he do to stop my people?”

All right, Peak Transcendent A Grade, Gorotan, who is a different Manison, is simply a profession style, and he is reluctant to recruit a lot of Tool Nation from the army, who today has no sign of good faith.

Sorokin was also a little surprised, lighter, a little desktop.

“I guess, in the attitude of Tool Nation in the meetings of the gods, he certainly does not support action against Helas, and it is estimated to be precautionary, because you’re the first person to give up information, and you can say that it started because of you, so Tool Nation would have been staring at you long ago, and it was supposed to be to stop you from destroying Stargate.”

think to this point, Sorokin’s eyeballs don’t wrinkle up, dark headaches.

Tool Nation was also involved in this wind wave, with many variables, and he thought that the glorious or fanatical action would be Nine Steads, but he was a little bit blurred now.

Sorokin has also known Tool Nation for a long time, knowing that this guy is also an old fox, and once Manison decides to intervene, it’s not just a little trick against the forces of Gorután, so, yes, Tool Nation, that old thing is probably there.

“I thought he was just walking around, and I didn’t think he was trying to dark down the splendid movement of allies.

Sorokin can hardly stand up, with hundreds of Transcendent A Grade in all cosmos, with only a few or five people qualified to keep him in jeopardy, one of whom Tool Nation is.

He counted here, and Gorotan was directly connected to Tool Nation, questioning it.

“Manison! What do you mean by my men?”

Manison’s face is on the screen now, indifferently said: “Did you forget our consensus at the gods’ talks?”

“Hela cut my lifespan and killed me in a lot, so you let me forget it?” “Gorotan Coldly said,“ You’ll say consensus. Am I a Peak Transcendent A Grade, better than a Hela? You don’t want anyone else to die, Black Star, so you’re not afraid of me? “

“Because of you, she’s already in distress, and I hope you don’t chase her anymore, so she’s dead, and you don’t eat well.” Manison shakes her head.

hmph, you said Black Star would retaliate, didn’t you think I was afraid of him? Remember, that’s what he pissed me off, and he said he was going to play, well, I’m going to see if he can’t play, remove his left arm and raise his memory. “Gorotan said coldy.

The more it is, the more it is, the more it is, the more it goes back, the more it goes back, every time it comes to eating such a huge loss, and when it comes to Black Star, the more he gets angry.

“I want you to think about the big deal.” Manison said solemnly.

“Not me now, but that’s your big deal, not mine.” Gorotan, coldly coldly said, “What common front do I play with you, that’s for you, and now this is between me and Black Star, and that’s none of your business, and why do you think you’re the leader of Transcendent A Grade, who’s qualified to mess with me? I told you not to embareless your face!”

Manison turned his eyes up, looked deep at him and hung up the newsletter.

Gorotan anglly snorted, with his hands, threw communicator apart, threw it on the side and walked towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Sorokin came back to his senses, asking.

hmph, Tool Nation intercepted my people, and I can’t wait here for him to let go, and I’m going to bring people back, and if there’s time, I’m gonna ruin a few Stargate stations. “

Black Star Legion’s front line battlefield, which has lasted for a long time, has completely become a tripartite war.

the Radiance Federation fleet, which came into battle with Mornisa Mechanical Legion, once again involved the defensive fleet at the site, which was not open around planet, and the rays of light flicker of the ship’s artillery, which had been counted as an interstellar fare.

Seoul and Kesuye clone are still beating each other, and Kesuye is a little fierce. Kesuye is at the bottom of the blue, temporarily fighting clone with Sierra, while deliberately ripping up the battlefield.

The void shadow emperor is actually the strongest link that helps Han Xiao to bring together, so that the balance of the battle is long and helpful.

Han Xiao was pleased that if both of them were to target Hela, the situation would be nine deaths and still alive, so that he could only implement the final programme.

But even if there are actors on the other side, the war on Hela’s side is serious, and there are 10 Transcendent A Grade, the attack on simply hiding the sky and the earth, terrifying as it is.

Successful connections to Aurora, Transcendent Level healer, but Hela has nothing to do with the resilience… This has nothing to do with the total pressure, and she has recovered many times, and Helas has been beaten out long ago if she is not able to extract Aurora’s life energy.

And this, Han Xiao, has taken part of the pressure without any loss.

With so many Transcendent A Grade, formidable power is naturally not just one plus one, Han Xiaos Mechanical Legion has been bombed several times and has been pushed closer to the top limit of Trash Remodeling.

With one layer of space stability anchor and bug bugs under François, the Radiance Federation fleet then laid down a second layer, which led to too stable space in the region, Han Xiao’s inability to open Dimension Factory and sub-peacekeeping battalions, to recruit little brother, and only to put it at the base site, so only Virtual Invasion could deal with space stabilization devices first.

But the light and the falsehood have put this hand in hand, especially in the light of Morniza, and have also transferred more than one Transcendent A Grade Virtual Mechanic for distance-help, town domination of main intelligence, virtual defense line simply, like wearing virgin belts, without any breakthrough, solid gold soup.

Mechanical Legion, if it’s gone, can’t hold ten Transcendent A Grade, just one dominion clone.

“Fortunately, the opposite side is not a heart, a fibre and a bright ring, which affects their combined forces, with a maximum of 7 to 8 cents.” Han Xiao secretly thought.

He looked at him, and he was now separated from Hela, not far away, and countless attacks threw to Hela, where he was born, where Hela suffered a lot of damage every second, and life energy rays of light had not disappeared and continued to bleed.

“Aurora natural disaster grade cannot be absorbed so much, and it is estimated that it will not take long to be absorbed by her sister.”

think to this point, Han Xiao.

At the same time, the Zagman and the others surrounded Hela and ordered a team friend around.

“When the time comes, when the next focus fire comes back to Helas, Tyler, you use all scrolls, part of them, and don’t let them interfere, and we attack them with scroll’s effectiveness, while Hela has not returned directly to solve her and crush her soul!”

“I know.”

Taylody Point nodded, ready to use scroll.

At a time when people gather the gods, it is suddenly very surprising that a vast energy source is breaking into people’s perceptions.

“Anybody coming again?”

People are shocked, moving as the stop, getting busy looking up.

Only one light flowing from a distance, all of which is Mechanical soldier’s tail rays of light, and it’s a mechanical legion, with a sizeable size, at least ten times the size of Mechanic troop in the site!

And in the forefront, a silhouette, wrapped in the blue flame of the ghost, came first to the battlefield where Hela was located in a flame.

“Who is that? Quick! Is it here to support Helas?”

Zagman is not sure, turning around and finding the same confusion on the five-man side.

It is at this point that the people suddenly saw Sierra Leone, who fought at high altitude, abandoned his opponent, marking the fast-moving blue star, with the intention of intercepting and not letting the arrivals meet Hela.

Seeing two figures collide, just the next moment, when people stare at their eyes, almost can’t believe what happened before them!

hōng lóng!

A blood mist exploded!

It was Cylon who was hit, and only saw him like a baseball hit by a bat, spilled out with blood, and flew out as he flew out together… and there was a bloody broken arm!


were four arms in Sierra, and one of them was broken!


Zagman and the light and the others are desperate, and they are afraid to believe.

One shot and another, Serajon? Where the hell is this guy?

At this time, Silhouette hit Sierra Leone and was forced to stop in half the time, the flames on his body disappear, revealing silhouette, which was recognized by all in the site, and struck the 10 Helas Transcendent A Grade in the midst of the dilemma.

At this moment, in addition to Kesuye, the glory of the scene and the falsehood Transcendent A Grade are all stuck, and the horror of the tide in their hearts is blown out of the name:

“Black Star!”

How could it be him?

Isn’t he in the big camp? We arrived at the battlefield!


‘s a lot of Transcendent A Grade here who didn’t realize, just seeing Han Xiaos actually come, and they lost half of the bottom of the operation!

But in the face of Han Xiaos dominion clone, a lot of people were instantly false, as if they wanted only to brush an elite in the team, and suddenly met the boss at the bottom.

people named trees shade, Han Xiao had a strong performance that had long proved Peak Transcendent A Grade’s strength, all of which were promising.

At this time, Han Xiao came along, when people were under pressure, and Hela took the opportunity to get out of the perimeter and fly to a big breath.

“It’s not good.” Sagman’s heart has been sweeping a few times, remembering once again the smell of time space amber, whispering at a cold trembling.

It is at this point that Han Xiao has slowed down in the eyes of the people.

“I’m coming.”

He was cold looking at Transcendent A Grade, a very natural expression, with a calm tone, with a sense of oppression.

“Now it’s your turn to escape.”

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