The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1081

[void conqueror] quest’s done!

[milestones are successful in activating!]

Looking forward to the last void Landgraf being swallowed into a cookie by Mechanic, Han Xiao finally heard the sound of the tablet.

Over the past 10 days, he has worked with Emersy to find other void Landgraf cooperation, active in the various marginal areas of Void Dimension.

Since not everyone had an intention to hire foreigners, the two had been delayed for some time, but overall, the effectiveness of completing quest was good, and it was easy to clear hostile void Landgraf forces with Han Xiaos’ strength as long as cooperation had been reached.

“It’s all done.”

In the battlefield, Han Xiao mental was revitalized to remove the Mechanic god and open the floor to see quest proceeds.

The milestone of the void conqueror has entered into force, with a slight increase in the range of void innate talent and the provision of 1600 points free Attribute Point and a mystery variant, void lifeform natural favorability 20, and a fame [fame void] on the “Black Star” circulation between void lifeform.

Free Attribute Point continues to exist, and has now saved nearly 4,000 points, with a strong bottom temper, while Han Xiao continues to maintain a long way of thinking, throwing it into the main profession line, and the four layer effects of the lockdown.

[Phase 4: [Apostle Mechanic], [Mechanic skill level of Emperor mechanic], 25 per cent success rate for blueprint research and development basic, 15 per cent success rate for Blueprint Improvement basic, 3 per cent success rate for golden blueprint research and development, 1.5 per cent for Specialty and 15 per cent for the deputy capacity.]

“Not bad.” Han Xiao swept his eyes.

According to this trend, Han Xiao estimates that the next phase will be to upgrade the skills of dominion and the Holy Spirit.

Overall, the addition of this layer is mainly aimed at strengthening R&D, and Han Xiao is not a reader player. In his gradation, it is common to derive a new blueprint from profession’s basic knowledge, as is the improvement of blueprint’s elementary quality, and he is now using blueprint, all of which has been self-improved Strengthened Version, all of which is good.

Han Xiao is more interested in being dedicated to Specialty, old bastard like Manison, Sorokin, with his own expertise Specialty, because the former player does not have such capacity, and Han Xiao has never had a head on how to get this thing, and there is no similar indication on the board, which can only be slowly explored.

The sub-branch has been strengthened by the skill of Han Xiao’s armed and energy-oriented direction, which is largely covered by Mechanic skill outside Virtual Technology.

Han Xiao is looking at the floors, and this cooperation void Landgraf swallowed the core of the opponent to his side.

“Black Star, a Lord Kesuye subordinate Void Mahārāja wants to see you.”

“Finally, I knew he wouldn’t ignore my actions.”

Han Xiao was premature and unintended to meet each other under the void Landgraf arrangement.

Void Mahārāja’s body is like all-knowing, and the body’s color is deeper than void Landgraf.

At this point, when he saw Han Xiao, he couldn’t bear a feeling of passion, and he didn’t think Han Xiao looked so good.

The Void Mahārāja was very impressive about Han Xiaos first, but that would not affect his attitude to Kesuye and ask:

“Black Star, we have noticed your recent campaign of frequent fighting in Void Dimension. Do you want to subjugate void Landgraf, where your power is cultivated?”

“Don’t worry, you tell Kesuye, I’m just signing some mercenary, no intention to build power. Indeed, my target has almost reached, and I’m ready to leave Void Dimension for two days.”

Han Xiao knew what the other side was worried about, suggesting that it wasn’t here to rob Kesuye.

“This is the best thing, as long as you don’t interfere with Void Dimension, we welcome you to be a guest, and we can find us any need.”

Void Mahārāja’s attitude is also welcome and, as Kesuye’s ministry, he does not know anything about the powerhouse of the main cosmos and knows that Black Star is the one who cannot afford to offend.

“Well, then we might say there’s a chance to do business.” Han Xiao is on the sidewalk.

Kesuye has a stable industrial chain, producing a variety of void properties, a good business, and it can work with each other if it is its own needs.

At this point, Void Mahārāja took out a medicament, filled with blue solutions, spreading its own light, saying, “This is a gift from Lord Kesuye specifically to you, extracting liquid void from the energy of vitamin, which helps to tidy the void bloodline.”

Han Xiao brows rise, and you’re welcome to pick up medicament, say with a smile: “Thank Kesuye for me.”

It’s like a gift, Kesuye’s subverb, to keep Han Xiao out of his house, and Han Xiao didn’t want to dig his place of food, naturally.


parties successfully intervened, Void Mahārāja was pleased to leave, and Han Xiao seized the pipe of medicament, and it was estimated that attribute could be repaired to a certain extent when the next species escalated.

“Finally busy?” At this point Emersy smiled.

These days have been busy doing quest, not following up on the promises of the initial tour, and Han Xiao has had to feel a little bit of trouble with Emersy, and he’s done the right thing, he’s relaxed, big hands, and he’s proud:

“Go on, I’ll be with you at the secondary level of the world.”


situation in the main cosmos is also changing at a secondary level of World Tourism.

The Glittering World Transcendent A Grade Development Federation’s plan, although not open to the outside world, has resulted in many extraordinary actions by Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade, which have allowed a number of well-informed organizations to smell unusual.

And after the leaders gathered together, people met for the first time.

In a spaceship round table room, many leaders gathered here, sitting in their seats, basically Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade.

The big round table, with only one seat open, was Han Xiao, who had not come to the meeting.

Manison pats, show people, slow down:

“Black Star went to the secondary vitamin world, and it’s not easy to contact, and we’re the only ones meeting today.”

“He is the main leader, and the Development Federation needs Black Star Legion to lead the bridge, so that this important meeting is not called him, is it appropriate?”

There was widespread agreement.

Han Xiao is now in Transcendent A Grade circle, and while he is not here, no one will take him as an air, plus the importance of Black Star Legion’s power for the creation of Transcendent A Grade’s Association, where many Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade acquiesced his right to speak, even if he is not here, he will be actively taken into account.

“Black Star himself said he couldn’t take part.” Manison’s not lying in this area. “He said,“ He has already shown that everything is dominated by the consensus of the gods’ talks, and let us negotiate a result, and then it’s gonna be alright. “

“All right.” People nodded.

“So on the positive side.” Manison slows down: “Since a development federation is to be established, it is necessary to develop rules, regulate the functioning of the association, clarify the nature of the organization, establish the way of development, and develop the member’s code.”

Kesuye came up with the saying, “Well said, we were initially united with all Transcendent A Grade’s strength, both now and in the future, and the structure of [the Ancient] was too loose to enter the meeting threshold, and the Federation could not repeat it and must have a clear regulation.”

One Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade opened by saying: “The programme presented by Black Star shows that the main function of the Federation for Development is the peaceful mediation of disputes between Transcendent A Grade, which is preferable to begin with this idea, such as making it easier for member States to provoke armed conflicts other than consultations, thereby preserving Transcendent A Grade’s unity. There is also the failure of the member to deliberately provoke contradictions, evade peace negotiations and ensure that the member obeys the outcome of mediation, impose penalties, prevent any repetition and undermine the authority of the organization…”

The people’s seven mouths were discussed and regulations were quickly refined.

At this point, Sorokin, a large investor, suddenly opened: “The best question is to ensure that Transcendent A Grade is willing to comply with the rules of the organization, as you all know, Transcendent A Grade is all invisible, enjoying privileges and trying to restrain them is not an easy thing.”

“Good, this is the core issue.” Manison interface: “Not only will member acceptance of the rules, but also after foreigners see them, they still choose to join the Development Federation. The consensus among the gods is one thing, but not everyone buys accounts to prevent others from taking up us, not to deter and lure two methods, so that other Transcendent A Grade can see both the cost of a violation and the benefits of joining the Development Federation.

The deterrence is simple, and we, old leaders, need nothing to do, is itself a deterrent. The temptation needs to be done in many ways to build a network of interests in Transcendent A Grade, to consolidate and share their respective resources, to provide economic, human, political and other support for other forces, while for future newbie, we use our own resources to help each other build Transcendent A Grade, and to provide Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade’s experience guidance, etc. …

Even so, we can treat the knowledge of the five systems as welfare. ”

hearthis, everybody’s a surprise.

“The ultimate knowledge? This is the business of robbing three major civilization groups to recruit Transcendent A Grade’s allies, and they will certainly be strongly opposed, and this is not a joke.”

Manison Slowly: “What was our initial intention, so soon? If it is not possible to break the strong monopoly of the three major civilization on ultimate knowledge, the Transcendent A Grade Association, even if successfully established, is just a cripple, still under the control of advanced civilization and has to sell their lives.”

Some agree with nodded, but more people are silent, feel too big a step, the risk of eggs is slightly higher and divergent.

“If you do so, the three major civilization groups and we have to be rippled.” Kesuye is naughty.

“So,” Manison looks around the whole scene, with the dagger of poverty, “we need a leader, who must take the pressure and never compromise, and only I can assume that responsibility.”

The people slacked his eyes.

There was a blow next to it: “Manison is strong, human, powerful and seniors, and he is indeed the most suitable candidate.”

A lot of people here were friends of Manison pulled in, and some were going to support him.

At this point, another contested Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade couldn’t stop talking: “Who doesn’t know that? Everyone is the leader of the Development Federation, and I think I’m better than you.”

All of you are Transcendent A Grade, and it is impossible to make a speech, even when it becomes president, just a little more voice, and it is impossible to genuinely order people at the same level, most of which have to be decided together by old leaders. However, due to the special organization nature of Transcendent A Grade’s association, this opportunity to create individual seats is difficult.

At this point, Mirizawa slows down:

“Although Black Star is not here, he also has the meaning of a campaign, and Black Star Legion’s power in Glittering World is beyond doubt, when President President, our Organization is not just in name, but also in reality, and the evolution of Totem is about to open up, when Black Star’s face over the three major civilization will become much bigger and suitable as a lubricant for both sides, and I support Black Star as a spokesman.”

Han Xiao did not attend the meeting in person, not as arm-flinging shopkeeper, mainly as other competitors, including Manison, who were reluctant to face up to each other, even if the human artery was unable to spell out the interests that they could bring, so that they could simply leave Choice alone, thereby avoiding and other Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade Head-on Collision, especially if he did not want to allocate Maestro directors.

“Black Stars does work very well, but he’s too talented, and I don’t want a young guy riding on my head.”

People support different candidates and argue with each other, and many support Han Xiao without attendance.

After a while, someone opened the mouth and said:

“I think, in order to balance the management structure, the president’s seat cannot be a lifetime, and it has to be replaced every other time.”

This is widely shared, and they just don’t want to make the first bird until the association stabilizes, when the president’s natural interests are greater than cheats, and no one wants to be president forever from a balanced point of view.

At this point, Manison looked forward to Kesuye, a late, unpredictable Kesuye, with his eyes, said solemnly:

“You support me this time, and I will fully support you as a spokesman at the next time.”

hearthis, Kesuye doesn’t know why, suddenly, it feels a little cold.

Why do you suddenly think you should start thinking power barrier anytime?

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