The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1083

Numerous forces have great enthusiasm for Glittering World, and as the area of Nova develops, the Expeditionary region of the Free Competition Area is becoming deeper into its belly and more efficient than the first three closures of Transcendent.

Fern Star, this is a pivotal planet of the Green Stone star cluster, located outside galaxy’s interface with galaxy inside the perimeter, with a superior position.

This was the site previously occupied by Modo civilization, but the remaining waves of transcendent A Grade’s combined forces, unfortunately “extended” to the site where Modo civilization troop was stationed, was “accidentally” and the planet returned to the status of the landless.

Shortly thereafter, the Black Star Legion fleet took over and generously “dedicated” to serve as the future headquarters of Glittering World Transcendent A Grade Development Federation.

Now, this ridiculous planet is new and is full of artificial alterations, with countless Black Star Legion’s engineers falling, and a great deal of surface and satellite construction.

The most visible landmark building is a high-profile highrise building, the headquarters conference building of the Federation for Development, with the overall exhibition of trophy glasses, while a large global body flowing at the top, like a floating fortress, is also rich in the body, where Transcendent A Grade meets in a dedicated round table room.

At this juncture, an important meeting is being held here.

There was a slight flower in front of him, and Han Xiaos Teleprojection had come to the round table room, and he looked at it and had a lot of seats, while a new long-range projection was coming.

This was the first time after Han Xiao’s return to the meeting, a plenary meeting, which brought together all the leaders of Transcendent A Grade, who would like to join the League, more than Manison.

Soon, all the seats are people, Manison knocked on the table and let people stop talking.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Black Star is the main advocate of the Development Federation, and now he’s back, and now all the members are finally here, and this is our first time plenary meeting, and some of you may not be familiar with each other and introduce it.”

Transcendent A Grade, who was present, knew each other’s name even if he had never been in touch, was simply a process, and everybody just named himself.

Han Xiao one after another, most of whom were in the meetings of the gods, had a number of new faces, including three major civilization relationships.

At the same time, there are some old faces, such as those bad luck eggs in Amber, which are more numerous than the gods.

See him in the past, everyone goes to Han Xiao slightly nodded.

“The three major civilization systems are also here…” Han Xiao is in the heart.

It is not surprising that the Development Federation has torn up several months with three major civilization groups, and that concessions and compromises have been made in both sides, which are necessarily one of the terms of exchange. Although it is not possible for the Association to give high levels of authority, since it is called Transcendent A Grade’s name, transcendent A Grade cannot naturally exclude Transcendent A Grade from joining, even the three largest civilization associates.


initial intention of the people is that Transcendent A Grade is united to upgrade the status of the entire class, but it is unrealistic to eat a fatty. In Early-Stage, no one wants to really put aside all the considerations of face, and there must be a degree of compromise on the three major civilization groups. And that would not deviate from the original intent, since, as long as the platform was built, a new network of interests would be formed and, with the function of mediating conflicts, Transcendent A Grade would be able to ignore a part of the struggle stemming from the spontaneous camps.

As far as more rights are concerned, they will have to be pursued slowly later.

Han Xiao has not returned for several months, but he has been following the progress made in the preparation of the Development Federation, possessing a number of information, and is well known about the basic system of the Association and the situation of its personnel.

Repeat, Manison looks forward to Han Xiao, slow down:

“In the months, the Development Federation has been well prepared, Black Star, and you’re back recently, first time in the meeting, what do you have to say, you’re one of the main sponsors, and we want to hear you.”

People are focused on their eyes.

Han Xiao cleared his voice and said something:

“I have nothing to say, and everyone did well, and we talked about it when we were talking to the gods, and finally I was responsible for building a platform for communication, which has now yielded results. As we all know, the primary purpose of the Federation for Development is to mediate the conflict between Transcendent A Grade, and I heard that the recent relationship between many of us here is not very harmonious, so I hope that this platform will be established as soon as possible and that all cosmos are in dire need of such a organization to bring peace to them.”

“Black Star said well.” Manison answered and said, “Everyone here knows that, in the course of its establishment, the Development Federation has encountered a number of obstacles, which are now largely eliminated, and that negotiations on the only knowledge left behind cannot continue, and that we need to put this matter on the side for the time being, and that the more critical issue now is to decide on the selection of management and to formalize the Development Federation at an early date.”

There is no doubt that, with regard to the question of ultimate knowledge, three major civilization degrees are not allowed, and after a series of intense strings, both sides have maintained restraint and decided to transfer the subject to secret negotiation procedures, but there is not enough funding for each other and for the time being no results at all.

As a result, some Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade, including Manison, had transformed his mind and was reluctant to delay the establishment of the Federation on the subject, thus temporarily relegating the claim to the public as a camp benefit for the Association… as to whether the private sector would not be able to impart it.

The last case of the formal establishment of the Association was that management was late because Black Star was not back, and now Han Xiao is finally here, and people are desperately unable to resolve this critical issue.

“Yes, the president’s election was time to decide…” A [Ancient] eyewitness, active opening: “Over the past few months, Tool Nation Your Distinguished Self Fund, representing the Federation for Development, has been under tremendous pressure, as he has shown, and I propose Manison to be the first president.”

Once this box is opened, there are a lot of supporters attached and Manison’s voices have been covered for a while.

Manison has been absent for several months, and he has played the strengths of the human artery accumulated over the years, not only by Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade, but also by the remaining Transcendent A Grade Member, many of whom have been brought together, especially [the Ancient], most of whom favoured Tool Nation’s appointment as president, with a voice already in place.

Two other competitors have been completely oppressed in the last few months, knowing that there is no opportunity and largely withdrawing from competition.

At this point, people deliberately, all of them turned their eyes on Han Xiao, who disappeared for months, and the only thing you couldn’t afford was his thoughts.

Manison was also unable to live up to Han Xiao, the final variable that prevented him from taking office as president, and he had to ignore it.

Han Xiao, however, is just a smile, not an opening.

Kesuye travels between the two, probed: “If there is no objection, let’s vote. Does everyone agree with Manison as President of the First Development Federation?”

“Endorses.” Annexes. ”Abstaining.”

Because the presence is a very large and small number of characters, the simple ballot is sufficient without all the complex selection of ceremony.

Han Xiao also abstained.

As long as Black Star doesn’t come out of it, his position is nailed.

All three major civilization systems had abstained, and it was clear that an agreement had been reached early and that Manison had finally obtained absolute support.

See, Kesuye took a deep breath, said solemnly: “So that’s how it decided, Manison [The Ancient] Papachi Your Distinguished Self, who is officially the first president.”


Manison’s muscles on his face are completely motionless, and he can’t see any emotions, nor can he be condoned, even more modest.

pā Pā… The crowd symbolically drums a few masters.

To stop, Kesuye looked around, and said, “So, where is vice-president, who…”

At this point, Han Xiao suddenly opened up and said with a smile: “The Association was founded and relied on Black Star Legion’s power in Glittering World, and I have a lot of work, and this place is better for me, you know?”

hearthis, people look at each other. It’s not surprising.

With Black Stars’ strength and status, the worst is a director, together with the important assistance provided by Black Star Legion, who naturally qualifies to sit on the vice-president position.

In fact, Han Xiao did not compete with Manison for a reason, and when he learned that president was a substitute, he took up the mind of the first president.

On the one hand, he did not spell out Manison’s veins, and on the other hand, he once again analysed the advantages and disadvantages, and did not want to bear the main pressure on Early-Stage of the Association, which, if left behind, would amount to being shot.

Han Xiao ran for a few months to hide in secondary vitals, and that idea was that I couldn’t do anything, and I finally chose president, so he just let Manison take the main pressure, and he came back to pick up peaches… We were the main initiator, but Black Star Legion’s power helped the Development Federation.

Han Xiao was not in a hurry to change his chances, and he didn’t want to be on the right side with Manison, but he went back and asked for a position in vice-president, and then sought president.


fact, even if you choose to be positive, you can’t take Manison’s peach. Han Xiao had not intended to spell human veins, but had passed Kand and Dragon to convey his benefits as president, while the people present were still supporting Manison at this time, representing them who had already made a difference, Choice. So even if you just openly talk to Manison, you won’t get the support of these people.

While he had some resources in his hand and could use opportunities such as Evolution Cube as a leverage for some people’s support, it was not always possible to do so every time, and many resources were one-time, and the next replacement would be a good idea.

Given the understanding of the situation, Han Xiao was unsustainable and was able to stabilize his wrist with Manison one layer’s character only if his qualifications, human artefacts and influence reached a higher gradation. After his repeated consideration, he decided to put Manison on the top of the day, while he was cold under a big tree, continuing to build up his family, slowing down Manison and others’ walls.

After all, chives can harvest and grow faster than Transcendent’s other people, because of this unique advantage, a strategy similar to the light feeding strategy is better suited to themselves.

There are many who have attempted positions in vice-president, but there are no strong competitors, Kesuye and the others who have no interest in competing. Because Han Xiao is the reason for local tyrant, most people give face and are in good mood Manison, so there is no fluctuation, and vice-president’s position finally falls to Han Xiaos.

Get this position, Han Xiao. Put your heart down.

This is the expression of status, and it takes little to get the position of vice-president, which is more than the blood spell president.

The next director’s seat is not a vacuum. It’s already fixed. It’s all a bunch of Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade. In addition, three honorary directors’ seats have been established, without actual management authority, and the three main civilization formulas, Peak-Stage Transcendent A Grade, are naturally one of the conditions for compromise, which is self-evident.


first leadership team established that the date of the establishment of the Development Federation had come to a conclusion, that a path of long-range projection had disappeared, and that only Manison and Han Xiaos had left the teleprojection.

“Congratulations on your assumption of president.” Han Xiao reads.

Manison showed a long smile and focused on the long way: “Don’t be ashamed, it’s too early for you, and the future belongs to you.”

Han Xiao blinks, expression plays.

Although the circumstances of the former were different, Manison’s target should remain unchanged, and he knew one or two slightly.

In the past, Manison had both ambitions and privacy, and he wanted to make the cake bigger and to turn the whole Transcendent A Step strength into his own backshield to help himself go further.


claims of the two are different, but there is also a part of the overlap, and at least for a long time Manison’s attempts cannot be achieved, and if he wants sufficient backwardness, he must wait for the entire class to grow up over time.

Han Xiao remembered and sang for two seconds and said, “What’s the offer from the three big civilization people?”

Speaking of the problem, Manison had a smile, and the tone was very long:

“Transcendent star cluster civilization.”

Han Xiao Dayton is time, Nashook the head.

It was an exorcism, adding a bottom-up salary, using associations to deal with more important opponents and undermining the credibility of the Association.

“Will you promise him?”

“I don’t know, look at it again.”

Manison did not answer that, and his projection was offline, and only Han Xiao was left in the conference room.

Han Xiao looked forward to Manison’s empty seat, and suddenly hey laughed twice.

Director, this place isn’t a good place.

Star Sea calendar, 11 July 730, exploded in Glittering World, just like its news bomb.

Nearly 100 Transcendent A Grade co-sponsored the announcement that there was a sense of more recent friction and decided to form a trade union organization to mediate the conflict of force between Transcendent A Grade and reduce public losses caused by the fighting.

It was reported that the organization’s headquarters was located in Glittering World Green Stone star Cluster Fern, President Tool Nation Manison, vice-president Black Star Han Xiao, currently with nearly 100 Transcendent A Grade members.

The three major civilization groups publicly stated that they did not deny the organization’s legitimacy and called on all sectors of society to follow this example to reduce the abuse of power.

Glittering World Transcendent A Grade Development Federation, formally established on that day!

In a few months, after the explosive news of the Hela rescue war, countless citizens and forces from all the stars, again!

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