The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1107


black code, in the section of Chinkingstone, controls employment, financial flows in half of Ancient Star Desert’s black market, and controls the movement of half of the black market.

In the main room, the Chief of the Third Code ordered the operator to unlock the firewall, to insert Han Xiao into the data search, to inject a large number of surveillance procedures and, by the way, to redeploy the nearest black market anonymous employment and to look at the backyard files.

the internal database of the Black Code records the true identity of some anonymous employers, most of which was surveyed… As an intermediary guarantor, the hired remuneration will be handed over to mercenary at first hand in the Black Code, so it is not difficult to trace the identity of anonymous employers on the basis of sources and trends of funds.

Han Xiao flew in Quantum Network to reproduce the quantity files accumulated over the years by the Black Code, by the way that you’d like a smile yet not a smile to see the third Chief of Law next to trembling with fear, play the following:

“Do not look at the identity of anonymous employers as you say in your mouth. These archives have been accumulated in the hands and codes of the employer, but don’t say you’re just having fun.”


Chief of the Third Code wiped sweat: “Just checking the reliability of the transaction and evaluating the employer’s credit, but for the sole purpose of keeping the file, we never leaked, and for the bargaining and so on… cough cough, after all, we do business in the black market, we have to leave some way behind.”

“I understand, the black market is not clean.” Han Xiao hey laughed twice.


Chief of the Third Code can only laugh together, bow down and stand very low.

There’s no way, people have to be low under the roof, and the Imperial fleet is on planet, and he can only be soft.

At this time Han Xiao Mo was carrying his chin, saying:

“speaking of what I remember, I came here with the Imperial fleet, and you came out to welcome, and the planet had a lot of eyes, and it would soon pass out the news. Then there will be rumours in the black market that you are being coerced by three major civilization groups, leading mercenary to opt for ambush with the employer, so that the three major civilization attractions to instability can be significantly discounted.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The third rule governor has no idea how to answer.

“But I think you should be glad to celebrate.” Han Xiao said with a smile: “Maybe you will send people out of the black market deliberately, suggesting that the black code is subject to restraint, thereby alerting other black city members to not employ black market platforms during this period and minimizing the damage to your Organization’s slogan.”

he did have the idea of being forced to compromise, but he wanted to stop the damage.

“Don’t worry, I won’t stop you from doing this.”

hearthis, the chief of the third Code is in doubt and can’t wait to ask:

“Did you control us to steal surveillance of the direction of the black market and to discover the disorder? If the black market knows we’re not reliable, we don’t use our guarantee platforms, then what do you have to do with us?”

“Oh, well, it looks like you’re adapting to the change of identity so quickly into the role of the collaborators, starting to think about us.” Han Xiao chuckled with a smile, pats.

the third code looks like a stalemate and is angry.

Han Xiao brows rise, and turn around to the Imperial Officer, said with a smile: “Wait a minute, you let the Imperial fleet split up and go to Ancient Star Desert, every grey transit station with black city organization in the town, remember a little bit of a flag drum, so everyone can see you.”

hearthis, the head of the third Code has moved in a way that broadly understands Black Stars’ intention.

“Did you deliberately beat the grass to scare the snake, let the black market know that the black code was compromised, then pretended to be going to every black city organization to negotiate and make three great civilization control the mistakes of Ancient Star Desert’s entire black market, and put into the minds of the vast majority of people the seeds of suspicion?”

Thus, even if the other black market organization did not fall into Black Star’s hands, there was a record of the black code’s ex-car, and those employers who sought secrets and security would naturally be afraid of risking and risking exposure at this time.

Black Star was able to force all the Black Market Organization compromises in Ancient Star Desert, but now chooses another path, which, in the view of the Chief of the Third Code, is a way to leave itself behind, a means that is not as strong as it is today, does not make the Black City Organization guilty and does not marry three major civilization.

Maybe some black market organizations would think it was Black Star subordinate.

“I understand.” The third ruler hesitates to say, “This approach is indeed soft and some, but it’s good and cheap…”

Han Xiao didn’t answer, knew what each other meant.

Strong control over all black market organizations is most conducive to entrapment and can capture a bunch of delusional guys, which, despite the savings, can now win the grass to scare the snake and will alert many people and continue to ambush.

Only in his view, the uncertainties were caught, just like chives, and a bunch of them grew up, and they couldn’t stop it.

There must be courage under the so-called heavy appreciation, and if the black market mercenary’s mind were to be ignored, there would always be a risk of leaving the Ancient Star Desert border into a pancake, and three major civilization would have to pay a great deal of energy to pursue and kill, which would be the disadvantage of entrapment.

Moreover, the number of entrapment arrests is as hidden as it may be to let Ancient Star Desert know publicly that the three major civilization groups control black market channels and distribute inescapable net as a means of eliminating the tranquillity of those disturbing factors and making them afraid of reprocessing. As a result, the effect of the plan has shifted from entrapment to risk prevention and reduction of risk from its root causes.

cAPMent is effective, but it also generates more uncertainties, three major civilization groups as rulers, or more appropriate to a larger sense, and this kind of puzzle of entrapment is occasionally used and is not suitable for long-term maintenance.

After all these thoughts, Han Xiao turned his head around and looked at the third rule, the only way to promise, the tut tut.

“You’re good. I thought you’d make a breakthrough when you got a big shot. I didn’t think you’d get up there, not give me a chance.”

“… you’re happy.” The third rule governor is naughty.

“But I still like the way you don’t reintroduce, you recover.” Han Xiao can’t stop playing.

When did I get stuck?


long dark abdomen of the Code slandered Han Xiaos, which seemed to be straight.

At this time Philip screened the files and locked up a bunch of employers who demanded the smuggling of viruses.

“Introduce the list to the force of three major civilization groups to work together to dismantle those forces.”

Han Xiao swept his eyes.

The information is very detailed and involves all walks of life, and he does not intend to be soft, killing the chicken to warn the monkey, and brush the quest evaluation [of intellectual plague].

He carefully searched for a few times and found a force to hire inextinguishable, and depressed Prince was also hired by them, a black market arms dealer named Kepérconsortium.

“This organization is my own self hand, remember making the death picture publicly available to the network.”

Ancient Star Desert somewhere, Kepérconsortium.

At the dock, one by one container is loading a boat, and Kepére V is carrying subordinate everywhere.

“How long can I take off?”

“About two hours.”

“Accelerate as soon as possible.”

Kepére V has a bit of a rush.

Seven to eight days ago, the Imperial fleet entered the Black Code, and it was only yesterday’s news that all anonymous employers who smuggled the virus quest, turn pale with fright, were at risk to everyone.

Kepére V was equally disturbed, and it was time to interrupt and decide to abandon this element and accelerate the transfer of assets.

At this point, he’s moving the tissue’s hands to the air.

And just as he was anxious to wait, an explorer suddenly sent an emergency message.

“Warning that the perimeter fleet found a Scarlet Empire small-scale fleet approaching, and we sent a communication application, which was not answered by each other.”

“Three civilizations are here!”

In the heart of Kepel V, with a bunch of dry men rushing into a visual window, looking forward to a far-reaching sky, only a few isolated empires spaceship are slowly approaching.

“Doesn’t seem to be many?”

“Doesn’t seem to be fighting.”

See, Copel V, slightly slightly slightly in relief.

That’s all, spaceship. He thinks it’s more like negotiating.

Think of it here, Kepyle V has a whole dress to make himself look formal and to order:

“escort ship team, do not move, send an invitation to communicate on my behalf, and I’ll talk to them and see what they want.”

But he tone barely fell, and the Empire spaceship suddenly stopped in the distant direction.

“Hey, how did they stop?”

Claire V, confused.

At the next moment, however, countless Mechanic suddenly flourished in the distant direction, and the swift mix became a giant human Mechanic structure, a robe, a long knife, a body all-knowing, bigger than the whole seat.


Not waiting for Kepel V and the others to come back to his senses from the shock, but only to see this huge Mechanic throwing a long knife, like a hot knife cutting off butter without stagnating all the Kepérescort ship fleets that are blocking the front.

At this juncture, Copére V, all the members of the docks stopped their work and watched the very big Blades Edge of the mountain range, which was pushing fast.

Everyone’s brains are blank.


Throw out the stars with no difficulty through the Krpercese, the blue nether energy storm surrounded by Blades Edge, disrupting the seven-point remains into powder instantly and halfway into a flame.

The blade left the planet with a straightforward and consistent immunity from another planet.

The large number of nether energy left on the edge of the stars has an irreversible high-energy level chain reaction inside planet, lava has flown and the surface has split up a molten rock crack.

next moment, white light in the eye starts suddenly, and the whole shitty planet expands from inside, blowing apart in the instant.

The explosion could spread out suddenly, and the Mechanic God pulled up the Colossal Imperium Cloak, and the top-down, high-density, nether energy shield would cut the impact apart as much as possible.

At the same time, he lifted his hand, and the starblade automatically surrounded a arch, plundered the energy storm that planet exploded, and returned to his hand.

“This thing formidable power is good.”

Han Xiao has some idea why Terquez is eager to produce the Mechanic God’s special-purpose equipment.

There’s no other reason, really handsome.

Love won’t let go and play a star blade, Great Technician Han. That’s how to remove Mechanic’s gods and get back on board.

“Check it out, see if there’s anything else alive.”

Do you have to check it out?

the light of the planet’s explosion will be perfectly pale in the face of soldier in the empire, and the needle in the hatch can be smelled, as if it could hear people whispering at the same time.

“Philip, did you take the video?”

“All right.”

“Then go online and deter those who don’t have any fun, and let them see what’s going on.”

Han Xiao waved.

He had no intention of talking to this force, the evidence was solid, nothing to talk about, a direct blade and a firm attitude.

After this small matter, Han Xiao has engaged in a sneaking Harrison and the others, suggesting that they will come by.

Harrison just witnessed Han Xiao’s jokes shattering a planet, the impact of which directly crushed his psychological preparations, even though it was known that Black Star was the top powerhouse in cosmos.

That’s Peak Transcendent A Grade’s strength, terrifying, is that still human?

Harrison’s tooth shuttle, cautiously in front of Han Xiao, closed the bus: “Black Star Your Distinguished Self, what do you say?”

“Why are you so nervous, I won’t eat you.”

Han Xiao hehe smiled, pats Harrison’s shoulder.

“The fight against illegal employment is almost done, and the search for the core of the virus is on schedule, and I would like to ask you, where do you think the core of the virus will be hidden?”

“How do I know that?”

“Relax, then it’ll be alright, where do you think it’s going to be?”

Harrison set the gods and cautiously said, “You said that the core of the virus is just a well-established procedure to monitor the overall HIV infection, so it and the viral information kit must have exchanged data, and it should not be the end of the interaction to disguise itself, or it would have been found long ago. So I think the data from the various virus information kits go through a nodal route, and then, by contrast, find the point of convergence, maybe we can find it.”

Han Xiao interrupted him and said, “The three major civilization has long thought of it, and has been doing so, each virus information kit regularly sends a large amount of false data that confuses audio-visual use, the lines are complex, the data interchange points are too much, and only one by one. But the core of the virus is not only very mysterious, but it seems that it will change its location at any time, so the three major civilization has not been able to trace it.”

“Well, then I don’t think so. I can’t help you.”

“No, I don’t need your thoughts.” Han Xiao mouth column, said with a smile: “The next three big civilization statistics a new exchange point, and I need you to pick some points, maybe you’re lucky. I found it for a second.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Harrison is afraid.

“I’m not kidding, you think, that an antique that you handled is the source of such a dangerous disaster, which, in some sense, is a bad luck.”

Harrison shattered his head, and found it a little reasonable.

Indeed, my luck seems to have been very young, no matter what consortium invests in the family, it would have earned money, and if it wasn’t hard to earn it, I wouldn’t have run out of the archaeological quest to stimulate it.

Han Xiao, ignorant of what he was thinking, saw him walk away, and encouraged him to say a few words, and then withdraw’s eyes and count them in his heart.

He trusted the effect of advanced Luck Aura, even if one could not find it, making Harrison look a few times more and more likely than anyone else.

Furthermore, Han Xiao intends to seek outside assistance and apply to three major civilization groups to contact the outside world to find Dragon Calms Aesop old man.

Even if the core of the virus is better hidden, everyone is equal before luck and prediction.

– Science can’t, Hyun-kun!

Star Sea calendar, dated 9 March 731, Black Star served as Ambassador Scarlet Empire to visit Black Codes Organization, which runs the black market network.


parties held friendly and friendly talks on support for the control of the three major civilization situations, fully exchanged views and finally reached a happy consensus.


Chief of the Ancient Star Desert Regional person-in-charge 3 of the Black Code stated that every strong civil organization should have a historic sense of responsibility, regardless of whether the battalion was black or white, to stop the scourge of intellectual plague as an obligation of every Interstellar citizen and that the Black Code was ready to fully support the actions of the three major civilization groups.

On 17 March, Black Star claimed that Kpérconsortium was hiding the virus in the dark, destroying it and deterring the group of stars.

As a signal, the three major civilization groups, in conjunction with the operation, have destroyed private organizations with large suspicion of concealment of viruses within a month.

In April of the same year, the Scarlet Empire team visited all black market organizations in Ancient Star Desert and suspected that all black market channels in Ancient Star Desert were in control.

Black Star, with the principle of non-consensual and uncompromising, spearheads frequent strikes by the fleet, and Ancient Star Desert is at risk to all and smugglers are significantly reduced.

On 25 June, the Manison research and development team produced a first edition of specialized drugs, scanners and large-scale inputs.

In July of the same year, the state of mental plague was initially controlled and three major civilization groups began large-scale tracing of the source of the virus.

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