The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1112

Star civilization Motherstar, discussed at the Conference Hall by senior heads.

“The three major civilization groups have recently arrived to inform us that we are ready to shut down all planet Quantum Network base stations, and what is this supposed to do?”

“Isn’t the plague of wisdom already under control, and what variables does the three major civilization now make?”

“or is it, three big civilization going to fuck us again?”

A lot of high-ranking faces are tight, and suspicion is no more.

Since the three major civilization groups had declared the poisoning of the third set of production, they felt that the underlying solution to the plague of intelligence was the increased focus on the blockade of Ancient Star Desert, believing that the next three major civilization groups might use the opportunity to do something to them, suspect them all day, as if they were suffering from persecution delusions.

At this point, the three major civilization suddenly ordered them to be ready to cut the Quantum Network at any time, making the archeric civilization more sensitive and almost perceived as a sign of their hands.

This is not the cutting off of external communications, but the closing of Quantum Network in the border and the dismantling of the cornerstone of Interstellar society. In the Interstellar era, they were ruled by large-scale civilization and governed by all planet groups and relied on the instant exchange of information on Quantum Network.

Their complete discontinuation now means a brief waiver of the rule of jurisdiction and a period of unidentified central periods of time.

civilization Head knocked on the table and calm the room down, which is why:

“The three major civilization groups have issued the same notification to the other civilization, not just to us.”

hearthis, people have a lot of nodded.

“Does it seem to be related to the mental plague… what has happened to the three major civilization groups?” A high-ranking official asked.

Intelligence Unit’s door person-in-charge lifted his eyeballs and said:

“Three major civilization forces are dispersed in one after another planet, and those Transcendent A Grade Mechanic are anomalous and are sending their Mechanical Legion to those planet, which seems to have something to do.”

“All Transcendent A Grade Mechanic is acting?”

“Yes, all.”

“What do you think they’re doing?”

“It is not clear, but it looks like a buried circle.”


civilization Head was groaning, slowing down:

“To investigate the three major civilization arrangements and what these Transcendent A Grade is going to do, keep an eye on them, and do not ignore any of their movements, and I want to know what their purpose is.”

Glittering World, Development Federation headquarters, Feynasty.

Many Transcendent A Grade long-range projections are gathered here, holding regular regular meetings and exchanging feelings.

There are many of them empty, basically all of which are called Transcendent A Grade Mechanic, including President and vice-president.

“speaking of that, Tool Nation and Black Star have been absent for several meetings, and I don’t know what happened to them in Ancient Star Desert.”

There were people talking about this subject without accident, and it caused people to talk about it.

“Ancient Star Desert’s intelligent plague has lasted for months and has not been heard for months. What the hell is going on now, is the disaster under control?”

“Star Domain’s news blockade. I can’t hear anything. Who knows?”

Because three major civilization groups rated the mental plague as a catastrophe of cosmos at the world level, all cosmos are now very concerned about Ancient Star Desert, but because of the intelligence embargo, no progress has been made.


not surprising that Transcendent A Grade was here.

“Hello, Hela, do you have any news from your legion commander?” A Transcendent A Grade turned to Hela, silent widow.

“No.” Hela’s brief.

She is also a member of the Association, who has been the representative of Black Star Legion since the absence of Black Star.

Tolain left his mouth: hmph, Black Star’s afraid it’s not already done. “

“You owe it again?” Hela expressionless.

Tolain smiled, “Let me see, three big civilization calls all Transcendent A Grade Mechanic to the past, a plot, and you think that president and vice-president are mechanic, right?”

Ethereal Religion’s allies are looking forward to him, without words.

Where the hell did you do that to the Oriental family?

“Don’t talk and be responsible.” A mystery is unsatisfactory.

“Sorry, I always have a straight word.” Tolain Huh?

Hela was lazy about him, but there were some real concerns.

The other mechanic was clone’s past, just one of Black Star’s own horses.

Ancient Star Desert blockade, where three major civilization groups really want to do what they want to do to Black Star, will suddenly become Danger Land, and Hela beats from the bottom of his heart to distrust three major civilization groups, although there is a transfer function of Mr. OVERLORD mecha that can neither address her concerns.

On the other hand, the clandestine Lord of the Lords listened to people’s controversy, and his eyes were shaking.

As a black market asylum, he was more curious than anyone else about Ancient Star Desert.

Since the Star Domain blockade, all the black markets over there have been disconnected, many of whom are his asylum industries, which have been providing him with substantial profits and some of the Ancestral Beast industries that were recently received.

He has

not been in touch for so long, and now he has no idea what happened to his subordinate industry.

“I don’t know what happened to Ancient Star Desert’s black market…”

The mystery is far-reaching and dark.

The three major civilization groups, which were configured under the Han Xiaos battle programme, took more than a month to prepare for the dispatch of a fleet at a trap point planet, most of which was on the way, waiting for Mechanical Legion from Transcendent A Grade to arrive at the ambush site.

Because this is Star Domain’s local network, the number of trap nodes spread across the galaxy of Ancient Star Desert, the three major civilization selection trap points, mainly those that rely on the notification of uncontrolled areas or some critical positions.

Each terminal export was held by Transcendent A Grade Mechanic and the three major civilization fleets, each of which was in dominion clone of Manison.

Han Xiao built a new set of dedicated dominion shells during the period, but still limited in number, followed by his retreat and, like others, Mechanical Legion was placed at each ambush site.

The limited dominion clone, in turn, has been placed at the location of the exact selection (referring to Harrison) try ones luck.

[dominion’s arrival is not confined to exclusive dominion clone, even ordinary mechanical soldier, but the skills shared are incomplete and Battle Strength is far below the dedicated Mechanic shell, so even though the Transcendent A Grade Mechanic can be ambushed at every location and be a bystander without Manison’s advantage, there is no way to compete with Manison dominion clone.

As a result, other Transcendent A Grade Mechanic has gained strength and is prepared to institutionalize the core of the virus from home dominion clone as soon as the first step network tracks.

Because of the hidden nature of the core of the virus, there is currently no universal scanning tool, and only Transcendent A Grade Mechanic, some of whom are not virtual, is able to trace the core of the virus online, but only if they have learned the ultimate knowledge [Virtual Creator], they can be cut off online and enough.

In order to improve the virtual capacity and coverage of the population, Radiance Federation has developed a large-scale strategic device – Transcendent’s virtual brainstorming machine.

This is a dedicated mechanic equipment, with multiple upgrades in virtual capacity, significantly increasing coverage and maximizing the impact in Transcendent A Grade Mechanic’s hands.

The device is very large, like a silver sphere-type Interstellar base, outside like a plate, with visible stitches, not a profit at all.


device is empty, and in the centre, all Transcendent A Grade Mechanic is surrounded by a circle, flying in half empty and sitting in front of each other.

Three Ombudsmen, person-in-charge, etc., appear in circles, seriously:

“All, Mechanical Legion has been installed, with only 13 minutes left to the core of the projected virus, and as soon as the time comes, we will immediately pull the gates and turn Ancient Star Desert into a trap. Please act in accordance with the plan of action, please, and must catch the core of the virus.”

Nodded, although the task on the shoulders is heavy, there is no pressure to stand at the top of cosmos.

The first step of the battle plan is to stop the network trap formation, and people follow the network and prevent the core of the virus from hiding, just like catching chickens in cages.

With the data features provided by Manison and the addition of Transcendent’s virtual brains, people can track the path indefinitely and will not be run by the core of the virus.

At this point, Kand laughed at the opening:

“This should be all cosmos Transcendent A Grade Mechanic first time, and I think it will be recorded in the history.”

hearthis, there’s a lot of people here who made a laugh.

the cooperation of all the top character in the Mechanic community is undoubtedly a representative event.

Han Xiao swept the audience, curl one’s lip.

Well, these people are laughing, waiting to fight for the core of the virus, and dogs are going to hit it out.

“Hope Harrison aura hit my dominion clone this time on a spectrum.”

There was no commercial blowing of people, and Han Xiao prayed in silence.

People calm down and adjust the state of affairs for a second.

Finally, just one minute at the countdown, Sydney looked at the time and said:

“Gentlemen, move!”

In the Quantum Network’s vision, Ancient Star Desert is a shining Star Domain, which brings together countless flash nodes into light oceans, with no countless data links between nodes, outlining the structure of one by one of the multiplicity of statistical web sites, four to eight.

These, like the general data link of the wire, form the cornerstone of Interstellar society.

And at this point, the angle is widened, and only one silk data link is outside, and suddenly there is a slide of light.

The fluid is a very accurate data model, with no digital festivals flowing on shells, which is the core data form of the Domeno virus and shows the fabric of intellectual life.

Next second, the core of the virus touches the firewall linked to this data link, its shells are instantaneously assimilated with the firewall, with no difficulty concealing the alarm mechanism, and the whole penetration into the link, moving along the path of information, catching feedback data on the viral information packages that swim into the network, as if fish eat small fish.


At this point, however, the Quantum Network, looking at Ancient Star Desert, in the face of the gloomy, suddenly blew up a large piece.

A data link is broken, a large amount of savings is extinguished at the same time, and only a small piece of light is left.


At the same time, more than a dozen strong consciousness suddenly came to Quantum Network, scanning only the remaining Quantum Network region, like Heavenly Eye, as if all the data were invisible.

And in the next moment, one of them Dao Intent was very knowingly locked on the core of the virus.

Data Flow, a light silhouette appeared in front of the core of the virus, and Kand’s virtual souls look faint smile.

“I found you…”

At this brainstorming point, the core process of the virus is swiftly judged, immediate response programmes are taken and escaped!

With the data link, the core of the virus has repeatedly faked, and insanity has escaped beyond countless points.

Suddenly, there was a data Flow twister.

“Do you want to play hide?”

Data Flow formed quantum demon Judith’s face, staring at the core of the virus.


core of the virus is without the slightest hesitation, turning around again, trying to get rid of the tracks and find a position hidden on Quantum Network.

However, no matter how much the core of the virus is used to disguise it, every escape, there is still a silhouette in Transcendent A Grade Mechanic, forced to change the course of flight once and for all, with alarming implications.

Several dozens of Transcendent A Grade Mechanic, among others, Han Xiao, Manison, Kand, Judith, and others, once blocked the core of the virus.

The perimeter network is becoming increasingly integrated, with a step-by-step contraction.

This picture, like a bunch of hey hey hey hey, is surrounded by a good housewife woman, who has taken charge to the left and dash to the right, will all be pushed back to the center of the siege, and there will be no escape.

That is when the core of the virus ceases to flee, entering one of those points and disappearing from the sky.

“It’s entity!”

In the physical world, Han Xiao, who was left in Transcendent’s virtual brains, had a sudden glimmer of eyes.

The final export of the core choice of the virus seems to be a planet of the Mechanic mythology.

It’s one of its own dominion clone’s ambush sites!


At the same time, every mechanic around Han Xiao sends an eloquent Mechanical Force.

A lot of dominion’s consciousness of the quarantine radius came to the planet at this point!

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