The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1146


Waiting for several days during the celebration of the planet, Han Xiao clearly witnessed the increasing ranks of the planet ’s security ranks, the arrival of a regular military troop, taking over the responsibility of defending the planet, and the defense line was more airtight than he saw Be safe everywhere.


Around half of the star region has entered martial law, and various advanced defense measures have been deployed to prevent various long-range strikes from threatening the celebration planet.


The intelligent plague erupted in the Ancient Star Desert. Theoretically, the ceremony should be held in the Ancient Star Desert. The three civilizations say that considering that many Transcendent A Grades are currently staying in the Glittering World, they changed the venue and said that there is a symbol here Meaning, represents another major Expeditionary achievement of Interstellar society after many years.


The heads of the three major civilizations attended together to recognize ceremony. This is a scene seen rarely. Due to the sensitive identities of the three, such events are generally held in the central Star Sea, and the venue is rarely set up in other Star Domains. Careful security personnel, but there are unavoidable accidents in life. For the three major civilization heads, leaving the Central Star Sea is undoubtedly a risky act.


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Of course, to say the same, once a force dares to do so, the Expeditionary cosmos will have no place to stand, incurring revenge until the dead, and the relationship will always be “hatred”. Moreover, there are so many armies Together with Transcendent A Grade, the success rate of assassination is basically negligible.


Well, this does not prevent the intentional framing scheme.


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I always feel familiar with this trend, as if I have seen it once …


I’m afraid I didn’t give them inspiration?


Han Xiao experienced a “back stab” not long ago, and his memory is still fresh. At this time, his thoughts couldn’t help but lean on this aspect, imaginative.


With his knowledge of the three major civilizations, this kind of thing may not be possible. The probability of it happening is about 20%, and he can’t verify with Ulan Riel.


Day, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().


On the day of the ceremony, Han Xiao and other guests took the official arranged vehicle and were picked up at the ceremony site. The venue is a large-scale hall with an empire style. You can see countless invited guests In the queue one after another enters the field, no one is loud, only OO @@ 声, who can talk in a low voice, is heard, the atmosphere is quite serious.


Han Xiao’s seat is arranged at the front table. The same table is Kesuye, Kand and other Peak Transcendent A Grade.


Saying hello, Han Xiao sat down next to Kesuye, glanced at the same table, and whispered: “Tool Nation is not here?”


“Here it is, but clone.” Kesuye pointed to the back.


A steel rafter was arranged in the distance, sitting on the edge of the conference hall, even though one layer of iron skin was across, Han Xiao could smell the smell of Manison above.


“He won’t do anything at the ceremony, right?” Han Xiao blinked.


“Manison is not so crazy yet,” Kand interjected.


Today Kand has become a handsome middle-aged Cosmos Human, with a tall nose bridge, deep eye sockets, clear sense of angularity, and sits critically.


Han Xiao glanced at the security personnel at the edge of the venue and whispered: “I always think it won’t be so smooth, maybe someone was assassinated.”


“We have so many Transcendent A Grades sitting underneath, who is so bold?” The Sun Hunter snorted.


“Maybe it’s self-directed …” Han Xiao winked.


The secret master couldn’t help but give Han Xiao a glance, coldly snorted and said: “Come on, are you the three major civilizations? You can do such a small family thing.”


“Sting and stingy, so it doesn’t matter if it will be alright.” Han Xiao snorted, “Would you like to make a bet?”


“Do you dare to gamble?” The secret master was shocked.


What luck do you have in your heart?


If my luck is a flawless gem, then your luck is like moldy green dirt on the stinky ditch wall. You dare to bet against me, the master of luck, you’re doing charity. .


“Okay, what are you going to send me?”


“I bet on the hunter, and I will give it to you if I lose, what about it?” Han Xiao gripped the head of the villain with two fingers and lifted it.




A black question mark on the face of a Japanese hunter who was taken in the air.


It’s my bird thing, it will kill you.


The mysterious face was silent, and quickly patted Han Xiao’s hand, let him put down a face of unfathomable mystery hunter, apologized, and then shouted out to Han Xiao: “How can anyone bring someone else? Bet, the hunter Your Distinguished Self is a bit pocket-sized, but how can you joke about his size? “


“The relationship is good, there is no way.”


Han Xiao flicked his finger and bounced the Sun Hunter, attracting the anger of the other side, and hey hey smiled. Since the previous life, he has always wanted to do so, and finally got his wish, and everyone is equal Status, this little joke is innocuous, if you change to an ordinary Transcendent A Grade, so you can basically apply for disability protection.


“Since you don’t like this bet, let me change it.”


“What to replace?”


“I know you have an opinion on me, so you win, I stand still and let you play for ten minutes, I win, you stand and let me play for ten minutes, fair.”


The secret owner simply closed his mouth and tilted his head, too lazy to talk with Han Xiao again.


Pull it down, who doesn’t know the flesh of your inextinguishable body, fair you uncle, I want to live another 100 years.


A group of people talked for a while, and suddenly a group of officers stepped into the conference hall, rushing around their heads, and the atmosphere of the venue was quiet, and the atmosphere became somber.


Empire Head of State Ulan Riel, Glorious President Badr, and the old head of the Ethereal Religion, the three of them strode in the limelight, embarked on the high platform of the conference hall, and sat on the specially set seats, next to the lecture station.


Han Xiao has only seen the real person of Ulan Riel first time, and was close to Badr and Void Spirit, the first time. Although these two people have different temperaments, they have the same aura of Leader as Ulan Riel, which is subconsciously serious. stand up.


However, the focus of his observation is not the two Heads, but the personal guards around them, both of which are of the same nature as Dark Emperor Clottey.


Bader was followed by a male creature with a white complexion and a body structure similar to human, except that he had an upright straight one-corner on his forehead, which forced him to retain a medium distribution, with golden hair color and smooth and soft texture. It is as dense as a lion’s mane, tied into a twisted braid hanging down to the waist, and seems to have a part of elf lineage, with long ears. He has deep purple eyes and a well-proportioned mouth, but has no nose. The nose should be flat. It doesn’t look ugly under the Cosmos Human aesthetics, but is very coordinated.


This person is wearing a soft, gorgeous robe, embellished with light golden and ice-blue. The whole person exudes a sense of elegance and elegance, with a graceful and gentle temperament, like the elf king in some civilization culture legend. This person It is the President of the Shining Alliance personal guard, Peak Transcendent A Grade, “Golden Ring” Oulu.


Oulu’s ability is to borrow a strength of a specific secondary dimension, which sounds like a traveler who has farted, but the battle strength is completely different. This guy is a rank with Dark Emperor. Be able to fight Kesuye back and forth.


Han Xiao turned his head and looked at the other side.


Behind the Void Spirit leader is a huge guy, not the type of exercise that Martial Daoist has, but a huge body that seems to have a giant lineage, and this person is The head of the Void Spirit Federation, the personal guard, also serves as the “God Picker” of the Shrine Grand Sacrifice, Ulnos.


Compared to Oulu’s arrogance, Urnos’s looks and temperament are very low-key, as if only an elderly middle-aged man with wrinkled eyes, with a meticulous expression, wearing a silver-gray priestly robe for worship If it weren’t for your body shape, you might find it in the crowd.


“Oul and Urnos …” Han Xiao whispered to himself.


Like the Dark Emperor, these two people generally follow the Head action and rarely participate in activities other than their duties. He still saw the real person first time in person. He only heard about it before, and had nothing to do with it.


Kesuye glanced at Han Xiao, came over, and casually said: “You should be the first time to see them both, and give you a piece of advice, you and Oulu can make jokes, make trouble, but don’t Go and provoke Urnos. “


“How do you say that?” Han Xiao was curious.


“Oulu guy, although he is a head personal guard, his personality is not the same as Clottey’s. He is milder and less indifferent. In addition to occasionally showing an unfathomable mystery superiority, it is annoying. A nice guy, but Urnos … Oh, don’t mess with him anyway. “


“I’m even more curious if you say that, you are an ally of Void Spirit, do you know what is the inside story?”


“Even if I know it, I can’t tell you, I can only say that he is recognized as the strongest Transcendent A Grade, and naturally has his reason.” Kesuye faintly smiled.


At this time, Ulan Riel stood in front of the podium, looked around the audience, and spoke loudly:


“Dear friends, guests, today, in order to recognize all the heroes who have made great contributions in the intelligent plague disaster, we hereby hold a grand ceremony to honor each hero with excellence.


First of all, on behalf of the three major civilizations, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the cosmos hero who received the Medal of Honor and Honor today, and pay my highest respect.


We walked through the wind and rain together and experienced disasters again and again. Now, we are united in one city and once again step on a new disaster.


Since the official establishment of the Interstellar society in the last year of the Expeditionary, heroes of the first-gen generation have a sense of historical responsibility. They have given themselves to others and devoted countless efforts to our cosmos, leading us to overcome one difficulty after another and shape it. The foundation stone of today’s Interstellar society, although many people have passed away, their glorious deeds will always spread with our reproduction of first-gen generations.


Only by crossing the new high mountains can we see a wider distant place. Over the years, the Interstellar society has achieved many achievements under the leadership of the three major civilizations-we have overcome difficulties and have continued to Expeditionary unknown cosmos, expanding our territory The Glittering World we are in is a milestone achievement. It is the full fruit of our external Expeditionary.


The achievement of such achievements is inseparable from the co-operation of the entire Interstellar society. The Interstellar society is an inseparable whole. Everyone contributes. The bond of order connects us and creates never-ending The pioneering mentality lets us not be afraid of all difficulties and dangers, and anyone who attempts to disrupt this order and unity will be the enemy of all cosmos … “


The news media broadcast Ulan Riel’s speech to all cosmos, and when she finished, there was a applause like a Mexican wave, and Han Xiao and other Transcendent A Grades also gave their faces and patted them with restraint.


Han Xiao could hear Ulan Riel have hidden meaning, emphasizing the importance of the collective, emphasizing the correctness and achievements of the three major civilization leaders, and stabbing the Transcendent star cluster alliance and Tool Nation subtly, although it was not clear Means, but everyone knows who the so-called “people who disrupt the order and unity of Interstellar’s society” imply.


Badr and Void Spirit also gave a brief speech, and then entered the formal award process. One by one hero came to power, accepted awards from different civilization heads, and gave some testimonials. Some people also want to The process of answering questions from 1 or 2 reporters is all a formality.


The atmosphere of this ceremony award is formal and serious with official authority, and there will be no entertainment performance, just like a large-scale report meeting for the work of propaganda work for the whole cosmos, entertainment is not considered, everyone can only do it Sit and wait for your name to be called.


In a daze, time passed quickly, and the award ceremony soon came to an end. Only the last person remained, and everyone’s eyes focused on Han Xiao’s.


“Black Star, limiting the virus outflow in the smart plague, and discovering the true identity of the virus core at critical moments, reversed our wrong strategy, helped us re-plan, changed the fate of the disaster outbreak, and at the same time In actual action, the virus was captured and destroyed, the hidden dangers were completely eliminated, the crisis of the second outbreak of intelligent plague was eliminated, and countless lives were saved.

Listening to Ulan Riel’s voice, Han Xiao stood up, stepped onto the stage, and shook hands with the three Heads. Countless news media reporters under the stage took pictures and turned on the flash lights, kā cā kā cā will The stage became white.


“Black Star has many good qualities. He is determined, flexible, principled, and so on …” Bader said a series of beautiful words, and finally concluded: “Given the achievements of Black Star, we Decided to jointly award the Star Sea Medal. “


The words fell, and many reporters and guests in the audience breathed a breath.


The Star Sea Medal, which is the highest symbol of honor set since the establishment of the three civilization patterns, is the highest gold glory that has been Expeditionary cosmos, and there are very few winners of this medal in history.


Although many people had the expectation, when this moment actually happened, they were still shocked. They always felt that Black Star’s achievements are great, but there is still a certain distance from this medal. There are no three major factors for intentional support.


No matter what you think, the honor is real, and the audience immediately applauded.


pā pā pā pā ——


In the warm applause, Ulan Riel took out a starry dazzling medal and placed it in the palm of his hand. The other two reached out and held it up, and handed it to Han Xiao.


The picture seems to freeze, the flash lamp pī li pā lā under the stage flicker, recording this historic scene.


The commotion lasted a long time, and it took only tens of seconds for the movement to gradually decrease.


Han Xiao reached out and picked up the medal, put it away from his chest, and shook hands with the three again as a gesture, before coming to the podium, he coughed and spoke the scene.


“Thank you for the love of Scarlet Empire, Radiance Federation and Ethereal Religion. It is my honor to receive this honor. As a member of the Expeditionary cosmos, I have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the stability and prosperity of cosmos …”


According to the manuscript read a chase, Han Xiao looked up at the clock on the wall of the synagogue, smiled lightly:


“I am the last person to receive a honour. Since Ceremony is almost over, I will stop talking about it. Everything is almost the same. Everyone is probably tired of hearing …”


Everyone in the audience sent out a good laugh, whether it was from the heart or a smirk to the face, anyway, the effect has been achieved, this kind of occasion can not bear the maverick.


Han Xiao smiled nodded: “In short, what kind of person I am, can be seen from what I have done so far, I believe that the Interstellar society has its own views, I do not need to repeat them here, so let us Quickly enter the questioning section, don’t delay everyone’s time to go back to hiccups … Does anyone have a problem? “


Hearing this, many reporters eagerly raised their hands, hoping to click on themselves.


Han Xiao is about to choose a person, at this time, a reporter in the crowd took his own steps and opened the mouth and said:


“Black Star Your Distinguished Self, I heard that Tool Nation Manison also made great contributions in the intelligent plague. Without him, the three major civilizations could not find the location of the core of the virus. You can say that your Star Sea Medal There is one third or even half of Manison … But this time ceremony, Tool Nation Your Distinguished Self did not receive any honors, you seem to forget this person, deliberately ignore his merit, you are even more secure to accept the medal What is your opinion on this? “


Tone barely fell. The venue, which was already quite emotional, suddenly seemed like a pot of cold water, and it suddenly quieted down.


Day, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().


Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed, and the reporter who asked the question carefully looked at the faintly discernable sneer on the other side’s face, and obviously wanted to embarrass himself and the three major civilizations in public.

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