The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1147


When he asked questions by himself, Ulan Riel, Badr and Void Spirit taught the first three eyes on him, and his eyes were meaningful.


The nameplate on this reporter ’s chest reads his name, called Potas, who worked on a large-scale news media channel of the old star river. The position is not low, or he will not be responsible for the three major media on behalf of his own media. In the interview with civilization, I have also participated in three different conferences of civilization for many times. The performance has always been normal. Today, something suddenly happened. Naturally someone was instructed.


Han Xiao’s thoughts turned slightly, he first suspected Tool Nation, but quickly dispelled his thoughts.


Old Maitou can’t wait to pretend to be an ostrich. The lower the key, the better. This kind of hiring questioning seems to be his own initiative, but it is actually an arch fire … Manison is not as funny and humorous as me, he lacks bad taste, he Although motivated, the likelihood is low.


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As long as an Inal that is considered by ordinary people to be an astronomical figure, reporters will naturally be tempted. In such a big scene, the negative impact caused by an untimely question will be magnified.


Reporter status is a protective color, conviction with speech is fueling fire. Naturally, the three major civilizations do not want to magnify the impact, so they will not arrest the person who asked the question, and they will not be able to personally threaten afterwards-as a ruler, Hooligans return to rogues, this point is still necessary, to settle accounts is also directed at the master.


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“Are you crazy ?!”


“Hurry to apologize and sit down.”


“You don’t want to hang around in this business ?!”


Many colleagues who knew him lowered his voice and scolded him, trying to drag him down, but Potas stood still and stared at Han Xiao. There was a big question about mentality that you wouldn’t stop talking about without me.


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“So are you avoiding this problem?”


Potas turned a deaf ear, sharp eyes, overbearing.


Yo, a bit of a Western reporter.


“You guys, think about making big news all day.” Han Xiao faint smile, “I believe that the Interstellar society has a unified view on the behavior of Tool Nation, but depending on your appearance, it seems to want to be for him Injustice? “


“I’m just based on the professional conduct of a reporter, asking some questions that the public may be curious.” Potas straightened his back with a due diligence,


“Well, this question is more sensitive. Although I didn’t call you, I can answer it once more, only once.” Han Xiao tapped on the podium with his fingers in a casual tone: “Manison did contribute, This is an undeniable fact, but your statement is wrong. In fact, Manison discovered the core problem of the virus earlier than me. This medal should belong to him, but because of his selfishness, he deliberately did not report it. It ’s not that I broke it on the spot, he will never reveal this key information. In this way, the three major civilizations will always be in the dark, and cosmos is still shrouded in the shadow of the intelligent plague. “


“So you acknowledged that Tool Nation Your Distinguished Self should share the Star Sea Medal with you? Do you think it is unfair that he did not receive the award?” Portas pressed hard.


“I only admit that he has a certain credit, not that he deserves the Medal of Honor, don’t distort my meaning at will, and that Manison’s last Choice is enough for us all to re-examine his motive.”


“Black Star Your Distinguished Self, please don’t go off the mark. We don’t talk about Choice of Tool Nation Your Distinguished Self. We only talk about his objective existence.” Portas is very proficient in avoiding the most important matters.


“No, the two are not separable. Part of my credit comes from the fact that I blocked Tool Nation’s plan. He doesn’t do anything, but I have limited credit. If you think based on this logic, he should share half of Star. The Medal of Sea, hey, that’s really fine … Seriously, if the medal is issued to him, people who do n’t know would think he did a good deed. It ’s also unfair to all the heroes including me. The decision to make such a big civilization must have gone through great thought. “


“But the machine …”


“The question has been answered, you can sit down, and there are others who intend to ask questions. Please do not violate the rules over and over again, otherwise please leave the venue immediately.”


Han Xiao interrupted Portas slightly.


The target of the other party is to do things. Everyone will raise the bar when they say it, and their explanation can be done so far. Never think about making the other party speechless. As long as the complete attitude is displayed, most of the audience will naturally listen to it, and continuing to argue is not only meaningless but also damages the image.


Seeing a nearby security guard staring at him badly, Potas could only sit down.


Facing the disdain, disgust, and complicated eyes of his colleagues around him, Potas resisted his inner fear and tried his best to make himself look calm, control his hands and feet not to tremble, and secretly relieved.


——Hoo, finally the requirements have been fulfilled.


It is estimated that the president who is watching the live broadcast is about to be mad. Fortunately, it is not my business anymore. I will resign immediately if I go back. Will the news station be suppressed? I do n’t care. I get paid and work. Ah …


Portas fantasies about the future and only feels that good life is waving to himself.


The picture in the memory is still very clear. Not long ago, some mysterious people contacted him and planned to use a large amount of money to make him trouble on today’s occasion.


He knew that as long as he did this, his professional career would come to an end. Even if the top three civilization executives were too lazy to deal with him, he would take the initiative to ask the media industry to block him.


He was already mentally prepared for this. Not only was the amount proposed by the employer enough to be exciting, but also because the other party was a big deal. Now that he has found him, he ca n’t do it even if he is a little reporter, and it ’s the same to reject others Nowhere is it better, he doesn’t have much choice.


Although today ’s action will attract the blockade and investigation of the industry, the employer not only gave money, but promised to arrange a retreat, let him make a change and move to their place to live, so as to avoid the three major vilifications of civilization.


Be a rich man for the rest of your life and enjoy the money that you can’t spend in a lifetime … this is what Portas expects.


Seeing Black Star’s answer was fine, and the atmosphere quickly recovered. Many reporters continued to actively ask questions, pretending that the episode had not happened.


And from start to finish, Ulan Riel’s expressions remained unchanged. Manison was silent all the way, without any intention of intervening, as if he had lost his mind, thinking about what to eat at night.


No one came out again to make troubles. Han Xiao answered a few friendly questions and returned to his seat. The three major civilization heads spoke another scene and praised the ceremony.


Many guests gave speeches, and the three major civilization heads left the scene under the escort of the escort. Han Xiao greeted a few words with many Transcendent A Grade and also left along the VIP passage.


As soon as he stepped out of the venue, he received a message from Silvia.


“Legion commander, I watched the live broadcast, what should I do with that reporter Potas?” Silvia straight to the point.


“What are you going to do?”


“Get rid of him?”


“Farewell, killing him can only be out of breath, and will also give the Transcendent star cluster alliance a public opinion handle. There is no need. The three major civilization sides will keep him from mixing. This is enough.” [19459002 ]

“So let’s do nothing?”


“Let me think …” Han Xiao thought for a few seconds, his face gradually became playful: “Monitoring the flow of funds in all his accounts, the Transcendent star cluster alliance will surely find a way to launder money and pay compensation to his account Here, whenever he finds a large amount of income, he hacks his account, and donates all the black money he collects and the normal savings deposit. “


“Let him do some white work? Hey, bad enough, I like this plan.”


Silvia glanced up and hung up the communication.


Han Xiao was out of Quantum Network’s vision and didn’t take Potas to his heart. He wasn’t too concerned with an exploited tool.


He quickly left the matter behind, and at the same time reached out and took off the Star Sea medal on his chest.


The item introduction of the panel shows that this medal brings a little new cosmos fame [winner of the Star Sea Medal], as well as ancillary effects, the three major civilization and the subordinate camp of His Majesty, the basic relationship is solidified as [esteemed], The equivalent to is calculated from the Contribution Degree of 3000 points.


“The number of bonus camps is enough, and there is no fame anymore.”


Han Xiao was satisfied with nodded. He didn’t expect much from this medal of honor. Even if he had extra gains, it was an unexpected delight. He didn’t pick anyway.


At this moment, two imperial officers came out of the front corner, stopped in front, and seemed to be greeted here intentionally.


“Black Star Your Distinguished Self, three heads please, please want to see you.”


Han Xiao paced, nodded.


“Lead the way.”



At the same time, in the temporary jurisdiction of the Glittering World Transcendent star cluster alliance, the messengers of each ally met secretly at a round table Conference Hall through remote projection.


A virtual screen hovered in the center of the round table, playing a live broadcast of ceremony awards.


After watching the live broadcast, many Transcendent star cluster civilization envoys shook their heads.


“The effect is average and it does not reach the expected impact.”


“An ordinary journalist can only do this, I said, don’t have too many expectations.”


“As long as it has a little effect, now the prestige of the three major civilizations has been consolidated, and they can only be accumulated in the fight against them.”


“After all, this is only a detail, and strength is the most important truth.”


“Yes, so let’s talk about this topic first. We should go back to what really matters … Where did we talk about before?”


“Speaking of the various funded and supported agency forces, it is time to act collectively, such as those who are inextinguishable organization. This time we must preemptive actions, and we cannot wait for the three major civilizations to counteract.”


“The stowaways we sent in the Expeditionary of the first period can be officially launched. The three major civilizations control the portal of Glittering World. We are a lone army. If we want to obtain continuously supplies and reinforcements, we must count on these first periods to be buried. Chess piece. “


“The first batch of occupation targets are also selected. We are not in regular arms. All agents will first take action, and try to snatch the territory of the free competition zone before the three major civilization formal military interventions.”


“What does the Transcendent A Grade Development Federation say?”


“Basically adhere to neutral, but Black Star claims to have personal grievances with Modo, and his attitude is temporarily unknown.”


“Troublesome guy … Hey, the messenger of Modo, when the conflict officially broke out, we may not have the energy to take care of you. When the time comes, we will try our best to sacrifice the Black Star for your own sake. “


Day, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().


“Everyone, the success of this operation will determine the future of our respective civilization, whether to obtain further opportunities, or to always be ruled … at all costs, only success and no failure!”

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