The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1216

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pēng pēng pēng pēng!

Nether energy blasting rays of light frequently flicker in the star space, and the continuously mechanical legion kills the barracks and descends on the battlefield.

Five silhouettes are encased in different colors of energy, submerged by the ocean of Mechanic, shuttled back and forth between densely packed clusters like meteors, and rays of light from time to time when various abilities are activated Lights up in the gap.

There are four professions among the five, only lacking machinery, and the loss of the mechanical battle strength of the family has severely declined, and has not been selected as a representative by the revived Prime.

Youzu led five dozens of apostolic weapons to fight five people. After the increase of the Mechanical Force, with the acquaintance of the apostolic weapons, several people were fussed and surrounded by danger.

Mechanic a crane in a flock of chickens on the battlefield, Ping Xingdao chased several people in a series of chops and danced into a group of blade light. The weapon was huge but swift and thunderous, cut one after another. Nether energy edge wave, heavy flat A is mixed with the explosive moves of Geta Wave Boxing, pouring out the lethality of the explosive table.

In particular, Pan Ergun was given special attention. Han Xiao likes persecution … well, the arrogant Iron-headed Brat.

However, this time the opponent is not an old man who knows the roots and still needs to maintain the force, so Han Xiao held back a little and did not bomb the other party with a chat stream.

Several people tumbling for a while, Han Xiao fought one enemy and five, without showing the stagnation for the time being, the scene did not fall down, and even slightly dominated, the crow-like mechanical legion rushed back and forth, Like a black rag, I want to wipe off five stubborn stains.

The five men, Panergong and Begel, were far from reaching the battle strength of the heyday, but they were not food delivery. Although they were quite passive, they would still be strong at 1:30 under the cooperation of each other. .

It’s just that the five of them felt extremely tricky. They still deal with this style of mechanical for the first time, and they just couldn’t get started.

In their cognition, the best way to deal with mechanics is to make a face. At first, seeing the Black Star onto the scene, they were quite surprised, they felt that the other party was too cautious, but now they find themselves wrong. Outrageous-Black Star is completely opposite to the mechanical style in their impressions, one is as crunchy as the other, and the mental that should be the weak point is hard, the fucking simply Indestructible Vajra!

The face-up tactics have been largely abandoned. Turn your head to hit someone’s legion. The opponent’s family is too thick. The sub-dimension barracks are still sending troops continuously. I do n’t know when it is head.

After thinking about it, it seems that only the vigor of the opponent can be consumed by the protracted war, but the lethality of the opponent’s apostolic weapons, mechanical weapon regiment, and mechanical gods is too terrifying, letting their fault tolerance rate become Very low, and vigor consumption is just as high.

In this way, the five of them are not sure whether they were seriously injured first or whether Black Star ran out of vigor first.

“Does this person have a weakness?” Begel was shocked.

“didn’t expect a terrifying character in this era!” Mei Ji marveled.

“If my weapon is still …” Pan Ergun was smashed by dozens of bones, gnashing teeth.

“You can save, Martial Daoist was beaten up by a mechanical close-up, so sorry to talk?” Another person couldn’t help but say.

“Okay, don’t be noisy, think about how to deal with others, if five dozen and one were killed, it would be shameful to get home.” Baigel said solemnly.

The five people walked like steel wires to avoid or resist the focus fire attack of the mechanical legion, trying to find Han Xiao’s weak spot, but never found a break point, but instead became more and more passive.

There are two specialty blessings: [fearless heart] and [legend grade Combat Skill]. The formidable power of the legion focus fire is quite terrifying. Among the five people, only one person has real injury reduction. The remaining four people could not carry many rounds of shelling.

If it wasn’t for a Psychic and Berger who constantly brushed the barrier for a few people, someone would have been seriously injured.

The most important thing was that several people suddenly found Han Xiao the more fights the more brave is, and the strength continued to grow with the battle.

Begel maintains the phase phantom spell, avoiding the siege of several apostolic weapons, decisively:

“The battle has been dragged into the opponent’s rhythm, and the situation will continue. It ’s getting worse, let ’s try again. The five of us attacked his body together. I do n’t believe that his body has no limit, and apart from this, there is no effective way to do it. ”

” What are you going to do? His body is now hidden in the Mechanical deities and protected. “

” You forgot the space I have forbidden technique? I can drag the target out of the Mechanical deities for a short time. Create an opportunity. “

Several people quickly reached a consensus, and Begel did not delay, pinching a handprint.

I saw an exquisite enchant loop on his neck, a space repulsion burst out around him, and the surrounding mechanical soldiers were pushed away and squeezed into one piece.

Immediately afterwards, he lifted the beckoned, cast a collective flicker operation, and teleported the other four to the side and gathered them together.

He kept incantation, and instantly constructed a new magic circuit, and the space not far away rippled suddenly. Han Xiao, who was supposed to stay within the Mechanical God within the body, appeared in nothing by Baigel’s designation. Cast location.

Han Xiao only felt that the sight in front of his eyes changed, and his position changed. As soon as he lifted his eyes, he saw that five people had prepared the focus fire, and the rays of light were dazzling and fierce.

“Oh, this little chain attack.”

Han Xiao teased a bit and opened a new barracks gate next to him, then dragged his hands in a row The row of time-space amber balls was torn out, forming a transparent wall in front of him.

oh la la! !!

At the next moment, the five men ’s turbulent ranged attack hit the time-space amber barrier, as if the water column fell on the lotus leaf, immediately swiping the ground and sliding down to all directions in all directions, and behind the barrier Han Xiao is unscathed.

“What’s that ?!”

Seeing this scene, five people shuffled.

At this moment, Han Xiao’s laughter sounded in the wide area channel.

“The magic of this type of space replacement is good. I also have similar abilities. Can you taste it?”

Tone barely fell, I saw Han Xiao’s silhouette a flicker, using void quantum Leap returned to the Mechanical deity within the body, and before a few people took further measures, he immediately switched to using void to replace a target with his own position.


Pan Ergong took a look, and suddenly found himself appearing in the Mechanical God within the body, before he responded, the space around all suddenly disintegrated, turning into a mechanical legion that surrounded him in the center, Immediately launch a focus fire at him.

Iron-headed Brat was beaten in the distance, and Han Xiao’s silhouette changed to the other four.

Facing the shocked eyes of the four people, he laughed, shook, and suddenly expanded void.

The next moment, the movements of the four people became stagnant, and they all fell into this field. Only Han Xiao could move freely.

He launched Apostolize with all his strength. Numerous Mechanical Legions fed back massive attributes to himself. His right arm was bent like a bow. The surface of the mecha lit up an energy loop. Nether energy was rippling like water waves.

“Geta Wave Fist · Striking Star Hammer!”

Han Xiao punched straight forward, wrapped around the side of Baigel in the fist dazzling nether energy. In the slow motion of the Void Jail, you can clearly see that Baigel’s face is shaking, deforming, and spreading, and threw away blood.


You blue shock wave burst open, and Begel rolled and shot out.

Han Xiao kept moving, mecha fired all over, splitting his head and covering his face with the three others, as if there was one after another afterimage going back and forth between the three.

kā cā!

After being violently beaten, several people finally got rid of the restrictions of the void prison, hurriedly withdrew and flew back. The whole body hurts everywhere. It feels like they have been beaten dozens of times from head to toe.

At the same time, the distant Pan Ergun was not locked by a strong man. He slammed through the blockage of the mechanical legion and rushed out of the siege, but in the short period of time he was repeatedly focused by fire. Bloodbath, the injury was not mild, and extremely embarrassed.

Han Xiao Remain in Place did not pursue, but the five of them avoided him far away, all showing fear and grave expression on their faces.

“His …”

Baigel covered his bloody face and was shocked. Not only did the tactics not work, he was also beaten by Han Xiao. The opponent could play continuously. Five of them were wounded, with Pangon being the worst injured.

This series of battle results shocked a few people, and they did not know what special ability Han Xiao had, and they did not dare to approach it easily, for fear of being recruited again.

Seeing Han Xiao looking at them in situ, the five men set off 12 points of vigilance, completely dismissed the last point of contempt, raised all their attention, and nervously prepared to meet Han Xiao’s next offensive.

However, at this moment, Han Xiao stopped all legion operations, glanced at the crowd, and smiled softly:

“I’ll stop here, presumably everyone’s ability to my With an intuitive cognition, if we continue to study, the scene may not look good. I agree with Mei Ji’s suggestion. Let ’s stop it and judge by a draw. Do n’t hurt your temper. ] Hearing this, the five of them stunned for a moment, and saw that Han Xiao’s act was not fake, so he relaxed his tight body.

They looked at each other with expressions such as bitter smiles, shame, blushed with shame on their faces.

How many people don’t know, Black Star is giving them a step down to make them feel better, but it is even more heart-warming.

What a tie is this? Obviously, we have been beaten by five dozens!

We don’t feel comfort at all, we just feel ashamed!

“… A powerhouse like you, even in the Expeditionary calendar, is unique and unmatched. I served it, and we underestimated you.”

Baigel is sighed, with a complex expression .

personally experienced it, Black Star’s battle strength is completely far from Transcendent’s expectations, fiercely killed them,

Even without the fancy chain attack, purely from mechanical legion’s Intensity, everyone sees that Black Star’s hard power is far better than them.

Thought to this point, some people’s faces were lonely and arrogant.

You can experience the impact of such a blow when you are in the place. First-gen newbie feels uncomfortable changing the old one, which can almost make people wonder if they are really eliminated.

Pan Ergun was most embarrassed, his face was glomyy and uncertain, and the wounds on his body were still hot and painful, but compared to the internal trauma, the pain in the body was nothing, this is unacceptable The result kept him from doubting himself.

Han Xiao took a look, said with a smile: “I may not be in control, I started a little harder, and I hope you don’t go to your heart.”

“cough cough, this is a trivial matter, we don’t care.”

Begel is a little blushed, and he remembers saying something similar to Black Star not long ago.

“Can we continue talking now?” Han Xiao spread his hands.

“Yes, we can continue to talk.”

The attitude of several people changed 180 degrees, while speaking brought respect and awe.

Although psychologically unsuited to this change, Transcendent A Grade powerhouse is the respect and fists are the basis of standing. It is naturally impossible for several people to take out a haughty tone not long ago to treat a person who can duel to kill any of them. Human presence.

Upon seeing this, Han Xiao laughed and returned to the surface of the planet, and at a glance Vower was staring at him.

“What do you think I do?”

“… It’s nothing.”

Vower suppresses his inner astonishment and tries to make his tone seem natural and calm.

Han Xiao’s performance just now also surprised him!

Unlike other Prime, Vower knows Han Xiao very difficult to deal with, but he did n’t expect so much!

Before today, Vower felt that he and Black Star were five or five, but he saw the Black Star’s battle with his own eyes, and he strongly suspected that his judgment had deviated-Black Star’s true battle strength is better than rumors Right!

Fake news kills people!

Vower couldn’t help but be grateful that he didn’t choose to kill or kill his mouth, otherwise it might be his mouth.

At the same time, the remote monitoring room of the distant covenant organization spaceship was dead, and the needle in the room was quiet.

Many Prime Ministers who watched the game were stunned, their eyes were rounded, they were shocked and speechless, and their faces were inexplicable.

It took more than ten seconds before someone shook his mouth, his voice was full of inconceivable emotions.

“Five dozens and one even lost ?!”

With this statement, everyone immediately fry the pan, and the room is uproar.

“This is the strength of Hyundai Transcendent A Grade ?!”

“Looking at him, it seems like he is at ease, not at all struggling. Five of them, even failed to detect Out of his limits! “

” What’s his energy level, 80,000? 90,000? Is it possible that breaks through the hundred thousand threshold ?! “

” Maybe what they say is not Wrong, we are out of date, the times have really changed … “

At the Prime, I felt that my three views were broken. They at first also felt that Black Star was acting cool, and finally found that they were real cows. It feels like your face was beaten loudly.

Fortunately, they are just watching the game behind the scenes. They do n’t have to worry about face problems. In their eyes, losing is losing, losing is losing, and naturally they do n’t take the result of a tie.

At this time, when I recalled the words of Black Star before the war, everyone suddenly became a frosted eggplant. Their self-confidence was blown, and their superiority as a Prime was directly lost to others.

It seems that people really didn’t say much, this is a lesson for us to help us recognize the reality …

Everyone on the scene had to accept this reality and brought it when they just recovered. The mentality of pride, arrogance, and swelling quickly faded into prudence, modesty, and cautiously.

The only problem is that the effect is very good, but many people ’s mentality has slipped to the other extreme …

“Black Star is only the advice-president of the Transcendent A Grade Association. Many Transcendent A Grades belong to the same echelon as him, and they should have similar strengths … Hey, Hyundai is too terrifying! “

Among the crowd, some originally intended to start another stove, at this time they all played After retreating, he deeply doubted whether he had any other capital.

Well, some people’s recovery target is to avoid the Expeditionary calendar war and come to the Period of Peace to develop new forces by their strength and gain huge power.

But Han Xiao’s performance today gave them the illusion that they are now such experts everywhere.

This discussion not only dispelled their confidence, but also intimidated some people to temporarily bury their ambitions.

——With our strength, I’m in a hurry to do something. I ’m afraid to do it for a few decades. Let ’s talk for a few decades. If we do n’t keep up with the times, we ca n’t afford to lose that person!

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