The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1382


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A meteor pierced the pitch-black cosmos, fell to a dark-brown planet, and landed on a bare, steep mountain.

Flame-like sparks dispersed, revealing Han Xiao’s figure. He glanced down at the boundless dark brown earth, then looked up at the sky with the gorgeous mysterious aurora, and clicked nodded.

“Reach the level right here.”

Han Xiao congealing shen, open the panel, and put the hard-to-find experience into the upgrade. The level that has not been moved for a long time finally rises again like a rocket, and the panel prompts huā lā la brushed out like flowing water:

[[Mechanic Godhood] upgraded to Lv41, vigor +500, strength +5, agility +5, endurance +18, intelligence +25, you get 20 Free Attribute Point, awakening point +1]


[[Mechanic Godhood] upgraded to Lv60 (max), vigor +2000, strength +5, agility +5, endurance +18, intelligence +25, you get 20 Free Attribute Point, awakening point +1]

[You reach the upper limit of the main profession level, and you trigger a profession transfer quest ——[Mr. Worker]]

[[The Magician]: The number of blueprint skills Transcendent has exceeded 10,000, and 100 different Cosmic Treasure-level Mechanic equipment have been built in total]

[You reach 3level 60, you trigger Advancement Quest ——[God Killing Chain]]

[[The Refinement of God Killing]: Completely kill five Transcendent A Grade characters with divine transformation, requiring one person in each of the five systems: martial dao, ability, mechanism, magic, and thought power]

“Hey, is it so cruel.”

Han Xiao’s eyes moved, and he twitched secretly.

The difficulty of this quest is countless times harder than the previous enter step and profession transfer. The degree of harshness is not at the same level. Just [the craftsman] requires 100 different types of Cosmic Treasures to make it normal The mechanics are confused, and even Han Xiao himself is still a little away from this amount. Although the Sanctuary contains enough blueprints, they have not yet been created.

In addition, there is the [God Killing Chain] to kill five Peak Transcendent A Grade, which is extremely dangerous, and it contains the word “thorough”. Han Xiao estimates the tricks of World Tree and Netherland powerhouse The longevity of the individual is estimated to be innumerable. Eight parts/most likely is not considered dead if it does not enter the Sanctuary, and the subject is estimated to be selected from normal people.

It’s a pity… No matter how harsh the quest is, we have a settlement card!

Han Xiao has stocked some Quest Settlement Cards over the years in order to avoid this kind of Advancement Quest. Even though these two quests are difficult, he will be surprised at most, and will not feel embarrassed at all.

“These two quests are too pit too. Fortunately, I can skip them.”

Han Xiao sighed in relief, solemnly used the Quest Settlement Card, and the two quest names were instantly transformed into “completed” golden sub-body.

He thought it would be the same as before. Once the Advancement Quest was completed, it was equal to the success of the enter step, but this time the situation seemed to be different. An unexpected message popped up on the panel.

[3level 60 Advancement Quest is complete! ]

[You can choose enter step at any time]

[Note: This enter step has a very high risk. There is a 90%~96% chance that the enter step will fail. Once it fails, you need to complete a new Advance Quest before you can enter again. At the same time, there is a chance that the enter step will happen. Unknown mutation, life risk]

[It is recommended to select enter step after fulfilling the following conditions]

[1. In this enter step, your life shape will be extremely unstable, and it is extremely prone to mutation. The possible occurrences include but are not limited to immortal proliferation, gene collapse, cell independence, cosmos assimilation, etc., so you need to use certain Some special items are used to stabilize their life form-this condition is triggered when the enter step, enter step success rate +33.3%, malignant mutation rate -33.3%]

[2. In this enter step, you need some external help. The strength of alone is always limited and one-sided. You need four different power users as assistants, and the super power system must be turned on. Divine transformation, the higher the divine transformation gradation, the better the auxiliary effect-this condition is triggered when enter step, enter step success rate +33.3%, malignant mutation rate -33.3%]

[3. In this enter step, you need a Transcendent divine relic as a Catalyst. When the power user who has completed the divine transformation tries to attack a higher gradation, he may die due to the malignant mutation and is on the way to the enter step The escaped life essence, soul consciousness, and core energy will be condensed into the Transcendent force, which cannot be observed by the normal lifebody. Only the power user in the current state will gain the relevant perception-this is triggered at the enter step Conditions, enter step success rate +33.3%, malignant mutation rate -33.3%]

[Note: If all the conditions are not met, even if the enter step is successful, the step position will not change. If the three conditions are fully triggered during the enter step, the deified enter step will be activated]

“Is it this mode…”

Han Xiao, after reading the message on the panel, mentally winked, his eyes changed and his eyes flicker.

Before today, he didn’t know whether the 3level 60 enter step could reach the new step position. Everything was just speculation, but now it is finally confirmed that the enter step can indeed break through to the new step position, otherwise it won’t. There are so many changes.

This makes him a little excited.

Han Xiao sinks into the body and clearly perceives that every cell is in a “critical” state. As long as he wants to, he can start the enter step at any time.

However, after reading the warning on the panel, Han Xiao was also afraid of something wrong with the enter step. Looking down at the contents of the three conditions, they were all in a gray “untriggered” state.

He tried to use the Quest Settlement Card for these three conditions, but did not complete it like the Advancement Quest. The prompt is that the settlement card is invalid for the target.

“Sure enough, isn’t it? It seems that there is no trick in this wave.”

Han Xiao frowned, released immediately, without much surprise. When he saw the three conditions, he faintly guessed that the Quest Settlement Card might be useless for them.

Quest Settlement Card is a special item for the panel. There is no entity. The function is to skip the quest content to get the most basic panel rewards. It will not actually change the external environment, nor will it generate real objects out of thin air.

These three prerequisite conditions all require physical objects as an aid when entering step. Quest Settlement Card cannot be changed, and these three conditions do not exist in the form of quest.

However, the Quest Settlement Card skipped the previous Advancement Quest, which has saved him a lot of time, and if the enter step fails and triggers a new Advancement Quest again, it can still be passed by the settlement card without spending energy.

Of course, the enter step is best to succeed at one time. Han Xiao naturally does not want to fail. Since the breakthrough new step position cannot take shortcuts, in order to improve the safety of the enter step, he had to settle down and carefully study the three conditions. A little eyebrow.

The first condition requires a special “stabilizer”. It is probably that this enter step will undergo a life form reorganization, which is more intense than the previous enter step, so it is “extremely unstable”, just like melting To drop a piece of steel and cast it into another shape requires a mold.

Han Xiao has a few thoughts about this. Special items in the information state can serve as this kind of “mold”. However, Cosmic Treasure is most likely to work, and general information state devices may be invalid.

Another option is to get the blessing of some Cosmic Treasure with “stable” characteristics. Han Xiao knows that a ready-made Void Spirit national device with “non-collapse” characteristics should be able to achieve similar effects. .

“But this thing belongs to Urnos, and it is the treasure of Ethereal Religion. I don’t know if they are willing to borrow it temporarily.”

Han Xiao shook the head.

The second condition is that the Peak Transcendent A Grade of another four elements is required to assist its enter step.

In the civilization where the individual power is not well developed, even people are not enough, and the three major civilizations should belong to the ranks of prosperity in cosmos, but there are enough powerhouses to choose from.

With my own connections and the cohesion of Sanctuary, it is not difficult to find four assistants. This should be the simplest of the three conditions.

It’s just that the meaning of cooperation revealed by this condition makes Han Xiao a little bit emotional.

Alone has grown to this step, which seems to be the limit. The enter step does not seem to be a person’s business anymore. If you want to become a powerhouse with higher gradation, you need more external assistance. The development of civilization also affects whether the individual can improve further.

In the vast cosmos, a person’s strength is ultimately limited. If there is no external help, it will be difficult to move up to a certain point.

“Does a single lifebody have limits after all…”

Han Xiao shook the head.

In addition, the requirements for the other four elements reminded Han Xiao again of a saying that had been circulated in previous lives, that is, the five super power systems represent the five aspects of the true “Spiritual God”

—— martial dao system stands for “Divine Physique”, psychic system stands for “Divine Soul”, magic system stands for “divine power”, ability system stands for “Magical Powers”, machinery system stands for “artifact”!

This statement is widely circulated, but there is no actual evidence. At this moment, looking at this condition, Han Xiao feels that this statement may not be all false, at least it has some relevance.

“Could it be that the new step position is really five series in one?”

Han Xiao subconsciously flashed this thought, but quickly shook his head and denied it, feeling that he was wrong.

The difference between the five major system Vigor Attributes is unlikely to be broken. Even if the breakthrough falls into the gradation of the “true Spiritual God”, he estimates that it is also a specialization, and it should be impossible.

Compared to the other four elements, he thinks that the machinery system representing “artifact” seems to be a special one.

Basically, the development history of every civilization is the progress history of tool evolution, which represents the fire of wisdom and civilization germination. Knowing how to use tools is to some extent the biggest difference between intelligent life and wild beast, and for the so-called “Spiritual God”, I am afraid it has a similar meaning.

If “Spiritual God” only uses the strength of the other four elements to fight, and removes the fancy coat, it is actually not much different from empty-handed combat. At most, it is different from the moves and routines, which also have special effects on magic and ability… The so-called “artifact”, equivalent to ordinary people have taken up swords, firearms, and the dangers are completely different.

It is like two full level heroes, one is a whiteboard and the other is a Liushen outfit. Even if the skills are different, the strength is not at the same level at all. In many fairy tales that Han Xiao has seen in his previous life, the status of “Magic Weapons” is extremely important, and even represents strength, especially in the context of the Great Desolate he has read.

In his opinion, the “artifact” represented by the machinery system is mostly such a concept, and the advantages of the mechanical system in the future will not be so obvious in front of other four elements.

Han Xiao settled down, condensed these conjectures, his expression slightly condensed.

He had some clues about the first two conditions, but the last one gave him some pain in the arse.

Transcendent’s supernatural power comes from the breakthrough new step position Peak Transcendent A Grade that failed and died. In the Expeditionary cosmos where the three major civilizations are located, as far as he knows, the Transcendent A Grade that has similar experiences seems to have only previous life and death Two sisters.

But Ani Saiyu said that the two sisters of the previous generation were pursuing the true meaning of death, so the active dying, Han Xiao didn’t know if it was an attempt to break through a new step position.

Even if it is true, the physical remains of the two sisters in the previous generation have been burned by Ani Saiyu, and the two abilities that intercepted the information state of the two have also been inherited by Hela and Aurora. He does not know that this counts. Not counting the so-called “Transcendent force”, even if it is, how to use it, is it possible that to extract their abilities?

…Wait, if you think about it this way, if Hela and Aurora grow to this gradation in the future, wouldn’t they trigger the three condition innately?

“Hey, constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.”

Han Xiao’s eyelids twitched.

He tried to use the Netherland brand as a medium to resuscitate the two sisters of the previous generation with Sanctuary, but failed in the end. It may be that they are still alive, or they may intercept the information state and integrate it into the ability, so they lost the Sanctuary recovery. Now Han Xiao has another conjecture, that is, Peak Transcendent A Grade breakthrough new step position failed and died, will he be unable to accept the Sanctuary recovery?

Perhaps the information state record in the Sanctuary has changed as a result, or perhaps the breakthrough loser survives in another unknown way, such as the so-called Transcendent force…

No one has set foot on the gradation, and everything is full of mysterious, Han Xiao can only guess at this time.

“But the introduction said that the Peak Transcendent A Grade in my current enter step state can sense Transcendent’s supernatural power. I will go to Netherlands to verify it. If it is not, I am afraid I will have to find it in Cosmos. In the worst case…”

Han Xiao’s eyes sank.

The worst-case scenario is that there is no so-called Transcendent force in the current iteration. No one breaks through the new step position and fails and died. In that case, you have to find another way.

Anyway, he has decided to trigger all the conditions as much as possible and overcome any difficulties.

After all, it is pointed out in the remarks, as long as one condition is missing, it is just a regular enter step, and there is no breakthrough step position. According to his understanding, this means that the new step position bonus cannot be obtained, and the essential gap cannot be opened up like Transcendent A Grade and natural disaster grade.

After all thoughts were turned, Han Xiao settled down, exhales one breath saying:

“Anyway, let me first try my perception of Transcendent’s power.”

After that, he sank his mind, and through the throbbing of the critical state, he went to look for the Transcendent force sensor suggested in the introduction.

Soon, Han Xiao felt that his consciousness was trapped in an indescribable profound mystery. It seemed that there was a heavy fog in front of him, and he vaguely passed the vague Shadow in the fog, not real.

I don’t know how long it took before Han Xiao suddenly caught a flash of aura, suddenly widened his eyes, finally found this perception, the mist dissipated, and suddenly became clear.

I originally thought that my perception would be barren, and I couldn’t sense a few Transcendent’s supernatural powers. However, when he entered this vision of perception, Han Xiao was shocked, knowing that he was wrong.


In an instant, dozens of sensing sources appeared in the perception, distributed in one by one direction, but they only knew the direction and did not know the distance. They were all Transcendent’s lasting power!

Han Xiao’s eyes widened slightly, surprise flashed, and a lot of thoughts flashed in his heart.

Does this mean that there are at least dozens of Peak Transcendent A Grade from unknown areas in the entire cosmos range, all of whom have reached their gradation and died because of impacting the new step position? !

Han Xiao suddenly feels complicated.

The center of the story I know about in my previous life is the three major civilizations, but this does not mean that this is the center of cosmos.

In the wider world there are people more talented than oneself, in the invisible places, how many powerful civilizations are thriving in cosmos, and how many things are happening.

Expeditionary cosmos no one breaks through the new step position. Is the more expeditionary cosmos really the same?

This iteration…is it really just Early-Stage?

It took a long time before he let out an inexplicable sigh.

“…cosmos is really big.”


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