The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1383


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Han Xiao sighed, then settled his mind, shaking his head to shake off the extra thoughts.

No matter how vast the Expeditionary Cosmos is and how many powerful unknown civilizations exist, at least temporarily it has nothing to do with me. The most important thing is to deal with the current problems. The focus is still on the war between the three major civilizations and World Tree.

As for the issue of iteration, it’s useless to think too much now, and I can’t handle it temporarily.

“Although I perceive the existence of Transcendent’s relic, but only the direction and the distance are unknown. In this case, it is probably to find a needle in a haystack.”

Han Xiao pondered to himself.

However, the perception of vision is dead, people are alive, and the distance is not impossible to measure. After all, the perception direction can barely be regarded as a straight line. As long as you constantly change your position to locate, you can still sense the deviation of the straight line. Can vaguely figure out which one is closer.

On the cosmos scale, I don’t know how long to move to shift the sensing direction. I’m afraid it’s in galaxy and star cluster units. Although this method will take some time, it’s an effective method. .

The only thing to worry about is that if the recent Transcendent force is not around Expeditionary cosmos, then pain in the arse will take an unknown amount of time.

“Anyway, there are preliminary solutions to at least three conditions. Let’s act according to this plan first.”

Han Xiao feels relieved.

The three conditions are difficult and easy. The second item is the easiest. Just breathe in advance and start the Result of Face. The third item doesn’t know how long it will take. He decided to start with the first item. Urnos got in touch.

Han Xiao immediately turned out the communicator, found Urnos’ private number, and dialed it.

The last time the two were out of blows friendship grows, they also exchanged personal numbers after the armistice.

The bell rang twice, and the projection of Urnos appeared on the screen, wearing a solemn gown, as if daily prayers were interrupted.

“Black Star? It’s rare for you to contact me, what can I do?”

Urnos asked, his tone inaudible.

Han Xiao laughed, but didn’t get into the topic immediately, and said a greeting: “I haven’t seen you for a while, suddenly I miss you a little bit.”


Urnos’ expression was indifferent, remaining unmoved, just looking at Han Xiao lightly, without speaking, with the subtext of “Is our relationship so good?”

Han Xiao rubbed his chin with interest in his tone of voice: “speaking of which, I have been curious lately. As the most powerhouse in your lineage, why didn’t Void Spirit let you participate in the interception circle battle?”

“This is an internal secret and there is no comment. If you are here to persuade me to join the war, then it will be avoided.” Urnos said in an ancient well without ripples, “Do you have anything else?”

Hey, mysterious, I’m afraid it’s not Void Spirit who is worried that you will die in battle, and lose their national weapon…

Han Xiao secretly slanders.

Seeing that Urnos’s attitude is not lukewarm, he did not continue to circle around, and proposed the main target of this time:

“This time I am looking for you, I have something to discuss with you… I want to borrow a Void Spirit national device.”

hearing this, Urnos eyes flashed, not at all, immediately refused, and asked.

“What do you want to use it for?”

“I want to try the breakthrough new step position, I feel that the Void Spirit national device can come in handy.” Han Xiao did not conceal this target.

“Oh? Are you going to try to step out of this step, you deserve to be the most outstanding power user of innate talent ever…”

Urnos’ eyes lightened, not surprised but rather happy, looking up and down Han Xiao, showing an inexplicable smile.

He has always been optimistic about Black Star and believes that Black Star is currently the most likely person to start a higher step position, breaking his “uphill barrier.

As long as there are pioneers who walk out of a path, there will be traces for future generations to follow. Whether it succeeds or fails, it will become an important reference for future generations. So at this time, knowing that Han Xiao is going to be a higher step, Urnos is very happy.

“From my personal point of view, I am happy to do this for you. Maybe you can become a pioneer on the path of individual Weili Expeditionary, and I can also benefit. There is no reason to reject you…”

Urnos smiled.

But without waiting for Han Xiao’s answer, he turned around again and shook his head:

“It’s just that the Void Spirit national device is not my private property. If you want to borrow it, you have to ask Ethereal Religion’s consent. If they don’t agree, I can’t lend it to you privately.”

Hearing this, Han Xiao is not surprised, nodded.

“Of course I understand this. You can tell me the senior leaders of Void Spirit. The conditions can be negotiated. By the way, you still need to say something to me and try to convince the senior leaders of Void Spirit.”

“…OK, I will speak for you.”

Urnos was un’ed and did not refuse.

Except for the senior level of Void Spirit, no one can instruct a character like him to do something, but for the sake of Black Star’s new step position, he doesn’t mind helping.

The two chatted for a few more words before Han Xiao hung up the communication, secretly relieved.

The result of the initial contact is okay, Urnos himself has no objection, then only the Ethereal Religion executives need to be settled then it will be alright.

Of course, the Void Spirit executives will certainly not let it go easily, and they have to come up with some chips that they care about, and then just wait for the Void Spirit to come to negotiate.


On the other side, Ethereal Religion, Shrine.

After Urnos received Han Xiao’s newsletter, he swift and decisive contacted the leader of the Void Spirit and was very concerned about this matter.

In his capacity, he could directly talk to the leader of the Void Spirit, and soon the projection of the leader of the Void Spirit appeared on the screen.

“High Priest, what’s the matter?”

The leader of the Void Spirit was a little surprised. Urnos almost never found him active. He usually called to issue orders and suddenly received a communication. There was some surprise.

Urnos didn’t mean to chat, straight to the point and said: “Black Star asked me just now and wants to borrow the Void Spirit national device. I will come to you to discuss it.”

The teacher of Void Spirit was taken aback for a moment, looked at Urnos in surprise, almost unable to believe his ears.

“Lend national instruments to outsiders?! Do you know what you are talking about!”

“Black Star said the conditions can be discussed.”

Urnos has a calm tone.

The Void Spirit teacher suppressed his inner emotions, frowned and asked:

“…why did he borrow the national equipment?”

“Black Star said that he wanted to borrow the strength of the country to try to impact the new individual gradation.”

“New step position? You mean above Transcendent A Grade?!”

hearing this, the teacher of Void Spirit started in his heart.

This is big news. As the leader of the Transcendent A Grade group, if Black Star successfully opens up a new gradation of personal power, it will have an unknown and profound impact on the internal structure and the World Tree war.

Actually, because of the record-breaking growth rate of Black Star, the three major civilizations are mentally prepared for Black Star to hit a higher level, but didn’t expect it to happen so fast. After all, Black Star is strong. It can be entered into Transcendent A Grade, but it has only been a few decades. It looks too young under the lifespan scale of Transcendent A Grade, it is only from infants to teenagers.

“…Do you want to help him?”

The Void Spirit teacher’s tone sank.

The borrowing of the national equipment also has to seek the opinion of Urnos. Since he came to help Black Star spread the word, eight parts/most likely has already been agreed, which makes the Void Spirit leader a little unhappy.

Urnos look steadily forward, with a calm tone:

“Why not? We appear to have a powerhouse outside the specifications, isn’t it good for the game?”

“I said so, but you know the meaning of national weapons, and the threat of Black Star…”

Void Spirit gave the first tone of voice. Although the words are not finished, the meaning is clear enough.

Because of the exposure of the truth about Sanctuary’s recovery, the three major civilizations have further increased the fear of Han Xiao’s. Although war is the main issue, they will not be internalized, but they don’t want to see Black Star continue to grow stronger, especially the unprecedented new step. position, no one knows what level of strength this level is.

Moreover, he has more worries. During the Expeditionary period, after the success of the first Prime, other Transcendent A Grades have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. No one knows that Black Star has stepped into a higher gradation. Will it lead to other Transcendent A Grade, the importance of individual strength will further expand.

Urnos didn’t take it seriously, and said slowly: “Based on my experience, the new step position is not so impactful. Black Star is still in the testing stage. He doesn’t fail several times. It is basically impossible to succeed. Whether the device can be used is still unknown. The chance of his enter step failure is very high.”

The Void Spirit teacher squinted his eyes and said nothing.

Upon seeing this, Urnos paused, and continued:

“…So I don’t think that lending the national instruments will bring any benefits to Black Star, but we will definitely benefit from him.”

“Then what do you think we should make?” the Void Spirit leader asked quietly.

“I mean requesting to unblock the Holy Scepter, it has been sealed for too long.”

“Um…It’s not impossible to consider.”

hearing this, the head of the Void Spirit narrowed his eyes and began to ponder.

Wan Holy Scepter was frozen by Han Xiao with time-space amber a long time ago. It was originally taken by the Radiance Federation and was returned in a joint operation. However, the scientific research department of Ethereal Religion cannot be unblocked either. , Currently only Black Star can be unlocked.

Liberation of this Cosmic Treasure is still somewhat tempting. It is a powerful weapon that kills individuals and is useful both internally and externally.

At this time, Urnos struck the iron while it was hot, and said slowly: “I know you are worried about accidents, but Guoqi has fused with me. Even if Black Star has other ideas, it can’t do anything. The risk is very low. , And under the current situation, Black Star has a very small chance of countering our purpose.”

As a character of Void Spirit, he has a high right to speak, but he rarely advises and offers advice, usually no matter what. At this time, he is active speaking for Han Xiao, really wanting to promote the cooperation between the two parties, and then Observe the method of Black Star’s impact on the new step position as a reference.

Urnos is quite curious. He hasn’t had a clue for so many years, why Black Star feels that the Void Spirit National Instruments is helpful to the new step position.

He has owned the national device for so many years, and he hasn’t found this function. Is there any other function of the Void Spirit national device that he doesn’t understand?


Netherland dimension, a rays of light flashed by, Han Xiao transfer came here.

The two sisters were not here at this time. Hela was closed-door cultivation in Remnant Soul. Aurora at first still had a hardened mouth. She immersed herself in training. Later, she couldn’t help but went to Remnant Soul together and let Hela closed-door. -door cultivation while urging her to train.

So at present, of the four major Transcendent A Grade cadres in Legion, three are in the end of Remnant Soul, and only Rotaire stays outside to train Carotel.

Han Xiao opened the vision of Transcendent’s remnant force and quickly glanced at Netherland.

“There is no Transcendent relic here… It seems that I have been thinking too much, and I will check with Hela and the others later.”

Han Xiao shook his head and sighed without hope.

After talking with Urnos, he immediately came here to look for clues. He planned to find it from his side first. If the pretty boys beside him really don’t have the power of Transcendent, then he will conduct positioning calculations.

“dí dí dí ——”

At this time, the communicator rang again, and it was Urnos’s call.

“Call back so soon? This is only a few minutes?”

Han Xiao brows rise, answer the communication.

Urnos appeared on the screen and said directly: “Black Star, Ethereal Religion hopes to make a transaction with you. The national instrument can be used by you once, but you have to unlock the seal of the Holy Scepter, and at the same time. Three Sanctuary recovery is free.”

“Well, three free times are too much. I just borrowed the national device and used it once. The price is too high. I think it is enough to unblock the Holy Scepter.”

Han Xiao actually doesn’t mind the Sanctuary resuscitation for free several times, but since it’s about terms, I naturally have to fight for it.

Void Spirit’s request for the Holy Scepter was one of the several probabilities he envisioned. Because of war and other factors, he originally planned to unblock it, but now it is just right to use it as a bargaining chip.

The two negotiated for a while, and did not go too far, and quickly reached a consensus. The price was set at a 30% discount on the price of understanding Feng Wan Holy Scepter and the next three Sanctuary recovery.

“Then it’s decided, and you will notify me when you need to borrow a national instrument.”

“Okay, apart from this, maybe you need to help me, when the time comes.”


After speaking, Urnos hung up the communication, swift and decisive.

Han Xiao put down the communicator, looking thoughtful.

“This guy is really efficient, he is also very keen on higher gradation, but he is so enthusiastic to help me hit the new step position, does he want me to be a little white mouse… Hey, no matter what he thinks, just confirm The Void Spirit national device can act as a’stabilizer’, and the first requirement is solved, which is a good sign.”

Han Xiao showed a relaxed smile. Fortunately, he has the 10,000 Holy Scepter chip in his hand, and he has not used it, otherwise it would not be so easy.


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