The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1384


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Finished the lending conditions of the Void Spirit National Instruments, Han Xiao spent a lot of days next, concentrating on calculating the distance of each Transcendent divine force induction source, but he got him startled.

I thought that all of the Transcendent force might be in the unexpeditionary area of ​​Cosmos. Because it was too far away, we could only measure the fuzzy distance, but didn’t expect that one of the induction sources was successfully located, and the distance was very high. Nearly, it’s in the Ancient Star Desert!

This surprised him greatly.

The most feared thing is that all Transcendent’s sacred force is too far away, so I don’t know how much time it will take, and they are all ready for the voyage, but didn’t expect to have a surprise. In this case, to achieve this An enter step condition is much easier.

However, while happy, Han Xiao is also very curious that this is the legacy left by a dear man in the history of Interstellar society.

After obtaining the positioning data, Han Xiao did not delay, and immediately set off to the Ancient Star Desert to find the target.


Ancient Star Desert, a barren cosmos zone.

Here is an area of ​​space where there are no celestial bodies. A dazzling starlight suddenly lit up in the distance. I saw a quantum leap streamer shooting from a distance and stopped in this area, revealing the silhouette of Han Xiao wearing mecha.

“The estimated positioning is near here, so there seems to be nothing special here, is the induction really okay?”

Han Xiao whispered to himself, observing all around, only to feel that this area is ordinary, there is nothing worth noting, and normal Transcendent A Grade perception has not found any abnormalities.

He settled his mind, activated Transcendent’s last force sensing vision, and all the normal surroundings suddenly changed.

I saw a cloud of white gauze appear out of thin air, slowly changing its form, floating and moving slowly, looking very unremarkable.

“This is Transcendent’s relic?”

Han Xiao startled, something unexpected.

If it hadn’t been for his own induction to point to this cloud of light, he thought he had admitted wrong, the appearance of Transcendent’s relic was very different from his imagination, and he thought it would be more gorgeous.

He stared carefully, and suddenly his eyes moved, and he realized that the mist that formed this mist turned out to be a very strange microscopic particle. He had mastered so many techniques, but he had never seen such a particle before, and felt a strange sense of harmony from it. , Let him think of the word “perfect” inexplicably.

“It is said that the Transcendent divine relic condenses the life essence, soul consciousness, and core energy that escaped when the deceased enter step death. Everything equivalent to this power user’s is transformed into this kind of particle, and is preserved in this form. Then this particle form may be the key to a higher step…”

Han Xiao muttered to himself.

As a researcher, he didn’t immediately touch the Transcendent’s legacy. Instead, he first recorded this particle form and stored it in the encrypted database. the study.

After doing this, Han Xiao settled down and let out a long breath.

“Get it…let me see what profound mystery is in Transcendent’s legacy.”

Speaking, Han Xiao extended the hand tentatively and touched the target, but passed through it, as if the haze is just the moon reflected in the water in the mirror, but a phantom.

He browsed up and tried to use vigor to pull again, but it still didn’t work. This Transcendent force was still unaffected, and he was still floating each minding their own business.

Adhering to the attitude of experimentation, Han Xiao changed various methods, and the results were exactly the same, even [Bold Quest] did not work, and finally confirmed that the normal way cannot capture the Transcendent force.

“It seems that even if the external environment changes, Transcendent’s sacred force will not be disturbed. Only the lifebody in a critical state like me can contact…”

Han Xiao retrieved the experience of activating the sensory vision at that time, feeling the rhythm of the cells in the critical state, which is quite similar to the feeling of meditation, and his mind is constantly sinking into the deep sea of ​​consciousness.

After a while, Han Xiao suddenly noticed a change, as if a ripple was blooming within the body, echoing throughout the body, bringing a slight electrical stimulus at the cell level, forming a certain resonance.

A deep intuition arose, Han Xiao eyes opened, and once again raised his hand to touch the Transcendent supernatural power. This time he finally touched the real object, feeling that his palm was inserted into the star Star Core, extremely hot.

This Transcendent divine force finally reacted, and the haze wrapped Han Xiao’s arm in turn, and little by little clung to it. There was a suction force inside, as if it was about to swallow him slowly. Ai answered indifferently, but now she was entwined enthusiastically, not wanting Han Xiao to leave her body.

Just when Han Xiao experienced this feeling, this Transcendent divine power seemed to be stimulated, suddenly shrank, and then exploded, the dazzling rays of light spewed out in an instant, directly sending Han Xiao is enveloped in the whole person.

In an instant, there was a white world in front of me, and I couldn’t see the others.

“What is this?”

Han Xiao suddenly lost his sense of position. He immediately tried to back up, but found that no matter how he moved, he couldn’t get out of this white world. The white light all around stretched infinitely, as if there was no end.

“Am I being brought into a different space?”

Han Xiao was secretly surprised, Mechanical Force hooked the THE OVERLORD mecha stored within the body, and was ready for transfer.

But at this moment, a mental body covered in blue light suddenly emerged from the void, floating not far in front of Han Xiao, only the outline, the details of the appearance were hidden by the dazzling blue light, and it was not visible at all. Looks.

A sigh of vicissitudes followed.

“It’s finally here…”


Alive people? !

Han Xiao was startled, his eyes condensed slightly, and he stared at this faint blue mental body with surprise in his heart.

He was about to inquire about this person’s identity, but suddenly, a terrifying mental shock broke through the mental barrier and burst into his brain!

At this moment, severe pain erupted from the brain, trembling in the depth of one’s soul.

Han Xiao pressed his head violently, clenching his teeth, only to feel that his brain was thrown into a blender.

I quickly opened the panel and took a look, and saw that the life value vented at an inconceivable speed, and it was still accelerating.

The damage reminder brushed out like flowing water and entered Han Xiao’s eyes. He immediately understood the situation.

Transcendent is not so good. If you want to include it within the body, you have to bear a very high load. While getting the inheritance of others, you must also accept the “debt” of others.

According to the different causes of death of the Transcendent Relic owner, the type of load is different. The equivalent to successor has to be tested and undergoes a weakened version of the vicious mutation, which is the same type of crisis as the Transcendent Relic owner enter step.

This Transcendent divine relic owner died of cosmos assimilation during the enter step. These remaining soul consciousness has half-fused into cosmos pan-consciousness, so it brings a strong mental load, containing the mental impact of cosmos pan-consciousness, formidable The power is stronger than any Transcendent A Grade Mental Attack that Han Xiao has ever experienced, and HP huā lā la slipped.

At this moment, the mental body finally spoke again, slowly saying:

“Since the impact has already begun, there is no way to stop it, either succeed or die.”

Han Xiao tried his best to stimulate his recovery ability, endured the severe pain, barely condensed his mind, gritted his teeth and asked: “Who are you?”

“I’m just the product of the surviving soul consciousness pieced together, I am no longer me, only the incomplete memory and personality, and the obsession to support my existence.” The mental tone was light.

“Are you the predecessor of this Transcendent force?”

Han Xiao’s eyes twitched.

He thought that the original owner had completely dissipated, didn’t expect there is still a surviving consciousness, is it the same for other Transcendent?

At this moment, mental body shook his head and said:

“I died when I hit a higher gradation, but for some unknown reason, not at all completely died out, and it continues to exist in this form. It turns out that this is called Transcendent.”

He doesn’t have a panel like Han Xiao, he doesn’t know the reason, he can’t explain clearly what happened to him, and he doesn’t understand the secret backstory of Transcendent.

“What’s your name?” Han Xiao couldn’t help asking, he was still curious about which Transcendent A Grade this person was in history.

“Tirseus.” mentally replied.

Han Xiao quickly recalled and found that there seemed to be no such person in history.

“Which era are you in Transcendent A Grade, Expeditionary calendar or Star Sea calendar?”

“Transcendent A Grade?” Tyresus puzzled, “What is that?”

Han Xiao startled, and immediately realized something.

“Have you heard of the three major civilizations, Scarlet Empire, Radiance Federation, Ethereal Religion…”

Tirseus shook the head, “I come from Kerry, a cosmos wanderer, and I have never heard of the three major civilizations.”

Han Xiao moved in his heart.

If this part of the memory is not incomplete, then this guy is not a Transcendent A Grade of Expeditionary cosmos, but a visitor who is not Expeditionary cosmos. The reason for appearing here is probably that the Transcendent divine power slowly drifted over after his death. I don’t know how many years it took.

But at this moment, Tyrsius suddenly paused, looking thoughtful and said: “Wait, what you said about Vestshandelin civilization, I seem to be a bit impressed, as if I have passed by such a galaxy grade civilization.”

Han Xiao couldn’t help but startled after hearing this.

Vestshandelin is the real name of the Radiance Federation. If this guy said it is true, then he might have guessed wrong. This guy did not float over after his death, but an extremely existence of The Ancient, which existed before the rise of Radiance Federation Been to this area.

Han Xiao’s heart sank slightly. After receiving Transcendent’s supernatural force induction, he faintly guessed that it might not be iterating Early-Stage, and the origin of Tirseus seemed to corroborate this conjecture.

At this moment, the mental shock passed the peak, and finally faded slowly. Han Xiao immediately felt much better. Although it was very dangerous, he could still handle it with his flesh.

Han Xiao relaxed a lot, and was about to ask Tyrsius for more details, but suddenly found that Tyrsius’ silhouette became blurred.

Tirseus seemed to have expected it, active and explained in a calm tone:

“I died of cosmos assimilation. If you can carry the load, everything I leave behind will be yours. When you succeed, it will be the day when my remaining consciousness dies.”


“I’m dead a long time ago. This is also a relief for me. The stairs to higher gradation often need the bones of predecessors, don’t care.”

Tirseus is open-minded.

Han Xiao’s expression is a little subtle after hearing this.

For him, Tyrsius is just a stranger who suddenly popped out. Without friendship, he naturally wouldn’t have any emotions. He just felt that this encounter was somewhat unexpected, and he still had a lot to ask. Ask this guy in front of you.

And he was a little doubtful, if he took in Transcendent, the remaining consciousness would really disappear.

After all, the heart of defense is indispensable, and Han Xiao did not fully believe the other party’s statement at this time.


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