The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1385


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As he was about to say something, Han Xiao suddenly realized that there was a section of coordinates in his mind, which was a mental message from Tyreseus.

Han Xiao looked at Tyresus suspiciously.

“What coordinates did you give me?”

Tirseus shook his head, lightly sighed, and spoke slowly:

“Hometown is my lingering obsession. Although I was born in Kerry, I left very early. When I was young, I transcendent surpassed all my predecessors, broke all records, and became The most powerful powerhouse in the entire civilization. But my civilization can no longer help me. In order to pursue a higher gradation of the stamina, I went to Star Sea alone. This journey has been countless years.

In my hometown, no one is my adversary. I try to find a powerhouse of the same level as me in the whole cosmos area, and I want to communicate experience with comprehending. In my wandering cosmos career, most of the time when I was with me was a lonely starry sky. When I met people seldom, I also saw one by one, strong or weak civilization, and only encountered I will show up with a powerful power user. At other times, I will not interfere with the normal development of these civilizations. At that time, I only had the way forward and wanted to become stronger and stronger until the day I died. Return home even once.

I’m dead and don’t know how many years I’ve been trapped here. I have no perception of the outside world. I have already accepted the reality, but the only thing I can’t let go is my hometown. I have nothing to do here, the only thing I can do It is the incomplete memories of the past that can be comforted to talk, but the original firm pursuit of higher gradation and the wonderful experience of wandering cosmos have faded away, while the life at home when I was a child has become more and more profound.

At the beginning, I could choose to stay and help build my hometown, but I am not willing to wander for higher pursuits, but now I miss my hometown more and more. That many years have passed, and I don’t know how the situation in my hometown is now. You have inherited my Transcendent power. If it is convenient for you, I ask you to go over and see for me. The coordinates I gave you are the location of Kerry Star. I hope you can take care of my face and help me take care of it. they. “

After listening to his explanation, Han Xiao couldn’t help raising his brows with a strange expression.

“Don’t you know that it’s best not to contact unfamiliar civilizations? You don’t know my details, so give me the coordinates of your hometown. Don’t you fear that I will lead people to invade?”

Tirseus slightly laughed.

“You are the only one who has come in for so many years. I’m dying. Who else can you give if you don’t give it? Take a risk, just take a risk. There are no safe things in the world, otherwise I won’t have a premonition of crisis. Going to hit a higher gradation, and eventually lead to death… And, I don’t think you are like an aggressor.”

“It’s too sloppy to make a conclusion when I see me.” Han Xiao shook his head, without entanglement, and said: “I can help you see, but I don’t promise anything, and I don’t think a strong cosmos grade. civilization needs my care.”

“You have misunderstood, my civilization is not particularly developed.”

Tirseus sighed:

“You can withstand the impact of cosmos assimilation, and I can feel your strength. On the other hand, you must also think that I am very difficult to deal with, but in fact, I was far from that when I left home Strong. At that time, it was very difficult for me to destroy a planet. The strength of this body came from continuous breakthroughs while wandering… I should have taken my accumulated experience back to my hometown and gave birth to more powerhouses. Unfortunately, I died. These plans are aborted.”

Han Xiao quickly began to calculate after hearing this.

It sounds like when Tyrsius wanders at first, his strength should be between high natural disaster grade and ordinary Transcendent A Grade. The latter has a relatively high probability and rises to Peak Transcendent step by step during the long and lonely journey. A Grade, feeling the existence of higher gradation, he walked to this step by himself without reference to experience, equivalent to the pioneer of the road.

Looking at it this way, Tyrsius is also a shocking and stunning generation, I am afraid it is no less than me… Well, no less than all the talented power users in the history of the three major civilizations.

If the other party’s words are true, then the other party’s civilization should be similar to that of a poor country, not as strong as one’s own imagination, but a genius, just like the original Seablue Star who made himself.

If Tyrsius is allowed to return to his hometown with his experience and insights, maybe there will be more one by one civilization in cosmos.

Think about it this way, the power users who were born in the three major civilizations are lucky. There are many powerhouses here, and there are many opponents to discuss and exchange. However, a small civilization such as Tyreseus with poor individual strength can only pursue opponents. Go far away and be a lonely looking Daoist.

Just as he was thinking, the panel suddenly made a noise.

[You trigger the quest [Shadows of the Past]! ]

[quest introduction: Tiersius wanders cosmos alone for Expeditionary, and has never returned to his hometown. He wants you to check it out]

[quest request: arrive at Dak Lixing]

[Reward: 20eexperience, character card x1]

“A quest is out…”

Han Xiao moved in his heart.

I don’t know if Tyrsius is so open-minded and sincere, whether it is due to his nature, or he feels liberated, tells the story, or he has special feelings for his heir.

At this time, the silhouette of Tyrsius has faded and almost disappeared. He didn’t care, just smiled with emotion:

“It seems that my time is almost up. After so many years of loneliness, there are still people talking at the end of the journey. I am satisfied…”

Han Xiao watched him mutter in silence. Although it was an unexpected encounter, the first side was also the last. Originally, Tyrsius’ wandering experience was a valuable channel to learn more about the unknown civilization, but time was too late. Up.

But at this moment, Tyrsius seemed to think of something and said softly:

“By the way, I would like to give you a piece of advice. If one day, you encounter a civilization named World Tree, it is better to run as far as possible…”

Han Xiao was taken aback, the complexion slightly changed.

But before he asks for details, Tyrese’s silhouette disappeared completely, leaving only a faint sigh:

“In my whole life, I didn’t leave anything to civilization. It’s a failure…”

The voice fell, and the blue silhouette in front of Han Xiao’s eyes turned into light particles and disappeared.

At the same time, the weakening mental load of damage finally stopped.

The white space in front of him suddenly collapsed, Han Xiao was in a daze, and found that his vision had returned to the main substance cosmos, and he was still Remain in Place, and he had not moved at all.

And this Transcendent divine power has been fully integrated within the body, entrenched alone, but it does not react further with him.

Transcendent’s supernatural power has arrived, but Han Xiao is not too excited, secretly paining in the arse.

“Half of talking, it’s so bad, I’ve met World Tree Civilization, I said it earlier…”

Han Xiao is helpless, but there are no more people, so he can only complain.

After all, Tyrsius didn’t know that they were at war with World Tree Civilization. He didn’t know that Tyrsius had encountered World Tree Civilization unless they were active.

“It sounds like this guy has seen World Tree’s aggressiveness. Maybe there has been an intersection. Maybe World Tree remembers this guy?”

Han Xiao looking thoughtful.

Soon, he shook the head, temporarily put the matter down, and turned to study the Transcendent relic within the body, which is the main target.

Absorbed Transcendent’s supernatural power, his own strength has not changed at all, but it can be sensed at any time, as if it was simply stored in a container by himself.

This Transcendent relic will be activated only when the enter step. It becomes the Catalyst of the enter step. He roughly guessed that whether the enter step is successful or not, the Transcendent relic will be consumed. This It is a one-off thing.

“The higher ladder needs the bones of the predecessors…Tsk, incarnation is the salary, burns yourself, and benefits future generations. Anyway, I owe you personal love.”

Han Xiao exhales one breath saying.

Although they are dead, he remembers this favor. Next time the Sanctuary is revived, he plans to try if he can resurrect this guy, but the chances of coming are very low.

Incarnation is the legacy of Transcendent. I don’t know if it has intercepted the information state like the two sisters of the previous generation. Even if it is completely dead now, it may not be able to recover Sanctuary. Han Xiao only intends to do his best to obey the fate.

At this moment, Han Xiao suddenly thought of something and smiled:

“Speaking of which, in Expeditionary cosmos, only this Transcendent relic is the easiest to start. If Urnos comes to this step one day, he can only sail to find other Transcendent relics.”

Han Xiao is funny.

Urnos is so willing to help himself enter step, maybe he has the idea of ​​letting him explore the way, but he doesn’t know that the only enter step material nearby has missed him.

Perhaps Urnos did not have a panel prompt, so he could not dig out the Transcendent force sensor, or he did not enter the critical state, he was stuck in the quest, anyway, he guarded the mountain without knowing it, and was given the early bird by himself. catches the worm.

Feeling the Transcendent’s supernatural power, which was quietly waiting within the body, Han Xiao smiled. Although there were some unexpected circumstances, he finally got a Transcendent’s supernatural power. It went smoothly than expected, and it was not in vain. That many mascots were collected in the legion.

In this way, with three enter step requirements, only the simplest one is looking for four pretty boys to help.

Han Xiao’s nerves finally relaxed, and then he mumbled about the coordinates of Keli Xing sent by Tyreseus, and started to think.

“It must be risky to rush into contact with an unfamiliar civilization. Although Tirseus said that his civilization is not strong, it is the experience of Old Huang, and now so many years, it may become a strong cosmos grade. civilization, and it does not rule out the probability of Tyreseus’ deception……”

After thinking about it for a while, Han Xiao still felt that he wanted to take a look. With THE OVERLORD, he could come and go freely, and he planned to send a dominion clone to take a look like a mechanic, instead of personally risking himself.

On the one hand, it is to complete the quest and see what follow-up events will happen. On the other hand, he thinks that Tyrese’s civilization may be a potential ally, and may be able to pull over to play World Tree together. After all, World Tree’s style and The mechanism can be called the public enemy of most intelligent civilization.


Two days later, Ancient Star Desert, a Radiance Federation military base stationed abroad.

A high-dimensional apocalypse transfer device is slowly warming up, a dominion body is waiting in the medium of the transfer area, and Han Xiao is watching from a distance from the base outside, followed by the respectful base officer.

Han Xiao’s current Result of Face is already Great Accomplishment, borrowing a high-dimensional apocalypse transfer device from Radiance Federation, there is basically no possibility of rejection.

Han Xiao couldn’t help sighing as he watched the two giant-scale Mechanic rings of the transfer device rotate rapidly and turned into a halo.

“Your high-dimensional apocalypse transfer device is really a convenient invention, as long as you have coordinates, cosmos can go everywhere.”

“It is true, this is the highest technological achievement of our Radiance Federation.” The base officer has always been proud.

“Awesome, can I bring it back to study?”

“This… don’t embarrass me anymore.” The base officer was taken aback, with a wry smile.

Han Xiao laughed lightly, and stopped teasing the little officer, and activated the dominion clone.

At this time, the power of the transfer device reached its peak, suddenly the rays of light flashed, and the dominion body disappeared without a trace.

Han Xiao’s changed his vision and came to the outer space of a planet, with a dark green giant planet in front of him.

There are a number of satellites floating in the outer orbit of the planet. The appearance seems to be fine, but Han Xiao glanced at it and saw that these satellites have been unmaintained for many years, and they have all been scrapped, and they have become scrap metal and covered with vegetation. After scanning the entire planet’s surface, there is no trace of the civilization city in a rough sweep, and there is no life signal, revealing a sense of desolation and decay that is unmanned.

Only the brown metal tower is eye-catching. From the outer space, it looks like this planet is wearing a small pointed hat. Converting the ratio, you know that this metal tower is extremely huge. Go straight into the sky.

The appearance is very rough, like countless metal objects of different shapes piled together, and the building structure is loose, like a giant-scale garbage mountain.

“This is Kerry Star? It seems that something has happened…”

Han Xiao was thinking, suddenly eyes shrank quickly adjusted to the farsighted mode, his vision quickly zoomed in, and locked a small black spot that was slowly moving halfway through the metal tower.

It was a robot covered in mottled rust, carrying a metal fragment several times larger than him, slowly crawling along the steep path moved towards the top of the metal tower, in Han Xiao’s view Within the scope, only this one can move.

Han Xiao’s eyes moved slightly, and he controlled the dominion clone to descend and land in front of the robot, showing a figure.

The robot didn’t seem to see him, and went straight over. As he passed by, Han Xiao heard the other person repeating a word and kept talking.

“Buried it…bury it…”


  1. Well I don’t think it’d have something to do with the World Tree. Their usual interactions with other planets seems to be assimilation or devouring. It still exist so its not been eatten by the world tree and the life there seems a little… Well it doesn’t have all it’s screws in. Which, for a hivemind like intelligence the world tree tends to exhibit which seems omnipotent so long as the happenings are around something it controls. Seems odd for this random mech to be just, rusted, dejected. Left to do a mindless task from the look of things. Best bet is that it’s some other thing. Either a mass grace it’s building from metal or. I dunno.

    Also. Quite sure this is a foreign sight, sorry if you can’t much, understand this post. Or if ya can through translation, apologies if the translation is shit.

  2. so he has everything he needs to do this graduation but first things first lets check out this random home planet of some stranger before all else…? he has no idea what types of upgrades he needs to do how his body will change how long it will take if he will live or die afterwards or if somehow the world tree finds another leak to find out where their civilization is and will suddenly be in range.. wheres the sense of urgency

    1. I feel that. Been wondering what the situation of the space amber being maxed out with the soul connection would amount to but, seems like that was either off screened or hasn’t become revelant yet. That or forgotten details on my or author’s part.

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