The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1411


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Expeditionary cosmos, the capital of the Star Alliance.

Seventh walked quickly into the office of the head of the Star Alliance.

The head of the Star Alliance was waiting for his arrival. When he saw him entering the room, he put down the report in his hand, lifts the head, and spoke slowly:

“What’s the situation?”

“I have given instructions, and the lurker will do it soon.” Saiwinis said solemnly.

“Well, this chess piece has been laid out for so many years, and now it’s time for them to play a role.” The head of the Star Alliance paused, and the conversation turned, “but you must pay attention to the way of providing information, all to conceal your own existence. The premise is that the three major civilizations and World Tree are huge threats. If our existence exposure is in their eyes, the cloud of war will also envelop us. With our strength, no matter which one we hold hard, we are still weak.”

“Don’t worry, we are now if one prospers, all prospers if one suffers, all suffers. We will never crack a joke with the safety of the Star Alliance.” Saiwinis was solemn.

“Well, you have joined the Star Alliance for many years, and we are one. The action at this time is not only our eradication of potential threats, but also your revenge.” The head of the Star Alliance is nodded.

“Yes, we lost to the hands of the three major civilizations, and only a few clansman escape and live. It is almost impossible to continue, becoming a wandering civilization in cosmos. If it weren’t for the team from the Star Alliance, perhaps our civilization Has long since disappeared, and to this day, we always thank the Star Alliance for their help over the years.”

Sevennes lowered his head, his tone esteemed.

His ancestors gathered the remaining clansman at the time of the defeat of Lore Civilization, condensed a pile of scattered sand, and continued the difficulty. Now Sevinis has taken over the authority of the predecessors and is the current leader of Lore Civilization.

Lor’s civilization history is quite The Ancient. It was once a member of Expeditionary cosmos and one of the competitors of Expeditionary War. Unfortunately, he lost in the war. Civilization was broken and homes fell. Only a few survived. They flee in a spaceship, because they are worried about being cut weeds and eliminate the roots, so they resolutely enter the unexpeditionary cosmos, go far away, and become a cosmos wanderer.

After many toss and turns in the wormhole, this wanderer happened to come to the territory of the Star Alliance.

Star Alliance is a large-scale joint civilization composed of 46 civilizations. It occupies a corner of the unexpeditionary cosmos. It thrives and thrives silently. By coincidence, this wanderer was picked up. The intelligence carried by Lol Civilization was immediately caused. They are highly valued.

This is the first time the Star Alliance learned of the existence of the powerful civilization of Foreign Domain. The intelligence provided by Lohr Civilization showed that the strength of the three major civilizations was sufficient to destroy the entire Star Alliance. This caused the Star Alliance to be strongly afraid and vigilant… In the eyes of the three major civilizations, they may bring disaster to the Star Alliance at any time, and annexing them is a huge hidden danger, making them sleepless.

In the face of an unfamiliar and powerful civilization, Star Alliance dare not expose its own existence and communicate with each other, and can only observe silently. If it is normal, even if the Star Alliance knows that a powerful enemy is on its side, it will be helpless, but Rohr Civilization provides a way .

When the wanderers fled their hometown, they brought a large number of coordinate records. This is an invaluable asset and it also gave the Star Alliance an opportunity.

Based on this information, the Star Alliance executives finally decided on a strategic action called the “Observer Plan”, sending lurking personnel to transfer to the Expeditionary cosmos through the wormhole, hiding their names, collecting intelligence, waiting for opportunities, and monitoring three Every move of civilization.

The three major civilizations do not have an information alert network like World Tree. Due to the huge size of the site, there are always omissions in the external screening and alert mechanism. As long as the outsiders operate properly, they can successfully hide. This is the case in the previous World Tree After lurking for many years and collecting enough information, the three major civilizations were battered in a surprise attack across the territory.

Star Alliance is self-aware and does not feel that his small body can withstand the ravages of the three major civilizations, so the lurking personnel are only responsible for observation, no other actions, no participation in any forces, just like the lowest Interstellar black household It is fundamentally unremarkable. It only collects public information on the Internet and does not seek any secrets. It is very cautious. This has allowed it to remain hidden until today, and has witnessed the development of the three major civilizations one era after another.

After being repeatedly checked by the Star Alliance, Lor Civilization eventually became a new member of the Star Alliance, able to multiply, never forgetting history, always thinking about revenge, and vigorously cooperating with the “Observer Project” to help the Star Alliance in Expeditionary cosmos has been lurking and is a true leader.

At this time, the three major civilizations were invaded by World Tree, and the Star Alliance saw the hope of eradicating the threat. They couldn’t beat the three major civilizations by themselves, which just added to the flames.

The first star of Star Alliance rubs the back of the hand, Profound Yin Taoism: “We use the hands of World Tree to eradicate the three major civilizations, but World Tree itself is also a new threat. The ideal situation is that both sides suffer, and we take advantage of it. “

Sevens is nodded, “The three major civilizations have a high level of technology. If we can swallow their civilization achievements, we will enter the fast lane of development.”

“But this is very risky. It is possible to expose itself, and it needs to be considered for a long time… If there is an opportunity, we should not miss it.”

The star flicker of Star Alliance, he naturally covets the accumulated scientific and technological achievements of the three major civilizations. Although the risks are high, the benefits are equally attractive.

The three major civilizations have now stabilized the situation and blocked the World Tree. This is not what the Star Alliance wants to see. It destroys the great situation of the three major civilizations, and introduces the flames of war into the entire Interstellar society to make the situation chaotic. The interests of their third party.

The head of the Star Alliance doesn’t mind profiting from somebody’s misfortune. Under the premise of hidden origin, he secretly participates in this gluttonous feast.


The secondary dimension world.

A three major civilization expedition squad are driving in the secondary dimension, recording the dimension coordinates.

“This place is not far from the dimension of World Tree’s stronghold. There may be family members coming and going at any time, all of them are mentally ready to shuttle and evacuate at any time.”

On the bridge, the commander stared at the radar seriously, with a serious tone.

In recent years, as the Expeditionary of the Expedition Army has deepened, the chances of encountering World Tree family members have become more frequent. Fortunately, running fast enough, most of the time, there is no danger.

But always avoiding danger is not a problem. The family’s search network is very dense, and the expedition army does not want to conflict and all go around. Therefore, the progress of Expeditionary is getting slower and slower. There is no that many holes to exploit.

“If this goes on, I don’t know when the results will come. World Tree has arrived in China, and we have run out of time…”

Commander sighed.

“wū wū wū wū ——”

Suddenly, the radar sounded a shrill siren, like a thunder, and everyone was shivered.

I saw the dimension barrier not far away, suddenly opened a honeycomb-shaped crack, one after another green streamer came.

“It is the family of World Tree! Withdraw!”

commander complexion changed, ordering instantly.

The expedition squad immediately turned around, locked the preset route plan for evacuation, the shuttle engine buzzed, then turned into a stream of light, and instantly escaped from this dimension and escaped to another secondary dimension.

However, before the expedition squad stopped, the radar alarm sounded again, Space Crack opened again, and another World Tree family rushed in.

“This is a premeditated attack!”

Commander reacted immediately, with a heavy expression, and the command ship team continued to flee without stopping.

The fleet shuttles through five secondary dimensions in a row, and in each place there are World Tree dependents follow closely from behind, as if chasing sheep.

Suddenly, commander stopped escaping, took a deep breath, and made up his mind, said solemnly:

“Prepare self-destruct.”

hearing this, the crew in the bridge heart shivered with cold, did not speak, did not object, but silently started the self-destruct program.

The soldiers of the three major civilizations are not free to resurrect like World Tree. Without the protection of Netherland, death is a real death. All expedition squads are psychologically prepared when they go out. If the situation is wrong, they sacrifice the whole Fleet, decisively self-destruct martyrdom.

The stabilizer of the energy core disintegrated, and the uncontrolled nether energy showed a tendency to expand, projecting strong rays of light.

“It’s a great honor to work with you, and may the empire live forever.”

The commander glanced at the numerous crew members with firm faces, saluted the soldiers, and then looked out the porthole to the World Tree who had just arrived here to pursue the soldiers, closed his eyes slightly, and prepared to welcome his death.


However, at this moment, everything froze in an instant, all crew members were unable to move even a little bit, the progress of the self-destruct program stagnated, and the out-of-control nether energy stopped for an instant.

The silhouette of the Secret Tree King unconsciously appeared in the cabin, looking at the determined faces of everyone, and sneered, tut tut said:

“It’s pretty stout, but unfortunately I came in person, no matter how determined you are, it’s useless.”

The secret tree king maintains the spell effect of the time-space stop. With a lightly rubbed palm, the green tree king’s power escapes, turning into a space gap, and a python-like World Tree roots stick out from it. All the battleships of the expedition squad have been penetrated, and more small tree whiskers have penetrated into all the crew members within the body.

Immediately afterwards, these roots are like straws, constantly absorbing the essence, and at the same time transforming this squad at the information level, making it a member of itself, only to see the expedition squad slowly blending into the roots of World Tree In, it is like sinking into the deep sea.

This process lasted for a long time before World Tree sucked in the entire expedition squad, and then the rays of light flashed and spit it out again, but it was different from before. All the crew members Flowing green light, it was transformed into a World Tree member.

“The Tree King Your Distinguished Self.”

These soldiers who originally came from Scarlet Empire lowered their heads and saluted respectfully.

The King of the Secret Tree didn’t respond, and he sank into the spirit net network, sharing the memories of these people and the spaceship logbook.

After browsing for a while, the secret tree king’s eyes flashed, revealing a playful expression.

“Hey, I was hiding here and found your lair.”

At this moment, the Secret Tree King suddenly moved, and he noticed some peculiar changes and looked into the distance.

“Foresee me? act recklessly.”

The secret tree king showed a cold color in his eyes, his gesture changed, and mana surged out, following the mysterious induction to the source.

At the same time, somewhere on Dragon Calm Floating Island.

“pu! ”

Aesop was feeling the sudden passive foresight. Suddenly, his mind was shaken. The brain seemed to have been hit by a hammer, and the whole person was left on the ground and his face was shocked.

A biting mana shattered the foreseeable picture in his mind, and by the way, he severely damaged his mental.

The people who can make Predictor produce backlash are basically mage. Different Prophetic Ability has different difficulty in rebounding. Aesop’s Prophetic Ability is not ordinary. Over the years, he has experienced countless passive predictions, and he has experienced many I have predicted Transcendent A Grade mage this time, and the worst case is nothing more than prediction failure. This is the first time someone caused him to backlash.






  2. The child of destiny does not know each of the movements of the tree, unlike Aesop his predictions are conscious (active) unless he wants to monitor something about the enemy is that he will be able to see it, but well remember that the main reason why could do this is because the trees of the world started some of their seeds, that is how he could take a look at what the tree wanted to know, it is important that you remember that for the same reason this can play them backwards, if the child look at your destinations, the tree will also reach your vision at the same time. When I previously agreed with you about wishing the child of fate sees it, it was just that, a wish because they would need luck for this to happen … and it’s not something that Han Xio has XD
    The same and everything was going well relaxed to black star
    In simple words I do not believe that the child of destiny is useless

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