The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1413


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On the white Desert where the radiation storm was raging, a bright light flashed suddenly, and a fire-lit expedition Expeditionary starship drilled out of the crevice, fell like a loss of power, and crashed on the ground. The sky was filled with white sand, and the remaining power remained unfailing. A deep gully was rolled on the ground, and a White Dragon was raised wherever it passed.

The blue particle barrier on the verge of breaking has withstood the force of the impact, flicker like a light bulb with poor contact, and then suddenly disappeared, the spaceship suddenly sank, and the head was inserted diagonally into the desert, the tail section was high It turned high, and the twisted and deformed advancing nozzle exploded and flashed one after another electric spark, which shook suddenly, and finally malfunctioned, emitting billowing black smoke.

“guāng guāng guāng ——”

The spaceship door was jammed, and there was a crashing sound inside. I saw that the alloy door panel was bulging, and then it was knocked out with a bang. The deformed door hit the sand and slid. Go out ten meters.

Harrison’s entire group came out clutching the injured part of his body. The figure shook as if drinking fake wine. The spaceship’s gravity stabilizer and gyroscope failed, and everyone fell into disarray.

A member of the team looked at the paralyzed spaceship with a panic tone: “It’s over, the spaceship is broken, we can’t run!”

“Don’t panic, the enemy hasn’t chased it, so hurry up and fix it.”

Harrison clutched his dizzy head and gritted his teeth to direct the panicked team members to maintain a spaceship.

The outpost was attacked, and a large number of expedition squads fled, the World Tree family members pursue and kill more than just, they also encountered the enemy, the squad lost only the last spaceship, and finally got rid of the chasers, but they took it The Overload, which attacked fiercely, turned to its limit, and was lying here.

“I don’t know what’s going on at the outpost now?” one of the team members murmured.

“It must be gone. World Tree is here prepared. It is impossible for the armed strength of the former outpost to survive.”

“When we fled, commander was still giving orders in the main control room. I’m afraid he had already sacrificed in self-destruct and died with the base…”

There is a sense of sadness in the crowd. They have worked together for more than ten years. Many expedition military members have already known each other. At this time, that many colleagues have an unpredictable future, bode ill rather than well, and everyone is worried.

“The situation of the World Tree attack should have been sent back to the main cosmos. Before I evacuated, I had sent a message to Black Star Your Distinguished Self through the Quantum Network base station of the outpost. He should have received it, but I haven’t come to the rescue yet, I don’t know…”

Harrison hesitated. When he was attacked immediately, he sent a message for help. While escaping, he had been protecting the “throne” that Black Star had reserved for him. He had been waiting for Han Xiao to come, but until now no response.

“Can you contact him again?” someone asked quickly.

“Currently not possible, there is no base station to connect to, temporarily unable to communicate with the outside world…”

Harrison was only half talking, and suddenly there was a space fluctuation on the spaceship, and Han Xiao, who was transferred to him, walked out of the damaged hatch. When everyone saw him, they were immediately surprised.

“Black Star Your Distinguished Self! You can finally come!”

“We are saved!”

Han Xiao raised his hand and pressed it, motioning everyone to control their emotions, then looked at Harrison, and glanced up and down, “It seems that you are in a good state and you have not suffered any injuries.”

Harrison greeted him, his expression a little lost, and said: “You are late, the outpost has fallen, they…”

Han Xiao interrupted his words and nodded: “Well, I already know these things. If the outpost is gone, it will be gone. The three major civilizations have already arranged manpower to pick up other expedition soldiers who have dispersed. This time I mainly meet you… and your teammates.”

As early as when the Conference Hall of Sibert Base Operations received the emergency notification of the three major civilizations, Han Xiao had already received Harrison’s request for help. The reason why he came here now is because he took the time to schedule the advanced association For battle strength, I went to the King of Unbounded first to protect the pivot snake and hide it in a secret place. After doing these important things, he came to pick up Harrison—Han Xiao was not afraid of Harrison’s appearance. Unexpectedly, I have been using Observation Mark to monitor Harrison’s situation. I didn’t transfer over immediately when I saw that he was surprised or not.

“What about the outpost? Don’t you go and support it?” Harrison asked.

“No need. The dimensional coordinates of each outpost have been exposed and are not suitable for rebuilding the base. Even if the outpost is to be rebuilt, it is in other places. It works.”

Han Xiao waved his hand.

The significance of the outpost is only to facilitate the expedition military Expeditionary deep gradation level dimension, and the coordinates of the various dimensions that have been positioned over the years have been entered into the database. The coordinates of the Unbounded King site and the surrounding area of ​​the World Tree have been controlled by the three major civilizations, which are equal to These places have become “new shallow dimensions”-thanks to the special structure of the secondary dimension world, mastering the coordinates, even if there is no outpost, the follow-up troop can quickly jump over, no longer need to drive like a regular Expeditionary Over the years, this is the most important result.

As for the outpost itself, it does not have irreplaceable value. With these coordinates in hand, it can be rebuilt at any time without it. So this loss is not in the eyes of the three major civilizations. They are more concerned about intelligence. The degree of leakage.

Harrison was nodded and asked: “Then what shall we do next?”

“I will take you to the base camp area of ​​the three major civilizations in the secondary dimension world, where they have assembled troop, ready to deal with the possible attack of World Tree… This time maybe the coordinates are leaked, and World Tree opens up secondary dimensions The battle line should be a foregone conclusion. The next three major civilizations will face a two-line battle situation… After sending you, I will go to the three major civilization leaders for a short meeting to discuss this matter.”

Han Xiao said casually, with a calm tone and no worries.

At this time, World Tree is probably still entrenched in various outpost dimensions to clean the battlefield, but he has no intention of killing a sudden thrust. Even if he passes, the secret tree king may not appear, go on an errand for nothing. To beat the grass to scare the snake, it’s better to wait for the King of the Secret Tree to start a two-line battle, stand by and wait for the rabbit, and then send you his favorite big mouth—if World Tree masters the shallow-dimensional coordinates, jump over to the flower Not much time, and even qualified to start another round of lighting war, so Han Xiao estimated that the Secret Tree King would not be delayed too long.

Han Xiao simple explained it again, without saying more, raised his hand to call out a new vehicle, set the destination coordinates, greeted everyone on board, and took off to evacuate.

Everyone obediently accepted the arrangement. Compared with other expedition soldiers, this group of people was lucky enough to get Harrison’s light, and Han Xiao’s personally accepted, and quickly escaped the danger.


The Interstellar joint army is divided into multiple group armies. The border guard army is complex to guard the front line of Glittering World, while the secondary dimension guard army is responsible for defending the base camp area of ​​the shallow dimension. If it is cleared, it will lose most of the control over the secondary dimensions.

A few hours after the attack on the outpost, all the War Zones in the shallow dimension have completely entered a state of combat readiness, and the guards are ready to engage.

At this moment, one of the shallow dimensions is War Zone.

During the energy-filling period of blue, the scene is like the ocean. An imperial fleet belonging to the guards of the secondary dimension is suspended in midair, standing by silently. All battleships are special models for the secondary dimension, and are similar to the conventional style of the empire. Compared with heavy military starships, it looks much slender and well-proportioned.

“I just got the news that war broke out on the front lines of Glittering World again, and World Tree’s army launched another offensive. At this juncture, it is most likely the enemy’s two-line linkage tactic, so the enemy will appear at any time, and all fight mentally! “

Among the main ship, the commander speaks on the military channel.

The empire soldier on each ship is awe-inspiring and dare not be distracted.

Waiting for a while, the fleet commander suddenly received orders from other troop, expression congeals, shouted in a deep voice: “The World Tree army has already attacked, 34 War Zones have been invaded, and other guard troop is fighting. It’s almost here too…”

tone barely fell, the space wall suddenly opened one by one, a honeycomb-like jumping point, and the families of World Tree swarmed out like a green tide flood.


The fleet commander roared and ordered.

pēng pēng pēng ——

next moment, countless energy beams lit up in the field, criss-crossed formed a dense large net, and a large wave of battleships were smashed by one face.

The two troops are awe-inspiring, as if they have become giant beasts with two heads, one black and one green.

The same scene took place in the War Zone of hundreds of shallow dimensions, and the war broke out!

The war mode of the secondary dimension world is different from that of the main cosmos. Each War Zone is a divided battlefield. With the help of a special “geographic” structure, countless fleets travel through each secondary dimension while fighting fires to contain and pull Operations such as siege, encirclement and anti-siege, the situation is changing rapidly, war has swept through countless Small Worlds, pieces of secondary dimensions are explodes into waste, and the debris is swallowed by space storm.

The advanced battle strengths of the two sides also began to collide and fight, and the battlefield moved from one dimension to another.


A certain shallow dimension, War Zone, which is riddled with holes, the portal hangs high in the sky, spitting out several three major civilization Transcendent A Grades, each injured. Not far away, a green portal opened immediately, and more Holy Tree messengers chased out.

Several Transcendent A Grade couldn’t take care of recuperation, so they quickly turned around to fight, and fell into the wind again, and the situation worsened.

“Don’t you want to leave the secondary dimension world alive!”

Several Holy Tree messengers murderous intents are bitter, aggressive, and flicker in their eyes.

Previously, I played against the three major civilization Transcendent A Grades. Due to the existence of the healing ability user, all the enemy’s advanced battle strengths are like dare to die teams, making them miserable and uncomfortable. Can’t feel the joy of World Tree’s infinite rebirth.

But it’s different now. In the secondary dimensional battlefield, due to the special battlefield structure, the healing ability user is bound to be greatly restricted, unable to take care of every battlefield…even more how the healing ability user even Without time to come, the main cosmos troop launched an offensive, dragging many hostile advanced battle strengths to the front line, and the healing ability user was among them.

Now seeing the enemy’s hands and feet again, all Holy Tree messengers are finally happy.

In the Transcendent A Grade that was besieged at this time, Austin was on the list. The magic treasure on her body had blown up a half, resisting the offensive with difficulty, her face tense, her expression solemn:

“The situation is not so good. Without support, we will inevitably suffer losses.”

Even with the Sanctuary recovery pocket, most people don’t want to fall to this point. There is only one Aurora. Everyone wants to stay on the front line and fight side by side with the healer, so they are willing to support the advanced battle strength of shallow dimensions. less. Except for the direct lineage, none of the other people volunteered. They were all ordered to come and support. There was a bigger gap with the enemy in terms of numbers, and the situation seemed not so good.

Begel on the side is fighting with a high step Holy Tree messenger, fighting inextricably, hearing this whispered: “Don’t panic, we still have reinforcements.”

“What reinforcement?” Austin frowned.

At this moment, the space wall in the distance of the battlefield suddenly opened, and an unmarked fleet broke into the battlefield, moved towards World Tree and the dependents fired densely packed cone missiles, which burst on the barrier.

Next moment, the place where the missile burst turned into space turbulence, and a group of World Tree family members were directly swept in and disappeared without a trace.

“This is…” Austin eyes shrank.

“The dimensional exile of the covenant.” Begel continued the conversation.

“The covenant? What is that…”

Not waiting for Austin to ask, one after another Transcendent A Grade fluctuated into the sky.


This mysterious fleet flew out a few strange Transcendent A Grade, quickly approached, joined the battle, moved towards Holy Tree envoys launched a fierce attack.

Austin was relieved of pressure, hurriedly withdrew away for a certain distance, and looked astonished as the two sides played against each other:

“This is the reinforcement you are talking about? Who are they?”

“Don’t you think they are familiar?” Begel raised his eyebrows.

Austin stared at it, and suddenly the complexion changed, and several people were recognized, all of them were famous Primes in history.

Thinking of Begel’s identity again, he suddenly realized that he was surprised:

“They are resuscitators just like you? I thought Black Star did not resuscitate them. When did this happen?!”

“Specific things, you will know later, now is not the time to elaborate.”

Begel did not explain much, avoiding the enemy’s counterattack, and penetrating the enemy’s chest with a forbidden technique ray.

Austin was shocked, took a deep look at a few people, did not ask any more, and rejoined the battle.

Similar scenes occurred in many War Zones. Dozens of resuscitators who had been in the organization hidden for many years finally participated in the war for the first time, assisting Transcendent A Grade from various quarters, and quickly stabilized the situation of advanced battle strength.

Not only was World Tree surprised by this wave of new forces, but even the three major civilization fronts were also puzzled. For a while, they couldn’t figure out the origin of these reinforcements.

At the same time,

The three major civilization leaders who are monitoring the battle in the secondary dimension, Qi shuā shuā turned his head and looked at Han Xiao who was watching the game in the office. His expression was very subtle, mixed with surprise, pain in the arse, and other complex emotions.

“Black Star… don’t you want to explain?”


    anyone notice this

    Japanese are elves and they hate science
    Chinese are dwarves and they hate magic

  2. after this black star need to talk to the child of destiny so this those not happened
    because the child of destiny fuck up or he saw this
    WENt THE HELL WILL SEE THE WEAPON IN ACTION that stop all energy
    went the hell will see avens in action and the other guy

    1. The child of destiny isn’t spying on them because the world tree (as it was mentioned previously at the point when they stopped using it pre-timeskip) also has a child of destiny, and using the child of destiny when the other is aware you have one allows you to find information on them. Which when they are finding out about the World Tree is great, when they are being found out is bad. Furthermore, the World Tree has stopped using theirs because they know they are being spied on.

      Really, just re-read the novel.

      1. i am right the child of destiny can see all in the universe,,,the time of the universe.
        i think the ability god will not want to come back to life and stay in the underworld

      2. i am right the child of destiny can see all in the universe,,,the time of the universe.
        i think the ability god will not want to come back to life and stay in the underworld

  3. After this filler chapter, finally something happens in 1414:

    Han Xiao didn’t look back, and replied casually: “As you can see, these are all reinforcements I have brought to fill the missing combat power of our two-line combat.

    ” The Xuling Sect leader knocked on the table with his knuckles, sinking.

    Said: “Don’t try to understand and pretend to be confused, I’m asking how they came, when did you resuscitate these people?

    ” Hearing this, Han Xiao turned his head and glanced at the three of them, with a quiet tone.

    “Is it possible that you think all the resuscitators are willing to appear publicly?

    I never said that all the resuscitators are in the association.

    As for who I resuscitated, I have no obligation to tell others.

    Don’t ask if you shouldn’t.

    ” The three choked.

    Take a deep look at him.

    They don’t need to think more to guess that this is Black Star’s back hand, and a group of resuscitators are hidden secretly.

    The most likely reason is the arrangement during the confrontation that year, as a trump card for the three major civilizations.

    If the purge had been carried out arbitrarily back then, the result would be difficult to tell.

    Now that Han Xiao showed his trump card, he almost frightened the three of them, somewhat scared.

    However, after having known each other for so many years, the three of them have already quite understood the unfathomable habits of Black Star, and have become accustomed to Black Star planting dark children everywhere.

    Perhaps these sudden resurrectors are just the tip of the iceberg of his forces under the water.



    … The three people were solemn and looked back.

    This is not the time to care about this kind of thing, but the three people’s awe of Han Xiao is still deeper.

    Now that Black Star sits on an equal footing with them, the three of them didn’t want to explain when they saw him, so they didn’t ask any further questions.

    Moreover, compared to the importance of Black Star himself, it seems that there are more resuscitators.

    With Han Xiao, the super god-level pearl jade in front, the impact of these hidden resuscitators on the three is limited.

    Naturally, Han Xiao would not take the initiative to explain the reason for the covenant.

    Seeing the trio’s stern expressions, the corners of his mouth twitched.

    The purpose of hiding the power of the covenant organization in the past was to leave a way for the association, so that the Transcendent A Grade group was divided into two parts, the bright side and the dark side, and watched each other.

    He originally planned to uncover the tip of the iceberg of the covenant at the right time and let the three major civilizations cast a rat, but the plan can not keep up with the changes.

    Now that he has set foot in the realm of super gods, the deterrence of one person can be worth the entire super A grade group.

    The revival card is not as important as it used to be.



    But it is useful, and it is not a bad thing to make the three major civilizations more afraid.

    Han Xiao paid attention to the battle again, watched for a while, and suddenly locked the Secret Tree King and Clottey who were fighting in a surveillance screen, his eyes flashed.

    “My prey has appeared, three of you, I will be adjourned first.

    ” The voice fell, and the remote projection disappeared.

    Only at this moment did the tight bodies of the three major civilization leaders relax.

    When they looked at each other, they all saw deep fear in each other’s eyes.




    Shallow dimensional battlefield, a certain theater.



    The rainbow-like magic flash penetrated the surging dark energy, and shot at Clottey, leaving a new wound.

    The strong annihilation force pushed him out, all the way to the dark brown earth, and rumbling through it.

    Hundreds of layers.




    ” Under the influence of annihilation magic, the cells in the body withered in large areas.

    Clottey quickly stabilized the injury with strength, and then raised his head to look at the enemy high in the sky with solemn eyes.

    The Secret Tree King was floating in the air, looking down at him condescendingly, a group of forbidden techniques brewing around him, forming rapidly, and falling like a storm.

    Clottey gritted his teeth to suppress the injury and manipulated the dark energy to greet him.

    However, he was stalemate for a moment.

    He was blown out again, adding many new injuries to his body.

    “This tree king.



    is too strong.



    ” Clottey clutched his wound, eyes flashing with surprise.

    His judgment on the strength of the tree king came from the dominating clones of the town tree king, the heart tree king, and the fixed tree king.

    He originally thought that even if he couldn’t beat this new tree king, he could at least stand in a stalemate for a long time.

    But Clottey didn’t expect that this guy who claimed to be the King of the Secret Tree was obviously stronger than the other three-he was also the pillar of the country, but he was beaten like his younger brother.

    It was easy and easy.

    Among all the opponents who have fought, only Black Star and Urnos can knead him so easily.

    If other Transcendent A Grade wizards are ordinary spell turrets, then this Secret Tree King is a rapid fire cannon for spell nuclear bombs, the intensity, frequency, and speed of spell casting far exceed all the magicians that Clottey has ever seen!

    High in the sky, the Secret Tree King paused the offensive, moved his fingers, played with a mana ribbon at will, and said casually: “You dare to single me out.

    Should you say that you are courageous or self-defeating?

    It’s a pity, replaced by that machine.

    The teacher or that ability person is qualified to fight with me.

    Your strength is a little bit weak.

    If you continue to fight like this, you can’t arouse my interest in killing you.



    ” The opponent in the eyes of the Secret Tree King, There are only Han Xiao and Ability God.

    Although Clottey’s combat power is not low, and the dark energy control abilities are also quite sharp, for him, a supreme magician who masters multi-dimensional energy, there is really no threat.

    Feeling the contempt of the other party, Clottey kept a calm face, quietly gathering strength, ready to give it all.

    However, at this moment, a wave of spatial fluctuations appeared in the feelings of the two of them, and the space wall in the distance opened, and a figure with the whole body hidden under the hood and black robe shuttled over.

    The robe hunted and danced, and the edges seemed to escape.

    The black flames, filled with the breath of Peak Transcendent A Grade, attracted the attention of the two.

    “Who are you?

    ” Clottey turned to look, not knowing whether it was a friend or an enemy, and suddenly increased his vigilance.

    “My own person.

    ” Vower glanced at him, and then stared at the King of Secret Tree, the Qi machine locked away.

    “Here’s another one?

    ” The Secret Tree King squinted, “You and that strange group of reinforcements are in the same group, it should be their leader.

    Interesting, you still have a group of high-level combat power hidden.



    Oh, but what about it, it can’t be restored.

    Sooner or later we will wipe out all your forces in the world of secondary dimensions!

    ” Through the mind network sharing, he has learned about the covenant reviver supporting the three major civilizations, Transcendent A Grade.


    In the eyes of the Secret Tree King, facing an opponent of the nature of the World Tree, the three major civilizations felt immense pressure and should have been dispatched a long time ago, but until now, the opponent still has some reservations.

    The truth is a bit unfathomable.

    Moreover, with the Secret Tree King’s temperament, he is still a little unhappy about this.



    Why, our World Tree is not worthy of your all-out effort?


    Without paying attention to the secret tree king, vows communicated the spirit of Clottey, and the voice of the soul: “Leave it to me here, you go to help other people.

    ” “Can you do it?

    This tree king is very strong, we better work together to deal with it.


    ” Clottey doubted.

    “This tree king is a magic system.

    It can be seen that his spells have bonuses in the secondary dimension world.

    I should not be his opponent, but I only need to hold him.

    In this regard, I am more suitable than you.

    Fighting power was wasted on him.

    ” Vower responded.

    Not long ago, the expeditionary force’s outpost was attacked, and Han Xiao finally notified the covenant organization to participate in the war.

    Many covenant revivalists have already done a good job of psychological construction.

    They do not need to be mobilized and set off consciously.

    On the one hand, they are qualified for the recovery of the sanctuary.

    The lips are dead and the teeth are cold.

    In addition, Han Xiao also asked the covenant to bring special technologies such as dimensional exile bombs, advanced vitality turbulence waves, and cross-plane detection radars to support.

    Vower had to act according to the word, because the covenant organization has always They were all on standby, so they came to support soon.

    Clottey has not responded yet, but at this moment, the Secret Tree King suddenly started to cast various powerful forbidden techniques in a series, firing at the two indiscriminately.

    Bang bang bang!

    The magical brilliance flashed in the sky, gorgeous and deadly.

    Vower and Clottey reacted immediately, moving around in the light curtain, dodge endlessly.

    On the other side, the Secret Tree King is multi-tasking, while quickly constructing spell models one by one, crackling out the forbidden spells, and communicating with the Ancestor Tree King in the mind network: “There is no such mechanic in the frontline battlefield and the secondary-dimensional battlefield.

    He possesses the ability to seal, he will most likely stare at a tree king, so his target should be me, maybe he is observing in secret, when I fight these two opponents for a while, he should jump out and attack me.

    “Ancestral Tree Wang heard this and agreed in the spiritual network, and said in a deep voice: “Your judgment is very reasonable.

    If you continue to fight, as long as you bring out the mechanic, I will immediately come over and beat him by surprise.

    ” “The two quickly worked out a plan to use the Secret Tree King as a bait to lure the snake out of the cave.

    The praying mantis is hunting the cicadas, and the oriole is behind.

    Since Black Star is likely to target the Secret Tree King, the Ancestor Tree King also chooses to fight back and conduct a wave of ambushes, with two main goals.

    One is to find a chance to kill the Black Star, and the other is to find a way to rescue the Heart Tree King.



    If you don’t get the Black Star, how to unblock it, at least you have to snatch the cosmic treasure of the sealed man.

    It’s not that he values ​​the King of the Heart Tree King.

    Even the naive King Tree King used two “decisive” blews to escape being sealed off.

    Only the King of Heart Tree was recruited by the hip-pulling thing.

    The Ancestor Tree King just thought Take back the crown of the sealed tree king, otherwise the five tree kings will always have a vacancy, and even substitutions will not be possible.

    With the joining of Vower, the two finally stalemate with the Secret Tree King.

    The three are tumbling and fighting.

    You chase me and shuttle endlessly.

    The battlefield changes and changes.

    For a while, it will be an abyss-like dark purple space.

    It will be a holy land-like silver kingdom, one will be the prototype of a new dimension of nothingness, and the other will be an unstable last-year secondary dimension.

    Without exception, it will be shattered by the aftermath of the battle of three people, and batches of fleets will be swallowed by space storms.

    The three of them moved to a shadow dimension.

    Suddenly, the space wall in the distance opened, and a new figure entered the battlefield, it was Han Xiao.

    The Secret Tree King noticed Han Xiao at a glance, and immediately left the other two opponents behind, staring at Han Xiao closely, and his eyes showed a strong fighting spirit and a biting murderous aura: “You can finally give up?


    ” Han Xiao glanced at him, waved his hand to make Vower and Clottey stop and retreat to the side, and then said to the Secret Tree King on the wide area channel: “There are three people here, don’t you run?

    ” “Run?


    When am I?


    ” The Secret Tree King suddenly wiped his palm, and invisible spatial fluctuations swept across the space, and the entire secondary dimension suddenly turned into a mirrored space, as if trapped in a certain crystal, and the spatial slices flowed.

    The silhouettes of the battle scenes are dazzling.

    The space barrier suddenly formed, isolating Clottey and Vower away, only seeing things in the barrier, but unable to participate in it, as if the two sides were in parallel spaces with no intersection.

    In the barrier, only the Secret Tree King and Han Xiao looked at each other.

    “Are you going to single with me?

    ” Han Xiao glanced at the enchantment left and right, and laughed weirdly.

    “I always wanted to fight with you, why did I run?

    I thought you would sneak attack, but I didn’t expect to show up.



    but it doesn’t matter.

    This enchantment is your duel arena.

    If you have the ability, don’t use that.

    Transfer technology to escape, I will kill you today!

    ” The secret tree king’s eyes flickered, he knows that Black Star has transfer technology that ignores control, so this enchantment is just to prevent other enemies from disrupting the situation and create the illusion of singles, as long as Black Star does not Teleported away, stayed one-on-one with him, and the plan was successful.

    He didn’t hesitate, and immediately cast the spell.

    Various spells with strange effects focused on Han Xiao.

    On the surface, it seemed to be outrageously singled out.

    However, he had secretly guided the Ancestral Tree King into the enchantment with a spell and was preparing to launch a flanking raid.

    However, before the spell hits the target, a strong high pressure centered on Han Xiao, sweeping away like a storm, causing the secret tree king’s instinct to shock!

    —— Countless machines gush out from the fortress of the divine body, instantly condensed on Han Xiao, and merged into a giant mechanical deity.

    It is the Supreme Heavenly Venerate, the energy fluctuations of the super god level that burst out without reservation!

    The Secret Tree King instantly changed his face, and the fierceness of his face instantly turned into fear and disbelief.

    “This is the level of the tree god?


    ” Without any mental preparation, he was scared to death.

    At this moment, what tactics and plans were all left behind.

    The Secret Tree King did not hesitate to build the portal, and was about to flee away.

    There was a little arrogance, only panic.

    However, Han Xiao was faster than him, and the huge body flickered, and it teleported behind the Secret Tree King, stretched out his hand and smashed the surrounding World Tree roots, and then the emperor’s empty blade slammed down, invisible.

    Energy waves burst out like blade waves.

    Kacha Kacha – as if the sound of a mirror cracking sounded, within the range of the nether energy wave sweeping, space barriers, various forbidden arts, portals and other things constructed by mana, just like a collapsed sand castle, Disintegrated quickly!

    There is no resistance at all!



    ” The Ancestral Tree King, who was just planning to attack not far behind Han Xiao, froze in an instant, his face suddenly changed!

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