The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1445


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Expeditionary cosmos Somewhere, the Avengers fleet is moving slowly.

In the cabin, the Panergon entire group is surrounding the virtual screen to watch the news about the victory of the three major civilizations.

Looking at the beaming look of countless Interstellar races in the screen, several Transcendent A Grade present with complicated expressions.

“hmph, the three major civilizations became the winners, Interstellar society escaped a disaster, Pan Ergon, are you satisfied now?”

A Transcendent A Grade stands with arms folded, his tone is dissatisfied.

Pangong expressionless, “This is nothing to be happy about.”

“Really, but I don’t think you have the right words, don’t forget what our target is! Seriously, if you give up revenge, you’d better disband as soon as possible.” The other person coldly said.

These people have been plotting revenge for the three major civilizations. The Interstellar community is celebrating the victory. Of course, they are not happy, they just feel bored.

At this time, facing Pan Ergon, who was “not firm enough,” everyone naturally didn’t look good.

Pan Ergon remains unmoved, indifferently said: “If you have time to say these nonsense, it is better to think about the next move.”

“You still have the face to say that this war is obviously a good opportunity for revenge. If you hadn’t insisted on not allowing us to make use of it, we would have long…”

“I was beaten to death by the Black Star a long time ago.” Pangong interrupted him and said slowly: “From the current results, the war situation is reversed, and the conclusion is that even if we make trouble, we cannot change the victory of the three major civilizations. As a result, because the key factors that determine the war will not be affected by us at all… So if we profited from somebody’s misfortune in the war, the current end is to be liquidated and annihilated. You are all fortunate that I saved our lives. “

hearing this, the public is bored. Every time they talk about this topic, Pan Ergon will persuade them with similar reasons, but the key is not easy to refute.

At this moment, Pan Ergon’s conversation turned around and said: “And don’t you think that this new pattern of returning to internal conflicts is a good environment for our development? The reason why I don’t agree with war It’s because we see this. If the three major civilizations lose, we don’t need to do anything. If we win now, we will form a new pattern of checks and balances with the Transcendent A Grade Association and Transcendent star cluster after the war. There is room for tossing and turning…

So what I have always emphasized is that our vision must be forward-looking, and we must foresee future changes in the situation, and we must not just take a chance. “

Pangong’s tone is calm.

Everyone has weird expressions.

This sentence sounds right, but when you say it from a Martial Daoist, no matter how you feel it is against you…

One last glance at the rejoicing Interstellar refugees in the news screen, Pan Ergon withdraw his eyes, turn around and leave the room.

When he turned around, the corners of his mouth were slightly curved, but then disappeared, indifferently said:

“Don’t look, let’s go, their joy has nothing to do with us.”


The “homecoming migration” of all Star Domain refugees is in full swing, but one day, an explosive news once again caused a huge shock in the Interstellar society.

On this day, the Transcendent A Grade Association officially announced the establishment of a civilization regime, named “super power Sacred Domain”. The non-governmental association organization was upgraded to a civilization elder association. All associations Transcendent A Grade are members of the elder association. Some people represented by Black Star are the main decision-makers.

No matter how many times I watched this scene, everyone was shocked and in awe.

After a while, Han Xiao finally finished transforming this area, withdraw World Tree’s power, turned around and flew in front of everyone, nodding:

“Maintain such a large territory first, it should be enough.”

“You are happy…”

Everyone was in a mixed mood and didn’t know what to say.

Han Xiao turned his head and looked towards Aurora, and asked: “What does the Interstellar society think of super power Sacred Domain now?”

“About 120 billion power users have applied to become super power Sacred Domain citizens, and this number is still rising rapidly.” Aurora said.

“It’s a bit less, but at the beginning, many people are still hesitating to wait and see. When we are completely stabilized, the population will skyrocket.”

Han Xiao is nodded at will.

During this time, he rushed around, meeting with the leaders of the one by one forces, and reached a consensus, and finally established the super power Sacred Domain.

The establishment of a civilization regime is very cumbersome, and various structures need to be perfected, but Han Xiao only needs to control the general direction and simple diplomacy. The details are filled with professional subordinates of various Transcendent A Grade forces.

Because it is the general trend, even the three major civilizations are not a stumbling block. The establishment of the super power Sacred Domain is smoother than Han Xiao expected.

From now on, the Transcendent A Grade group is formally unified, and in the future, they can carry on the banner of super power Sacred Domain in cosmos activities. The pattern of Interstellar society has truly become a tripartite structure. Han Xiao asked himself to do It is the original commitment to Transcendent A Grade Association.

Many Transcendent A Grades became the senior executives of the elder club of super power Sacred Domain. Among them, Aurora was promoted to deputy by Han Xiao and replaced Kesuye’s position. This personnel change has been approved by everyone… The entire Transcendent A Grade group , Only Aurora can convince the public.

This is what Kesuye meant by himself. He originally planned to go to the unknown cosmos area for Expeditionary after the war. Han Xiao also changed his position according to his request.

Because Vower also traveled with Kesuye, the covenant also vacated a place, so Han Xiao let Begel become the covenant agent leader and handed over work with Vower.

Begel is happy and doesn’t mind being a mascot-like acting leader. But Han Xiao is not too concerned about the covenant now.

Get the World Tree that can convert resources, he no longer needs the covenant organization to help him collect the Sanctuary key, mainly to carry out the previous promise, and leave a place for Transcendent A Grade who is willing to retire.

Han Xiao turned his head, looked towards Sisko hidden in the crowd, raised his chin, and said:

“The one with seven eyes, didn’t you always want to relocate the ethnic group? Move your Star Pupils civilization to the super power Sacred Domain, no one here will suppress you.”

“Really? I don’t believe it.”

Sisko expressed strong doubts.

Even to this day, his Black Star ptsd has not been cured, and I always feel that Han Xiao is going to plot against him.

Han Xiao rolled the eyes secretly, not wanting to care about him.

At this time, Hilbert came out with a group of survivors, with a smile on his face, opened the mouth and said:

“Black Star, I don’t know if super power Sacred Domain welcomes us to join us?”

Hilbert has always had the idea of ​​leaving the three major civilizations to join the Transcendent A Grade Association. Now that the war is over, Transcendent A Grade has established a civilization. He finally made up his mind, with some descendants who also don’t feel owed to the three major civilizations. The resuscitator joins, the picture is naturally unlimited Sanctuary recovery guarantee.

Upon seeing this, Han Xiao laughed.

“The three major civilizations have become even more popular now. You make this choice, which may invalidate the ‘retirement benefits’ you’ve paid for your life. Are you sure?”

“It doesn’t matter, we are all people who have died for the three major civilizations. We don’t owe them anything. It’s time to live for ourselves.” Hilbert smiled.

“In this case, super power Sacred Domain welcomes everyone to join.”

Han Xiao nodded in greetings and sighed secretly.

According to this trend, in the future, Super Power Sacred Domain might really be able to catch everything in one net from all cosmos’s individual power.

At that time, the super power Sacred Domain has become a hall for all super power classes. Almost all the naturally awakened folk power users have gathered. The other civilizations are only the power users cultivated by the direct line… Well, from another From one perspective, this can be regarded as a disguised improvement of the public security of Interstellar society, helping the major civilizations to consolidate the ruling basic, and creating a more stable living environment for Interstellar citizens…

‘Oh, we really still care about peace, with good intentions, and the three major civilizations don’t understand. ’

Han Xiao shook his head and sighed, not ashamed at all.





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