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The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1447


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The 800 year of the Star Sea calendar, January 1.

Central Star Sea, New Century Star.

A few months ago, in order to hold this celebration, the three major civilizations began to artificially transform this planet, transforming a desolate and desolate planet into a celebration planet, and named it “New Century Star” , To commemorate the past 100 years of experience, especially the victory of the World Tree War.

Overlooking from space, a giant-scale building resembling a Heavenspan Pagoda stands on the New Century Star Land. At the top is an open-air plaza platform. Here is the celebration venue. All around neatly suspended rows of floating seats, ring-shaped .

There is a densely packed spaceship suspended in the sky, which obscures the sky, and countless Interstellar media arrived at the scene early.

This time is also a comprehensive broadcast of all major Star Domains, but the number of viewers cannot create a new record, because the war has caused a lot of population loss, but the ratings have hit a new high, and almost every family stayed in front of the TV to watch the broadcast.

An anti-gravity levitation vehicle in the atmosphere rises from the ground and flies to the venue. The one by one invited people take their seats one after another. Civilization representatives, military heroes, Transcendent A Grade groups, etc., are basically all It is a big character in the Interstellar society. As the guests took their seats and waited for the celebration to begin, the venue quickly became lively.

The Transcendent A Grade next to me was chatting with each other. Han Xiao did not participate in the topic, so he took out the communicator and took a look. The Interstellar media has already started broadcasting. The camera has swept across the venue, and it seems that he knows what the audience wants to see , Pulling to his face from time to time, patted his angular masculine face every delicate hair was completely shown.

“Hey, you always shoot me, do you like seductive eyes so much.”

Han Xiao slapped his lips, not ashamed.

Sitting aside, Kesuye pressed his elbow to his waist and said in a low voice, “Unfortunately, you haven’t revived those Transcendent A Grade who died in battle. They will miss this celebration.”

“I deliberately, I will pay homage to the dead for a while, and when everyone is in silence, if you see a few of their victims alive, what a bad atmosphere.”

Han Xiao paused, his expression is a bit weird suddenly, he added:

“Besides, you don’t want to see Dilron speaking on this occasion.”

“…That’s true.” Kesuye shivered.

Han Xiao shook his head and stopped speaking.

In the past six months, the super power Sacred Domain has stabilized, and he has had a rare relaxing holiday. Now the mental state is very good.

The celebration at this time is just a process for Han Xiao, but it is meaningful to the Interstellar society, trying to soothe the wounds of Interstellar citizens in the war, and let them brave the courage to look forward to the future. After all, normal people’s lives need a sense of ceremony.

It didn’t take long to wait, the three major civilization heads came in person, the venue gradually became quiet, and the audience watching the broadcast also waited with bated breath.

Under all eyes, Mabrus slowly came to the podium with a solemn expression, glanced at the audience, and slowly spoke:

“The vast expanse of cosmos, and countless unknown civilizations like stars embellishment, brought vitality to this supposedly silent world. We are also one of them, living in a corner of cosmos, continuously multiplying… In the past 100 years, we have experienced a lot of suffering, from internal struggles, technological disasters, and foreign invasions…”

Mabrus said it, and counted the various experiences of the past century, Scarlet Tide, Glittering World development, smart plague, World Tree war, etc., sorted it out, recalling bitterness and sweetness, awakening many people’s dusty memories.

The past 100 years can be described as rising winds and scudding clouds. Black Star is a character that cannot be avoided. It has an extremely strong sense of presence on the Interstellar stage, as if the overwhelming majority Interstellar major event has his shadow. 100 years, just like the history of Black Star’s rise.

Many players who watched the broadcast can hear with keen interest pleasure and think of the “Black Star Legion” series of videos produced by Meat Bun. They can’t help but feel proud and have a strong sense of substitution, as if they are on the scene.

No matter how big achievement Black Star has today, in the minds of many bone ash grade players, the Black Specter’s silhouette still linger back then. With their support and witness, it will grow up next step, just like watching it grow up. The child is very kind.

“…In the past, we have survived all these things, but today, we have finally entered a new century of peace. This is inseparable from the contributions and sacrifices of pioneers. They use their lives in exchange for Our new and stable life…”

Ma Bruce’s face was condensed, took out a speech, and slowly read it aloud:

“The third No. 11 corps of the Interstellar United Army, the original Scarlet Empire ‘Iron Flag’ fleet, resisted World Tree Civilization in the interception circle, a total of 800 eight hundred thousand people, all destroyed.”

“Interstellar United Army fourth one hundred and seven No. 17 corps, the original Radiance Federation’shimmer’ fleet, fought against World Tree herald troop on the front line of Glittering World defense, with 1,000 1.2 million people, and only 4,000 and three people.”

“The Interstellar Joint Army…”

Mabrus spoke solemnly, reading one horrible to see casualty statistics one after another.

As the troop numbers of one by one sacrifice are listed, the mood of everyone present and many Interstellar citizens in front of the screen is also solemn.

Many people only know that the war has suffered heavy casualties this time, and they don’t know the specific situation. Until now, they have a clear concept.

Everyone waited in silence for a few minutes before Mabrus continued to speak, and honored the victims who died in the battle. The atmosphere was solemn. After all the victims were chased, it was the turn to reward the living war heroes, and the atmosphere became relaxed and warm.

One by one war hero came to power, the three major civilization heads successively awarded honors, the officers accounted for the overwhelming majority, and the Transcendent A Grade group had a share, and even the former lineage revivalists who switched to super power Sacred Domain also got different Medal of Honor, and even the Transcendent star cluster alliance, which has always only been able to watch movies, also received different medals.

The three major civilizations have shown sincerity. Today, we will not talk about the camp, but will only talk about merit, and treat them equally…except for Lackey.

Lackey originally wanted to play freely, but felt the gaze from Han Xiao from his seat, and finally said obediently.

This link lasted for a long time, and finally it was Han Xiao’s turn as the final finale.

Ma Bruce coughed and said loudly:

“In the World Tree war, Black Star made too many contributions and provided us with a lot of information, and in the end it almost pulled strongly against a crazy tide, turning the situation against us and bringing us No one can replace the chance of ending the war in advance. All the civilization members of the General Chamber of Star Sea civilization unanimously decided to award the Black Star Star Sea Medal!”

pā ​​pā pā ——

Everyone applauded vigorously, and now Black Star’s Prestige in the orderly camp has already exploded. Basically everyone is sincerely congratulating.

When solving the intelligent plague, Black Star has already received a Star Sea medal, and now it has received a second… The Star Sea medal is the highest honor in Interstellar society. In principle, it will not be awarded the second time, but Black Star is The person who has only one case twice has already made history.

But everyone is not surprised at all. Black Star deserves such an honor. Apart from the Star Sea Medal, no other award can be worthy of his contribution.

In the warm applause, Han Xiao stood up and came to the high platform.

“Thank you for your contribution to Interstellar society.” Mabrus said sincerely.

The other Louis and Void Spirit teachers have a straight face, one on the left and another on the right patted Han Xiao’s arm to show closeness.

Han Xiao will not lose face on this kind of occasion, nodded, he received the Star Sea medal from the three major civilization heads, and put his hand on his chest.

According to the usual practice, the honoree needs to give a speech. Han Xiao has already prepared the speech. It is all about the scenes. This aspect is already familiar.

He came to the speaking stage proficiently and was about to speak according to the speech, but he suddenly stopped.

Countless lights flashed in front of him, countless Interstellar citizens were looking at him behind the screen, all around guests calmed down, craned their necks, faces of different races with the same expectation and Hope, holding his breath, was waiting for his tirade.

Looking at this scene, Han Xiao was in a daze for a while, looked down at the medal on his chest, and subconsciously extended the hand with a finger.

He hesitated for a few seconds, gave up the lengthy speech, shook his head gently, said resolutely:

“…I hope that there will be no war in the world, and may the world be peaceful.”

Hesitated in the venue for a while and waited for Han Xiao’s to follow, but Han Xiao greeted everyone slightly nodded after speaking. When everyone saw this, they applauded for a long time.


The process proceeded step by step. After Mabrus’s impassioned “Looking to the Future” speech, the celebration finally ended smoothly.

The whole Interstellar society is full of joy, and the soul seems to have been baptism once, full of new impetus for the future.

A few days later, the three major civilizations joined the Conference Hall.

“The Star Alliance side is still the same. According to the group of spies who were instigated by the Black Star, the senior leaders of the Star Alliance believe in their intelligence and are very excited.”

“But we still have to pay attention, lest the Star Alliance sends out new lurkers, and then we will get dressed.”

“Yes, Black Star has already said hello. He said he will disappear for a while and go to Sanctuary to recover a batch of Transcendent A Grade. During this period, we need to be careful not to let the Star Alliance see through our tricks.”

The three discussed in a low voice.

Black Star went to Sanctuary and couldn’t sit in the super power Sacred Domain for the time being, but the three of them had no other idea about him, and now they only worried that the absence of Black Star would cause Star Alliance to see through their plan.

“After more than half a year of recuperation, the army has recovered a bit of vitality, but the loss of power users is quite serious, and there is no way to compete with the super power Sacred Domain, alas…”

“But Black Star just said a few days ago that he would like to develop Sanctuary with us in the future, and I don’t know if it is a lie.”

The three are puzzled.

Now Black Star has the upper hand and has a strong position. There is no need to share Sanctuary information with them, and I don’t know what medicine is sold in Black Star bottle gourd this time.

Mabrus hesitantly said: “I don’t think it’s credible. Sanctuary recovery is Black Star’s important hole card. How can it be shared… If he does this, he must have a bigger plan.”

Louis shook the head: “Let’s talk about him first, it’s more important to solve the Star Alliance. Although they are now in the plan, we can hide it for a while, and we can’t hide it for a lifetime. The longer the time, the more likely they are to become suspicious. When is it better to do it?”

The leader of the Void Spirit pondered: “Now that war weariness is high, Interstellar society cannot withstand another round of war. If we rashly act, the current praise may turn into accusations… I think at least waiting for Interstellar society After 3-5 years of stability, it is appropriate to do it. Anyway, the time is on our side, don’t worry, let’s wait for the recovery.”

The three discussed in low voices when to start a new war.


After half a month, the super power Sacred Domain has no man’s land somewhere.

Han Xiao is suspended in cosmos, all around no one else.

He has already greeted the three major civilization and super power Sacred Domains, and he stepped into Sanctuary today and began his plan to grant permissions.

In the inner space, World Tree moved slightly, transforming into a Sanctuary key, and burning quickly.

Next moment, a surging rays of light burst out from the palm of the hand, shooting straight out, turning into the Light Gate of Sanctuary in the cosmos space in front of me, slowly rotating.

“I hope this scheme can work…”

Han Xiao settled down and flew in, the silhouette gradually being swallowed by rays of light.

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