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The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1448


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It is the familiar streamer tunnel, and the familiar trance…

Consciousness was ups and downs. I don’t know how long it took, Han Xiao’s mind was shocked and he recovered.

Han Xiao’s vision suddenly opened up, and when he looked around, it was still the familiar scene of the first Sanctuary, the white world boundless, and countless soft light clusters floating in it, storing a collection of iterative information states.

“It’s still the same sense of blur, but it’s a little bit lighter than last time…”

Han Xiao is no stranger to this feeling. After all, he has been in many times and is already a frequent visitor.

He lowered his head and glanced at the back of his hand, the Sanctuary authority imprint was shining, and it was Level 1 higher than last time.

“Recover the bad luck eggs first.”

Han Xiao did not delay, and skillfully sacrificed the media of Transcendent A Grade who died in battle, and activated the Sanctuary recovery function.

Soon, one after another light emerged out of thin air, converging from all directions, condensed into a Sanctuary resuscitation brand, suspended in front of Han Xiao.

Han Xiao stretched his finger, and the Sanctuary resuscitation brand seemed to turn into liquid, flowing along the fingers, freezing on the back of the hand, and turning into a tattoo-like copy.

He mentally dived into it, checked the resuscitated object, and confirmed that all the well-known guys on the comforting tablet list were in it.

After doing this business, Han Xiao gently put out a breath, settled down, called the Sanctuary message board, and looked over.

First Sanctuary permissions have been raised again, and the message board has more content than the last time. Sorted from front to back according to the closer time, Han Xiao compared it according to memory, and saw all the way to the last fifth paragraph of Zhuxinglian According to the record, mental concentration is highly concentrated, and he looks down carefully.

The last four paragraphs are the places with the most vacancies. He has read it twice before and only got two pieces of valuable information. One is the “information stripping plan” mentioned in the fourth paragraph, and the other is The reciprocal first paragraph indicates the continuation of the previous iteration plan, mentioning some kind of “unknown device” and “control valve”.

This time Han Xiao found out that some vacancies in the last four messages were filled in. Among them, there were some information that made him care about the second and first paragraphs.

[… The ███ conversion plan failed, but the principle has been proven to be feasible. The reason for the failure is that it lacks a key truthful medium and cannot establish ███ connections. Next time ███ needs to improve this… , The information actualization device has been manufactured, and the template is loaded, and information alienization may be generated during the ███ process, which will appear in the subsequent ███ in a “distorted” unknown form……]——Part of the message in the last second paragraph .

[… The existing real-state media are not enough to complete the ███ transformation plan of the previous iteration. We need a deeper ███ gradation connection to build a stable ███ bridge… We decided to be information reality Increase the control valve in the chemical device to reduce the processing cost of the information actualization device…]——Leave a message in the first paragraph of the countdown.

“Well, this…”

Han Xiao’s eyes flickered slightly.

The second-to-last comment is the “previous iteration” mentioned in the first-to-last comment. From the current content, it can be seen that the latter inherited the plan of the former.

The “unknown device” and “control valve” mentioned in the first paragraph of the last countdown, the information is also unlocked at this time, it is the “information actualization device” manufactured by the second paragraph iteration.

In addition, these two pieces of information have thrown out a new concept “state of truth”. Han Xiao secretly wondered. At his current level, there are very few things that he doesn’t understand at the technological level. It was the first time to see this. noun.

Han Xiao tried to use the index function of Sanctuary permission to retrieve this keyword, but the Sanctuary imprint is not at all reaction, generally speaking, only for a single iteration or precise search of civilization names, can the index function be activated.

“It seems that we have to continue to brush permissions and unlock the civilization name of the last four messages.”

Han Xiao secretly nodded, and now the civilization name mentioned in the last four comments is still vacant, and the permission is not sufficient to view it.

Keeping this information in mind, Han Xiao closed the message board and started to search for technical information in the first Sanctuary.

Although he has not studied all the details in his hands now, and there is no lack of technology, but they are here…

After the Sanctuary authority was increased, the upper limit of memory capacity was also increased. After a while, Han Xiao filled up the capacity this time and returned with a full load. Without staying here, he opened the Sanctuary channel and left.

Passing through the streamer tunnel again, Han Xiao suddenly became lighter and has returned to the main cosmos. The Sanctuary Light Gate whirled and disappeared behind him.

Han Xiao opened the communicator and took a look. It has only been more than 30 days.

“Time Flow Speed ​​is getting closer and closer, next time it is estimated that only 20 days will be enough.” Han Xiao’s eyes lit up.

The Sanctuary message board seems to be universal, and every Sanctuary is the same, so as long as you focus your firepower on one of the Sanctuary and then it will be alright, it will take many years if all the Sanctuary are read together.

Han Xiao thought for a while, switched to THE OVERLORD, and transferred to the super power Sacred Domain main star, and flew to the huge Grand Plaza where all Transcendent A Grade statues were placed.

At this time, the square was bustling with hustle and bustle, and there was a constant stream of pedestrians. They were all power users from all over the world. When they saw Han Xiao coming, they froze for a while, and then they were very surprised.

“Look, it’s Black Star!”

“It turned out to be a daoist coming!”

“I am your worshiper, can you give me a signature…”

Many pedestrians were excited, and swarms came, like fanatical star chasers.

In the super power class, Black Star is almost a national idol. Among the ten power users, at least eight are his worshipers, no different from great men.

Han Xiao laughed at everyone, waved his hand, a breeze floated, and the invisible forcefield spun open, like a transparent barrier covering an area, blocking all pedestrians.

Pedestrians from further afield also heard the wind, and the vast crowd outside the barrier quickly surrounded one layer and one layer, looking at Han Xiao curiously, everyone talking at once guessing his coming.

Han Xiao didn’t explain anything, each minding their own business activated the Sanctuary recovery brand, one after another rays of light surged, condensed into one by one light cluster, and gradually transformed into the entity of Transcendent A Grade that was killed in action.

The reason why it is displayed in front of the public deliberately is to let the public see the actual scene of the recovery of Sanctuary and increase the attractiveness of the super power Sacred Domain. The next Sanctuary recovery will take place publicly.

Before granting the Sanctuary authority, Han Xiao intends to resurrect this group of bad luck ghosts first. On the one hand, let them return early and carry out their promises.

On the other hand, the three major civilization and other forces saw that the time he spent in Sanctuary was shortened and told them that he could come back anytime… Although these hanging people may not have other thoughts now, Han Xiao felt the most To avoid this kind of probability, lest this group of higher civilizations feel that they have disappeared for too long at a time and want to make trouble out of nothing.

Soon, the rays of light on the square became solid. Under the eyes of everyone, these dead Transcendent A Grades were resurrected, with confusion remaining on their faces. It took a while before they gradually came back to his senses.

“hā hā, I am alive again, praise Black Star!”

“Where is this, why haven’t I seen it?”

“What era is it now? Has the World Tree war been over?”

A group of resuscitators looked all around, curious, and finally their eyes fell on Han Xiao.

“Okay, the war is over, we won, you can ask Aurora about the specific situation.”

Han Xiao waved his hand indifferently. None of these people recovered the first time. The advantage is that he does not need to explain the situation from the beginning.

He turned his head and looked towards Dilron, and said: “I have fulfilled my promise and let you be free. You should try to keep a low profile in the future, otherwise others want to kill you, I won’t stop him.”

Dilron’s face twitched, dull and speechless.

Recovering a free body was supposed to be a happy thing, but Dilron felt guilty.

When he was a hero of the Netherland, he had no worries, so he spoke more unscrupulously, let himself go, sprayed whoever wanted to spray, and offended many people.

Others don’t bother to care about him as a “dead person”, but now I live, if someone asks for a settlement, even if it’s serious…

Inexplicably, Dilron feels a bit reluctant to be a Netherland hero…

Han Xiao didn’t say much to everyone. He turned around for a transfer and disappeared in place. Losing the forcefield barrier, countless pedestrians swarmed in. These resuscitators hadn’t figured out the situation and almost drowned in the crowd. Hurry up and leave.

Half of the flight, Aurora, who had already noticed the movement, arrived with a group of Transcendent A Grade left behind on the main star to greet the group of resurrectors.

“Congratulations on your resurrection, come with us and explain the situation to you.” Aurora said.

Since she was elected as the second in command of the super power Sacred Domain, she has maintained the onee-san form. It seems that this can bring her some “dignity” bonuses, but in the eyes of the preconceived Transcendent A Grade group , Is still lovely, even if Aurora deliberately sullen her face to make an elegant and poised gesture, it is not deterrent at all.

Many resuscitators are nodded, keep up with Aurora, and fly to the core highrise building of super power Sacred Domain.

Dilron was about to follow, but suddenly felt a hot and exuberant blood energy coming from the side. Two thick tenacious elastic pectoral muscles clamped over, biting his arm like a big mouth, and at the same time Someone was climbing on his shoulders, and there were waves of great power, grabbing him firmly and not letting him move.

Dilron turned his head and looked around, and saw that Sierra appeared next to him, clasping his shoulders vigorously, hooking his shoulders on his back, and a huge washbasin approached, with harboring malicious intentions on his wild face. Smile.

“Yo, you are finally alive. Come here, we guys want to have a good chat with you.”

Dilron turned his head stiffly and saw not far away, a group of Transcendent A Grade staring straight at him, with playful eyes, and there was no lack of Peak Transcendent A Grade inside.


Dilron swallowed quietly, and sweat broke out in the back part.

As the saying goes, it is easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality. At this moment, Dilron discovered that it is really more “comfortable” to be a hero…


Han Xiao only appeared once for a while. After completing the Sanctuary recovery, he immediately opened the Sanctuary and started the action of granting permissions.

Now the affairs of super power Sacred Domain are under the jurisdiction of the Aurora and elder committees, and the external environment is very stable. His disappearance will not have much impact.

As the day passed, it finally came to the day of Kesuye’s departure. For this Old Brother, most of the Transcendent A Grade were more respectful. On the day he left, they came to see him off.

After the battle of World Tree, most people have ally affection, and the relationship is much better than before, and Kesuye is a kind guy who is very popular.

The airport terminal of super power Sacred Domain contains a variety of high-tech long-distance spaceships docked on the track, the hatch opened, Kesuye and Vower have packed their things, standing in front of the gangway to say goodbye to everyone, quite reluctant to say goodbye feel.

“Expeditionary cosmos is full of unknown dangers, you two must be careful.” Aurora said on behalf of the crowd.

Kesuye laughed, “It’s okay, anyway, there is Black Star on the bottom…hā hā, just kidding, our abilities are placed here, it will not be so easy to fall into danger.”

“If you go, it is estimated that you will not come back for a long time. There is no news, alas… I won’t find you to play cards again.” Kand was a little sad.

“It’s okay, we don’t have much super power Sacred Domain, but there are many card friends.” Kesuye shook his head to say with a smile.

At this time, Manison stepped forward, patted Kesuye’s shoulder, did not say much, and said concisely: “Goodbye old friend, all the way is smooth.”

“Thanks, I also wish you a smooth retreat.” Kesuye put away his smile and nodded in greeting.

Not counting Black Star’s words, among all people, his relationship with Manison is actually the best. The two have known each other for hundreds of years, and they have known each other for a long time. You know my background and I understand your details. , Feelings are not ordinary.

Most of the farewells to Kesuye are the Transcendent A Grade of the current era, and on the other side, Vower is surrounded by the first batch of revived Prime of the covenant organization.

“We made the covenant together, and our companions died. Only you persist until now. We all didn’t expect you to really complete this business.”

“You have worked so hard all these years. If it weren’t for you, we would still be asleep.”

“Although in our active era, you not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, but now we know that you may be the best among us.”

Many Primes are full of emotion.

Vower expressionless, waved his hand, “Don’t say anything about the past, I’m just carrying out the original promise, nothing is commendable… It’s a pity that although we really achieve our wish, success will be resurrected in the future, but the times It doesn’t belong to us anymore.”

Beagle sighed and said in a distressed tone: “Ai, no matter what, we are always grateful for your work. When you miss us, just take a look at the Prime set of cards we gave you. This is our Wien Card Issue group headquarters, the first generation out-of-print card that’Friendly’ is coming to…”

“I’ll take it.” Vower was speechless, but there was still an imperceptible smile on the reserved face.

Everyone bid farewell for a while, and finally finished saying what they should say, Kesuye and Vower looked at each other.

“Let’s go.”

The two finally nodded to everyone, and then turned their heads without reluctance, and boarded the spaceship.

wēng wēng wēng ——

Everyone watched the spaceship start slowly, glide along the track, take off into the cosmos space, suddenly accelerated, and instantly disappeared into the depths of the starry sky, leaving only a bright trail of flames.

Manison withdraw gazes, turning his head and leaving without saying hello to others.

He decided to enter a long-term retreat starting today, cut off from the world, learn technology down-to-earth, and devote himself to scientific research.

Rather than taking shortcuts, he still prefers to rely on his own wisdom, as always, never changed.


At the same time, Ethereal Religion, Shrine.

A fleet of voyages is ready to go.

“Your Distinguished Self, Urnos, have you decided, do you really want to go to Expeditionary cosmos?”

A group of priests surrounded them with complicated expressions.

“I have discovered that the key to the road ahead is hidden in the depths of the starry sky.”

Urnos looked at the star river with deep eyes.

Just a few months ago, he finally unearthed his hidden perception and sensed the location of the Transcendent force in the starry sky, just like the Morning Star, pointing finger towards to lead the direction.

Finally, he decided to pursue his intuition, leave the Expeditionary cosmos, go to an unknown area, and look for an opportunity to enter Transcendent divine grade.

“In this case, we respect your choice… The leader asked us to give a special message. He said that he hopes that when you return, you will be the first transcendent divine grade.”

“Tell him, he will do what he wants.”

Urnos responded lightly and stepped into the spaceship.

Next moment, the fleet of Ethereal Religion slowly took off, facing the sky full of starlight, heading for an unknown road.


ps: (Py pushes the new book of Hao Jiyou in July, it is amazing, the name is called “New Book”. I am an old historical author in July, so there is no doubt about his skills. The background dynasty selected this time is “crossed” The era of “over” Wang Mang and “big demon tutor” Liu Xiu is very interesting to listen to. If you are interested, please take a look at it)

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