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The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1449


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super power Sacred Domain, a no man’s land.

The energy of a group of brilliant lights and vibrant colors floats in the cosmos space, its shape is unpredictable, like a colorful cloud kneaded by invisible strength. All kinds of high-energy particles flow through it, like electrical signals released when neurons are active, and the entire energy cluster is like a small-scale nebula-like energy field brain.

Evans floats in the center, with a serious expression, delicately manipulating various energies, constantly improving the brain of this nebula.

But suddenly, the energy nebula swelled unsteadily, and the nerve bridge built by various energies collapsed in a chain, and a violent chain reaction occurred quickly.

Just as the energy nebula was about to expand and burst, Evans opened his hands and opened his ability Domain. Manic’s energy suddenly stabilized, contracted rapidly, and turned into a dazzling ball of light that was as large as a human head, and was sucked into the body by Evans.

“Ai, failed again…”

Evans expression is helpless, secretly sighed.

Since seeing the battle of Transcendent divine grade in the war, he has deeply felt his lack of strength and has always yearned for the inconceivable power.

Originally, after the end of the war, everyone started taking vacations, but Evans is one of the very few people who have not slackened down and has been immersed in the development of ability.

On the one hand, the motivation is his own pursuit, and on the other hand, Evans still keeps in mind the high expectations Black Star has for him, and is unwilling to waste his hard-earned potential and strive to achieve the level that Black Star expects.

It’s that Ability God is very pleased with this, thinking that Evans has always remembered to help him suspend the Black Star’s promise, and always give it to him to guide Evans’ cultivation.

“I hope I can be promoted as soon as possible. Black Star Your Distinguished Self told me that he hopes that I will be the mainstay of the super power Sacred Domain in the future and cannot let him down…”

Evans clenched his fists, secretly encouraging.

Just as he was about to try again, his perception suddenly moved and he looked far in one direction.

I saw the streamer coming from far to near, a spaceship quantum leap, hovering not far away, a strong silhouette flew out, it was Carotel.

“Hey, it turns out that you are here. I said when there is a high-energy reaction zone in the territory.”

When Carotel saw Evans, the snack was startled, and Active spoke up.

“Uh, hello.” Evans hesitated, and nodded said hello.

Although the two are both Black Star Legion members, they don’t communicate much with each other. They just know the basic situation of each other, and they only know each other.

“What are you doing here?” Evans was curious.

“I was looking for an extreme environment, tempering fleshy body, spaceship sensed a high-energy response, so I came over. It turns out that you are exercising, no wonder.”

“Oh, it turned out to be like this…”

The two were not familiar with each other, and brace oneself had a few awkward conversations, and found that there was no topic, and gradually became silent.

But no one left, big eyes staring at small eyes, and the atmosphere slowly became weird.

speaking of which, during the retreat and cultivation stage, the two always thought that they were the only one Seeded Contestant who received special treatment from Black Star. After coming out of the mountain, they were surprised to learn the existence of each other and realized that they were not the only one.

This kind of relationship has kept the two people’s thoughts about each other very subtle. On the one hand, they are curious about each other’s details, and on the other hand, they are curious about which point Black Star looks at each other…

This kind of mentality is roughly equivalent to two top students in the same class, both of whom are treated as a teacher by the teacher, subconsciously producing a competitive psychology…

After a long time, Carotel gave a dry cough, broke the silence, and tried to speak:

“How about… let’s practice?”

“…sounds good.”

Evans and Carotel’s eyes met in mid-air, and sparks seemed to be ignited.


Black Star Legion headquarters, the fleet commander’s office.

Melos sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, looking at the Sunilians in front of him, extend the hand and pushed the wine glass on the table.

“Drink a little?”

“No need for Melos Your Distinguished Self.”

Melos didn’t care, looked at the headed Sunilian, and nodded:

“You are the Sunilian leader of this first-gen, yes, yes, the last leader mentioned you to me, saying that you are very smart and capable.”

“Overpraised.” The leader is nodded.

Sunilian is the ethnic group of Melos. Since the rise of Black Star Legion, Melos, as the earliest old leadership, has deep authority and has given back many resources to the ethnic group within its ability.

Therefore, every Sunilian leader of the first-gen will come to visit him, equivalent to a dock, and this first-gen is no exception.

“Since you are a leader, do it well.”

Melos encouraged him, looking at the young Sunilian behind him, raising his eyebrows:

“These are…”

“Melos Your Distinguished Self, these are several potential young people in my immediate family. They hope to enter the Black Star Legion. Please take care of them.” Leader Sunilian respectfully said.

Melos looked at a few people, and the young people immediately raised their heads, quite nervous.

When I see this, Melos shook the head and said: “Legis has changed a person in charge. Now Nilo is in charge, but the standard is still strict as before. I can make them official members, but whether they can climb up, still It depends on their own abilities.”

“many thanks Your Distinguished Self.” The Sunilian leader saluted.

Melos waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t need to be polite, then he paused, and suddenly the conversation turned around and said:

“From now on, every first-gen leader of you should not visit me anymore. You should be more independent. Leave me now.”

The Sunilian leader shook slightly, his face was complicated, but he didn’t say anything. He should bow his head and leave with human interest.

After the entire group left, another person walked in. It was Silvia, who had been eavesdropping outside for a while.

“Not bad, you finally decided not to use official authority for private interests anymore.” Silvia joked.

“Jing nonsense, I have always thought about legion.” Melos rolled the eyes.

“Just kidding that’s all, but I’m curious, why don’t you help the race anymore.” Silvia blinked.

“They can’t always rely on me, or they will become dependent sooner or later. After nearly a hundred years, the habit cultivated by the first-gen generation is already showing signs of this. I can’t ignore it.” Melos shook his head, said solemnly: “Besides …… Black Star was able to tolerate me before, but now that I have changed people in power, I will have to be acquainted in the future.”

Silvia twitched his lips, did not speak, stood in front of the window with his hand held hands, and looked at the bright star river outside the window, suddenly sighed and muttered:

“It’s been 100 years since I was dazzling…”

Melos also turned his head and looked out the window, and said in a low voice, “Yes, it’s been 100 years…We actually followed Black Star to this step today. Sometimes I think about it, it’s like a dream. If Black Star hadn’t invited Me, I might live muddleheaded in my own tavern for a lifetime.”

“If I didn’t meet him…” Silvia paused and shook her head: “Perhaps I have died in a corner of cosmos, where is the life we ​​can expect now…”

The two quietly looked out the window and stopped talking, tasting their memories in silence.


In peaceful times, time passed more silently, and several months passed in a blink of an eye.

On this day, the three major civilizations joined the Conference Hall.

“Recently, the popularity of Transcendent A Grade has been floating, and the expansion of super power Sacred Domain is amazing.”

“Fortunately, Clottey and Oulu have stabilized the situation, otherwise, I am afraid that the direct line will switch to super power Sacred Domain.”

The three major Civilization Heads frown and sigh.

Super power Sacred Domain broke the old pattern. As the original vested interests, they naturally couldn’t feel comfortable, but they could only endure waves of shock silently.

“Speaking of which, Black Star hasn’t appeared in this period of time. Hasn’t he already completed the Sanctuary recovery, what has he been up to during this period?” The Void Spirit leader was curious.

“Who knows, I can’t get information anyway.” Mabrus was helpless.

“It’s no way for him to disappear for so long. If the Star Alliance sends a new lurker, Black Star happens to be gone, even if it’s about to show off.”

“Speaking of which, if Black Star is willing to help, as long as he controls the leader of the Star Alliance, then we can win very easily, but he doesn’t want to help.”

“Hey, with the personality of Black Star, where there are absolute things, I think the price is not enough. As long as some conditions are set, he should still agree.”

“It makes sense, but he has a big appetite now. We have to think about what bargaining chips can move him…”

Just as the three were discussing how to drag Han Xiao away to invade the Star Alliance, a remote projection suddenly appeared in the room. It was Han Xiao.

The three were shocked.

“Black Star? You…you’re back, why don’t you just report it…” Mabrus said halfway, came back to his senses, frowning, dissatisfied: “Hey! You should not invade again Has the empire’s database gone?”

Han Xiao did not respond to Mabrus’s dissatisfaction, but glanced at the three of them with inexplicable eyes and spoke slowly:

“I’m here this time to share Sanctuary information. Let’s develop together. If I’m not happy, then I will leave.”

The three of them were taken aback.

“Are you serious? Do you really want to take us to develop Sanctuary?”

Louis’s tone was hesitant, a little unbelievable. He used to think Black Star was joking.

Han Xiao nodded, but suddenly the conversation changed and the tone was meaningful:

“But before working together, I have something to tell you… what I want to say next, you whatever happens|10 million don’t be afraid…”


The leader of Void Spirit is a bit funny, a little disapproving.

“We have experienced enemies like World Tree. What else can we be afraid of? Just say, we are all people who have seen winds and waves and can’t scare us.”

Han Xiao raised the eyebrow head with a playful expression.

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