The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1450


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“Okay, what I want to say next is the truth about the entire cosmos transition, which is more important than all the things you have experienced before and now. Let me say in advance, if you have any meeting schedules later, they will all be pushed. .”

Han Xiao shook his head with the expression taking in the entire scene that the three people disapproved of, and his tone was beyond doubt.

“The truth about cosmos?”

The three of Mabrus looked at each other in blank dismay. Seeing Han Xiao did not seem to be joking, they couldn’t help but be suspicious.

Han Xiao snapped his fingers and called out a virtual screen with a virtual scene of the birth and death of cosmos playing on it, explaining:

“When cosmos comes to an end, everything will return to nothingness. Phenomenon such as heat death and great collapse are the ending of cosmos that many scientists have guessed or foreseen. All signs and experiments show that these all are likely to be the correct doomsday model But this is only under normal circumstances… But the trend of our cosmos does not follow the most primordial natural laws. A long time ago, our cosmos was transformed by an ultimate civilization, and the underlying laws of the information state changed. On the day when our cosmos ends, what awaits us is not heat death or collapse, but a phenomenon called Restart.”

“Big Restart?”

The three of them looked confused.

The scientific research community is not without similar conjectures, but it is not a mainstream argument, and there is no decisive evidence support. Most of the testimony comes from some unknown items generated by the disturbance of the information state, such as the virtual mutiny virus of the year, and the suspected pre-Restart civilization. But it is not enough to be an iron proof, because it is not sure whether it is not the civilization of Expeditionary cosmos, or the civilization of the earlier timeline.

So Mabrus and the three are not unfamiliar with the concept of this term. They just wonder why Han Xiao is so sure about the existence of Restart.

Han Xiao glanced at the expression of the three of them, and said slowly:

“The Big Restart I mentioned is not the same as what you understand… Ultimate civilization’s transformation of the underlying laws of cosmos has caused cosmos to deviate from the laws of the end of nature, so the time for the end is much earlier. And every major Restart is a brand new iteration. A new civilization is reproduced in the zeroed cosmos, but due to factors such as greatly shortened development time, the strength of the one by one iterative civilization Transcendent passed the initial establishment of the major Restart The probability of ultimate civilization is infinitely reduced.”

“So this is a bad news?” Mabrus murmured, “In this case, if all civilization develops from scratch, no one can survive the end of cosmos and achieve the so-called… how does that buzzword say, Transcendent? “

Han Xiao shook the head, “This is the point I want to talk about… Although the big Restart has zeroed cosmos, things in different iterations will inherit to new iterations in a special way, and this medium is your heart and mind Sanctuary.”

The three of them were taken aback.

Han Xiao each minding their own business said: “The original ultimate civilization to transform cosmos was to continue their civilization through Restart. They failed, but it was not in vain. Sanctuary is their legacy, which was originally The reserved fire library, but special information alienization appeared in the iteration change, and became the Sanctuary today, which is currently known only one will not disappear in the big Restart.

The role of Sanctuary is to store the information state of the development of each iteration, and at each major Restart, random allows part of the information to be integrated into the cosmos law of the new iteration. Therefore, cosmos did not completely reset to zero during the big Restart, but constantly changed the underlying laws during the one by one iteration. In this way, the results of each iteration are inherited to subsequent iterations, such as the current secondary dimension world, It is the legacy of the iteration, not a natural phenomenon. “

“So you mean… the cosmos we live at this time is not the most primordial cosmos, but the world that has been changed so many times? Sanctuary is equivalent to a… uh, processor?” Louis tentatively asked.

Han Xiao nodded: “Almost, the first-gen generation of civilization used Sanctuary as a breakthrough for the excessive Restart, so Sanctuary has been mutated with various new functions in the follow-up, and Sanctuary recovery is just one of them. The most important point of Sanctuary is that it stores all the information of all the civilization iterations and their last words before the end of the day. They are all left for future generations to refer to. This is a long relay that spans countless iterations, only for someone to break it. This loop.”

hearing this, the three of them showed a surprised look. Although Han Xiao’s tone was very calm, they thought of the first-gen generation of civilization as the relay of the same target, and they couldn’t help but secretly lose their minds for this grand cause.

But after two seconds, the three came back to his senses, and their breathing suddenly became heavy for a moment.

At this moment, they suddenly realized that if what Black Star said was true, the iterative civilization data stored in Sanctuary was an incalculable terrifying wealth.

And Black Star alone controls this wealth. If they don’t say it, they can’t get involved, but he doesn’t develop it himself, but chooses to say it. Isn’t it so unselfish?

Because of this, the three of them felt more shocked at the moment, and fell silent for a while, silently digesting the shock in their hearts.

After a while, the leader of Void Spirit hesitated to speak, probed: “You want to cooperate with us to develop Sanctuary, is it because you are going through the Restart? Although what you just said is really amazing, let me To put it bluntly, the so-called Restart is still far away from us, right? It’s too early to worry about this now…”

hearing this, Han Xiao showed a faint smile, “Do you think it’s early?”

“Hmm…” Upon seeing this, the leader of Void Spirit couldn’t help being stared wide-eyed, and said in amazement: “Could it be that our cosmos has reached the end, and the big Restart is coming?”

The other two were shocked, their expressions in shock and disbelief.

“We finally beat World Tree Civilization and enjoyed the rare ease, didn’t expect…” Mabrus mixed feelings.

However, Han Xiao shook the head, “You misunderstood, our iteration is still early to the end.”

The three of us sighed in relief.

But before they were completely relaxed, Han Xiao suddenly said something astonishing, making the three of them stunned.

“But you have already Restarted.”

The voice falls.

The head of the Void Spirit shocked his body and his face was stunned.

“What do you mean?”

“Four times.” Han Xiao raised four fingers and slowly said: “Our cosmos has been Restarted four times… In the last iteration, you were ultimate civilization, and you started a project called The information state stripping plan successfully passed the big Restart, but did not really enter the next iteration of the new cosmos, but became a closed dark side cosmos, in self-circulation, self-restart… In other words, you are all dead. People of the second time, just don’t know it yet!”

The three of them looked confused, and they were shocked not knowing what to do.

Han Xiao has been brushing the first Sanctuary permission for this period of time, in and out, each time the time consumed is getting shorter and shorter, until the permission reaches the 15th level, the Time Flow Speed ​​finally converges, the time between the main cosmos and the Sanctuary The ratio is one to one, and all the content of the message board is unlocked.

At this point, Han Xiao has gradually understood everything. The messages from the last fourth paragraph to the first paragraph of Sanctuary are actually all left by the iteration of “three major civilizations”!

Zhuxinglian is located in the reciprocal fifth segment, which is the last iteration of the three major civilizations. The reciprocal fourth segment is the new iteration after the major Restart. The three major civilizations are the ultimate civilization developed by the new iteration. In that period, not at All “World Tree” this thing, the three major civilizations slowly multiplied, and finally successfully discovered Sanctuary, and learned all the information about iteration.

Because the plans of the previous iteration of the Star Alliance were very desirable, the three major civilizations were inherited and improved to form the “Information State Stripping Plan”.

However, the three major civilizations at that time were very clear that with their accumulation, they were not absolutely sure to spend the Restart, and did not want to stake all on one throw, so the real target of this plan was not to completely overcome the Restart, but for itself Buy more time-strip the information state of the whole cosmos, try to imitate the operation of the Star Alliance, exist in the new iteration as a secondary dimension, dark side cosmos, and continue to cycle Restart.

The difference is that the three major civilizations have made almost perfect improvements on the shoulders of giants following the ideas of the Star Alliance, so they successfully peeled off the “information state” of the entire iteration, and in the next iteration A closed dark side cosmos is formed, based on the information state, like a “virtual” world, “parallel development” with faster Time Flow Speed…Like parallel lines, it is difficult to compete with the “real” iterative master cosmos Intersect, it is difficult to interfere with each other.

Han Xiao sorted out the time relationship after learning all the contents of the message board-assuming that Zhuxinglian is the No. 1 iteration, then the three major civilizations are the No. 2 iteration ultimate civilization, and the information state stripping plan is started. Transformed into the dark side cosmos of No. 3 iteration, and No. 3 iteration is the current real iteration.

…It was also here that Han Xiao learned that Sanctuary does not actually reserve an information state shell for the current iteration, and there is no “tombstone”. The three major civilizations and World Tree Civilization’s empty-shell photospheres I saw in Sanctuary are actually the remnants of the No. 2 iteration. The reason why there is no content inside is because it was “stripped off” and became No. 3 The dark side of iterative cosmos.

But the cycle of dark side cosmos is not immutable like the star alliances, but has formed a kind of “small Restart” operation law. The three major civilizations of No. 2 iteration use Sanctuary in every “cosmos Restart” With the addition of new rules, the Restart of Darkside Cosmos is also included in Sanctuary’s influence.

The difference from the “big Restart” is that every “small Restart” of Darkside Cosmos is not reset to zero, but is based on the established information template, which means that there will inevitably be “three major civilizations” and other forces. Before the three major civilizations came into contact with Sanctuary, the development trajectories were basically the same…Han Xiao called this situation “dark-side iteration”.

Therefore, when Darkside Cosmos restarts each time, it will add the improved results of the last darkside iteration, but there is a probability of “information alienization” that’s all… The three major civilizations use this method to buy time for themselves. Get more trial and error opportunities.

“You wait for me to stroke…” Mabrus answered blankly.