The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1451


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The three people digested it for a while before finally understanding the information Han Xiao had revealed.

Louis hesitated.

“Black Star, are you fooling us…”

“Unfortunately, not this time.” Han Xiao shrugged.

Mabrus’ expression is weird, Profound Yin Taoism: “In other words, we are all people who have died and rebirth several times. Equivalent to being trapped in a closed secondary dimension, and our ultimate target is breakthrough This secondary dimension, back to the main cosmos?”

“Well, although the difference is quite big, you can understand it this way.” Han Xiao blinked.

“It means that everything that our civilization has experienced from nothing to experience is a destined development trajectory, which has happened several times a long time ago, or was it created by us “in person”?”

“It’s almost like that.” Han Xiao nodded.

“You wait for me to slow down…”

The Void Spirit teacher pressed his forehead and felt his blood pressure soar.

Suddenly impacted by so much information, the three felt that the three views formed in their past lives were shattered. In such a situation, they found that all the political and military issues they usually consider have become insignificant stand up.

“So we are so good…”

Mabrus still murmured in shock on his face.

Han Xiao ruthlessly interrupted his imagination: “It’s not that you are great, but the three great civilizations of the ultimate body. Compared with the pinnacle’s “self” of the past, you are three younger brothers. Don’t go now. Gold on the face of the three major civilizations. Without me, you still don’t know anything.”


The three felt a little bit heartbroken.

Although this is the truth, shouldn’t it make us intoxicated a little bit?

But no matter what, when they suddenly learned of these secrets, the three of them still had an inexplicable mentality that their ancestors had passed away, and they felt their waists straightened.

“Black Star, you really gave us a fright…” Mabrus smiled bitterly, “I am confused now, I don’t know what to do.”

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows and said jokingly: “Didn’t you say you have seen winds and waves? Have you seen this?”

“Cough, I think I should talk about how to break the closure of the dark side cosmos and return to the real cosmos…”

The old face of the Void Spirit teacher turned black, and he quickly changed the subject, not wanting to admit that he was careless.

Han Xiao didn’t answer directly, he turned around and said slowly:

“I know you are still a little bit skeptical in your heart, thinking that these were fabricated by me. When you enter the Sanctuary, confirm that the information I said is correct, and then talk about what to do in the future… By the way, I remind you, Sanctuary check Iteration messages require permission. You can only know the information of Dao Foundation at the first time when you enter, that is, iterative, large Restart and other information. As for information such as dark side iteration and cycle Restart, you will not see it for the time being. Only when I completely unlocked the permissions did I know these things.”

“Uh, it turned out to be like this…”

The three have not witnessed the efficacy of Sanctuary with their own eyes. At this time, they could only listen to Han Xiao’s explanation, but believed most of them. Because of this easy-to-verify thing, Black Star didn’t have to lie to them.

It’s just that the three of Mabrus still feel itchy. It feels like watching a suspense movie. They only watched the beginning, and Black Star knew all the vascular system, but didn’t tell them who the murderer was, which made people curious. Tight.

However, the three of them do still have concerns. They dare not fully believe what Han Xiao said. Only when they enter the Sanctuary to take a look, can they rest assured.

“I will send you the way to enter the Sanctuary in a while, and I will synthesize three Sanctuary keys for you. Go in by yourself, lest when the time comes and say what I did.”

Han Xiao waved his hand and said casually.

Only he can quickly generate the Sanctuary key. Even the three major civilizations with rich materials still need time to collect materials, so without his help, the three major civilizations cannot enter and exit the Sanctuary frequently. This is what he currently controls the Sanctuary. With confidence, I don’t mind letting the three major civilizations at this time enter the Sanctuary.

“This is the best.”

The three hurriedly nodded, like a good baby.

“Okay, then you first digest the truth of cosmos iteration, I won’t bother, and I will send you the information later.”

Han Xiao nodded, hung up the communication.

The remote projection disappeared, and the three Mabrus looked at each other in blank dismay, with different expressions.

“We didn’t expect Black Star to bring this kind of information…If what he said is true, then our arrangements for future development will have to be re-planned.”

“Yes, if the situation is true, then there is no point in our peaceful development here. We must break through our destiny, fulfill our one by one last life, and enter the so-called real cosmos.”

“Don’t say so much for now, let’s stroke it from the beginning…”

The three heads gathered together, and they discussed violently.


super power Sacred Domain, leadership office.

Han Xiao’s eyes flashed and returned to the room, with complex emotions suddenly appearing in his eyes.

He pretended to be confident and ancient well without ripples in front of the three major civilizations. In fact, when he learned these truths from Sanctuary, he was equally shocked, but it also solved his many years of doubts.

In fact, Han Xiao still has a lot of his own secret conjectures that Shi Cai did not tell the three major civilization Head of State, such as the existence of the panel, in his opinion, there are three probabilities.

First, the panel is a special product formed when iterating the real state of cosmos into the dark-surface cosmos information state, which is like a high-dimensional object coming to a low-dimensional object, which has special advantages, just like a piece of paper for humans At a glance, or the part of the information that the low-dimensional cannot express.

The second probability is the product of information alienization.

The three guess is that the three major civilizations of the second darkside iteration project the “information collection” of the darkside cosmos to the real cosmos, and the real state is pulled through “landing”, and the panel is the necessary medium to complete this step. It can be regarded as a special kind of “retractor” and “recorder”, so it may be the product of the three major civilizations that have been deliberately produced to ensure that the true state remains in the dark side cosmos for a long time.

It’s just that, regardless of the type, the panel is unique to Darkside Cosmos and cannot enter the real cosmos. The evidence for Han Xiao to speculate on this is that when he enters Sanctuary, the panel will The phenomenon of disappearance… Because Sanctuary does not only exist in the dark side cosmos, so the panel fails there.

As for his own “special” panel, Han Xiao also had some guesses.

In his opinion, this is either the three major civilization iterations of the third dark side in order to build a stable interference bridge, and deliberately create a life guarantee for the “information individuals” who enter the dark side cosmos to ensure that he can be “stable” “Living in the dark side cosmos reduces the chance of his death due to various accidents; or it is the result of normal panel information alienization after the dark side iteration.

According to the various performances of the panel, Han Xiao prefers the former. When the panel triggers a quest, he will often reveal more information in the quest introduction, because the development trajectory of the dark side cosmos is almost fixed, so for the third dark side iteration For the three major civilizations, it is completely possible to improve the panel to a function similar to “Prophet”…Of course, it does not rule out that the panel itself has the hidden principle of monitoring the entire dark surface cosmos.

In addition, when the player is online (real state interference), he can enter the player forum through the panel to spy on a group of “real state” information exchanges. During the Edition Update period, the forum was also frozen for him. From this perspective, the special panel on his body really seemed to be an important medium and channel for communicating the truth.

This reminds Han Xiao of the two information threads that he saw from the panel when he used the information state to obliterate his vision. One is connected to himself, and the other extends infinitely. Looking back now, this end represents I am afraid that the target of the connection is the entire dark side cosmos…… This seems to corroborate this idea.

On the other hand, Han Xiao also speculated about the principle of Edition Update Time Flow Speed… In the mainstream scientific theory of Star Sea, time is relative, not absolute. From this perspective, set off and leave a message based on Sanctuary Inferring the content of the board, he feels that the time of the dark side cosmos and the real cosmos is not related to itself, and some are just the difference in relative speed.

The real cosmos is the No. 3 iteration of the basic. The dark side cosmos must be attached to it, but the dark side cosmos is faster than the Time Flow Speed. Restart is repeated again and again, and the two sides do not affect each other. But when the player goes online, the information entangled between the dark side cosmos and the real cosmos, the time flow speeds of the two sides are integrated, and the time between the dark side cosmos and the real cosmos flows synchronously in a stable ratio, which is one to six… The reason behind this is that the real cosmos still dominates, and the player whose “foundation” exists in the real cosmos will not be adversely affected.

And when the real state of the temporary “landing” of the player group disappeared, the degree of information interference plummeted, so the Time Flow Speed ​​of the dark side cosmos was disconnected from the real cosmos…The form of this conjecture is right As far as the player is concerned, Edition Update only takes 1~2 days, and many years have passed since Star Sea World. Han Xiao thinks this kind of probability is not small.

He even suspects that since the second darkside iteration, the information alienization of darkside cosmos has been frequently released. It may be the changes brought about by the introduction of the real state in the third darkside iteration… if the real cosmos and Sanctuary are regarded as With the existence of higher dimensions, the projected projection will be distorted and “distortion” will occur, causing the information realization device of the third dark-surface iteration to become the World Tree, and the control valve of the fourth dark-surface iteration becomes the pivot snake .

“Besides this reason, perhaps Darkside Cosmos is the same as the original Star Alliance dimension. Only external information carriers can drastically change the development trajectory, bring new variables, and add surprises… Even if Darkside Cosmos is not A rigid loop may also require such variables.”

Han Xiao’s eyes change.

Although many of these claims are conjectures based on the truth revealed by Sanctuary’s comments, in his opinion, the probability is very high.

“Even if this is a long relay that spans iterations, every civilization definitely wants to be the last one. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, every civilization wants to continue. No one wants to be extinct. The first three It’s understandable for civilization to do this, but…”

Han Xiao shook the head, feeling complicated.

If all the inferences are correct, then I will be equivalent to the hope of the entire dark side cosmos……

For him personally, this is a multiple choice question.