The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1452


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Han Xiao opened the cabinet and took out a box of Scarlet Empire special cigarettes that were not open. He tore the package and pulled out a black cigarette wrapped in broken golden flower patterns. Rubbed his fingers, the sparks flashed, and It ignited, held it on its mouth, and took a slow sip. The azure smoke rose in full, covering the complex expression, and the sullen eyes were faintly discernible in the smoke.

Since entering Interstellar, Han Xiao has basically quit smoking. He has not tasted the smell of cigarettes for nearly a hundred years, but today is a long-lost cigarette.

This is not an easy choice. If the hometown is the current iteration of the real cosmos, once the dark side cosmos returns, it will be like a dove occupying a magpie’s nest, and a torrent of countless powerful civilizations will sweep Interstellar. Han Xiao does not know whether the current iteration of the real cosmos has a higher civilization, because his hometown is just a surface-level civilization, and there is no full picture of Expeditionary cosmos, but his hometown, as an information interface, will inevitably bear the brunt of change.

For the Old Yu family, this is not a good thing or a bad thing. The only certainty is that if the hometown is absolutely impossible, if it develops freely, it will inevitably be interfered by higher civilization, just like all kinds of small- in the Interstellar society. Scale civilization is the same as Planet Surface Civilization.

It’s just that the three major civilizations that have carried out four dark-side iterations have half-stepped into the real cosmos, just a step away, they have a chance to really get through the big Restart, this is one by One ultimate civilization’s final dream from the relay inheritance. Now I have the ability to help them succeed… Do I want to sit back and watch the truth. The three major civilization efforts are wasted? or for They gave the last boost?

Although Han Xiao is struggling, he actually knows that he already has the answer in his heart… Revealing the Sanctuary information to the three major civilizations is to help him make up his mind and not look back.

This is the great cause of countless iterations of relays. It is a great honor to be one of the greats. In addition, it is also related to the survival of a cosmos… The time of living in Interstellar society is far away from Transcendent. Cosmos’ life is longer. If you have no feelings for Interstellar society, it’s definitely impossible.

Furthermore, with Han Xiao’s current experience, he feels that the probability of his hometown becoming the current iteration of ultimate civilization is minimal. Perhaps even becoming a galaxy grade civilization is an extravagant hope and the future is bleak.

In the middle of the 21st century before he entered the dark side cosmos, the social problems in his hometown were already very acute, just like a train that has been running for years with Overload, and various breakdowns are coming one after another.

Due to the complex geopolitical situation, the entire civilization wastes precious “birthplace resources” and inefficient use of resources. There are many problems that can be minimized only if they are resolved before entering the Interstellar era. The hometown did not form an efficient civilization collective will at a low level of technology. Once this opportunity is missed, it will be difficult to see again. The so-called small ship turns around, the larger the volume, the harder it will be to return. It is difficult to make changes. A little movement may cause an internal crisis that destroys the entire civilization.

Although his hometown may have a turning point in the future, according to Han Xiao’s trend before entering the dark side cosmos, the development trend of his hometown is analyzed on the scale of civilization and cosmos. It is really wind and rain shaking, struggling on whilst at death’s door, so after the birth of the virtual network in the previous life, it quickly became a safe haven for countless people to escape from reality.

According to this trend, the end result of his hometown may be natural extinction, or it may be annihilated or captured by unknown foreign civilization. In his eyes, most areas of his hometown do not have the aptitude to grow into a cosmos hegemon… …Unless there are no competitors.

But due to the existence of Sanctuary, this is obviously unlikely.

So Han Xiao feels that since it is difficult for his hometown to become a “winner” in a single iteration, when the dark side cosmos transformation is completed, it will bring risks and at the same time bring the successful plan of Restart and bring countless resources. And technology.

The ultimate civilization of the current iteration may not have grown up. The three major civilizations are likely to replace it and rule for a long time. This is somewhat unfair to the current iteration of civilization, but in this regard, civilization will not be modest, the weak It is difficult to choose one’s own destiny…Of course, it is not ruled out that the real cosmos already has the probability of strong civilization, but the civilization rating of the hometown is too low to know.

In addition, Han Xiao feels that he came to Darkside Cosmos, which seems to be the credit of the three major civilizations, and perhaps he should reciprocate.

“After all, I still have selfishness…”

Han Xiao squinted his eyes, suddenly shook his head and burst into laughter, a little self-deprecating.

He never considered himself to be a selfless man. In addition to these overall concerns, he chose to transform the dark side cosmos as the source of motivation and personal interests.

Becoming a “stable interference bridge” selected by random, seems to have spent all his luck. If you stand idly by, Darkside Cosmos will experience a cycle of Restart again, which may not have much impact here. But in the next dark side iteration, dark side cosmos will pull in a new real state carrier and become a new “stable interference bridge” to replace itself.

Due to the particularity of his identity, Han Xiao cannot guarantee that he will become a member of the cyclical development track of Darkside Cosmos after the Darkside iteration. Becoming a Transcendent divine grade does not necessarily mean that Transcendent has gone out of iteration. Darkside Cosmos’ “little Restart” may still make oneself disappeared…It is not so much that your choice is to save Darkside Cosmos as it is to save yourself.

So, this may be the only chance, Han Xiao does not want to bet.

“Huh…so this is a global invasion?”

thought to this point, Han Xiao was sure of his mind, no longer vomiting clouds and fog, the backhand only burned the one third cigarette and pressed it out in the ashtray without hesitation.


A few days later, a military restricted zone in the central Star Sea.

Three small-scale spaceships hover outside the Battlestar, ready to go.

In the military control tower on the side, the remote projections of the three Civilization Head of State are standing in front of the window, staring at the three spaceships outside. The expression is nervous and expectant. The operators in the room are on one by one instrument. Debug the parameters before.

At this time, Han Xiao’s remote projection appeared in the room, causing the three of them to turn their heads.

“How are you preparing?”

“We have filled the Sanctuary key in the synthesis device according to the Sanctuary opening method you provided, and we are waiting for actual use.” Mabrus immediately replied.

Han Xiao nodded, “Then who can enter Sanctuary?”

Louis said solemnly: “We have chosen a spaceship elite, reliable loyalty, my side is led by Oulu, Scarlet Empire is led by Clottey.”

Han Xiao looked at the leader of the Void Spirit, “What about you? Let Urnos take the lead?”

“I originally planned to let Urnos enter the Sanctuary, but he just left some time ago, so I didn’t choose him and found another direct line.” The Void Spirit instructor shook his head.

“…Really, the time he left is really unfortunate.”

Han Xiao’s expression is a bit subtle.

Due to the accumulation of Sanctuary permissions, I don’t know if Urnos returns, Ethereal Religion will let him become a Sanctuary Expeditionary again…

Well, he missed another big advantage. He always feels that any good things will miss him. This guy is old bad luck.

Louis saw that Han Xiao did not speak, opened the mouth and said; “If there is no problem, then shall we start?”

“Go ahead, I’ll watch it right here.” Han Xiao nodded.

hearing this, Mabrus nodded, ordered in the command channel.

Soon, this military fortress shot a few rays of light, gathered in the air, and slowly transformed into three Sanctuary passages-the Sanctuary keys provided by Han Xiao lead to different Sanctuary, which were opened together at this time, just in time Each of the three major civilizations will enter one.

Han Xiao has seen this kind of scene many times, and there is no response, but the three major civilization Head of State stared at the changes in the scene outside the window, seeming to want to keep in mind all the details generated by the Sanctuary channel. In my heart.

next moment, the three spaceships started up and sailed into different Sanctuary passages. Then, the Sanctuary rays of light revolved and shrank, and disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

Until this moment, the three major civilization heads relaxed their tensions and breathed a sigh of relief. There were feelings of expectation and anxiety in their hearts, for fear of accidents in the Sanctuary trip of the three squad, or did not bring them The information you want.

“They entered Sanctuary the first time, with very low permissions, and the time flow speed gap is huge. It takes a long time for them to come back.”

Han Xiao explained to the side.