The Legendary Mechanic Chapter

Looks like a whole campaign, there’s an invitation in the bookstore area, and interested brother-in-law arrests are wide enough to see.

Transcendental Mechanic first session

Time of activity: from now on to 20 December 2019.

Place of activity: Transcendental Mechanic Terminal.

Activities Requirements: Transcendental Mechanic has a greater value than trainee, otherwise invalid.

Transcendental Mechanic’s first Bibliography Games are as follows:

All the contestants are invited to use their wisdom to exagonist their favorite role, maybe protagonist, or horn. The content is indefinite and numerical, and the body is unlimited (please ask the electors to engage in their brave imagination).

Participating in this event must be entitled Transcendental Mechanic’s first Bibliography, otherwise invalid.

The awards

for this event are as follows:

the prize starts with $500,000.

second name: $300,000 for incentive (under one person)

3: Prize the beginning of $20000 (very hard to deal with)

fourteen: The incentive starts at 150,000.

five: The incentive starts at 10000.

sixteen to ten: The incentive starts at 5000.

Nos. 11 to 20th: The incentive starts in 2000.

20th to third ten: The incentive starts 1000.

Another prize for the best sand sculpture, the winner’s incentive to start a $5000 (sculpture can also be awarded).

(Booklets can be posted many times, but every month’s account number can be awarded only once)


right to final interpretation is officially owned (Transcendental Mechanic).

pS: If the number of participants has not been awarded many times, is that what it is?

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