The group entered the college’s central high-rise building, followed by the machinery system. Students were not allowed to enter at will, and they spent a while outside, and they were still trying to escape.

Several people came to the Dean’s reception room. The Dean gave a hospitality drink to the mechanical assistant who was wearing bionic skin. He asked Han Xiao to sit down and then said, “Black Star Your Distinguished Self, please wait. For a while, I will report your application to the top executive.”

Han Xiao nodded and watched the dean leave, and everyone stayed in the room waiting.

Nello is at the window, curiously looking at the scenery of the college. There are small-scale mechanical floating islands in the sky. The ground is lined with metal buildings. The outer walls are painted in yellow and blue, one by one. The mechanical skateboards travel between the buildings. The red, yellow and green forests planted in the college sway under the waves of the propellers, such as the forest waves. The alloy buildings coexist with the artificial green plants to form a harmonious tone. There is a special beauty that combines machinery and nature.

“The look here is very different from the Seablue Star, so beautiful~” Nello looked fresh and fresh.

“What is this, Scarlet Empire Motherstar’s Imperial College is not much more spectacular than here.” Han Xiao chuckled with a smile, taking Nile out to travel, in addition to scolding his European gas, he also took him out to open his eyes,

“Really, I want to see it too.” Nello is interested.

“There will be a chance to take you there in the future.” Han Xiao waved his hand and let Nello come back. He pointed to the drink on the table and said, “Come a bite, this is a good thing.”

On the table are a few cups of hot white liquid, with a strong milky fragrance and aroma. It is a kind of dairy product specially supplied by Tella Civilization. The liquid sway between the flicker and the pale golden light, as if the sun shines at dusk. In a milk river, sparkling.

Nilo took a sip of the cup, his eyes were round, and then he glanced up, gū dū dū poured a big mouth, and he breathed a sigh of relief, rubbing the white stains on his lips, and his face was still unfinished.

“Good to drink, good to drink is good milk.”

“Dry, what is this, I have not had such a good milk.”

Han Xiao smiled and introduced: “Tella civilization. When exploring a colonial star, I discovered a kind of endangered interstellar creature in cosmos. It is called the Herrepolis beast, commonly known as the nebula beast. It is extremely huge and covers the sky. Covering the sun, you can walk through the stars in the flesh, and some people call them giant mounts. The nebula beasts have very low fertility, they will only mate every 100 years or so, and they will enter the three-month lactation period after giving birth to the cubs. After three months, the young beast will be weaned. Only during the lactation period, the nebula will produce milk, rare and precious, unique in flavor and very nourishing. You drink their milk and have no price.”

“It turned out to be the case.” Nello stunned and licked his stomach. “No wonder the body is warm after drinking.”

“I still want to drink, drink my drink.” Han Xiao smiled.

Nello licked his lips, was a little embarrassed, did a psychological struggle, and finally shook his head. “So precious things, can’t all give me a drink, dry up and hē ya.”

I heard a few people laughed.

“I won’t drink.” Han Xiao waved his hand and was a precious luxury for ordinary StarCraft citizens. It was the same thing in his eyes, and he wanted to always have it.

It’s just that he has no interest in luxury consumables. If you have this spare cash, you might as well buy a few extra-grade nutritious creams. This is his heart is good, it is convenient to eat, stamina recovers quickly, and the price is high.

After a chat for a while, the dean had not returned, and Han Xiao turned to look at the mechanical assistant secretary, who was still standing against the wall.

“What can I do for you?” The mechanical assistant responded to the line of sight and reacted immediately.

Han Xiao waved his hand and observed the bionic skin of the mechanical assistant secretary.

Not to mention, this dean seems to be highly respected by the seven old 80s. The layer of bionic appearance that is given to the mechanical secretary is so fascinating and fascinating. I am afraid that it has a full set of functions of “secretary”…

After waiting for a while, the dean pushed in and finally returned.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Black Star Your Distinguished Self, the above person agrees with your request and allows me to use your own permissions to help you find the data.”

“Well, thank you for the high level of Terra’s civilization.” Han Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and was able to solve his face. Things were much easier.

He couldn’t help but think that the galaxy grade civilization didn’t give himself a face. He had to ask for help. Now the Super Grade A’s Result of Face is much more powerful, and the star cluster grade civilization is willing to give it directly.

The dean pressed a few times on the desk, and the color of the desktop changed. It immediately became the operation screen of the internal database. He looked up and said: “Black Star Your Distinguished Self, do you remember the time and place of the data?”

Han Xiao nodded and said it again, the dean immediately entered the relevant parameters, run the search system, and find relevant data.

Although I promised to help, it would naturally not be easy for a Super A Grade mechanic to get started with the internal database.

There are countless items on the screen, and scrolling for a while, there is only one item left in the screen, which corresponds to the search parameters.

The dean exhaled. “I found it. It seems that Harofar had uploaded the files before, and the time and place were right to see if it was the data you wanted.”

Han Xiao came over and looked through it. Although he didn’t think that Harofar specializes in wormholes, he has relevant knowledge knowledge and can understand positioning coordinates data. However, this set of coordinates is not in the star map of cosmos. It’s very complicated, there is no reference to the star map, and there is nothing to see from the data. Only after research can you know where it will eventually lead.

“Ability God is so concerned about this set of data, and I don’t know where his clone was thrown into the cosmos…” Han Xiao said in his heart.

Confirming that this set of data was the time when Harofar exiled Ambassador God, Han Xiao glanced at the camera and took hundreds of photos to Philip’s database and then beheaded the Dean.

“It seems that I am lucky, I have already made a backup, thank you for this time.”

The dean turned off the screen and restored it to the desktop. He laughed. “You are satisfied, I have one thing I want to ask you.”

Han Xiao is not at all surprised. Tara civilization is naturally going to trade something from him, and will not help in vain.

“If you can, I will help.”

“Hey, you misunderstood, we just want to hire you to become an honorary professor of the official mechanical school of Terra in the name of the college.”

Just so simple? Han Xiao was a little surprised, thought about it, and suddenly lost.

As the only super A Grade mechanic of Broken Starlink, if he becomes a professor at the official mechanical institute of Terra’s Civilization, the college will be famous and the attraction will be soaring. Many machine system students will go to his famous college. Terra’s civilization provides more talent resources. Moreover, the position of a professor at any of the official colleges himself also represents a certain positional tendency, and the Taylor Civilization will not lose.

The people just helped, so Han Tau would not refuse, nodded, “I promised.”

The dean’s face was a joy. “Then I will let people deal with it right away. Yes, you are the honorary professor of the college. I hope that you can hold a lecture here. You can do it tomorrow, and you will not delay your time too much. If you don’t have any opinions, I will let people publicize in the college.”

“Oh, then I will bother you for a few more days here.”

When the voice fell, Han Xiao thought about it and suddenly said, “Yes, since I became a college professor, you can copy a copy of your college’s basic and enter step courses.”

This official college course has been carefully written, and the basic textbooks are of great use to the camp. Bring it back can systematically train legion’s machinery system super power.

Some high step super power people have strong personal strength, but they are not necessarily good at teaching… such as Ray cramming education, Nader is like this, now legion’s machine system course can be summarized from entry to earth, from enter step to advance Coffin, the player does not care, the training of the new recruit can be much worse.

Since he became an honorary professor at the college, Han Xiao also took advantage of it and made the best use of it.


Next day, Terra’s civilization announced that they had successfully hired Black Star to become an honorary professor of the official mechanical school, and contacted a large number of interstellar media to spread the news.

Now Broken Starlink Many civilizations are allies in the Black Star Legion business, and becoming an honorary professor at the official college is a step further than business. The first to get the news was Broken Starlink’s several star cluster grade civilizations, and they were surprised and suddenly, how did Black Star suddenly get together with Terra’s civilization.

Amethyst Civilization is even more alarming. Even if it is on the Scarlet Empire’s thief bed, we can’t afford it, recognize it, but you still have a look at the stinking neighbor of your family. You are a ghost, there is me in my eyes. The original match… cough, the earliest and most invested allies? !

It was bombarded by Levar’s phone and Han Xiao managed to calm the other party.

This news also caused an uproar in the official mechanical school of Terra, and countless students were shocked.

Black Star is our honorary professor and I have to give a lecture. !

The perverted dean is how to say Black Star’s!

Countless students were excited, and they were radiant and had light on their faces.

Originally, the lectures were arranged in the teaching building. However, there were too many students to attend, and the college finally decided to let Han Xiao open-air lectures in the central square.

On the day of the lecture, the scene was full of people, completely full, the position was not enough to sit, countless students stepped on the mechanical skateboard in the air, more than 90% of the entire college came.

Most of the teachers, faculty, and professors also ran around and listened. In the face of Super A Grade mechanic, they were also students.

On the high platform temporarily set up in the center of the square, Han Xiao stood in the middle and looked around the audience, laughing in his heart.

He thought that he only taught the audience to a small group of students. I didn’t expect the college to make such a big scene. It was a big eye, and there were many video equipments nearby. He recorded all his actions, and made concerts. Like, even a bit like preaching.

It’s impossible to play in the market. It doesn’t matter if he and Heboar are in the face of tens of thousands of interstellar citizens. Now, the lectures will not change his mindset. He will talk about his level of A Grade. Experience can satisfy these students.

However, Han Xiao always feels that he is not comfortable with this style of painting. At present, the core competitiveness of lectures is Austin’s bad old man.

“Cough cough, let’s get started…” Han Xiao cleared his throat and spoke.


“Black Star ran to give a lecture to the official college of a star cluster grade civilization? Go to Glittering World, and he still has time to do this?!”

At the headquarters of War Realm, Heboar was confused and couldn’t figure it out.

“This kid, I am afraid I don’t want to learn to get me an organization like a mechanical retreat?”

TEMP le of Secret Magic, Austin looks strange.

“Hey, I hate mechanic.”

Star Pupils God Race Motherstar, Sisko didn’t say that the screen was turned off. He didn’t want to see Han Xiao at all. Every time he saw Han Xiao wearing the Evolution Cube around his neck, his heart hurts… There are several pains. One.

“Hey, is this guy starting again?”

Scarlet Empire Embassy, ​​Suy shook his head and laughed. In his opinion, Han Xiao was not satisfied with the status quo and went to alliance with other star cluster grade civilization.

He is happy to see, as long as he does not delay the business, Suy can not help the imperial allies in a star field.

And the players playing at the Black Star Legion headquarters, some people found the broadcast in the interstellar channel, a hundred spread, and soon spread in the player group, more and more players open the communicator, curious See Han Xiao’s lecture.

“Weird, I thought the legion commander was always at the headquarters. I didn’t expect to see another civilization for a few days.”

“He is talking about it, it’s awkward, how can I not understand it?”

Just as many players were curious and onlookers, all of a sudden, the machine system players in the crowd were all shocked, and all of their panels showed up:

[You are listening to Black Star (Lv:?) about the knowledge system, because the gap is too large, intelligence and luck judgment… The end of the judgment, you seem to understand – your random a machine system skill gets 50000 points Experience

[You are listening to Black Star (Lv:?) about the knowledge system, because the gap is too large, intelligence and luck judgment… The end of the judgment, you think thoughtfully – your random two machinery system skill get 120000 points Experience


[You are listening to Black Star (Lv:?) about the knowledge of the machine system… The end of the judgment, you have a chance to move, and suddenly you realize that your random four machinery system skill has earned 350000 experience]

All the machine system players watching the broadcast were shocked.

“This is…teaching a skill experience?!”

Many machine system players are overjoyed.

This is the prompt when the NPC teaches the skill or experience to the player, but rarely encounters the event of the random increase of the skill experience. Many machine system players did not expect that they were only curious to see the broadcast of the legion commander, which would trigger this kind of good thing. ? !

Soon, the news was exposed on the forum, and it was like a hurricane that was passed to all the machine system player’s ears. Surprise was very high, and they opened up and broadcasted.

“fuck me, my machinery system skill has been upgraded!”

“This is the Random Event!”

“It’s much faster than my quest… I went, my [intermediate Machinery Affinity] is nine, and the level is full!”

“legion commander is almost finished!”

Upgrading the skill has always been a bottomless pit for experiencing the experience, and the machine system player is almost carnival.

The other four-lined players can only envy and hate, and watch the machine system player encounter the Random Event, earning a lot of money.

For a long time, Han Xiao did not personally teach the player the skill, because there was not too frequent interaction, many players gradually forgot his past deeds, and this wave of accidents, by chance, let countless players suddenly recalled His tutor identity.

His image in the mind of the player is instantly consolidated – the recognized machinery system top profession tutor!

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