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The four people stared at the TEMP le of Secret Magic, which was not far from the magical atmosphere. Austin’s came and made them horrified.


Sisko is even more suspicious.


Is this bad old man not always maintaining a neutral?


How would it appear here! It seems to be helping Black Star’s? !


“Austin, have you joined the Scarlet Empire?!” Sisko was furious and launched a thought power.


“No, oh.” Austin smiled.


“What are you doing here? This matter has nothing to do with you, keep your neutral, don’t come from trouble!” Sisko sank.


“Sorry, I have an agreement with Black Star, it has nothing to do with Scarlet Empire, this time is a private request.”


Austin smiled.


At the Tyrant party, in order to borrow the Evolution Cube, he agreed to Han Xiao’s multiple conditions. One of the requirements was to help Han Xiao do one thing within the scope of what he could and did not violate the principle. This is exactly what he appeared in. Here’s why.


When it was discovered that Ethereal Religion had changed, in order to be on the safe side, Han Xiao had already secretly invited Austin to be a foreign aid. In order to fulfill the agreement, Austin drove TEMP le of Secret Magic and sneaked into Glittering World through successive long-distance transfers, hiding in the ridiculous cosmos belt.


He didn’t use Scarlet Empire’s Stargate, but he claimed that he was going to other secondary dimensions to find magic material.


Because Super A Grade magician is too common to find materials in the secondary dimension, plus the fact that it is a neutral camp, the outside world directly ignores the trend of TEMP le of Secret Magic, including Ethereal Religion. No one wants Austin to operate. The civilization’s neutral party would have sneaked into Glittering World without the permission of the empire.


As a golden item, Cosmic Treasure, TEMP le of Secret Magic is an astronomical number that can be used for long-distance transfer. It took only ten days to sneak into the ridiculous cosmos band of Glittering World from Broken Starlink, which is higher than the speed of the stowaway. The spacecraft is many times faster. He found a place to stand by and launched the invisible array of TEMP le of Secret Magic, hiding himself, and the normal observing equipment was not so easy to detect the hiding power of a Cosmic Treasure Magician Tower.


Of course, Austin didn’t know that there were so many enemies at first. He thought that Ethereal Religion wouldn’t really be hands-on. He could easily complete the contract if he came over for a while, even if he was discovered by the empire, he had Black Star. The empire will not take him.


But he did not expect that Ethereal Religion actually made such a big scene!


After a lot of entanglement, he finally did not choose to stand by, secretly holding his nose and feeling bad luck, with TEMP le of Secret Magic support!


As a neutral faction, knowing that this is not in line with the principle of benefiting and avoiding harm, but since he has already promised Black Star’s request, Austin has not turned his back on the promise, and he still has this credibility.


Austin’s attitude to Serene, but no one actually knows that although he smiles on his face, he is actually MMP.


This blood loss!


Han Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, and the corner of his mouth pulled out a sharp arc. “Well, the old man, you are finally here. If you are there, you can share our pressure.”


Austin didn’t take a look at him, coldly said: “I am really crazy to intervene in this melee, using your Evolution Cube, I am losing money!”


As soon as this statement came out, Beyond felt a confidant. In his opinion, Milizus, who is fighting in outer space, is probably also deeply convinced.


Can’t help but turn around and look at Han Xiao, who is gradually recovering from injury, and Beyond’s eyes are full of bruises.


The baby is bitter, the baby does not say.


Han Xiao perceives his eyes, his mouth twitching, a five-finger bend, and a sharp needle on his fingertips, indicating that he is releasing the defense and letting him get a shot.


“What are you doing?”


“Give you treatment.”


“Hey, Super A Grade Life Strength is huge, what can your therapeutic agent do, I… Oh! What did you call me?!”


Before the words were finished, Han Xiao inserted a shot of Beoni and injected the life medicament made by Aurora.


Beyond was still a bitter-faced look. He didn’t think that the treatment was useful. After a shot, his look suddenly changed, and his face was reminiscent and shocking.


He can feel a burst of life energy injected into the body, the whole body cells are cheering, as if eating a big tonic, the activity surged, the recovery speed of the wound is not known how many times.


Although it did not return to its heyday, it was also seriously injured.


“What kind of medicine are you? Is it so good for Super A Grade?!” Beoni was shocked.


“You still have the time to be curious, first respond to the situation at hand.”


Han Xiao Collapsed the needle.


Although Sisko suspended the offensive, the surrounding mechanical troop was still smashing with the summoning object. As long as the mechanical force of the mechanical force was fighting, it was equal to Han Xiao’s own combat. Moreover, the judgment of the combat state was five minutes. It is not enough now.


The enemy was shocked and shocked, but apparently won’t be in a daze for so long. Seeing Austin’s irony, they took away the horror, accepted the reality, immediately resumed the offensive, and used Austin as an attack target.


Austin urging TEMP le of Secret Magic to activate all the arrays, taking advantage of the free dark energy, a loud bang, the grand palace rises with brilliant magic, and the TEMP le of Secret Magic’s own stress spider opens. , sprayed a magical impact, and fought with everyone.


On the other hand, Moses was very close to Han Xiao, and he rushed to Han Xiao and slammed the green qi flame/arrogance to Han Xiao’s head.


So close, the void quantum leap has just been used, and there is a crispy Beoni, and Han Xiao decisively opened Heboar’s character card, and the strength soared 4000 points!


The strength of the cockroach blasted in the body, poured into the fist, and suddenly banged out, screaming and screaming, slamming hard.


boom! !


One big, one small and two fists collided with each other, blasting a ring of air shock waves, and the surrounding water vapor was blown away to form a clear area.


Mureth felt a countershock strength that was no less than his own. He was uploaded from his fist and his body flew out uncontrollably. He hurriedly stabilized the figure and found that Han Xiao also flew out.


Both of them were shocked by the other side, and the strength was equal!


“How come you have such a big strength?” The rough beast’s face was full of sorrow.


His strongest attribute is strength, but is your mechanic punching force similar to my Martial Daoist? !


What the hell? Are you also equipped as mechanic? !


After licking his arm, Han Xiao licked his teeth, and Heboar character card kept him from being crushed by his opponent’s strength attribute, but martial dao qi flame/arrogance had a strong melee destructive power and tore him a lot of arm cells. It is recovering quickly.


With the help of countershock, Han Xiao took Beoni quickly and retreated, hid in the line of mechanical troop, and quickly analyzed the situation:


“Milzaus dragged the two people over there. The situation on my side is now three-on-four. Although the other party is still one more person, Austin has the bonus of TEMP le of Secret Magic, which can share more pressure and let The battle power here is no longer in absolute disadvantage, barely able to support…”


“But the enemy has strong foreign aid. If Ability God is present, it will break the balance of power.”


“Austin’s TEMP le of Secret Magic can take my transfer to run, it seems that a mage can’t stop, but there are two mage on the opposite side. In addition, there is absolutely a way to restrain the transfer of TEMP le of Secret Magic. If you want to run, you can only Let TEMP le of Secret Magic take me and Beoni to escape. If you force Milizaus to get on the bus, you will let the two magicians meet, and we can’t walk…”


“Hey, there is still a problem, TEMP le of Secret Magic transfer needs to lead time, and the magician will not sit and watch my key target escape, will definitely leave Milizau to stop us, Milizaus sees We abandon him and escape. It is impossible to stay and die. I will never let myself be entangled in Niga… We are not benevolent, and he will be unjust. When Nica returns to deal with us, Militaus will use it directly. The transfer is going to run, and TEMP le of Secret Magic will be left behind, but we will lose the strongest force of Milizaus.”


Han Xiao’s face is dignified. If you think about it, using TEMP le of Secret Magic to escape seems to only abandon Milizaus, and the success rate is extremely low. If it fails, it hurts the heart of Milizaus, and people are eight parts/most likely. When you take the opportunity to run, there is less combat power on your own side, and the situation is worse.


If you are really fleeing, the Imperial Fleet staying here will be completely annihilated. Whether it is the armed dragon guard or his own guard, including Hela Aurora Fording, one can’t live.


It is also difficult to make the TEMP le of Secret Magic transfer reinforcements. Even the transfer distance of [Gaowei Tianqi Transfer] has an upper limit. TEMP le of Secret Magic is no exception. Heboar’s three reinforcements are located in different areas of the star cluster and are rushing to the entrance to the Lighthouse Star via the Stargate transportation network, beyond the one-time transfer range of TEMP le of Secret Magic, and will not be faster than Stargate support. .


“Talrokov is right. We don’t have much choice. We can only support the entrance of the reinforcements to the other end of Stargate.” Han Xiao bit his teeth.


Stronger, hope is bigger, Advancement Quest can only be completed in the final battle, you have to find a chance…


Waiting for the enemy to stop is obviously unrealistic, maybe you can try something else…




After Austin joined the team, the battle re-launched and the intensity was once again raised by a gradation. No one below Super Grade can intervene.


TEMP le of Secret Magic is Austin’s combat gear. It has a very high bonus to his magic. It is bombarded endlessly like the spell artillery battery, showing the battle power is extraordinary.


Although it was three to four, the situation that was originally crushed was suddenly broken, and no one could do anything in the short term.


Han Xiao’s pressure was shared. Correspondingly, the threat of the mechanical troop to Sisko became bigger. The enemy had to be more cautious and the offensive slowed down.


Taylor did not have the means to summon the creature without pressure, and his call was interrupted again and again.


The two sides swayed into a ball, and the four men consciously separated TEMP le of Secret Magic from Han Xiao and discussed the countermeasures while fighting.


“Austin has the help of TEMP le of Secret Magic, his battle power has increased a step and it is difficult to deal with.” Sisko connected his teammates with thought power, with a serious tone.


“Oh, if I brought the Magician Tower over, I might not be afraid of him.” Another call to the spell was interrupted, and Taylor was a little annoyed.


Basically every Super A Grade magician has a Magician Tower, but not everyone can create a Cosmic Treasure like TEMP le of Secret Magic.


Both Taylor and Nicar did not carry their own Magician Tower. They were quite cumbersome in comparison. After they were transferred by Radiance Federation, they had to leave on their own. In the case of the Imperial Fleet pursue and kill, With the cumbersome Magician Tower affecting mobility; the second is that they feel that the battle is crushed, the action will not be accidental, there is no need to carry it; the third is to keep the secret of the action and reduce the chance of being detected in advance, after all, they are not Austin is a less focused neutral faction.


“Attention, Black Star may run away with TEMP le of Secret Magic.” Dylon reminded.


“If he has such an intention, I will immediately inform Nicah to come together. Although I can’t stop the transfer of TEMP le of Secret Magic, the two people can break the transfer guidance.” Taylor said.


“Milizaus may take the opportunity to run…”


“Then let Sagman and Nicah use the scepter of the gods quickly, or force Milizaus to force it. If you really need to choose one, you can ignore Milizaus, Black Star is the primary target!” Sisko interjected.


Moose did not participate in the group chat, burying his head in chasing Han Xiao. He didn’t believe in evil. He had to try Han Xiao’s boxing again, and he was finished.




When the TEMP le of Secret Magic flicker appeared, the three people fighting in the outer space battlefield also discovered this phenomenon.


Han Xiao’s backed up and showed up, Milizaus was overjoyed, and the dragon’s breath was even more energetic. On the contrary, both Sagman and Nicar were serious.


“Sisko is the Austin of Broken Starlink, who specializes in helping the Black Star. The enemy has a new force of Super A Grade. Our strength is reduced.” Sugman frowned and smashed a dragon’s breath. .


“Four pairs of six, it seems that before the Ability God arrived, we may not be able to solve the battle.”


Nicara shook his head.


Ethereal Religion gave them instructions to complete the quest as early as possible, trying not to allow the Ability God to participate in the make trouble. It seems that it is not so easy now, and Han Xiao’s backhand is beyond their expectations.


“Don’t worry about it.”


Sagman suddenly released a surging light curtain, like a stormy wave.


The tsunami-like light energy impact crushed the magical dragons sprayed by Militzus. The dazzling light flooded the dark cosmos battlefield. In the battleship around the battle, countless crew members were stunned by this splendid light sea. Eyes, the line of sight is white.


Milizau’s line of sight and perception were affected to some extent. Suddenly, she felt a guilty conscience and raised a strong sense of crisis. This came from the intuition of Super A Grade.


He did not hesitate to cast a defensive spell, again and again, colorful magic barriers, barriers shrouded on the body, layered, like a tortoise shell.


Then Milizaus fanned the dragon wing, out of the range of light energy shock, and hurriedly looked at it. I saw that there was a weird black stick in front of the Nicah. It was possible to see clearly with the amazing vision of Milizaus. This one is not more than a meter long black stick on the micro-carved one by one different image, dense, not less than thousands.


“This is… the scepter of the gods?!”


Milizaus’s heart-warming bells, he is well-informed, it is impossible to not know the Ethereal Religion’s famous Cosmic Treasure.


Ethereal Religion is an expert in the study of mind, faith, mental, and fantasy. It has an inconceivable technique, which turns the false “god” into a real existence, artificially creates a “spirit” and allows it to exist in an alternative form. With.


The Universal Scepter is the Cosmic Treasure that Ethereal Religion created based on the “coincidence” of this technology. It cannot be copied. It is one of the mediums for borrowing these “artificial gods” strength.


Simple describes Ethereal Religion’s “spirit” as a missile, ammunition, and the scepter is a special launching tool.


If Radiance Federation’s high-dimensional apocalyptic transmitter is a strategic Cosmic Treasure, then the scepter is a single-killing tool!


The power of emptying is not amazing, but for creatures with souls, the scepter has the inconceivable lethality, and the stronger the user, the more terrible the killing power is. In the expedition of the war, there are even three powerful Prime died under this weapon!


The scepter needs to consume the “spirit” as ammunition, and the user will be subjected to certain anti-phagosis. The same person cannot be reused for a short time, and after each use, the scepter will have different degrees of damage, which is extremely difficult to repair. For these three reasons, Ethereal Religion rarely uses this Cosmic Treasure, and most of the time it is strategically deterred and shelved it.


Milizaus did not expect to see this fierce weapon in his lifetime!


What is this unfortunate luck with this motherfucker? Is Black Star, did you send me a broomstick star? !


Am I eating the rice of your Ethereal Religion? As for this!


Just as his mentality exploded, Nica’s fingers were picked, and the scepter of the scepter hanging in front of him ran across, and the top was aimed at Milizaus, and he started.


A large number of vigors of Nicara poured into the black scepter, and the carvings on it all lit up.


The micro-carved image of countless gods seems to be alive and turn, projecting tens of thousands of huge translucent ghosts, melting into a phantom-like energy column, and shooting at Milizus.


If you switch to someone else, you may be able to avoid this blow, but Milizaus’s huge body can’t do it, only to be crazy and constantly cast various advanced defense bans.


However, in front of the energy column shot by the scepter of the sacred scepter, these magic shields, which are enough to withstand the carrier’s nether energy cannon, are simply not penetrating.


Milizzaus watched the energy column pass through countless magic shields without any blockage, and shot a thick dragon’s scale on his chest without a trace of fireworks, and shot him into his body.


“Black Star, I am going to you…”


Not yet finished, the next second, the dragon will be shocked, and instantly lost control of the body, as if the bird was shot by an arrow.


The huge dragon body is captured by the gravitational force of the lighthouse star, rotating and falling toward the planet, like a meteorite falling from the sky.


Kā cā ! At the same time as the hit, the surface of the scepter of the gods opened a few deep cracks.


“Hey!” Nika snorted and was countered.


On the side of Sugman, he shot a light tentacle and grabbed the scepter of the gods into his own hands. He knew that the attack was not enough to kill the highly fleshful Milizzaus. Nicar was unable to use the weapon. Then it was his turn to use it.


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