The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 908

The amount of experience reward is similar to the Tyrant quest, completing all the requirements, more than 20 billion, and basically all quests that face Super A Grade are such reward criteria.

With the addition of the Political Asset, Han Xiao’s actual experience doubled and the experience savings rose.

The other two rewards are fame and character card.

[Broken Starlink: [Dragon Seat Battle] – Your resume will add you to fight with Dragon Seat Emersy’s, and your reputation will be passed down. 】

[Character Descends Card – “Dragon Seat” Emersy: [forcefield ・ Dragon Body] – Your body is covered by forcefield, you get a single layer 30wbarrier value of the rigid protection forcefield, defense 3500, barrier recovery rate 30,000 / s, when The protection forcefield is completely destroyed and will be regenerated after 10 seconds of cooldown. At the same time, each of your melee attacks comes with 20,000 ~ 20,000 6 additional physical damage. When the strength is judged, you get 1500 extra bonuses, the effect lasts for 30 minutes, and the upper limit is 0/3.

“The effect is quite good, it can come in handy in melee.” Han Xiao nodded and turned off the panel.

After cleaning the battlefield, Dragon Calm went home and Han Xiao left.

The battlefield was not far from the Seablue Star. It didn’t take much time on the road. Dragon Calm returned to the Seablue Star and stopped in the outer space track.

A spaceship rises and falls on this blue planet. Today’s Seablue Star is in line with StarCraft. The development opportunities brought by the interstellar conssium have enabled the Seablue Star’s civilization rating to improve rapidly. Now it has a star-shaped city.

Back at Motherstar, Han Xiao intends to inspect Seablue Star’s changes, think about it, and invite Emersy together.

Although Emersy does not seem to be defeated on the surface, Han Xiao needs to eliminate negative factors and maintain the relationship of allies, so I just take this opportunity to get along with Emersy and reinforce the relationship, so that the negative impact of the discussion is minimized.

Emersy overlooks Seablue Star every day in the sky, but rarely visits the city on the surface. Since Han Xiao asked her, she did not refuse.

New Xidu, Star Dragon Nation Capital, one of the original Sea Nations Six Nations.

Bennett’s Black Star City is the location of the legion sub-base and the political core of the Seablue Federation. It has expanded in the original Goset wilderness, attracting countless people, and now it has become saturated. Later, the interstellar consiumium has seen other controls not so much. The strict big cities have created a number of economic cities, and the new Xidu has developed in this way, belonging to the first-tier cities of Seablue Star’s.

Just after noon, the bright sunshine injects vitality into the city. The bustling streets are crowded with people, and the crowds are full of people, not only Seablue Star human, but also occasionally see other interstellar races. The sky is floating in the air, passing over the head. Bring a slight humming sound to the anti-gravity engine. A convenient public train is carried by the citizens, and it travels in an orderly manner on the rail network that is criss-crossed in the city’s mid-air. The sights are all peaceful.

Han Xiao and Emersy hid the gas field, deliberately reduced the presence in the eyes of outsiders, so that others could not notice their existence.

The two walked side by side on the street, observing the city situation at random, stopping and stopping all the way.

The two chasing children ran past Han Xiao, and his face was filled with a carefree smile.

Han Xiao withdraw, some feelings:

“Alienization Disaster For more than a decade, the Seablue Star people have come out of the shadows, open their hearts and embrace new life, and have produced new first-gen people. It feels so good.”

“This is your result, is it a sense of accomplishment?” Emersy chuckled.

“A little.”

Han Xiao is not too embarrassed to admit that although he chose to rescue Motherstar, it was completely set off from the interests, but only for the Seablue Star player, but he was quite satisfied with the results at the moment, and few people did not. Like good things.

“When Alienization Disaster, you invited me to visit your Motherstar. At that time, Seablue Star gave me the feeling of being full of despair and tension. People are confused about the future. I don’t know if I can live tomorrow, and now it’s two extremes. Emersy shook his head. “You give this planet a new life.”

“I guess I am the so-called historical turning point, hā hā.”

Han Xiao smiled twice, and when he was personally with acquaintances, he would not be so humble and courteous.

As they walked and chatted, the two unwittingly came to the downtown area. A towering tower stood out from the crowd and entered the sight of the two. It was once the site of the Dragon Dragon Highrise of Star Dragon Nation, which has now been changed to a new one. The building is a highrise building built by the interstellar conssium.

Seeing this building, Han Xiao’s footsteps, memories come to mind, can not help but produce a slight sense of the world.

At this time, Emersy found something, turned his head to look aside, his eyes lit up slightly, revealing the color of interest, and immediately reached out and pulled Han Xiao’s sleeves:

“Look, what is that store?”

Han Xiao withdraw eyes, looking at her in the sight of the past, saw a shop on the street, the signboard on the “Black Star Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall”!

“I turned out to be a cultural relic… It’s only 20 years less.”

Han Xiao couldn’t help but tsukkomi, and she was curious in her heart, and followed Emersy.

The auto-sensing glass door opens and the two enter the exhibition hall. I saw that this is a small three-hole building with one by one glass showcase containing a wide variety of objects.

At this time, the small-scale exhibition hall was cold and clear, and there was no one. The door was a counter with a sign indicating the price of the ticket. A woman sitting at the counter looked like a clerk and the upper body was lying on the table. I was taking a nap and didn’t hear the two coming in.

With Super A Grade’s eyesight, I immediately took a look at the inside of the pavilion and saw what was in the glass showcase. Han Xiao’s mouth suddenly twitched.

“What are these ghosts…”

The exhibition hall displays some things in every disorder, “Black Star sitting chair”, “Black Star slippery”, “Black Star bite bread”… and even ” Black Star used the toilet once.”

Han Xiao swears that he has never seen the toilet in this glass cabinet!

Emersy blinked and pointed to a showcase, curious: “Do you really like to wear disposable diapers before?”

“You wear it!”

“Who didn’t pass through when I was a baby.” Emersy spread his hand.

The voice of the two men stunned the female clerk who was squatting on the counter. She looked up and stared at her sleepy eyes. She got up and walked out from the counter and walked in front of the two, yawning:

“This shop is small business, does not accept Inal payment, tickets 400 Hailan credit points, I will introduce you to the origin of each cultural relic, interested… um?!”

The woman suddenly saw the looks of the two men. I just yawned and my mouth was still not closed. It was so open, and my face was shocked and incomparable.

Han Xiao would have liked to ask where these “cultural relics” came from. When I saw the woman’s appearance, I suddenly felt a bit familiar and wondered: “Wait, I seem to know you…”

Not waiting for him to finish, the woman’s face suddenly became excited, and suddenly opened her arms, as if she wanted to rush to hug.

Just after making this position, her face suddenly froze, seemingly thinking of something, her hands hanging in the air, not holding up, discouraged.

The next moment, she put down her hand and her look became cramped. She didn’t seem to know where to put the handle. He tried to ask: “Han… No, Black Star Your Distinguished Self, do you remember me?”

Han Xiao’s brow wrinkles, carefully looking at the woman in front of her eyes, the corners of the eyes have subtle wrinkles, it seems that some age, but the charm still exists, young should be very beautiful, the body is still very good, tall, bumpy … but Under the vision of Super A Grade, the beauty of this representation is not at all attractive.

Each enter step is a process to improve the composition of its own material, that is, sublimation life gradation, super A Grade can see the most subtle structure, most organisms are covered with dirt in the super A Grade eyes, in Super A Grade It seems that only creatures that are both Super A Grade are “clean” and will not be contaminated with dirt and dust.

Han Xiao used a face in memory to compare, and instantly found a coincident image, brows rise, some surprises:

“You are… Li Yalin?”

This woman is his companion in the early days of the Star Dragon Nation Agent.

Seeing that Han Xiao recognized himself, Li Yalin was excited again, and the chicken nodded like a glutinous rice.

“I am me, you really remember me!”

“I’m still forgetting things now than remembering things.” Han Xiao explained, and then curiously said: “You’re still alive, I thought you died in the Alienization Disaster. Since you survived, why didn’t you go to Black Star Legion? Looking for me at the base?”

“I survived and survived. After that Six Nations was disintegrated by you, I was unemployed and took a severance payment. I didn’t want to fight and kill, I didn’t go looking for you, I bought a house here. Opened the exhibition hall.”

Li Yalin suddenly thought of the things in the pavilion and suddenly picked it up and smiled and said: “Oh… that, these years are my rush from the flea market, fake what you used, life is forced, you don’t Mind…”

“… Don’t worry, I won’t care about you.”

When I met the old man, Han Xiao was in a good mood.

“Old friend?” Emersy looked quietly for a while, and suddenly spoke.

“Well, over 20 years ago, the companion.” Han Xiao nodded.

Li Yalin’s attention was just on Han Xiao’s body. Under the extreme shock, I ignored the Emersy next to me. I just came back and hurriedly salute. “I’ve seen Dragon Seat Your Distinguished Self, sorry I just didn’t notice you, Please forgive me.”

Emersy chuckled and nodded, it didn’t matter.

“Hey, you and I are old friends, don’t need to be so constrained.” Han Xiao waved his hand.

“That’s what it is.” Li Yalin was a little cramped. “You are now a real big character.”

After 20 years, my former friends have reached the gradation that she can’t reach. It is the planet’s great man who frequently appears in the news. Li Yalin just had the urge to stop the hug, but he thought of the gap between the two. .

Han Xiao is also aware of this, can not help but give birth to the feeling that things are human, think about it, smiled:

“I think of it, I seem to still owe you a sum of money.”

Li Yalin groaned and waved again and again. “It was a long time ago. I haven’t been in my heart for a long time. You don’t have to…”

“Okay, I have already transferred money to you, let’s see.” Han Xiao interrupted her.

drop! The communicator sounded the message in the room.

“G, I didn’t tell you the account, how do you know…” Li Yalin looked surprised and had to take the communicator out of the drawer. He only glanced at it and the whole person froze immediately.

“th-this ……”

“One million Inal, this amount should be enough to compensate for interest over 20 years.”

Han Xiao smiled and felt like he was carrying a golden suffocation.

“Too much!” Li Yalin was at a loss.

“This is not a trivial thing for me. At most, it is a pocket money. You can safely accept it. You don’t have to worry about your life again…” Han Xiao glanced around and coughed: “So find a time to put This store is closed.”

Emersy couldn’t help but laugh:

“You look a lot like the previous star thief that gave me a protection fee.”

“Nobody doesn’t talk to you as a dumb.” Han Xiao didn’t have a good air.

Seeing Li Yalin still look incredulous, Han Xiao glanced around, took a piece of paper from the counter, wrote his own communicator number, and handed it to Li Yalin.

“You can call me at any time in the future. If you have any problems, you can come to me.”

Li Yalin hurriedly calmed down her mind, and she took away the note with a precious weight. She paused and said in a very serious tone: “Thank you.”

“No, this money is just a small matter.”

“I don’t mean this.” Li Yalin took a deep breath and said deeply, “I thank you for the entire Seablue Star. Your actions have saved everyone, including me. I didn’t have a chance to tell you in person…you Always my hero in my heart.”

Emersy chuckled and joked: “What about me?”

“Ah, you are also the hero in my heart.” Li Yalin hurriedly saluted.

Just then, a few other guests came in and saw this scene, it was a bit strange, carefully identified for a while, suddenly excited.

“Black Star Your Distinguished Self ?!”

“God, it’s really Black Star!”

These people huā lā la surrounded, excited face is red.

Of the 100 Seablue Stars, perhaps only one does not know Han Xiao’s looks, and some benefit from Bennett’s landmark Black Star statue built in Black Star City, thanks in part to textbooks.

“I, I can take a photo with you?!” One person was excited and took out the communicator.

“Of course.” Han Xiao smiled. He was idle all the time. It doesn’t matter if he took some time.

Several people excitedly took photos with Han Xiao, yelling, and some passersby passing outside were attracted. Soon more people heard the news and queued up outside. This small The small exhibition hall became crowded and extremely noisy, as if it had become a fan meeting.

Han Xiao simply refused to take photos, and took photos with the happy Seablue Star citizens. The flash lights of kā cā kā cā continued to ring, and a group of photos were released by the elated citizens on the Seablue Star’s social network.

The news of the “great man” appeared in an instant, causing the carnival of Seablue Star netizens, and countless people flocked.

While watching Han Xiao busy with people taking pictures, it is extremely popular, Emersy’s eyes flow, and the appreciation in his eyes has not disappeared.

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