Interpas doesn’t know what the consortium name means, but when Black Star mentions the name, the weird smile on his face can make his brain fill a series of love and hate, seemingly have a special meaning, and his heart is secretly embarrassed. The face is not showing up.

Han Xiao shook his head, put away his thoughts, and knocked on the table. “When you get to the next planet, I will send you to the legion Headquarters of Broken Starlink. When you get there, you have time to get familiar with legion’s work. I There are so many things to say, you can go and do some homework yourself.”

“Good.” Interpas nodded, took a ceremony and turned away from the room.

When he got out of the room, Silvia couldn’t help but roll his eyes and look funny.

“You are too vengeful, and you have such a name.”

Although she is not a Seablue Star person, she has been with Han Xiao for many years, and she has learned about Han Xiao’s early experience from other people.

“This is not a vengeance.” Han Xiao snorted.

Speaking of it, Hela and Aurora should be the only three former Germination members left… In this case, Germination is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

After two sentences, Han Xiao was said to resolutely: “Well back, what happened to Broken Starlink?”

Hearing this, Silvia also smiled and looked serious, reporting the progress of Black Star Legion’s competition with War Realm and the infinite consortium. Since the outbreak of competition, Han Xiao has asked Silvia to report the situation to him regularly.

At present, the remaining cooperative companies of Black Star Legion have joined forces on a large scale, which has curbed the hostile takeover of infinite consortium to a certain extent, and has become a tug-of-war. The unlimited consortium and War Realm have temporarily changed their focus, and they have changed from Daxu’s acquisition of business channels to Consolidate the business channels that have already been achieved, from the fierce expansion at the beginning to the foundation of solid foundation.

Therefore, the role of War Realm is revealed. As a super A Grade force, it can quickly digest the market that the infinite consortium has seized, which has led to the breakthrough of War Realm’s business scope, which is rapidly expanding and changing with each passing day.

The two have a certain degree of complementarity. The infinite consortium saves money and expands the land. War Realm provides the influence and contacts of many years of operation, integrates these resources, and the efficiency of the cooperation between them creates a chemical reaction, mutual feedback and development. Quickly, he is chasing Black Star Legion’s position in Broken Starlink.

The combination of Jianglong + the head snake is a headache, even if the infinite consortium banknotes are too many to be printed, the threat to him is limited.

Tyrant is really a bad guy… After listening to the report, Han Xiao is light snorted.

When my enter step is over, don’t rub you on the ground for 100 times, my last name will be written backwards!

Han Xiao shook his head.

“I already know the situation, go back to work.”

“Oh, it will make people call people, and people want to stay with you for a while. Since I was a Chief General Affairs Officer, you have become more and more alienated from me!” Silvia wrinkled his nose with dissatisfaction.

“Where am I.” Han Xiao stunned.

“I don’t care, I haven’t had a holiday for a long time, I don’t want to lose hair like Jenny!” Silvia sighed with both hands on his hips. “Although I am willing to work for legion, you can’t use me as a fool! You should not Would you really think that I like to work?! If it is not for you…hey!”

Han Xiao was helpless and had to comfort herself before he calmed Silvia back.

In the eyes of the legion member, Silvia never complains, the image is calm and steady, and only in front of him, Silvia will play a small temper.

On the next planet, Han Xiao ordered a few battleships and shipped Interpas back to Broken Starlink.

I continue to run around in the empire, while looking for chives, while tempering vigor.

辗 于 星座 星座 星座 星座 星座 星座 星座 星座 星座 star star star star star star star star star star star 星座 星座 星座 星座 star 星座 star star star star star star star star

With long-term travel, Han Xiao also slowly accumulated vigor to the critical point of Lv19, which is closer to the requirements of Advancement Quest.


“hu -”

In the Gravity Culture Room with the maximum gravity mimetic environment, Han Xiao, who is in the upper body, is suspended in the air, and the eyes are radiated with strong light. The nose and mouth are swallowing a lightning-like airflow. The thundercloud forms a thundercloud. The inhalation sound is like hōng. Lóng lóng’s stunned thunder, exhaling sound like a squeaky lightning, surrounded by a rich mechanical force, all signs show that the vigor of the body is in the most active state.

嘶-Han Xiao took a deep breath, the Mechanical Force is completely within the body, and the gravity mimicry is turned off. In its own sense organ, the cells that have been pressed by the omni-directional gravity are taken off, and a new vigor is squeezed out. .

“I have also developed a vigor exercise method.”

Han Xiao eyes ray of light convergence, open the panel glanced, satisfactorily nodded.

This is a Vigor TEMP ering Method of cultivation by gravity. By pressing and releasing, the cell raises the limit of vigor, the number of exercises has reached the upper limit, and the value is drained.

During this time, Han Xiao has developed a number of vigor exercises, which cost him a lot of experience and energy. Now the vigor ceiling has reached 110,000 9000.

“Only the last 1000 points, the vigor realm of Lv. 1 9 is not far away.”

Han Xiao rubbed his shoulders, then controlled his body, and opened the sweat glands that closed in the upper body. The sweat suddenly appeared like a spring, but it evaporates at an instant.

The current life gradation can control the body perfectly. The flow does not sweat. It is between the thoughts. After the intense exercise, you are not willing to sweat. It will only be a little uncomfortable.

Cleansing the body, Han Xiao touches the chest muscles and looks down at the strong figure of his golden proportions, which controls the clothes to wear on himself.

嗤 —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— ——

The viewing window shows the external environment and can be scaled. The viewing screen overlooks the surface of a planet. A majestic interstellar city is located here. The spaceship rises and falls, leaving a path of long time in the air. The light marks are very lively and bustling.

“Inia hub, the famous interstellar city of the constellation cloister, the advanced transit hub city.” Han Xiao nodded secretly.

This is a very lively interstellar city, affiliated with an empire super A Grade ally, because of the business plus the geographical advantage, the Ania hub has become a famous place in the empire.

However, Han Xiao came to this planet not to dig people, but the fleet just needed to replenish the supplies, and Aurora and the guards said that they had enough to stay on the boat, and they all said they wanted to go to the big city to play, so he took People have been here for a few days.

Because there is a lot of travellers coming and going, in order not to cause sensation and onlookers, Han Xiao let the fleet camouflage, and let Philip cover up the visit information and set up a fake identity, Ania hub The intelligence has no ability to identify it, and no one knows his visit.

Open the panel and look at it, there is an aura BUFF of the evolver Totem on the status bar.

“This is also a planet equipped with the evolver Totem.” Han Xiao touched his chin.

The economist Totem’s sales have been going on for a long time. The empire and allies should buy it. It has been used on a large scale and is generally used for the colonial star. It is rare to see the interstellar transfer station.

Han Xiao has browsed the information of the Ania hub in the past two years and found that the evolver Totem has attracted more travelers and nomads, some weak groups, and even actively dispatched some clansman to live in the neutral planet with the evolver Totem.

A new immigration phenomenon has arisen, and the influence of the evolver Totem has begun to subtly expand.

Looking at his eyes, Han Xiao left the corridor and went to the cadre room.

Usually there are a lot of people playing cards here, it has been very noisy, but at the moment it is very deserted, and less than half of the guards are playing Wien Card here.

When I saw Han Xiao, everyone turned around and said hello, and continued to concentrate on playing cards, and the brows were locked, as if the opponent would encounter good talents.

Han Xiao walked over to the table and glanced at it. Well, the proper dishes and the skills of the game were not related.

I glanced around and didn’t see Fording, Hadaway, etc. Han Xiao patted the shoulder of one person:

“Where did the other people go?”

“Oh, they all went to the Ania hub, Hadaway took a group of people to go… cough cough, go to that kind of bar, Fording, I remember he seems to go shopping with Aurora.” This natural disaster grade The guard officer scratched his head. “Do you want to call them back?”

“Forget it.”

Han Xiao shook his head and left nothing, he was too lazy to disturb his subordinate.

Thinking about it, I am not in a hurry to go, anyway, only 1000 vigor, just stay here, concentrate on the last vigor, get Advancement Quest.


At the same time, the Ania hub, the entertainment area 04.

A grand ceremony is taking place here. The crowds on the street are crowded and the races are different. The parade’s team moves slowly. The performers on the street make a variety of bizarre movements towards the roadside audience. From time to time, there are also street performers. Performing on the street, it is very noisy and full of laughter and laughter everywhere.

Fording and Aurora’s faces have been camouflaged, walking in crowds and cheering crowds, Aurora curiously looking around, Fording is acting as a temporary bodyguard on Aurora, smiling, and commenting with Aurora from time to time.

“Hey, it’s too boring to stay on the boat for a long time, or it’s more fun.”

Aurora was holding a string of hot specialties in his hand, and he was very vague when he chewed and spoke.

Hela likes to be alone, but Aurora prefers places where there are many people. Although she suffered from social phobia for a while, she has not had this problem after adjusting for these years.

She spends most of her time with Hela. Now that Hela is out, Aurora also wants to walk and improve her experience. But she likes to be full of personality factors, including physical factors. Her ability can sense life, life. Where there are many signals, she has a certain degree of attraction power, and in this environment, her ability can be made active, resulting in a happy mood.

“Hey, I like places where people are less.” Fording shrugged.

Aurora gave him a blank look. “You like the world of two people. Is it so fun to be a god? Are you addicted?”

Fording doesn’t care, faintly smiled, pointing to the temple, “You make her shy.”

Aurora was numb and was about to say something. At this moment, Fording’s eyes suddenly changed, stepping forward, grabbing Aurora’s shoulder and staring in one direction.

“Wait, it seems like there is a situation.”

Upon seeing it, Aurora didn’t ask, immediately put away the joke expression, threw away the snacks in his hand, reached out and touched the fold firearm at the waist, and instantly made a fighting stance.

At the same time, she fully manipulated the life-sensing ability, and followed the direction of Fording to detect the past. She suddenly found that several life signals that did not exist suddenly appeared in the distance, one of which was still very weak and seemed to be seriously injured.

The two looked at each other and walked quickly along the induction. They turned into an alley, walked through a number of corners, and went deeper and deeper. All around gradually disappeared from the passers-by.

Soon, the two came to the location of the abnormal life signal, but there was an open space in front of them, and there was no abnormality on the surface.

Fording brows and pulls out a magic badge from his arms. This is the gift that Lackey gave him. It is a device that detects abnormal magic fluctuations. It is shaking vigorously and pointing to the open space ahead.

“Looks like enchantment magic, it can cover the city’s magic detection device in a short period of time. The effect is not normal. There is a hidden area in the city. It is not like a good person. What is this?”

Fording hesitated for a moment to gossip.

But before he made the decision, the space in front of him suddenly looked like a broken glass, and it exploded!

Oh la la la –

The invisible enchantment was broken from the inside. A silhouette of a bloody body rushed out and slammed into the ground. The blood pool under the body gradually expanded. The empty space in front of the two suddenly changed, and a lot of pits and battles appeared. .

In addition to the wounded, several people stood in the distance, holding a long-handled metal inscription warhammer, wearing a black hooded robe. The robe has a white grain symbol, wearing a few strings of special necklaces, dressed as a certain The priest or monk of the sect, dripping blood from the warhammer.

Obviously there has been a cofferdam here.

Perhaps because the enchantment was broken and did not want to attract more attention, the people dressed by these pastors did not fall in love, turned away, and the speed was extremely fast, and quickly disappeared into the sight of the two.

Fording thought about it, because he didn’t know the details of this group of people, he did not plan to pursue it, and went forward to hold the heavy wounded who had only one breath left.

However, before he asked, the seriously wounded slammed his clothes, his fingers slammed, hoarse and hurried:


The words were not finished yet, and the wounded fell again and fell into a coma, leaving a Blood Hand print on Fording clothes.

Big eyes staring at small eyes.

“…What should I do?”

“Hey, use your ability to save him. If you run into it, at least ask what is going on. I have a premonition. I always feel that this is not a trivial matter.”

Said, Fording shook his head helplessly, could not help but whispered to himself:

“Why can I always encounter this sudden situation?”

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