Numerous interstellar consortium funded the construction, and the originally deserted Glittering World is now a scene in a frenzy.

The three explored star clusters are under construction, one after another planet has been remodeled, and the project spaceship has been shown on the radar from time to time. The wide-area quantum channel is quite lively. The originally deserted Glittering World has finally got a little bit. An atmosphere that is in line with the interstellar society.

The Han Xiao’s fleet entered the Glittering World as usual through the Empire Stargate. The officers of the various layers of the Discovery Army were familiar with him and were unimpeded.

Came to the Lighthouse Star Outpost, Han Xiao and Talrokov greeted, extorted a bit of souvenir, and then the command ship team transferred to the Gaoru star cluster, went to inspect the territory.

The purple river galaxy is located on the edge of the Gaolu star cluster and is the location of the inbound Stargate. It is the Han Xiao’s site, so next to the Imperial military star door, a new inbound Stargate station is managed by Black Star Legion.

Pass through the secluded blue Stargate, enter the purple river galaxy, follow the star map, and soon, a planet jumps into the eye.

“legion commander, that is the black door star, the nearest portal planet to the incoming Stargate. According to the construction blueprint, it will be built as a large-scale entry transfer station, becoming one of the landmark portals of the Gaolu star cluster and also the legion territory. The border planet.”

Han Xiao stood in front of the viewing window of the command room and looked at the huge planet. He was surrounded by a tall female secretary General Affairs Officer and was introducing Han Xiao.

Silvia was busy, so she sent one of her secrets to accompany Han Xiao. Han Xiao had some impressions about this female secretary. I remember that this person’s resume is quite outstanding and Silvia is a relatively reliant cadre.

“Well, how is the construction?” Han Xiao nodded.

“This planet has previously used Scarlet Empire’s planetary transformation package, and the Logistics Unit has planned a new blueprint on this basic. The construction direction is a mixture of interstellar cities, military fortresses, and transportation hubs. Because of the current focus on resource planets. Therefore, the surface reconstruction of Hemen Star has only completed 4.9%. The daily facilities are mainly equipped with nuclear fusion power stations. The dark energy power station is deeply buried underground. In the future, it is mainly for military fortresses, but there are no natural stars nearby. So extra energy is needed to maintain a livable climate and an artificial sun…”

Listening to the female secretary’s meticulous reporting, Han Xiao suddenly remembered the mobile star blueprint in the Tylks mechanical inheritance.

When the technology reaches a certain level, the constraints of environmental factors will continue to decrease. It is no longer that the individual needs to adapt to the environment, but the environment needs to adapt to the individual. The cosmos grade civilization is in this respect, and all of them are the decorators of cosmos.

Although the Terkes are not the winners of the expedition, they are also quasi-cosmos grade civilization, and they are profound in the transformation of the environment.

‘Exactly, you can use this mobile star device to transform the site and move the star to the right position. ‘Han Xiao secretly thought.

He always felt that this blueprint seemed to have an unclear connection with Mechanic Godhood’s [Myriad Simulations].

Since the profession transfer, Great Technician Han has studied every new ability, but the role of [Myriad Simulations] is somewhat confusing. This ability is to simulate all natural laws through mechanical techniques. In his opinion, it has unusual potential… …

Perhaps the three major civilizations have revolutionized the physical constants of the Motherstar region and are also related to Myriad Simulations.

See Han Xiao did not speak, female secretary paused, continued: “Now there is no one in Black Gate. After Glittering World is opened to the outside world, Black Gate will become one of the most popular landmarks in the Gaolu star cluster. Visitors will bring you very substantial benefits. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Finance, about six to eight years, you can use the cost of transforming the planet.”

“It’s good.” Han Xiao smiled.

The fleet slowly approached the Black Gate star. The star map shows the location of multiple Stargates, some leading to other galaxy, and some other locations leading to the purple galaxy.

Because the site has been identified, the primary quest for Black Star Legion’s construction is to build a seven-piece Stargate transportation network.

During the exploration period, the entire star cluster already has its own Stargate transportation network, but that is the long-distance Stargate, which belongs to the big framework of the star cluster traffic, and what Black Star Legion does is to refine the Stargate network of its own site, adding More transportation lines ensure that the seven pieces of galaxy are connected in one piece, extending in all directions.

Nowadays, the Stargate traffic has been completed, and it is possible to go directly to multiple galaxy from the Black Gate Star. The efficiency is much higher than that of the first period.

With convenient transportation, the time on the road was greatly saved. The Han Xiao fleet was swept in seven galaxy and visited all the construction areas.

This is the first time he personally inspected the territory.

“Zihe, Changchun, Sigoma, Odori, Ponsal, Finril, Edny… This is the foundation of legion now.”

Han Xiao was quite satisfied with the area of ​​the seven galaxy.

My blueprint is going to make seven galaxy into the core of the Gaolu star cluster, which is the most prosperous, which takes decades, but the [Glittering World] second ring quest is only to complete the basic construction of seven galaxy…basic In the case of construction, a few years are enough, there are a lot of consortium injections, and now Legion is very productive.

After completing the general inspection of the site, Han Xiao came to the west cluster of the gigoma in the center of the star cluster to check the development progress of the apostle star mechanical civilization.

In the outer space of the blue flicker, the fleet jumped, a silver-gray planet leaped into the eye, and the surface had a large piece of mechanical structure, which was very conspicuous.

This is the first city built by mechanical civilization, named the ancestral city!

The urban ground was completely transformed into machinery, and the underground was an excavation well in the form of a base. It continued to penetrate the underground mine vein and collect various mineral resources.

On the ground stands a towering mechanical building. Under the leadership of the apostles and other apostles, more than 100,000 first-generation Mechanical Lifeform built an arsenal, repair factory, energy source factory, refinement factory, incubation room and other facilities. At the same time, the second-gen Mechanical Lifeform, which counts billions, is being hatched, and the overall look is more like a prototype of a military base.

There is also a huge mechanical statue in the center of the city. It is the image of oneself, which is vivid.

Seeing, Han Xiao is helpless.

I don’t know why, there are always people who are keen to set up a statue for him… Really, it’s better to give me a portrait, but it’s better to give Fording a statue, maybe there is a gas addition bonus.

Mechanical Lifeform is a large-scale breeder who needs to consume its own fire energy and has a cooldown time. Therefore, the speed of the violent force of mechanical civilization is increased exponentially. The more the population, the faster the violent.

Mechanic Mechanical’s [Mechanical Fire Radiation] and [Mechanical Civilization Strengthening] have the effect of enhancing the mechanical lifeform’s proliferation. Han Xiao is ready to stay here for a while and get a little more of the original Mechanical Lifeform.

Now the mechanical civilization led by the ancestors has just started, the overall population is not much, but the sparrows are small and complete, one by one of the different types and sizes of Mechanical Lifeform work in their own positions, it seems quite lively.

Not far from the city, the giant Vajra, with its size of hundreds of kilometers, carries a group of Grand Soldier and is moving over the mountains to flatten a towering bare ridge.

Without disturbing others, Han Xiao separately linked the Quantum Network band of Yuzu.

Soon, a beam of blue light emerged from the surface and came to the front of the fleet in outer space, the first apostle ancestor with a mechanical robes and a hand-held lance.

“pay respects to dominate.” Yuzu dagger.

When the hatch opened, Han Xiao flew out and looked at him with a brow.

Compared to the last time, Yuzu’s body has some new parts. It seems that he is actively loaded, and it seems to fill some weaknesses.

Mechanical Lifeform is just that, it will actively replace parts to strengthen itself.

“You did a good job and continued to work hard.”

Han Xiao encouraged one sentence, followed by a group of blue golden mechanical forces popping up, said with a smile:

“This is a reward.”

As he said, he flipped the mechanical force into the ancestors with the body, which is the [Apostle Evolution] skill brought by the Mechanical Godhood.

In the meantime, the ancestors of the ancestors galvanized, with the body’s fire energy suddenly increased, with the body’s mechanical structure obtained a strengthened baptism.

Han Xiao has been watching from the side. After a while, the evolution of the ancestors slowly ended.

He realized the change in performance, and then moved toward Han Xiao nodded:

“Many thanks the gift of the rule, my strength is enhanced.”

“Don’t thank me, this is what you deserve, do it will be alright.”

Han Xiao swings his hand, opens the panel by the way, and takes a look at the current attribute of the ancestors. [Apostle Evolution] comprehensively enhances the performance of the ancestors.

The Apostle weapon can participate in the battle of the Super A Grade level, and with the enhancement of [Apostle Evolution], it can be more and more versatile with the Oriental Super A Grade under the Mechanical Force bonus.

According to Han Xiao’s calculation, the current ancestor should be able to defeat the previous clone of the Age of God’s evolution, but only if the clone does not get too perverted.

Sending back the ancestors, Han Xiao went to the Black Spirit family’s site for a walk.

Compared to the rapid development of mechanical civilization, the Black Spirit family is quite normal.

Although there is an efficient network of mind communication, but the efficiency is higher, learning itself takes time. At this time, the basic scientific knowledge given by legion is slowly digested, and it will not be able to go on the right path for a while.

The Black Spirit family itself is in an uncultivated state of obscurity. These scientific knowledge is too complicated for them to learn from the beginning.

Only by laying the basics of various disciplines, the role of the spiritual network will gradually be revealed, and the knowledge of the whole family will be shared.

As soon as you embark on the right track, the evolution of the Black Spirit will become very fast. In the decade to decades, it will cross the Stone Age, Iron Age, Enlightenment, Steam Age, Electrical Age, etc. , enter Interstellar Era.

Normally, in addition to survival, a civilization is naturally developed, and the constraints of productivity and technological progress are the biggest problems. It takes a lot of time to explore, but with Black Star Legion interference, this is not a problem, and the biggest problem is solved. Development will not slow down.

Han Xiao’s technology tree for the Black Spirit family, in addition to improving the technology, but also the means to develop spiritual ability.

The Black Spirit family with the power of the mind network is born with super power potential, and is best suited to be Psychic and mage. The awakening rate can reach an astonishing 90% or more.

Of course, if someone wants a promotion transfer machinery system, he is also a visitor.

However, the three majorizations restrict the treaty of the advanced civilization to interfere with the development of the rudimentary civilization. It is not unreasonable. According to the path of the predecessors, it will only become the son of others, and the innovation ability of a race will be affected.

In this regard, Han Xiao does not have many ways, wants to develop at a high speed, and does not want to pay the price, not so good things… but the evolver Totem can solve this problem to a certain extent.

Totem subtly optimizes the genes of the race and comprehensively enhances the indicators of the ethnic group. Intelligence and innovation capabilities are also included. With the uncertainty brought by the evolver Totem, the Black Spirit family does not necessarily have a flash of light that is enough to drive history.

Although civilization is a collective, sometimes the turning point of history is driven by great men, and the existence of the evolver Totem increases the chances of great men.

To make a species better, this is the meaning of the evolver Totem, and this is not a good thing, thinking deeper, this is actually a very desperate reality.

If in the planet of human domination, there is a new species that does not conform to human aesthetics, like a monster, but not only is the body stronger than human, but the brain is also more developed than human, and the learning ability, logic ability, etc. all exceed the human level… At that time, human is no longer qualified to claim to be the spirit of all things, and the rest depends on the technology accumulated over the years, and sooner or later it will be surpassed…

It is better than you.

Whether it coexists with it or kills it, or erases its slavery to wisdom, becomes a difficult choice.

The crushing between species is bloody and never warm.

This is the terrifying of the evolver Totem, and the reason why Radiance Federation and Ethereal Religion can’t sit down on the Scarlet Empire’s exclusive Totem… but thanks to the cosmos grade civilization, which is advanced enough to have certain genetic debugging techniques, it can control the force. The desire to fight.


Taking advantage of the influence of the Manison incident, Han Xiao lowered his tone and stopped working around. He began to silently expand the mechanical legion and build the site according to the plan that had already been set, and stabilized his accumulation.

This is the stage that must be passed as a mechanic.

After Manison won the victory, he did not take any other action. He returned to the old star river and did not come to provoke Black Star Legion.

As the two of them were quiet and silent, the attention of the cosmos parties to the two sides gradually declined, and Han Xiao took his eyes off.

At the end of the first period of exploration, Glittering World is in the construction period, and countless forces are watching the situation. Therefore, the environment in which cosmos has been explored has entered a stable period of calm and calm.

Occasionally, there are occasions in different areas, but the star cluster grade and above civilization, there is no excessively fierce conflict, as if there is a tacit understanding, let them choose to recuperate.

The suppression and persecution of the Scarlet Empire by Radiance Federation and Ethereal Religion is still carried out in many fields such as economy, politics and people’s livelihood. Although there are many frictions, the situation is still under the control of the three parties.

The Scarlet Empire has not been under a lot of pressure, and it is still persisting. The voice of opening Totem purchase rights has gradually emerged inside, but it is still very weak.

If you have a theme for this era, then it is “exploration and expansion.”

This is not the development of a single civilization. A new star domain is being incorporated into the territory of the explored cosmos. It is just like discovering a new continent, enough to change the shape of World and to be relevant to everyone’s future.

Although there is friction in the distribution of interests, all cosmos agree with the theme of this era, and wait for the melody to sound for the melody.

Under the influence of this atmosphere, even Super A Grade chose silence. The battle between Han Xiao and Tool Nation became the last super A Grade battle story before the stable period.

In this subtle environment of various calculations, time passed away.


Star Sea calendar, January 17, 716.

Glittering World, Black Gate Star.

The secluded blue Stargate spins and the Center of the Vortex slams a stream of light, revealing the silhouette of a medium-scale spaceship.

In the cabin, a large group of young people dressed in different colors crowded in front of the viewing window, curiously staring at the distant black star, chirp chirp twitter twitter excitedly chatted.

“Is this the site of Black Star Legion? It’s finally!”

“I heard that Black Star has been staying at Glittering World, and it seems that he has not heard his news for five years.”

“Yeah, are you saying that you can see Black Star yourself?”

“I don’t know if he and the Lackey Principal are a style…”

“Shut up! Don’t mention the name of the taboo!”

One person smothered his head in pain and fell down. The whole person was like epilepsy.

“Hey, come and help, his post-traumatic stress disorder is committed!”

The people around me suddenly rushed to expand the first aid. Everyone watched the unfortunate brother who had suffered the “Lackey PTSD” and was lifted down. He couldn’t help but reveal the strong expression of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

“Oh, one more.”

There were several young people standing on the edge of the crowd. The gas field was different. When I saw this scene, one of the young men who was about 1.7 m tall couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s too exaggerated, I think Principal is not terrifying…”

On the side, he was half-headed and more than half of his head, Maiden rolled his eyes. “Of course you have nothing to do. How do you not think about how much hard-hitting students will suffer?”

“Well, I thought everyone liked Principal…”

The young man touched his head and secretly groaned.

This young man is a human, about 16 or seven years old, but looks very young, looks beautiful, red lips and white teeth, like a pupil who has not grown up, is well-proportioned, wearing a black and silver legion uniform, Black Star on the chest Legion logo.

Next to this woman looks pretty, God is full of energy, blood qi full, with a healthy wheat-colored skin, hot, wearing a tight clothes of Martial Daoist, quite close to the young men.

At this time, captain came over and patted the shoulders of the young man and said:

“The troop stationed in the communication, you answer it, save trouble.”

The young man nodded, pressed a few times on the spaceship bulkhead next to it, popping up a virtual screen, the screen is the team leader of the black star, the face is awe-inspiring, quietly opening:

“What are you department? Why didn’t I receive an internal transit application?”

If you don’t see the Black Star logo on the spaceship, the garrison team leader may have to hold the spaceship.

“We are the first batch of graduates from the Seablue Star Black Star super power Academy. According to the Academy rules, graduates can choose to join the training camp, or they can work for legion for two to three years, and get the opportunity to continue their studies. We are here to participate in legion. If you don’t receive internal information, you must be negligent.”

“Wait a minute, let me check it out.” The frigate team leader frowned for a while, then the brow was loose. “Well, there is a special application, but you have come too slowly, it has been more than the appointed time.” ”

“Sorry, we first came to Glittering World. We visited some places on the road and may have delayed the trip. You can check the log of spaceship.”

The defensive ship team leader fiddled for a while and nodded: “Well, the spaceship review is no problem, you are in the past.”

“Good thank you… yes, can you help me a little, tell legion commander, am I coming?”

Hear this, the squad leader of the ship leader is inexplicable.

This tone is not small, what is the background?

He looked at the young man carefully, but inexplicably felt a bit familiar, could not help but ask questions:

“Who are you? What is the relationship with the legion commander?”

“I am Nello, Black Star is my cognac.”

Nello grinned, and the white teeth flashed a glimmer of light.

“This time I came to give him a surprise!”

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