The spaceship carrying the first batch of Black Star super power Academy graduates along the transportation network, quickly from the border purple river galaxy to the west of the Black Star territory, the Sigoma galaxy, came to see the Black Star.

During the past six years, Black Star Legion has invested a lot of resources in the construction of the site, and established a second headquarters in the gigaxy of Sigoma – a space fortress consisting of seven mechanical fortress planets and a large number of mechanical defense starlinks, called “Grand Great legion member” Black Star Palace.”

Spaceship Comes far and arrives at the pre-set place of the star map. The appearance of the Black Star Palace is displayed on the viewing window. When you see this mechanically composed monster, many students are not widened by the mouth.

This stuff is much more magnificent than the Dragon Calm Floating Island in Seablue Star!

Each mechanical fortress planet is covered with several mechanical defense starlinks with different inclination angles to form symmetry, while the planets are divided into inner and outer 7-Layer orbits, which work together around the center point, like a miniature version of the constant galaxy.

The center is not a star, but an extremely large metal sphere. The whole body is silver black, and its surface is as smooth as a mirror. It is like a black star that does not shine. I don’t know what it is.

Everyone needs to undergo routine inspections. The spaceship stops at the No. 7 fortress in the outermost track. Nello, with his classmates on the dock, saw an acquaintance.

“Fording Uncle?!” Nile was overjoyed, and quickly took a small short leg and ran around to get together.

“Hello, Nilo.” Fording lightly smiled, reaching out and touching Nile’s head.

“Are you coming to wait for me?”

“Yeah, we haven’t seen it for 5-6 years, you grew up.” Fording touched Nile’s head and looked at him up and down. His tone was a little emotional. “Unfortunately, I didn’t grow tall.”

“…Don’t mention this, we can still have a good chat.”

Nile’s face is black, and his long length is the pain in his heart forever.

Within the body There is Aurora’s life energy, and often drink dragon blood medicine, which is supposed to grow tall, but he doesn’t understand why he is so slow, and Bennett’s genes are not short!

Nile once suspected that the pressure of learning had his high body pressure gone, and the resentment was full.

“Speaking, Fording Uncle, you haven’t changed much, it’s still so beautiful.”

Fording shook his head and said, “It’s normal. Natural disaster grade can control your metabolism. It’s easy to stay in the face. For six years, it’s only a few months for us to be ordinary to ordinary people.”

At this time, the martial dao system Maiden wearing tight clothes came to Nile’s side, staring at Fording with a big pair of eyes, his face was unconsciously reddened and became tense.

“This is…” Fording turned and looked over.

“Oh, let me introduce you, this is Mia Moroto, it’s mine… my…cough cough, is a very good female classmate with me. She is a graduate of this martial dao system. Well-know figure.

Mia, this is the guard of the Black Star seat, Fording, he is watching the elder generation I grew up, you… Hey, what are you blushing? ”

“How can I blush!” Mia hurriedly licked her cheek, her voice flustered.

She is the black and thin Maiden that Nile has encountered at the start of the Seablue Star’s Black Star super power Academy. As the saying goes, she is 18 years old. After six years of learning and exercising, her body has been long, looks pretty, and her skin tone has changed. It became a healthy wheat color, and the whole person showed a vitality.

Seeing another Maiden was attracted by his beauty, Fording looked helpless and actively reached out. “Hello, I am Fording.”

“Y-you, you are very honored to meet me… ah not right… I am very honored.” Mia was nervous and incoherent, hurriedly holding the hand that Fording handed out, the blush on her face became more and more obvious.

Nello looked at Fording and looked at Mia. It felt like a lemon. Her heart was sour and awkward. She couldn’t help but cough and separate the palms of the two hands, and bluntly shifted the topic:

“Right, what am I doing?”

“He already knows that you are coming, go to his throne and see him.”


“Hey, that’s the Big Black ball in the center.” Fording hehe smiled. “Speaking, how many years did Nilo grow in your years? He will definitely look at your homework, if it’s not enough… I won’t be for you.” Look for love.”

Speaking of mechanical aspects, Nylonton shrank his neck and remembered bad memories. He said with uncertainty: “I feel that my progress is still quite big, and I should be satisfied with it.”

“You ask him yourself, don’t let him wait, let’s talk after the event.”

Fording smiled and turned away.

The back gradually went away, and Nello turned to talk, but found that Mia around her still stared at Fording’s direction, and suddenly did not hit a place, said ill-humoredly:

“The people are gone, still see?!”

Mia was reluctant to withd her eyes and poked Nilo’s waist with excitement. “Hey, how is your Uncle so smart? He laughs so beautifully, I look at it.”

Nile tasted in his heart and said, “How have you never seen me like this?”

Mia Deng looked awkward. “How long have you been in the mirror? Where is the face compared to your Uncle.”


Nile is speechless.

In my heart, it hurts.

After six years of getting along, the two were very familiar with each other. Mia gradually came out of her autism and became lively. The two often quarreled and bickered, but the relationship was very good, just like siblings.

After a noisy, the talents completed a routine inspection, changed a spaceship, and went to the Big Black ball in the center of the Black Star Palace.

When the spaceship is close, a small hole is formed on the surface of the Big Black ball, which is the landing track, which can accommodate the spaceship.

The spaceship sailed into the track and stopped, while the walls on either side of the track were sealed and no piers existed.

Just when everyone was puzzled, the walls on one side were suddenly separated.

Hōng lóng lóng ——

Numerous nano-particles and mechanical structures are moving, and a brand-new dock is built in front of everyone, extending beyond one after another.

“Is this a dock built on time?”

For this group of students, the scene in front of us was amazing. Everyone was amazed to set foot on the pier. Looking around, I found that the pier was only one after another and the other directions were all dark metal walls.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and decided to go down the road. As the people walked forward, the road continued to expand at the foot.


The crowd heard a clear sound of swallowing water, and everyone suddenly discovered that I didn’t know when it started. No one spoke. Everyone was quiet.

The atmosphere became tense, and only the pale lights extended along the road. Every step of the way, the pressure in the heart increased by one point, giving birth to the fear of the unknown ahead.

These students were filled with the excitement and excitement of seeing a big character, and at this moment, this excitement has completely turned into tension and awe.

Although I haven’t seen the Black Star with my own eyes, I feel the ubiquitous oppression at this time.

I don’t know how long it took, the front suddenly became bright, and everyone walked out of the passage and came to a huge circular hall.

In the center of the hall is a stepped high platform. The mechanical Throne is placed on the high platform. The blue golden mechanical force like a path of lightning snake expands under the seat of the gods. It spread like a spider web and continues to flicker.

And a black robe man sat on the throne, squinting his head slightly, holding one hand and pulling it on the arm of the sac, faintly watching them.

Just a simple gaze, but the pressure on all the students in the room increased sharply, and the legs were soft.

“Black Star Your Distinguished Self !”

“This is the power of Super A Grade… good terrifying.”

Many people couldn’t help but swallow a sip, and they started to retire. I can’t wait to turn around and go as far as possible.

Before coming, many students took advantage of Super A Grade, and at this moment, most of the talents found that they were just Ye Gong Hao Long.

“Dry, dry.”

Nello greeted me with care, and her heart was dark.

I haven’t seen it for a few years, and the momentum of cognac is getting more and more amazing…

However, the appearance is not changed at all, or as young and handsome as six years ago.

In front of Fording, Nile also dared to tease, but in front of Han Xiao, he found himself involuntarily becoming nervous and awe, even if Black Star is his own cognac.

What do you do, I am terrifying… Looking at the performance of the people, Han Xiao frowned.

I looked down at the Mechanic Throne under my ass and realized that.

I almost forgot, this broken thing has the effect of amplifying the gas field, no wonder the group of small chives scared shiver coldly.

Han Xiao put away the gas station and got up. This sense of oppression suddenly disappeared. The people couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The back part was already cold and sweaty.

Taking a glance, Han Xiao slowly said: “You are the first batch of outstanding graduates since the establishment of the Academy. Since you choose to work for legion, then on behalf of legion, I welcome everyone to join…”

Hearing this, the tension in the hearts of the people gradually subsided, became excited, and received the encouragement of Super A Grade. Many people felt that they were encouraged.

Han Xiao encouraged a pass and let the excited students leave the road, leaving only Nilo and Mia.

Going down the high platform and coming to the two people, Han Xiao looked down at Nile’s top of the head, nodded. “It’s really good to be short, so it looks like a small target. As a mechanical, it’s not easy to be hit by an enemy.”

Nello corner of mouth twitching.

What happened to these people, why do you like to say something about his height? !

Although my heart is abdomen, but seeing Han Xiao, I am joking myself. Nile’s tight nerves are also loose, showing a smile:

“long time no see, I miss you very much.”

I don’t want you at all… Han Xiao is secretly sighed.

With the Observation Mark in hand, when can you peek, the average time for Nilo to go to the toilet is clear.

For the past six years, Han Xiao has spent most of his time in Glittering World’s savings. The stored experience has taken bits and pieces, the personal level has risen to 303, and the others have been invested in the skill and synthetic blueprint.

Hard power growth is not big, but in terms of mechanical legion, it is a comprehensive increase!

This nearly sphere-sized black sphere is a mechanical god made up of mechanical legions!

Maintaining a planet-like appearance, like a black star, Han Xiao will often open this skill for a long time to exercise his use of mechanical gods, without slacking off.

In terms of building machinery, Han Xiao has not been idle. He has set up a secondary Dimension Factory, and has continuously improved and expanded to provide himself with a source of troops.

In the past six years, mechanical civilization has developed rapidly. More than 80% of the apostolic star’s surface has been completely covered by mechanical cities. Mechanical Lifeform has been hatched to the eighth generation.

Due to the iterative weakening of the fire energy, the performance of Mechanical Lifeform has declined significantly after the Sixth generation. As it continues to multiply, the more Mechanical Lifeform in the future, the more “ordinary people” in mechanical civilization, can only act as cannon fodder, this is any There are limits to the existence of mechanical civilization.

The first generation of Mechanical Lifeform is still the best group of elites, among which the apostles are the most powerful, and the social structure is gradually moving closer to the Star Sea pattern – cosmos is the case, the ordinary people account for the vast majority, and six Before the generation of Mechanical Lifeform, it was “to power user” in the mechanical civilization, and it has a strong individual strength and is respected.

The Black Spirit family is still digesting knowledge. Compared with six years ago, the Black Spirit family has already had a successful researcher in different fields, and began to impart knowledge to other clansman. The effect of the mind network began to appear.

Normal species teach with textbooks, and the efficiency is comparable to that of the Black Spirit family. It is like the difference between constipation and diarrhea.

The legion forces are developing steadily and steadily. The education plan has been carried out smoothly. More Academys have been laid, and the first batch of graduates have graduated. It is the Nilena session…

Thought to this point, Han Xiao looked up and down Nile, and turned to look at towards Mia next to him, his eyes smashed.

Upon seeing it, Nilo misunderstood Han Xiao’s meaning and hurriedly introduced his companions. “This is Mia, a female classmate in my class, and very powerful.”

“y-you are good…oh, pay respects to Black Star Your Distinguished Self.”

Mia expression is cramped, and Black Star gives him a feeling that is very different from Fording.

Fording makes people feel like a spring breeze, and the Black Star makes her involuntarily awe, not dare to make it.

“I know you, there is great potential.”

Han Xiao recognized this past Hela’s follower a few years ago, and it was also a good chives. At this time, there was nothing unexpected and a dagger.

“Thank you.” Mia was flattered. She didn’t expect Black Star, a big character, to recognize her.

“You wait outside for a while, I have something to say to Nello.”


Mia is wearing this and looked at Nile and had to turn and leave.

Watching Mia go, Han Xiao withdraws his eyes, there are only two people left in the room, he is no longer stretched, interested in looking at Nile, teased:

“Can you kid, is puberty coming?”

Neroton blushes and argues: “Hey, I, I, where…”

“Okay, don’t explain it to me.” Han Xiao interrupted Nile’s words and waved his hand. “I haven’t seen you for a few years. Let me check your progress. If you fall in love, forget about learning, hehe.”

Saying, not waiting for Nello to refute, Han Xiao directly poked Nilo and pulled out the battle information.

Open the panel and look at the past, Han Xiao slightly nodded.

This kid’s potential is good, already has a C+ step position, and it is estimated that B Grade can be reached before the age of 20.

Looking down at the ability bar, Han Xiao’s eyes suddenly lit up and saw what he had dreamed of.

Nile’s Tool Sense Specialty has finally grown to [perfect Tool Sense]!

The chives that have been cultivated for so long are finally mature!

‘It took me ten years to complete, and finally let him make this ability, it is not easy, it is not easy! ‘

Han Xiao was overjoyed and slammed Nile’s shoulder and smiled happily.

“Yes, very good, I am very satisfied with your progress!”

Nile’s shoulder was shot and hurt, and the bones seemed to be broken. I couldn’t help but lick my teeth and said, “You, you are satisfied.”

Han Xiao couldn’t help but pick up Nile’s round face and be happy.

I didn’t ruin my studies because of my early love.

Chives is mature, the next thing to consider is the way to harvest!

Leonard, the slinger does not enter the salt, and does not give quest to life and death, but Nello is different. He has the advanced Luck Aura singer. Now he is just starting out, life is just starting, and there are a lot of plots in the future that can be triggered. I don’t know how many times I get [perfect Tool Sense].

Really not… can also create some scenes for Nile, throw him into dangerous places, and change the way to let him experience danger.

According to the experience of Great Technician Han, as long as Nile has a desire for himself, there is a greater chance to trigger the quest.

But, you need to find a reason to do this.

The excuse of actual exercise seems to be very good… Han Xiao’s eyes drop.

If this still doesn’t work, Han Xiao has the last move. Nile’s potential is stronger than Leonard’s. He wants to train him, and then… he is openly stopped!

Various thoughts flashed through my mind, and Han Xiao looked at Nello’s eyes and also played with it. Hey hey smirked:

‘Little guy, the next hell is waiting for you, you will know how happy it was in the learning career. ‘

Perceived Han Xiao’s unreasonable eyes, Nile suddenly fought a cold war and gave birth to a bad premonition.

I always feel that there has been a malicious scan of my body…

Nello scratched his head and asked carefully:

“For the cognac, I still have one thing I want to ask for your help.”

Han Xiao’s eyes lit up.


Hey, people go to the road, ask for it, and the guy is better than Leonard. I don’t know where to go.

“Say, what do you want me to do?” Han Xiao and Yan Yue.

Nilo is a little tweaked, and his tone is swaying:

“Mia is a Martial Daoist, lost his temper when the pain hit, I, I want learning how to change the meat, godfather, you are a grandmaster level character in this regard, can teach me how to get pounded it?”


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