The Lord ’s Empire Chapter 2636


Volume 82 Chapter


Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and poured a strength into Lan Banyuan’s body without the body, infused with Zhao Fu’s Origin Power, one of the top strengths in the world, with the help of this Origin Power Next, Lan Banyuan’s body was puffed with black gas, and his breath gradually increased.


Zhao Fu frowned. Origin Power could save Lan Banyuan, but the disease of not worms was not easily eliminated.


Lan Qingyuan looked at the younger brother’s breath and became rosy. He knelt on the ground and hurriedly, “Thank you, Lord!”


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Lan Qingyuan said gratefully, “I know, but I still thank my lord.”


Zhao Fu examines Lan Banyuan’s body carefully. This kind of insect-like disease also feels weird. He has merged with Lan Banyuan’s life Origin. Forcibly expelling Lan Banyuan may also die.


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Zhao Fu raised the head glanced at her, “Am I usually bad for you?”


Shook the head, “No, I mean you are more attractive and make women like you more.”


Zhao Fu said indifferently, “I don’t need it!”


Hua Gumei raised his mouth, there was a little dissatisfaction, and he said nothing.


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Feng Shensha looked at both of them and understood that the hearts of the two women were subdued by Zhao Fu, but she was not so easily conquered, even though she was often flattered by Zhao Fu’s.


At this time, Zhao Fu came up with a method, which was to use Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique to extract the kind of insecticidal worm and insect blue semi-prime inside the body.


Zhao Fu put one hand on Lan Banyuan’s chest, eight different blood-colored runes emerged, emitting slightly blood vessels, and slowly integrated into Lan Banyuan’s chest.


What happened next made Zhao Fu quite surprised. Zhao Fu had not used the strength of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique to extract the worm disease, and the worm disease had poured into Zhao Fu’s palm.


Zhao Fu hesitated, instead of stopping the insecticidal disease, but letting the insecticidal disease flood into his own body, the worm shells growing out of Lan Banyuan disappeared, but Zhao Fu’s body began An insect beast carapace grows, the first one being the hand pressed against the blue half of the original chest.


Everyone saw this scene, heart startled.


Arasina yelled firstly, “Zhao Fu, stop now!”


Others did not expect that Zhao Fu would specialize in the disease for himself within the body for Lan Banyuan. His bones and eyebrows were a little moist. I did not expect Zhao Fu to be so self-denying, and Lan Qingyuan was even more grateful kneel on the ground.


Is Zhao Fu so great? For someone you do n’t know? The answer is definitely not.


Zhao Fu said, “You can rest assured that I’m fine.”


I saw the insect beast carapace growing from Zhao Fu’s body disappeared quickly. In fact, even without this disease, Zhao Fu can make the body grow an insect beast carapace.


This bug has no effect on Zhao Fu. Instead, Zhao Fu has an additional ability.


After Zhao Fu’s disease flooded into Zhao Fu’s body, he became a little beetle. Zhao Fu can use this kind of insect to infect other people, as long as that person is injured by Zhao Fu This kind of worm disease.


And this ability can also grow, Zhao Fu can turn himself into a source of infection, infect people in an area, and make them all infected with insects.


Zhao Fu retracted his hand, Lan Banyuan’s body returned to normal, because of the help of Origin Power, the unconscious Lan Banyuan slowly woke up.


Looking at Zhao Fu in front of him, Lan Banyuan looked puzzled.


Lan Qingyuan smiled and said, “No. Thank you, sir, he saved you and healed your illness.”


Hearing this, Lan Banyuan said weakly, “Thank you for your help!”


Zhao Fu complied gently, stood up from the ground, and walked towards Arasina.


Lan Qingyuan stepped forward and picked up his younger brother, examining Lan Banyuan’s body.


Zhao Fu said, “His illness has been cured, let’s go!”


many women nodded.


“Master, wait?” Lan Qingyuan said as Zhao Fu was about to leave.


Zhao Fu turned and looked at him and asked, “Are there anything else for you?”


Lan Qingyuan said, “I don’t know if you are collecting that kind of bronze fragments. I now remember that there is a piece in my house, but I don’t know if it is the one you are looking for, but that piece. It is also extremely hard, and I have no way to destroy it. “


Zhao Fu’s face was surprised, with a smile on his face, “Where is that thing?”


Lan Qingyuan replied, “In the place where I lived before, this time went too fast and was usually left aside, so I didn’t stay with you. My lord reminded you that I really do n’t know if you are looking The one just feels a bit like. “


Zhao Fu said with a faint smile, “Um, I know, you take me to you.”


Lan Qingyuan glanced at his younger brother, “I wonder if the adults can wait for a while and let my younger brother recover some strength to go forward?”


Zhao Fu throws Lan Qingyuan a bottle of medical pill, “Yes, this medical pill can restore your younger brother’s health.”


Lan Qingyuan took the medical pill, thanked him, and fed the medical pill to his younger brother. Lan Banyuan’s body recovered quickly with the help of medical pill.


Zhao Fu several people sat and waited.


Two hours later, Lan Banyuan recovered her identity, looked at the beautiful appearance of the Arasina girls, her face was a bit shy, and she knelt on the ground to thank Zhao Fu, and she stayed with her big brother.


Zhao Fu crowds flew to the area before.


That area should be very dangerous now, because Zhao Fu appeared in that area, all forces are looking for Zhao Fu. Fortunately, the place where Lan Qingyuan lives is very remote, and there should be no major problems.


After half a day, everyone in Zhao Fu came to a small courtyard, this is where Lan Qing lived before.


Lan Qingyuan first asked Zhao Fu to wait, then walked into a utility room, rummaged up, and walked out after ten minutes, handing a two-inch-sized bronze piece to Zhao Fu, ” My lord, see if this is the bronze shard you are looking for! “


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Zhao Fu controls the bronze fragments within the body exuding a breath of Chaos Origin.

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