The Lord ’s Empire Chapter 2636


Chapter One of the Eighth Volume


Zhao Fu within the body The bronze shard exuded a golden breath. Everyone looked at the piece of two-inch-sized bronze shard in Zhao Fu’s hands, and saw that the shard trembled slightly, and also exuded extremely weak golden light , Weaker than the rays of light emitted by Zhao Fu’s previous piece of bronze.


However, since there is a response, that is the Origin Armament that Zhao Fu was looking for, and this bronze shard itself also has the ability to automatically repair, requiring a large number of other Origin Power.


Zhao Fu showed a smile and put it away. This place is not easy to repair. Only after Zhao Fu repaired the fragment.


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Zhao Fu smiled nodded.


Everyone else showed a smile, especially Lan Qingyuan’s heart was also sighed in relief. Zhao Fu had great affection for him, and he wanted to repay Zhao Fu.


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Originally Zhao Fu everyone was going to grab the valley, but did not expect to meet Lan Qingyuan brother, and accidentally got a piece of bronze, now things should be continued to grab the valley.


Arasina suddenly said, “Since Zhao Fu has two pieces of bronze here, I don’t know if there are three pieces of land. Would you like to stay and look for it?”


Listening to her say, Zhao Fu also reacted, which was really unexpected. Since there are two pieces of bronze here, maybe there is the third piece, the fourth piece, and even the copper mirror pieces are all here. Aren’t you going to never get anywhere else?


Zhao Fu looked towards Lan Qingyuan asked, “How did you get this piece of bronze?”


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Everyone looked towards Lan Banyuan next to.


Lan Banyuan thought about it carefully and replied, “I was playing under a mountain at that time, and I found this piece of bronze brought back.”


Zhao Fu asked, “Where is that mountain?”


Lan Banyuan replied, “It is a nearby hill, and I can take you there.”


Zhao Fu nodded, “If you can help me find the third piece of bronze, I will definitely give you a lot of benefits!”


Lan Banyuan smiled and said, “No need, my lord saved my life, these are all right.”


Beautiful eyes Beautiful eyes looking at Lan Banyuan said with a smile, “You’re kind of grateful, no effort to save you!”


Facing the eyebrows, Lan Banyuan blushed.


The crowd came to the hill within a short time. This hill is only several dozen meters high, with some small trees and weeds standing on it. It looks very ordinary and there is no special place.


Lan Banyuan said, “I just picked up that piece of bronze here.”


Zhao Fu stepped forward and glanced at this hill. Zhao Fu didn’t want to search a little bit, squatted down, pressed one hand on the ground, the bronze fragments within the body emitted strong rays of light. Chaos Origin Power emerged from Zhao Fu’s palm, and a golden light wave spread out.


all around not at all A little reaction.


Zhao Fu frowned, and a golden light wave spread out again, but there was still no response at all around.


Zhao Fu once controlled the bronze fragments, a Chaos Origin Power diffused out, a golden light wave spread out, there was still no response at all around, there should be no bronze fragments here, if there is a certain reaction.


There is no land with a radius of 10 li, so try a radius of several hundred miles.




A rumbling sound sounded, a huge Origin Power came out of the palm of Zhao Fu, countless golden tubes spread and spread, and a series of golden light wave furnace water waves generally spread out one after another, emitting an amazing momentum .


Still nothing happens, Zhao Fu sighed, there should be no bronze fragments here.


Zhao Fu said, “This place is not there, let’s go look elsewhere.”


Now Zhao Fu has found this place, and I want to find somewhere else in this area, maybe there are other places, but it ’s because Zhao Fu ca n’t find just and honorable like this, others feel this Share Origin strength, then Zhao Fu is exposed behind.


Lan Qingyuan watched Zhao Fu’s people leaving, and hesitated a little, but still said, “Master and our brother, there is nowhere to go now. I wonder if I can follow you?”


Zhao Fu thought about it. Although the two brothers were good, because they were men, there were too many women around them and it was inconvenient to take them.


Arasina said, “Take them, now we can’t go back to the Union City. Let the two of them go in and ask for information.”


Zhao Fu thought, “OK! Brothers follow me!”


Lan Qingyuan also knew the identity of the son of Zhao Fu Origin. To follow such a person would be ascending to the skies with a single leap. He said happily and excitedly, “Thank you, my master! Will not let adults down. “


Lan Banyuan also happily looked at the painting of the eyebrows, and unknowingly he had a great affection for the painting of the eyebrows, maybe some of them liked her.


However, the beautiful eyes of Zhao Fu looked at Zhao Fu, and all his thoughts were on Zhao Fu’s body.


Zhao Fu stayed at the place where Lan Qingyuan’s brother lived. Lan Qingyuan’s brother went to Union City to collect news, mainly collecting strange places, or what happened in that place, among which there might be bronze fragments. .


Lan Qingyuan brought back a lot of news, Zhao Fu started one by one review.


The first place is the most likely place, because it was heard that there were terrifying battles in several powerhouses, and caused great damage. The place is now barren, without any vitality.


Zhao Fu also thought whether several powerhouses would be related to bronze fragments, so he chose the first one to see.


The result is no.


The second place is a valley. I heard that there are many treasures here. Some people have found many good things before.


Zhao Fu also went to this place, there was no treasure hunter, and the ground was full of potholes. Zhao Fu also checked and found that there was nothing. It is estimated that there was a treasure that was taken away by previous people. .


Then Zhao Fu went to the third place, near a river beach, and said that there was a terrifying monster in it, Zhao Fu also went, and by the way striking down the water monster there, it looked like a catfish, long With two arms and a pair of feet, the strength is also World Realm.


The harvest of this trip is the Bloodline of the water monster, and there is nothing else.


Day, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().


Zhao Fu and others continued to fly in the direction of the valley as originally planned, and it didn’t take long for a huge landing in front of Zhao Fu and everyone

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