Ji Yunyun did not dare to ask, laughing and glaring at Zhao Wei, “Master! You can rest assured that I will also brew the wine that enhances that aspect, and I will certainly heal you. What do you want to do to us?” ”

Zhao Wei has nothing to say, feels awkward, and continues to look for Lord God Land of Legacy.


a rumbling sound sounded, several people fell to a lake with a strong momentum, the person who came was God Qianhua, and there were several maids beside her, and a beautiful Fairy was standing next to the lake. The new moon.

Shen Qianhua has a strong smile. “Now the stage of the gods will immediately open the 3rd Order paragraph. I think we are the time to try.”

Lunar New Year nodded coldly.

Shen Qianhua said with a smile, “If I win? You are my own!”

The moon looked at God Qianhua, “What if I win you?”

God Qianhua laughed and said, “What about me as your person? I am the goddess of GoddeSS Palace. The power of GoddeSS Palace is stronger than Nine Moon Gods. You will not suffer but have great benefits.”

The moon is white and the gods look at it. “I am not interested in you, but I won you. I must promise me three things, and whoever you lose to whom you must marry, if you do not agree, this The bet will be cancelled.”

In the face of the gods, there is no full confidence in the moon, but I also want to see the strength of the gods, so I also want to fight with God.

But if she loses but wants to be a woman of God Qianhua, she can’t accept this. She doesn’t like women. Although her intentional person has not appeared yet, he must be a hero.

Now, the New Moon has said this kind of condition. If God is lost in the hands of others, then she must marry someone else. If she does not want to, the gambling will be abandoned.

With the strong character of Shen Qianhua, she is unlikely to marry someone else, and finally there is no loss to herself, but also let Shen Qianhua also experience the feeling of whoever loses to whom.

Shen Qianhua, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the moon, understand the purpose of the moon, but God Qianhua chuckled, “I don’t promise!”

Because God Qianhua knows that this time the gods are too strong to test, there are many people who are more terrible than her, she is likely to be defeated in the hands of others, and she will certainly not marry others, so this The gambling promise is not necessary to continue.

Yue Yan replied coldly, “I don’t agree!”


A huge momentum erupted from the body of Shen Qianhua. The body of Shen Qianhua exudes golden light and said with arrogance. “Now I can’t agree with you, if you have strength, then come against me.”


The moon’s body also exudes a huge momentum, and silvery white light, cold voice replied, “I see if you have strength to let me yield.”

Two huge momentums collided together, setting off a much larger wind, fiercely blowing around, countless trees swaying, some sands were blown out, and the atmosphere became dangerous.


Shen Qianhua took out a golden sword and took an amazing strength. He rushed to the moon, and the speed was very fast. He came to the front of the moon in a moment, waving the big sword in his hand, and bowing to the moon. The past.

The moon 婵 expression ice-cold, stretched out one hand and grabbed it, a silver sword appeared in her hand, a strength was injected into the sword, and the sword emitted a silver-white sword light.


The moon swayed the sword in his hand and forced the two swords together. The countless sparks shot and a shock wave spread.

With a strong smile, Shen Qianhua took the big sword in his hand and took it to the moon with an amazing strength.

The Lunar New Year is now using a sword block.

Shen Qianhua constantly waved the golden sword in his hand, and with the golden sword light constantly slamming into the moon, the attack was very fierce and the sound was amazing. Such an attack was in line with the character of Shen Qianhua.

In the face of the attack of God Qianhua, Lunar New Year can only resist with the sword, and the body is forced to retreat.


Shen Qianhua suddenly had a strong strength infused into the big sword. The big sword exudes a strong golden sword light. With a wave of force, a terrifying sword is pulled out.


Although the moon smashed the attack with a sword, the body was still swept away by a dozen meters and stood on the lake.

Shen Qianhua dragged the big sword, his face with a domineering smile, and quickly rushed to the moon.

The moon slammed his face and raised the sword in his hand. A strength poured into it. The sword emitted a soft sword light. Around the sky, there was a wave of water. A silverfish with a meter of rice appeared on the side of the moon. Swimming in the void, like a real fish, a month of Creative Concept spreads out.


The sword in the hands of Yuelu moved forward, and the silver fish around him swam to Shen Qianhua. The huge concept of the month of the Creative Concept also rushed to the gods, with a terrifying strength, as if it could not resist.


A pair of silverfish quickly swam in front of Shen Qianhua, and Shen Qianhua constantly waved the big sword in his hand, and opened the countless silver fish, turning it into a silver spot to dissipate.


That huge month of Creative Concept came up, and Shen Qianhua’s amazing strength was injected into the big sword in his hand. The big sword exudes a strong golden sword light, and a terrifying sword light is slamming forward. go with.


A huge explosion sounded, and a powerful shock wave spread out. The lake was shocked and countless splashes of water. Shen Qianhua was also shot by this blow, and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Shen Qianhua was not angry, but said with a smile. “The moon has not seen some days, and your strength has actually increased a lot.”

Luna did not answer the words of Shen Qianhua, coldly waving his sword in his hand, a silver-white crescent flying to the gods.

God Qianhua no longer intends to wave the big sword in his hand, and easily smashes the silvery white crescent that flies.

Then, lift the big sword in your hand, and the strong strength is injected into the sword, which will emit a dazzling golden sword light, and an amazing sword power will come out.


God Qianhua sword slammed, a huge golden sword light, with terrifying strength, the moon passed, with a terrible sword wind, the lake appeared a wave of water.

The moon’s body exudes a soft silver glow, and a month’s Creative Concept spreads out. The body of the moon seems to blend with the surroundings. Standing there is neither a hands-on nor a dodge.


A loud sound came out, and a golden sword light slammed on the lake. The lake was directly smashed in half. The two halves of the water were picked up high and then fell down on both sides, forming a powerful wave of water, countless The drops of water fall like rain.

The body of the New Moon is dissipated like a illusion, and it does not sense any of her breath. As it really disappears, the atmosphere becomes a bit strange.

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