A sword suddenly sounded, and the moon held the sword behind Shen Qianhua, a sword with a silver streamer, stabbed to God Qianhua.

Shen Qianhua went to the side to hide and escaped the sword.

The moon’s body flew forward in an instant, and the sword in his hand exudes a silver-white sword light, with a powerful momentum, very fast, bringing a water mark on the lake.

Shen Qianhua holds a big sword in one hand, and uses a wave of force, a golden sword light with a strong strength.

The moon’s body is opened by a sword slash, disappearing like a fantasy, but the next moment appears next to Shen Qianhua, and a sword goes to God.

Shen Qianhua turned and used a sword to block the blow, looking at the moon.

It is too clear that it is not a illusion. The moon is using one of the strongest moves of Luna, which can make the body and the moment become illusory.


A huge momentum broke out, and Shen Qianhua’s body radiated a strong light. When the sword was pushed, the moon was pushed out.

A terrible strength of the stock constantly rushed out of the body of Shen Qianhua, forming a wave of shock waves, bringing a wave of water to the surrounding, and Shen Qianhua’s body exudes a dazzling golden light.


An invisible golden light wave spreads out like a broken bamboo, instantly covering everything, without causing any harm. The strength of a field spreads out and will hold the hand in a circle.

The face of the moon is slightly changed, because now she is in the field of Shen Qianhua, the effect of the mirror flower water is greatly weakened, and Shen Qianhua can easily judge that she will appear there.

God Qianhua’s face showed a domineering smile. “Now you can use this trick for me! How do you resist me?”


Shen Qianhua rushed to the moon with a strong momentum, his feet ran fast on the surface of the water, and the waves spread out, the speed was very fast, and came to the front of the moon, a sword slammed into the moon.

The New Moon also exudes an amazing strength, injecting the sword into the hand, and slamming it with a force, bringing out a sharp sword light.


The two swords slammed together and made a huge sword, and a strong sword wind spread and fiercely blown around.


Shen Qianhua flew out of the moon with a wave of force, but the moon fell over a dozen meters, but it was not injured. Shen Qianhua continued to move forward.

Luna stood still in the same place without a move, and the hand released the sword in his hand. The sword was controlled by an invisible strength, floating in front of the moon, and the moon held out a hand, and countless strengths poured out and poured into it. Among a sword,

The sword exudes a myriad of silvery white light, and a terrible sword force spreads out as if it could destroy everything.


The hand that stretched out of the moon slammed hard, and the sword with a terrifying strength turned into a silver-white streamer that shot forward in the past, as if it were unstoppable.

The rushing god, Qianhua, an amazing strength infused into it, the big sword also exudes numerous sword qi, each with a very strong strength, can break the mountain.

At the moment when the sword light was shot, Shen Qianhua used his sword to bring out a huge sword light, which seemed to open the space.


The two strengths collided together and made a huge rumbling sound. A powerful shock wave instantly spread out, and the lake surface shook, and countless splashes of water.

The sword that radiated silver and white light was flew out by the gods, but the body of the moon was suddenly appearing in front of her, and a palm was forced to lie in the abdomen of God, and the body of Shen Qianhua was shot and flew out.

The moon is reaching out, and then flying out will turn into a stream of light, and instantly return to her hand. The moon is holding a sword and rushing to the gods.

Her speed is also very fast, rushing to the face of God Qianhua, slashing out with a sword, bringing out a powerful silver-white sword light.


God Qianhua’s eyebrows floated out of the golden mark. This mark is like a distorted female character. A huge and incomparable strength spreads out and forms a huge pressure.


Shen Qianhua slammed out a sword and brought out a large piece of golden sword light. He flew out the moon, and flew out more than a hundred meters, and a stream of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

And Shen Qianhua, a pair of beautiful eyes, looked at the moon, and laughed. “Yue! Your strength really improves a lot, but you can’t beat me!”

The moon is sneered, “Is it?”

I saw the moon shackles put the sword on the water, a silvery white crescent appeared in the eyebrows, and a powerful force of the moon god broke out from her body, forming a strong wind blowing.

The New Moon lifted one hand, and an invisible strength spread out. Heaven and Earth changed color, and the numerous Power of Heaven and Earth gathered together to form a silver-white beautiful mirror with hundreds of meters. , exudes a huge pressure.

Bang bang bang ……

The mirror of a few hundred meters on the other side exudes a huge strength, a silver-white beam, with a terrible force, shot at the gods, a lot, as if the sky can be shot through .

Shen Qianhua’s face was slightly more serious. Standing in the same place without a step, a hand extended, a huge golden strength emerged to form a hexagonal light shield.


A loud bang came out, and the white beam hit the light shield, and an amazing stretch of light spread out. Some white beams fell on the lake and penetrated the lake.

However, Shen Qianhua still blocked countless shots of the past, and did not suffer a trace of damage.


A huge rumbling sound rang, and the silver-white beautiful mirror shot a huge white light beam and shot straight to the gods. It was fierce and fierce and seemed to be able to destroy everything.


Shen Qianhua has just reacted. A huge strength is injected into the hexagonal light shield. The light shield emits a strong golden light. The huge silver-white beam hits it, a huge sound is emitted, and the light shield is broken directly. The body of Shen Qianhua was swept out in a flash.

I saw that Shen Qianhua’s body had flown over a hundred meters before it stopped. It looked like a wolf, and there was a trace of blood in the corner of his mouth.

Yue Yue sneered and said, “Now you still think you can beat me?”

Shen Qianhua wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, said with a chuckle. “That is for sure! The stronger you are, the more I have a sense of accomplishment when I accept you. Let me see your strength now!”


A huge roar sounded, and the mark of God’s eyebrows exuded a strong radiance. A huge stretch broke out from the body, and a golden scent appeared on Shen Qianhua. Each breath contained a huge strength.

The terrifying pressure shrouded the square, and the air seemed to solidify, making people feel scared.

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