Shen Qianhua lifted the big sword in his hand, and a golden sword light flew into the sky. Power of Heaven and Earth gathered in madness and poured into the golden sword. The big sword exudes a strong golden sword light. , forming a long kilometer of golden lightsaber, erected between Heaven and Earth, exudes a huge strength.

The moon sees this look dignified, a huge force of the moon, poured into the mirror from the hand, the mirror is constantly changing, and finally up to a kilometer, constantly absorbing this Power of Heaven and Earth The mirror is constantly emitting silver and white light. Exudes a terrifying strength.


God Qianhua tried hard, and the golden lightsaber standing between Heaven and Earth, with the strength of Heaven and Earth, smashed forward, the strength was terrifying, and the void brought out a crack.


The large silver-and-white mirror shot a huge beam of light, with the strength of destroying everything, shot forward, as if everything was destroy, it could not be stopped. ‘


A loud-shaking bang came out, and a huge explosion of strength spread out instantly. The lake, the stones, the trees, turned into a void at that moment, and spread out constantly, the speed was extremely fast, and the world seemed to be destroyed. .

A shock wave spread, forming a huge storm blowing around, countless trees uprooted, and stones being blown into the sky.

The huge rumbling sound can be heard far away, Heaven and Earth are changing, sun and moon are no light, and the situation is surging.

Countless people looked at the sky with amazement and felt this huge momentum. It is clear that there is a peerless Heaven’s Chosen in battle, and countless people are rushing past, which is another battle of Heaven’s Chosen. They don’t want to miss.

In the final battlefield, a large pit with a width of more than 10,000 meters appeared on the ground. The lake has completely disappeared. The sky is covered with dark clouds. Countless water drops, like a heavy rain. This is not real rain, but just the lake.

Both the moon and the gods and the mouth of the gods with blood, stood up from the ground, and looked at each other.

God Qianhua said with a big smile, “You didn’t let disappointment, but you haven’t beat me yet.”

The moon is cold with a face, the body emits a slight silver light, the body automatically floats into the air, and a huge month of Creative Concept spreads.


A huge strength tears the clouds over the sky, the dark clouds quickly dissipate, and countless silvery white rays emerge. Nine huge silver-white moons appear in the sky, emitting endless moonlight shining through the earth.

A huge incomparable pressure enveloped Heaven and Earth, making both Heaven and Earth ice-cold, filled with the coldness of this kind of monthly power.

Nine moons are in the sky, and the power of the moon is pouring into the body of the moon. The moon and the moon are brightly printed, and the moon is covered with a layer of moonlight. It seems to be holy and incomparable.

At the same time, her strength is raised to a pole, and the void is twisted.

Now the moon is doing everything, this is her true strength, absolutely frightening, as if she is the moon palace Fairy.

Shen Qianhua saw this scene, his face did not have any fear, but a smile.


A huge rumbling sound rang, and Shen Qianhua’s body radiated countless golden lights, forming a golden beam that rushed into the sky, forming a huge golden beam of light, and numerous Power of Heaven and Earth poured into the body of Shen Qianhua.

I saw the golden mark of God’s thousand eyebrows spread, covering both sides of the face, a long hair turned into gold, a pair of golden invisible armor emerged from all around, dressed in the body of God Qianhua.

An extremely terrifying strength emanates from the body of Shen Qianhua, and the body braves a golden scent.

These golden breaths are terrible. It is a golden Immortal Qi. At this time, Shen Qianhua is like a female warrior. The huge momentum of a stock spreads and forms a violent wind.

The moon is reaching out, catching a sword in the ground and returning to her hand, waving forward, a silver-white sword light with a sharp strength to the front.

God Qianhua had a smile on his face and waved his sword in his hand, and a huge golden sword light broke out.


The two sword lights slammed together with a strong strength, making a loud noise, and countless sword glows.

Shen Qianhua flew up from the ground, and with a huge golden strength rushed to the moon, the moon did not have any fear, holding the sword and rushing to God Qianhua.


The two continued to open their battles and made a loud rumbling sound. The momentum of a terrifying continually spread, forming a gust of wind blowing away, making Heaven and Earth eclipse, and the situation suddenly changed.


Another loud noise came out, and two people were forced to fly out.

Shen Qianhua said with a smile, “You don’t have to waste your strength and show the strongest move to decide whether to win or lose.”

The moonlight cold voice said, “I have this plan too!”


The New Moon lifted his hand, and the nine huge moons in the sky gave off a strong radiance. These rays condensed and formed nine silver-white spheres, from which the terrifying strength emerged.

The ray of light continually condenses, the nine silver-white spheres are getting bigger and bigger, and the terrifying strength that is emitted is getting stronger and stronger, forming a huge pressure.


Shen Qianhua raised his sword with both hands, and a huge infinite strength was injected into the sword. The big sword exudes a dazzling sword light and envelopes it all around.

A golden shadow appears in the void above the sword. This illusion is a woman, and it exudes a terrible strength. The world seems to be unable to withstand the usual, constantly distorted.

Bang bang bang ……

The moon’s raised hands fell, and the nine balls shot forward with a huge strength, very fast, with a sense of oppression, giving a dangerous feeling that could destroy Heaven and Earth.


The sword that God Qianhua raised in his hands fell heavily. The golden shadow was flying with the endless fairy, and the world was like being dyed in gold.


A heaven-shaking bang came out, and Heaven and Earth were about to collapse. The two strands collided together, and a huge shock wave spread out, spreading out with a sweeping sweep.

The ground, the woods, the stones, the grass, the peaks, and the valleys all shattered in that moment. A huge incomparable air wave was blown away with countless gravel and shredded wood. It was loud and deafening.

The terrifying breath can be felt far away. Countless people only feel that the body falls into the ice cave. The body can’t help but tremble, and there is a strong fear in the heart.

All the people outside the secret, the look is excited, a pair of eyes are here, I want to know who won this battle? Some people support Shen Qianhua, and some support the New Moon.

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