However, with the character of Shen Qianhua, Zhao Wei will never be tolerated. She will try her best to kill Zhao Wei.


A huge rumbling sound rang, and Shen Qianhua’s body ignited a golden mist, emitting a huge amount of divine power. The ground was constantly cracking. With this strength, Shen Qianhua continued to Zhao Yuchong. The past.

Shen Qianhua rushed to Zhao Wei, and a sword with a strong sword light pulled out, as if a mountain can be opened.

Zhao Wei scattered to the defensive hood, reaching out to grab the Disaster Dragon Sword, a huge strength into it, a slap in the face, a black sword light with an amazing strength.


The two swords collided together, making a sound of huge steel intertwined, countless sparks bursting, and a sword wind blowing around.

When Zhao Wei took the sword and pushed it, he pushed Shen Qianhua out, and in a wave of his sword, he pulled out a black sword light and flew out to God.

God Qianhua hurriedly used the sword to block, and a dull voice came out. The sword light was smashed on the big sword. The body of Shen Qianhua was shot and flew out at a time. It only stopped ten meters before it stopped, and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Everyone saw this scene, and they all understood that the strength of the gods is not Zhao Fu’s opponent, because they have just experienced such a terrible battle, how to have strength against Zhao Wei.

However, Zhao Wei’s feelings are also very bad. It is the danger of swearing. If Shen Qiang’s strength is not consumed, then Zhao Wei is definitely not so relaxed, and even dare not say that kind of arrogant words.

GoddeSS Palace’s palace is not wrinkled, she also hates men, and now looks at the other side so despicable, screaming at God Qianhua without strength to bully her, if it is not into the secret, then she will definitely do it directly, kill Zhao Wei Drop it.

Nine Moon Gods had some surprises. She didn’t think that Zhao Wei would suddenly burst out, and Zhao Wei also paid attention to her. She felt very mysterious and had gained the power of numerous Lord God legacy.

Shen Qianhua also understands that Zhao Fu’s opponent is not now, but the anger in her heart makes her not want to give up, using all the strength, leaving nothing.


A huge rumbling sound rang, and I saw that the body of Shen Qianhua exudes a strong golden light. A halo of light appeared behind her, and a huge amount of divine power continued to flow.

The big sword in her hand was under the control of an invisible strength, flew into the air, and a powerful force was injected into it.

Clang clang clang ……

A sound of the sword rang, and a golden sword made a sound, and the volume became bigger than a dozen meters. The golden light was shot and turned into a golden sword. A total of 36 swords and gold swords. .

Each sword exudes a very amazing strength, and a huge sword exudes, erecting the hair.

The Disaster Dragon Sword in the hands of Zhao Wei’s sword was lifted up, and a huge Immortal force was injected into it, and numerous water drops gathered around it.

Áooooo ……

A huge dragon screamed, and countless drops of water condensed into nine huge Water Dragons, with a huge momentum and a roar of heaven, the sound waves spread out as if they were.

Nine Water Dragons are swimming in the sky. A huge momentum spreads like a gust of wind, and countless sandstones are blown out. The picture is terrible.

Clang clang clang ……

A sound of swords sounded, and Shen Qianhua controlled thirty-six gold swords to shoot at Zhao. The speed was very fast, and each one brought out a golden streamer, as if to penetrate the world.

Áooooo ……

Zhao’s sword was lifted, and the nine huge Water Dragons made a huge dragon, with terrifying strength, rushing forward, creating a huge wind.


A heaven-shaking bang came out, and two strengths collided together. As the two worlds collided, a strong wind continued to spread and the ground continued to collapse.


In the end, the nine Water Dragons took the horrible strength and smashed the thirty-six golden swords. The nine Water Dragons, with their striking strength, continued to fiercely rush toward the gods.

God Qianhua has no way to resist, because now she has no strength, she is directly hit by a huge strength, and falls to the ground to spit a large mouth of blood.

Zhao Wei showed a smile. “How do you feel now? I have said that your strength is not my opponent.”

God Qianhua looked angry at Zhao Wei, cold voice said, “When my strength is fully restored, I must make you look good.”

Zhao Wei chuckled, “Is it?” After saying this sentence, Zhao Wei’s body flew to God Qianhua.

Waiting for the six maids beside them, see Zhao Wei want to hurt their young lady, immediately rushed over with a strong momentum, and stayed at the side of Shen Qianhua.

As the maids of Shen Qianhua, their strength is also stronger.

Zhao Wei stopped down a pair of eyes. The six maids in front of them looked very beautiful and mature. They should be followed by Shen Qianhua from an early age. Both sides have feelings behind them.

The mature and proud maid, now her face is a bit ugly, originally she thought that her young lady would teach Zhao Yi a meal and cut off some of his things, but now her family lost, and she lost her grievances. Because Zhao Wei is a despicable villain who is at risk.

She said, “I also offended you at the beginning. If you have anything, you will come to me and let go of my lady.”

Zhao Yan said with a smile, “I am not interested in you, and even if you are in front of me, it has no effect.”

Shen Qianhua looked at Zhao Wei, coldly snorted, “What do you want to do? You should know my identity. If you dare to do anything to me, you will die very badly. GoddeSS Palace will never let you go.”

Zhao Wei said with a smile, “If you say this, I am more interested in you, so that after you give in, I will be more happy.”

God Qianhua looked at Zhao Wei with a scornful look. “I want to give in to you? There is no such person in this world.”

Zhao Yan said with a smile, “Exactly! I am the one.”

Clang clang clang ……

A chain of iron suddenly burst from the ground, with a sharp strength, shot at the six maids, directly tied the body of the six maids, and tied their hands, hanging their bodies in the air. Among them.

The six maids struggled in panic, but they broke free.

Zhao Wei came to the front of God Qianhua, Shen Qianhua face is a bit ugly, now there is no strength to escape, only choose to leave the secret, but she can not enter the secret afterwards, which makes her very unwilling.

I can see that Zhao Wei is not good-willed. She has no choice but to choose to leave the secret. This makes God Qianhua hate and look at Zhao Wei, because all this is caused by Zhao Wei.

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