After all the fluctuations subsided, in a huge pit, the moon was lying with blood on the ground, and Shen Qianhua stood in the same place, his face pale, and his mouth was filled with blood.

It is now obvious that God is victorious. She can not only stand there, but also have some strength in her body. The moon is lying on the ground without a trace of strength.

The crowd also showed a smile, excited and shouting the name of the gods, this is the honor of the winner.

The surrounding area is very lively. Others are talking about the things of Shen Qianhua. They say how strong they are and how fierce the battle is. The popularity of Shen Qianhua has reached the extreme and has been welcomed by countless people. And respect.

As for the lost moon, not many people are demeaning, because her strength is also very terrible, they can not have this kind of strength, and the moon is only lost to God, and did not lose a lot.

Shen Qianhua was also very weak at this time, but she was very happy when she defeated the New Moon. She smiled and said to Yue Yue, “You still lost in my hands. Can you still resist me now?”

Lunar New Year’s face is ugly, trying to stand up hard, but there is no strength.

God Qianhua took a smile and walked over to the moon.

Outside the secret world, GoddeSS Palace has a smile on the face of the people. They don’t object to God Qianhua’s doing things. Their GoddeSS Palace itself is very disgusted with men and more likes women.

Moreover, they also studied the secret technique that does not require men to be pregnant, and the 100% of the children born are also girls.

As the SainteSS of the Nine Gods, the New Moon is in the realm of the gods. The potential, strength can be ranked in the top three, they are naturally very satisfied with the moon as a woman of God Qianhua.

A beautiful woman with a temperament and a beautiful face, wearing a purple long dress, with a smile of a wise smile, said to the moon god of the next nine gods, “I agree with this marriage, I am superior to all aspects of Qianhua.” You are a month, and now you have defeated her personally. Should you not object to this marriage?”

Next to the moon god of the nine gods, is a graceful, white dress, perfect face, with a holy temperament of the beautiful woman, frowning and said, “I will not be the master, everything is chosen by the moon.” ”

Although the same as a woman, but the Lord does not like GoddeSS Palace to do a way of doing things, very arrogant and brutal and cruel, especially for a man is particularly ferocious, like a word does not like to cut a man something.

It is generally offensive to the end of the GoddeSS Palace, not death, or the end of the scene, the men in the realm of the gods are afraid of GoddeSS Palace.

However, GoddeSS Palace has become the most popular force in women’s minds, but Nine Moon Gods is not the same. Although they seem to be cold, they do not exclude men and are willing to get along with others.

And whether you like men and women, everything is chosen by yourself, not a paranoid fanatic who likes women.

GoddeSS Palace’s palace owner with a confident smile, “You don’t object, I believe that Qianhua will get the heart of the moon, so that the moon willingly be with her.”

The Lord did not speak, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at the picture in the mirror.

I saw that God Qianhua came to the side of the moon, reaching out and going up the moon, with a smile on his face and looking at the moon.

Moonlight looked coldly at the face of God, and it looked a bit repulsive.

Shen Qianhua did not care, with a smile on his face, and kissed the moon to the past. This woman who dreamed of is finally her.


Suddenly a rumbling sound sounded, and a powerful momentum came here, which made God Qianhua act, frowning and looking in that direction.

I saw a man with a cloak and a few beautiful women appearing in front of him.

The man’s scent is very powerful and very unusual. There is another woman next to him. Not only is it very beautiful, but the atmosphere is also very strong. Shen Qianhua does not know who this group of people is.

Yue Yue turned to look at the young man with a cloak. My heart was very surprised. She remembered Zhao Wei and understood that Zhao Wei was the one who got the full moon god. She went back to find him, but the result was not found.

Shen Qianhua’s six maids stood on one side. One of the mature and proud women recognized Zhao Wei at first sight. She could not forget the shame that Zhao Wei gave her, and Zhao Wei was the first person to do that.

The mature woman immediately said, “Miss! It is this person who snatched the body of ***, and also humiliated you.”

It is said that Shen Qianhua’s expression is very cold. Before that, she was always looking for the person who took her thing. She also thought about how to torture and kill him. Now this person finally appears in front of her.

“You are the one who snatched the body of my ***?” God Qianhua a pair of eyes asked Zhao Wei to confirm.

Zhao Wei was only attracted by this terrible wave. He did not expect to meet the gods and the moon, and also understood the terrifying fluctuations that had just been emitted. It was caused by the battle between Shen Qianhua and Yue Lu. According to the present, it should be God. Hua won.

When I heard God’s words, Zhao Wei glanced at the mature and proud woman and understood what’s the matter, said with a chuckle. “I’m stealing your body, how can you deal with me?”

Suck in a breath of cold air, as a man, even in God Qianhua dare to speak like this, and even more arrogant than her, is this not looking for death?

Sure enough, I heard Zhao Fu’s words, God Qianhua binoculars filled with murderous aura staring at Zhao Wei, “If you want to die, I will fulfill you!”


A huge rumbling sound rang, and Shen Qianhua broke out a terrifying strength, slowly placed the moon on the ground, and she stood up from the ground, reaching out, and the golden sword flew to In her hands.

Shen Qianhua took this momentum and rushed to Zhao Wei very quickly. He used a sword to smash the past.

Zhao Yan had a smile on his face, and a colorful rune circle emerged to form a colorful mask that wrapped Zhao Fu’s body.


The big sword slammed into the colorful rune hood and made a loud noise. A strong sword wind blows away, but the defensive hood blocks the sword of God Qianhua, and there is no fragmentation.

Zhao Xiao said with a smile. “You have just experienced a big battle now. There is only a little strength left in your body. Do you think that with the remaining strength, you can kill me?”

Shen Qianhua’s face changed slightly, and he did not expect Zhao Fu’s strength to be so terrible.


Zhao Fu’s body directly ignited a colorful mist, a kind of momentum like Immortal spread out, with a strong strength to kill Shen Qianhua.

Shen Qianhua flew out a dozen meters, and his face was angry with Zhao Wei. Now Zhao Wei is right. She doesn’t have much strength at all. She wants to kill Zhao Wei very difficult.

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